Saturday, July 16, 2016

Charlie Bonnet III

By Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of  rock/metal groups Moccasin Creek, Disarray
There is not enough info for creating sessionography. Most of tracks were home recordings made in Nashville, TN

Inner V.O.I.D. ? (UPC747014566527) Southbound Train (The Living Room Sessions): Hazardous To My Wealth;  Cold Day In Hell;  Southbound Train;  What Happens To The Time;  Jeraldine;  Over The Ocean;  Nationwide Home Wrecking, Llc;  The Man In My Mirror;  Don't Come Running Back To Me;  Candlelight And Wine;  I Met The Devil (The Day That I Met You);  Who's To Blame (You Or Me);  Southbound Train (2003 Demo) – 03-07-07 digital
Inner V.O.I.D. ? (UPC747014569122) I’m Just Me (The Living Room Sessions): What Kids Need (Is A Good Ass Whoopin');  One Car Funeral;  I'm Just Me;  Do I Ever Cross Your Mind;  Hate To Hear A Love Song;  The Working Poor; What Am I Supposed To Do Without You;  She Said The F-Word;  Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander;  Every Time I See The Moon;  Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, Adios, And Good Riddance;  Handin' Out Ugly;  I'm Just Me (2003 Demo) – 01-04-08 digital
Inner V.O.I.D. ? (UPC885767971516) Household Name: You've Got Me Confused;  Household Name;  Hate to Hear a Love Song;  Figure Out You;  Nine Bucks an Hour;  Sweet Baby Lied;  You Don't Have to Tell Me;  The Devil You Get;  Put That Car in Drive;  What Happens to the Time;  Running Free – 01-10-11
Inner V.O.I.D. ? (UPC888174583839) Robbing Peter To Pay Les Paul (The Living Room Remasters): My Country Radio;  Rob From Peter (To Pay Les Paul);  Candlelight And Wine;  Jeraldine;  Nationwide Home Wrecking, Llc;  Somewhere Between Heaven And The Blues;  Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, Adios, And Good Riddance;  Your Walkin' Shoes;  Every Time I See The Moon; Baby Hold On (Live) – 06-01-14 digital
V.O.I.D. ? (UPC 888174680590)  Hazardous To My Wealth (The Living Room Remasters): Household Name;  Don't Come Running Back To Me;  She Said The F-Word;  Month Of September;  Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander;  I'm Just Me;  What Happens To The Time;  Over The Ocean; Hazardous To My Wealth;  Heaven's Hall Of Fame (Live) [Remastered] – 25-03-14 digital
V.O.I.D. ? (UPC889211041633) One Car Funeral (Living Room Remasters): Waiting On Time;  One Car Funeral; The Working Poor; Old Sweet Song;  Who's To Blame (You Or Me); Southbound Train;  I Met The Devil (The Day That I Met You); Hollywood Ending;  Handin' Out Ugly;  Candlelight And Wine (Live) – 09-09-14 digital
V.O.I.D. ? (UPC889211238958) Working For The Man (The Living Room Remasters): What Kids Need (Is a Good Ass Whoopin');  Cold Day in Hell;  Do I Ever Cross Your Mind;  Poor Old Jose; The Man in My Mirror;  Working for the Man; Hate to Hear a Love Song;  What Am I Supposed to Do Without You;  I've Been a Good Boy All Year Long;  Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, Adios, and Good Riddance (Live) - 02-12-14 digital

Versailles ? Jukebox Bluesman: Let’s Put the X in Sex; Straight for the Heart; Angel; You’re Crazy; Dancing on Glass; The Ocean; Frayed Ends of Sanity; Action Not Words; Devil’s Child; Rescue Me; Be My Lover; Up to My Neck in You; Wild One; Shout It Out Loud - 15-04-16

Dammit Boy Ent. ? A Hotel in Valdosta: Borrowed Minutes; Tail Lights and Dust; Real Thang; Same Shift Different Day; Momma's Maiden Name; Simple Shoes; Too Drive to Drunk (feat. Stump, Bubba Sparxxx,David Ray) – 26-06-15

cb3 Music ? Sinner with a Song: Sinner with a Song; Restless and Reckless; Waiting on Time; Hometown Heroes; Heading Home; Cold and Alone - 28-07-16

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