Saturday, May 14, 2016

Christian Kane

by Praguefrank

2010 Aimeeland Studio, Nashville, TN/Anarchy Studios, Nashville, TN/Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/House Of Blues Studios, Nashville, TN/Kung Fu Bakery, Portland, OR/ Modernist Movement Studios, Hermitage, TN/The Art House, Bellevue, TN/The Tin Ear, Nashville, TN – Christian Kane (Producer: Bob Ezrin, Jimmie Lee Sloas)
001 THE HOUSE RULES  Bigger Picture 525573   
002 SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE  Bigger Picture 525573   
003 THINKING OF YOU  Bigger Picture 525573   
004 WHISKEY IN MIND  Bigger Picture 525573   
005 LET’S TAKE A DRIVE  Bigger Picture 525573   
006 CALLIN’ ALL COUNTRY WOMEN  Bigger Picture 525573     
007 AMERICAN MADE  Bigger Picture 525573     
008 LET ME GO  Bigger Picture 525573  
009 SEVEN DAYS  Bigger Picture 525573   
010 MAKING CIRCLES  Bigger Picture 525573   

Bigger Picture 525573 The House Rules:  The House Rules;  Something’s Gotta Give;  Thinking Of You;  Whiskey In Mind;  Let’s Take A Drive;  Callin’ All Country Women;   American Made;  Let Me Go;  Seven Days;  Making Circles;  Fast Car – 07-12-10 (also as digital deluxe edition with bonus tracks:  Different Kind of Knight; The House Rules (Music Video))

Bigger Picture ? Christian Kane: House Rules; Whiskey in Mind;  Let Me Go; Making Circles;  American Made – 06-10

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  1. Great #indiemusic by Christian Kane if you have never listened you should! Such an amazing talent singer, songwriter, actor, stuntman and cook.. The man does it all and does it all well. You can get digital downloads of his 2 cd's at his website store and his cooking show Kane's Kitchen at the website and other online platforms... Thanks for sharing..check out more at and ♥ (I am just a fan)