Thursday, March 10, 2016

John Bowman

John R. Bowman
By Praguefrank

SESSIONS also member of Quicksilver
1994 unknown – John Bowman (Producer: Tim Surrett)
001 THERE IS NO EXCUSE Mountain Home MH 0106
002 SMALL PIECE OF CLAY Mountain Home MH 0106
003 GOD SENT AN ANGEL Mountain Home MH 0106
004 SEA OF GALILEE Mountain Home MH 0106
005 I LIKE THE CHRISTIAN LIFE Mountain Home MH 0106
006 THAT AWFUL DAY Mountain Home MH 0106
007 HE CAN BE FOUND Mountain Home MH 0106
008 DO YOU LIVE WHAT YOU PREACH Mountain Home MH 0106
009 FOOTPRINTS Mountain Home MH 0106
2000 Eastwood Studios, Mt. Airy, NC [tracks]/ Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC [vcl/overdubs] – John Bowman
011 THESE ARE THEY Mountain Home MH 0805
012 I'M ASKING YOU Mountain Home MH 0805  
013 THE BLOOD WILL SECURE Mountain Home MH 0805
014 I COULD NOT SEND YOU TO ME Mountain Home MH 0805
015 LORD I WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN Mountain Home MH 0805  
016 IT'S ALL IN HIS HANDS Mountain Home MH 0805
017 TAKE THIS ROAD Mountain Home MH 0805  
018 THE ROSE OF SHARON Mountain Home MH 0805
019 THE CROSSROAD Mountain Home MH 0805  
020 CRYING HOLY Mountain Home MH 0805  
2002 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC – John Bowman (John Bowman [ac gt/ banjo/ fiddle], Becky Isaacs Bowman [vcl/bck vcl], David Johnson [gt/ steel / dobro/ fiddle/ viola/ ac bass],  Adam Steffey [mandola/ mandolin], Roger Fortner [ac bass/ el bass], Tony Creasman [drums/ percussion], Jeff Collins [piano])
021 UNCLE PEN Mountain Home MH 0919  
022 DON'T GET ABOVE YOUR RAISIN' Mountain Home MH 0919
023 YOUR OLD LOVE LETTERS Mountain Home MH 0919
024 IF THAT'S THE WAY YOU FEEL Mountain Home MH 0919  
025 DON'T LET YOUR SWEET LOVE DIE Mountain Home MH 0919  
026 LOST TO A STRANGER Mountain Home MH 0919  
027 HOLD WHATCHA GOT Mountain Home MH 0919  
028 WHEEL HOSS Mountain Home MH 0919  
029 I'M READY TO GO Mountain Home MH 0919
030 CAN'T YOU HEAR ME CALLIN' Mountain Home MH 0919  
2011 unknown – John Bowman (+Adam Steffey, Jimmy Edmonds, Rob Ickes, Ben Isaacs, Gordon Mote, Sheri Easter, Jeff Easter. Producer: John Bowman, Jimmy Edmonds, Ben Isaacs)
032 THE GARDEN TOMB Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
033 WHAT A DEBT HE PAID FOR ME Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
034 FAMILY CHAIN Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2
035 YE MEN OF GALILEE Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
036 I PRESSED THROUGH THE CROWD Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2
037 HE'S MY CONSTANT COMPANION Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2
038 HE NEVER FAILED ME Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
039 I'LL BE YOUR WITNESS Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
040 THE SEA OF GALILEE Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
041 TIRED OF SIN Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2  
042 SWEET HOLY SPIRIT Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2
043 I'LL SAIL FOR HIGHER GROUND Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2
2014 Troy Engle Studios, ? – John Bowman
044 ABOVE ALL Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
045 GOD'S NOT DEAD Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2  
046 ZION'S HILL Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
047 IN MY FATHER'S EYES Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
048 MIRACLE TODAY Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
049 I LOVE MY FRIENDS Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
050 I'M ON THE LAST MILE Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
051 SUMMER'S GONE (MY GOD MADE IT ALL) Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2  
052 ZION'S SHORE Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
053 HAVE YOUR WAY Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2
2015 Oak Tree Productions, Nashville, TN/  The Track Shack, Glen Rock, PA / John Bowman (John Bowman [vcl/ gt/ banjo/ mandolin], Rob Ickes [gt], Nathan Faucett [drums], Ron Stewart [fiddle], Tre Corley [piano])
054 LET THE HARD TIMES ROLL Mountain Home MH 1644-2
055 ASHES Mountain Home MH 1644-2
056 COLD DAY IN HELL Mountain Home MH 1644-2
057 BABY GIRL Mountain Home MH 1644-2
058 CAIAPHAS' BLUES Mountain Home MH 1644-2
059 SWEET RIVER Mountain Home MH 1644-2  
060 HE'S YOUR FRIEND Mountain Home MH 1644-2
061 LIES THE DEVIL TOLD Mountain Home MH 1644-2  
062 THEY'RE HOLDING UP THE LADDER Mountain Home MH 1644-2  
063 REACH OF HIS HAND Mountain Home MH 1644-2
064 WHEN MY TRAVELIN' DAYS ARE OVER Mountain Home MH 1644-2


Mountain Home MH 0106 Footprints Of Faith: There Is No Excuse; Small Piece of Clay; God Sent an Angel; Sea of Galilee; I Like the Christian Life; That Awful Day; He Can Be Found; Do You Live What You Preach; Footprints; Hand In Hand To That Promised Land
 - 10-04-95
Mountain Home MH 0805 Remember Me: These Are They;  I'm Asking You;  The Blood Will Secure;  I Could Not Send You To Me;  Lord I Want To Go To Heaven;  It's All In His Hands;  Take This Road;  The Rose Of Sharon;  The Crossroad;  Crying Holy  - 00
Mountain Home MH 0919 Take This Road: Uncle Pen;  Don't Get Above Your Raisin'; Your Old Love Letters;  If That's The Way You Feel;  Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die;  Lost To A Stranger;  Hold Whatcha Got;  Wheel Hoss;  I'm Ready To Go;  Can't You Hear Me Callin' – 03-12-02
Pisgah Ridge PR 1368-2 Family Chain: The Songs Of Joe Isaacs:  Let Your Light Shine For Jesus;  The Garden Tomb;  What A Debt He Paid For Me;  Family Chain;  Ye Men Of Galilee;  I Pressed Through The Crowd;  He's My Constant Companion;  He Never Failed Me;  I'll Be Your Witness;  The Sea Of Galilee;  Tired Of Sin;  Sweet Holy Spirit;  I'll Sail For Higher Ground - 11
Pisgah Ridge PR 1564-2 Worship Him: Above All;  God's Not Dead;  Zion's Hill;  In My Father's Eyes;  Miracle Today;  I Love My Friends;  I'm On The Last Mile;  Summer's Gone (My God Made It All);  Zion's Shore;  Have Your Way- 17-06-14
Mountain Home MH 1644-2 Beautiful Ashes: Let The Hard Times Roll;  Ashes;  Cold Day In Hell;  Baby Girl;  Caiaphas' Blues;  Sweet River;  He's Your Friend;  Lies The Devil Told;  They're Holding Up The Ladder;  Reach Of His Hand;  When My Travelin' Days Are Over – 11-12-15

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