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Keith Bradford

Arthur Guilbeaut
2nd version

By Praguefrank

ca 1975 Nashville, TN– Keith Bradford
001 STREET SIGNS Hilltop HTS-115
002 SHE'S GOT TO BE A SAINT Hilltop HTS-115
1977 unknown – Keith Bradford
003 NOW AND THEN Nu-Sound 80N-NSR-003
004 LONELY COMING DOWN Nu-Sound Scorpion SC 0572
005 LONELY PEOPLE Nu-Sound 421/80N-NSR-003
006 A WHOLE LOT OF CRYING Nu-Sound 421 Scorpion SC 0572/80N-NSR-003
1977 Nashville, TN – Keith Bradford (Producer: Jimmy Crane, Porter Wagoner)
008 DON’T SPARE THE TEARS Nu Sound 80N-NSR-003 
009 SHADOWS Nu Sound 80N-NSR-003 
010 DON’T HURT ME Nu Sound 80N-NSR-003 
011 STONE DEAF Nu Sound 80N-NSR-003 
012 DON’T LET ME BE THE ONE Nu Sound 80N-NSR-003 
1987 unknown – Keith Bradford
014 I PICKED A ROSE FOR MAMA Aubichon 1-10000
Keith Bradford reocrded after 1987. Some info in albums list

Nu-Sound 80N-NSR-003 Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling:
Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling; Don’t Spare The Tears; Now And Then; Shadows; Don’t Hurt Me; Lonely people; Stone Deaf; Don’t Let Me Be The One; A Whole Lot Of Crying; Don’t Blow Out The Candles – 77
International Products NQD 8448 Heart Of Gospel: My Dream; A Man In A Robe; You Are A True Friend, Jesus; Blessed Be The Lord; The Answer; Simple Faith; Lord Keep Me Humble; Shadows From The Sky; All My Own; Most Precious Jesus; Shadow Of Love; Shouting On The Hills - 91 (cassette)
International Products ? I Know He Cares: Be Ready On Judgement Day; My Master and I; There Are Mansions; Prayer Of A Heart Broken Lad; The Test; Why The Angels Weep; God Game Me All His Love; I'm Longing To Go; If Salvation Is Your Goal; The Mercy Of The Lord; Lord Help Me Keep My Focus On You; Praise The Lord; God's Love; You Touched Me Lord – 92 (cassette)
International Products SI-109 I Love America: I Love America; Purple Hearts and Blue Angels; Disaster In The Sky; Unknown Soldier; Ballad Of The 82nd Airborne; Our Flag; Our America; Old Glory Reminds Me Of The Bible; Operation Heroes In Uniform; Soldier Love, Love, Love; Portrait Of A Soldier; They're Coming Home; Help All Nationalities; The Will Of God; The Unknown Soldier; Hands Across America - 92
Mark XXI MTO-1002 Bonfire – Keith Bradford And Friends: Bonfire;This Time I Found Heaven; I Behold My Love; I Don`T Have A Job; Happy Birthday; Our Special Day; Our Special Day [BJ Shawd]; Furdee [BJ Shawd]; Forgotton Dreams [BJ Shawd]; Coming Of Age [Charlotte Bradford] – 93
M.C.E. ? Styles In Music: Some Brighter Day; He Still Loved Them Through It All; It's No Big Deal; Abused Child; The Black Rose; Love, Honor And Respect; My Little Girl; You'll Never Know; Sitting Alone; A Tennessee Saturday Night; Don't Save Your Love; Roses In The Snow; True Love Had Come Our Way; Love Is A Four Letter Word; Whiskey Drinking Blues; Things Aren't As Bad As It Seems; What Happened; There's No Doubt; Empty My Mind; An Angel Came To Me – 95 (cassette)
KMA 070496 Keith Bradford Sings ... About What People Say!: People Say; One Step Ahead; Baby On My Mind; Are You Diggin' What I'm Doin'; I'm Glad That You Chose Me; That's A Woman Thing; It's Not Over Till It's Over; Time You'll Be My Friend; I Miss You My Darling; Old Uncle Joe; Where Did We Go Wrong – 04-07-96
KMA 091997 Special Occasions: Lord Please Don't Take My Daddy; Caring Helping Hearts; A Letter From Grandma; Ears Are Ringing; Somewhere In The Middle The Left And Right Must Meet; Mother Nature The Love Bug; Living On Beams; Something Missing; Truly Yours; Comforting Words; Mother's Wishes; The Great Freedom Train; When I Met You; I Know You Love Our Ford Tractor; Darling I Need A Piece Of Your Loving Heart; Cool It; Precious Hands; Grandpa's Memories – 97
KMA ? Partner: (tracks unknown) – 00
KMA ? Country Music's Loss Is Heaven's Gain: (tracks unknown) – 00
KMA 30125-2 Keith Bradford Sings Country Gospel Songs: Forever For All Eternity; A Good Day; I Count My Blessings Each Day; Every Time I Pray Jesus Hears Me; He Is My Savior; Let's Talk About Jesus; I'm Gonna Rise; I Want To Stand And Give Him Praise; I'm Walking Daily In The Light; Jesus Wants You With Him – 00 w. Juanita Hudson

Hilltop (ca 1975)
HTS-115 Street Signs / She's Got To Be A Saint
Nu-Sound (1977-
Now And Then / Lonely Coming Down
77N-421 Lonely People / Whole Lot Of Crying - 77
77N-422 Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling / ? - 77
Scorpion SC 0572 Lonely Coming Down / Whole Lot Of Crying - 02-79 (reissue)
Aubuchon (1987)
1-10000 I Picked A Rose For Mama /  Ce Tait Une Rose Pour Mam / 87
KMA (1990s)
KMA-001 Heaven Bound / Playing Second Fiddle (To A Television Set)

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