Monday, April 20, 2015

Dave Adkins

2nd version
By Praguefrank

2012 The Curve, Cumberland Gap, TN - Dave Adkins
001 RIVER MAN Rural Rhyth RHYCD 1095
2012 The Curve, Cumberland Gap, TN - Dave Adkins and Republic Steele (Dave Adkins [vcl], Steve Gulley [gt], Wesley Wolfe [gt], Matthew Cruby [banjo], Justin Moses [dobro/ fiddle], Kenny O’ Quinn [mandolin], Danny Ray Stiltner [bass])
002 THAT'S JUST THE WAY I ROLL Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
003 ROSE COLORED GLASSES Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
004 HEARTSTRINGS Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
005 PLEASE COME TO BOSTON Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
006 GET 'EM UP Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
007 LAURA MAE Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
008 DON'T THEY KNOW HE'S WATCHING Rural Rhythm RUR 1112 
009 RIO Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
010 CHASIN' A DREAM Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
011 THE STORM Rural Rhythm RUR 1112
2013 Mountain Fever Studios, 1177 Alum Ridge Rd NW, Willis, VA – Dave Adkins (Dave Adkins [vcl], Jeff Autry [gt], Wayne Benson [mandolin], Jason Davis [banjo],  Edgar Loudermilk [bass],  Justen Haynes [fiddle])
012 MISTAKEN HEART Mountain fever MFR 140311   
013 PUT SOME GRASS IN IT Mountain fever MFR 140311 
014 DON'T PRAY THAT WAY Mountain fever MFR 140311   
015 TENNESSEE TWISTER Mountain fever MFR 140311 
016 SILENCE IS GOLDEN Mountain fever MFR 140311 
017 PIKE COUNTY JAIL Mountain fever MFR 140311   
018 TENNESSEE WHISKEY Mountain fever MFR 140311 
019 MOONSHINE IN MOONLIGHT Mountain fever MFR 140311   
020 NOTHING TO LOSE Mountain fever MFR 140311   
021 I CAN'T EVEN WALK Mountain fever MFR 140311   
022 PRETTY LITTLE LIAR Mountain fever MFR 140311 
023 AT LEAST IT WASN'T LIFE Mountain fever MFR 140311   
2014 Mountain Fever Studios, 1177 Alum Ridge Rd NW, Willis, VA  Adkins and Loudermilk
024 GEORGIA MOUNTAIN MAN Mountain Fever MFR 150317? 
025 CUT THE ROPE Mountain Fever MFR 150317? 
026 BLACKSMOKE GEORGE Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
027 SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
028 WEEDS Mountain Fever MFR 150317? 
029 TURN OFF THE LOVE Mountain Fever MFR 150317? 
030 OPEN ROADS Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
031 SPAIN Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
032 THIS MOURNFUL SOUL Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
033 BACKSIDE OF LOSING Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
034 WHERE DO YOU GO WHEN YOU DREAM Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
035 GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD Mountain Fever MFR 150317?
2015 unknown – Dave Adkins
036 CHANGE HER MIND Mountain Fever MFR 160226
037 EMMALINE Mountain Fever MFR 160226
038 FOOLOSOPHY Mountain Fever MFR 160226
039 A WHILE LOT MORE TO TELL Mountain Fever MFR 160226
040 RUSSELL FORK RIVER Mountain Fever MFR 160226
041 SOLD Mountain Fever MFR 160226
042 YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO BE GONE Mountain Fever MFR 160226
043 IT’S NOT OVER (TIL I GET OVER YOU) Mountain Fever MFR 160226
044 TURN AND BURN Mountain Fever MFR 160226
045 ANGEL SONG Mountain Fever MFR 160226
046 WASTING AWAY Mountain Fever MFR 160226
047 ONE AND ONLY Mountain Fever MFR 160226  

Rural Rhythm RUR-1112  That’s Just The Way I Roll: That's Just The Way I Roll; Rose Colored Glasses; Heartstrings; Please Come To Boston; Get 'Em Up; Laura Mae;
Don't They Know He's Watching;  Rio; Chasin' A Dream; The Storm – 26-02-12
Mountain Fever MFR 140311 Nothing To Lose: Mistaken Heart;  Put Some Grass In It; Don't Pray That Way;  Tennessee Twister; Silence Is Golden; Pike County Jail;  Tennessee Whiskey; Moonshine In Moonlight;  Nothing To Lose;  I Can't Even Walk;  Pretty Little Liar; At Least It Wasn't Life – 11-03-14
Mountain Fever MFR 150317 Adkins and Loudermilk:  Georgia Mountain Man;  Cut The Rope;  Blacksmoke George;  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot;  Weeds;  Turn Off The Love;  Open Roads; Spain;  This Mournful Soul;  Backside Of Losing;  Where Do You Go When You Dream;  God Meant It For Good – 17-03-15 w. Edgar Loudermilk
Mountain Fever MFR 160226  Dave Adkins: Change Her Mind; Emmaline; Foolosophy; A While Lot More To Tell; Russell Fork River; Sold; You Don’t Have To Go To Be Gone; It’s Not Over (Til I Get Over You); Turn And Burn; Angel Song; Wasting Away; One And Only – 25-02-16                             


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