Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Brent Cobb

*Ellaville, GA
By Praguefrank

2006 Los Angeles, CA – Brent Cobb
001 RICHLAND Beverly Martel Music 005
002 NO PLACE LEFT TO LEAVE Beverly Martel Music 005
003 BUTTERFLY Beverly Martel Music 005
004 LAVENDERS AND LOVING GESTURES Beverly Martel Music 005
005 BAR, GUITAR, AND A HONKY TONK CROWD Beverly Martel Music 005
006 DON'T WANT TO LEAVE Beverly Martel Music 005
007 BLACK BOTTLE Beverly Martel Music 005
008 DIRT ROAD IN GEORGIA Beverly Martel Music 005
009 BLACK CREEK Beverly Martel Music 005
010 HOLD ME CLOSELY Beverly Martel Music 005  
Tracks above issued on album No Place Left To leave
2012 Nashville, TN – Brent Cobb
011 DIGGIN' HOLES Carnival 3700013
012 LOVE ON ME Carnival 3700013
013 TO BE SAVED Carnival 3700013
014 GOOD TO GO FOR CHEAP Carnival 3700013
015 DEAR YOU Carnival 3700013  
2015 [sessions for Southern Family] Nashville, TN – Brent Cobb
2016 Nashville, TN – Brent Cobb
017 SOLVING PROBLEMS Low Country Sound 555755-2
018 SOUTH OF ATLANTA Low Country Sound 555755-2
019 THE WORLD Low Country Sound 555755-2  
020 DIGGIN’ HOLES Low Country Sound 555755-2
021 COUNTRY BOUND Low Country Sound 555755-2  
022 TRAVELING POOR BOY Low Country Sound 555755-2  
023 SHINE ON RAINY DAY Low Country Sound 555755-2  
024 LET THE RAIN COME DOWN Low Country Sound 555755-2
025 DOWN IN THE GULLEY Low Country Sound 555755-2  
026 BLACK CROW Low Country Sound 555755-2  

Beverly Martel Music 005 No Place Left To Leave:  Richland; No Place Left to Leave; Butterfly; Lavenders and Loving Gestures; Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd; Don't Want to Leave; Black Bottle; Dirt Road In Georgia; Black Creek; Hold Me Closely – 19-08-06
Elektra/Low Country Sound 555755-2 Shine On Rainy Day:  Solving Problems;  South Of Atlanta;  The World;  Diggin’ Holes;  Country Bound;  Traveling Poor Boy;  Shine On Rainy Day;  Let The Rain Come Down;  Down In The Gulley;  Black Crow – 07-10-16

Carnival Recording Company 3700013 Brent Cobb: Diggin' Holes; Love On Me; To Be Saved; Good to Go for Cheap; Dear You – 25-09-12

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