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Tami Neilson

By Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of The Neilsons
2007 unknown, CAN – Tami Neilson, *w. Joanne Cash (Tami Neilson [vcl/ac gt/ bck vcl], Jay Neilson [bass gt/various instruments/bck vcl], Jeff Wardell [drums/ el gt/ banjo]
001 ONE BAD DAY Ode 5035
002 SAME OLD DEVIL Ode 5035
003 RED DIRT ANGEL Ode 5035 
004 CIGARETTE Ode 5035 
005 MISSIN' THE GROOM Ode 5035
006 BEAUTIFUL Ode 5035 
007 COMIN' AROUND Ode 5035
008 SISTER CASH* Ode 5035 
2009 Lindsay's Kitchen Table, St. Catherines, Ontario, CAN – Tami Neilson (Tami Neilson [vcl/gt], Jay Neilson [vcl/gt/ banjo/ mandolin/ upright bass/ strings], Ron Neilson [dobro/ gt/ harmonica], Todd Neilson [knee slaps/ foot stomps], Trevor Hender [upright bass], Marian Burns [fiddle], Noelle Neilson, Myles Neilson [bck vcl)
012 SLICE OF HEAVEN Ode 5081
013 COOKIN' Ode 5081
014 DREAM Ode 5081
015 HOLD ON I'M COMING Ode 5081
017 FULL OF MOON Ode 5081
018 SALTY DOG BLUES Ode 5081
019 I FALL TO PIECES Ode 5081
020 DAUGHTER Ode 5081
021 GIRL ON THE MOON Ode 5081
022 COPPER Ode 5081
023 SOUTH OF BLUE Ode 5081
024 MY NAME Ode 5081
026 GOODNIGHT Ode 5081
027 NOT MANY, IF ANY Ode 5081
2010 Lindsay's Kitchen Table, St. Catherines, Ontario, CAN – Tami Neilson featuring Lauren Thompson (Tami Neilson [vcl/gt/ stomp box/ harmonica/bck vcl], Lauren Thomson [ld vcl-1/gt/ banjitar], Jay Neilson [ld gt/banjo/ mandolin/ upright bass/ percussion] Ron Neilson [dobro/ gt/ harmonica solo-1], Mark Mazengarb [ld gt-3],  John Egenes [steel],  Dave Khan [fiddle/mandolin])
028 HEY MAMA  -2 Ode 5105
029 GREAT DAY -3  Ode 5105
030 ONE THING Ode 5105
031 THIS TOWN Ode 5105
032 RUST -1 Ode 5105
033 NO GOOD FOR MY SOUL -1 Ode 5105
034 I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE Ode 5105
035 THE BOTTLE AND ME Ode 5105
036 TAKE ME HOME Ode 5105
037 SWEET DREAMS Ode 5105
2010 Lindsay's Kitchen Table, St. Catherines, Ontario, CAN -  Lauren Thompson fetureing Tmi Neilson
038 ROAD TO NOWHERE Ode 5104
039 NO GOOD FOR MY SOUL Ode 5104
040 WHERE WOULD I BE Ode 5104
041 AND SHE SLEEPS Ode 5104
043 PETER Ode 5104
044 I'M ON FIRE Ode 5104
045 OH DADDY IT'S ALRIGHT   [remix:] Ode 5104
046 NINE HOURS NORTH  [remix:] Ode 5104
2011 unknown – Jay Neilson and Tami Neilson
2013 The Sitting Room, ? , NZE – Tami Neilson (Tami Neilson [vcl/gt], Delaney Davidson [vcl/gt/ piano], Dave Khan [gt/ mandolin/ fiddle/ bck vcl], Red McKelvie [steel], Joe Maccallum [drums/ percussion], Marlon Williams , Ben Woolley [bck vcl])
048 WALK (BACK TO YOUR ARMS) Southbound AA 34
049 COME OVER Southbound AA 34
050 TEXAS Southbound AA 34
051 CRY OVER YOU Southbound AA 34
052 YOU LIE Southbound AA 34
053 DYNAMITE Southbound AA 34
054 WOO HOO Southbound AA 34
055 RUNNING TO YOU Southbound AA 34
056 HONEY  GIRL Southbound AA 34
057 WHISKEY AND KISSES Southbound AA 34
2015 unknown – Tami Neilson (Tami Neilson [vcl], Dave Khan [gt], Delaney Davidson [gt], Ben Woolley [bass], Joe McCallum [drums/percussion]. Producer: Ben Edwards, Delamey Davidson)
058 DON'T BE AFRAID Tami Neilson NR 002
059 HOLY MOSES Tami Neilson NR 002
060 LONELY Tami Neilson NR 002
061 SO FAR AWAY Tami Neilson NR 002
062 IF LOVE WERE ENOUGH Tami Neilson NR 002
063 BURY MY BODY Tami Neilson NR 002
064 LOCO MAMA Tami Neilson NR 002
065 HEAVY HEART Tami Neilson NR 002
066 ONLY TEARS Tami Neilson NR 002
067 LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH Tami Neilson NR 002
068 THE FIRST MAN Tami Neilson NR 002
069 untitled  NR 002

Ode [CAN] CDMANU 5035 Red Dirt Angel:One Bad Day; Same Old Devil; Red Dirt Angel; Cigarette; Missin' the Groom; Beautiful; Comin' Around; Sister Cash feat. Joanne Cash; She Dances with Angels; Favouritest Thing – 07
Ode [CAN] CDMANU 5081 The Kitchen Table Sessions, Volume I: Cry Myself To Sleep; Slice Of Heaven; Cookin'; Dream; Hold On I'm Coming; Everyday In Love; Full Of Moon; Salty Dog Blues; I Fall To Pieces; Daughter; Girl On The Moon; Copper; South Of Blue; My Name; Six Months Married; Goodnight; Not Many, If Any [Hidden Track] – 01-06-09
Ode [CAN] CDMANU 5104 Chanteuses and Shotgun: Road To Nowhere; No Good For My Soul; Where Would I Be; And She Sleeps; Paralysed By You; Peter; I'm On Fire; Oh Daddy It's Alright (Remix);Nine Hours North (remix) - 10 Laura Thompson featuring Tami Nuilson
Ode [CAN] CDMANU 5105 The Kitchen Table Sessions, Volume II: Hey Mama (Feat. Ron Neilson); Great Day; One Thing; This Town; Rust; No Good For My Soul; I've Just Seen A Face; The Bottle and Me; Take Me Home; Sweet Dreams – 10 featuring Laura Thompson
Southbound [NZE] AA 34 Dynamite: Walk (Back To Your Arms); Come Over; Texas; Cry Over You; You Lie; Dynamite; Woo Hoo; Running To You; Honey  Girl; Whiskey And Kisses – 21-03-14 (reissued in 2015 on Outside Music 2339-9098-2)
Tami Neilson [NZE] NR 002 Don’t Be Afraid: Don't Be Afraid; Holy Moses; Lonely; So Far Away; If Love Were Enough; Bury My Body; Loco Mama; Heavy Heart; Only Tears; Laugh Laugh Laugh; The First Man; untitled (on CD only) – 25-09-15 (also vinyl)

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