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Darius Rucker

*13-05-1966 Charleston, SC

3rd version
By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka, Thieu Van De Vorst
former member of Hootie and The Blowfish (rock group)
2002 A Touch Of Jazz Studios, Philadelphia, PA/Chung King Studios, NY/Dp Studios, Chicago, IL/Ghetto Pop Studios, Pacifique, West Hollywood, CA/Quad Studios, Nashville, TN/Sony Studios, New York City/Soundtrack Studios, New York City/Where's My Cut Studio, Los Angeles, CA – Darius Rucker (Darius Rucker [vcl/bck vcl], Jill Scott [vcl-1], Snoop Dogg [vcl-2], Jay Williams [gt], Keith Henderson [gt], Rick Williams [gt], Erik Sayles [ac gt], Vidal Davis [drums], Edward "DJ Eddie F" Ferrell, Gus Rickette, Darrin Lightly [drum programming], Ivan Dupée [Fender Rhodes piano/Clavinet/organ/  synthesizer/ programming/drum programming], Keith Pelzer [Fender Rhodes piano], Byron Williams [organ], Emma Kummrow [violin], Davis A. Barnett [viola], Larry Gold [cello], Andy Snitzer [alto sax], Jeff Kievit [trumpet], Jim Hynes [trumpet], Darrell "Delite" Allamby, Eric Roberson, Daniel Johnson , Gwenita Jackson, Jimmy Cozier, Kipper Jones, Lil' Mo, Antoinette Roberson, Ryan Toby, Vivian Green, Woody Harrelson [bck vcl])
001 WILD ONE Hidden Beach ESK 56827 86492 [instr:] ESK 56827 [a capella:] ESK 56827
002 EXODUS Hidden Beach 86492
003 SOMETIME I WONDER -1 Hidden Beach 86492
004 BACK TO THEN Hidden Beach 86492
005 THIS IS MY WORLD Hidden Beach 86492
006 I'M GLAD YOU'RE MINE Hidden Beach 86492
007 BUTTERFLY Hidden Beach 86492
008 HOLD ON Hidden Beach 86492
009 TEN YEARS Hidden Beach 86492
010 ONE MORE NIGHT Hidden Beach 86492
011 AMAZING GRACE (INTERLUDE) Hidden Beach 86492
012 SOMEWHERE Hidden Beach 86492
013 SLEEPING IN MY BED -2 Hidden Beach 86492
2006 [sessions for Between Friends] unknown – Paul Sanchez and Darius Rucker
2007 unknown – Darius Rucker
015 GOD’S REASONS  digital single
2008 Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/The Castle Studio, Franklin, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN – Darius Rucker (Darius Rucker [vcl], Personnel: Phillip Stein, Melissa Fuller, Ann Inman, Waylon Weatherholt, Frank Randazzo, Bradley Clark, Sarah Ross, Brad Clark [vocals], Pat Buchanan [gt/el gt/baritone gt, mandolin], B. James Lowry [ac gt/resonator gt], Bryan Sutton [ac gt/banjo/mandolin], Ilya Toshinsky [ac gt/mandolin], Brent Mason [el gt/baritone gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Brad Paisley [el gt], Ron Block [banjo], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Dan Dugmore [steel/dobro], Mike Johnson [steel], Michael Rhodes/Mike Brignardello [bass instrument], Greg Morrow/Shannon Forrest [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Kristin Wilkinson, Monisa Angell [violin], Anthony LaMarchina [viola, cello], Mary Kathryn Van Osdale, Pamela Sixfin, David Davidson, David Angell [strings], Gordon Mote [piano/Hammond b-3 organ], Jim "Moose" Brown [piano/Wurlitzer organ], Alison Krauss, Vince Gill, Wes Hightower [bck vcl])
016 FOREVER ROAD Capitol 85506-2
017 ALL I WANT Capitol 85506-2
018 DON'T THINK I DON'T THINK ABOUT IT Capitol 85506-2
019 LEARN TO LIVE Capitol 85506-2
020 IF I HAD WINGS Capitol 85506-2
021 HISTORY IN THE MAKING Capitol 85506-2
022 ALRIGHT Capitol 85506-2
023 IT WON'T BE LIKE THIS FOR LONG Capitol 85506-2
024 DRINKIN' AND DAILIN' Capitol 85506-2
025 I HOPE THEY GET TO ME IN TIME Capitol 85506-2
026 WHILE I STILL GOT THE TIME Capitol 85506-2
027 BE WARY OF A WOMAN Capitol 85506-2
July 2010 Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/The Castle Studios, Franklin, TN/The Pool House, Nashville, TN– Darius Rucker, * and Brad Paisley (Darius Rucker [vcl], Brad Paisley [gt], J.T. Corenflos [gt],  Pat Buchanan [el gt/ slide gt], Bryan Sutton [banjo/ac gt/ mandolin], Ilya Toshinsky [banjo/bouzuki/ mandolin/ National steel], Béla Fleck [banjo], Sam Bush [mandolin], Dan Dugmore [steel], Mike Brignardello [bass gt], Michael Rhodes [bass/ bass gt], Shannon Forrest [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle/ mandolin], Gordon Mote [keyboards/ piano/ Wurlitzer], Wes Hightower, John Cowan [bck vcl]. Producer: Frank Jones)
028 THIS Liberty 26939-2
029 COME BACK SONG Liberty 26939-2
030 MIGHT GET LUCKY Liberty 26939-2
031 WHISKEY AND YOU Liberty 26939-2
032 SOUTHERN STATE OF MIND Liberty 26939-2
033 LOVE WILL DO THAT Liberty 26939-2
034 THE CRAZIEST THING Liberty 26939-2
035 THINGS I'D NEVER DO Liberty 26939-2
036 WE ALL FALL DOWN Liberty 26939-2
037 I DON'T CARE* Liberty 26939-2
038 SHE'S BEAUTIFUL Liberty 26939-2
039 I GOT NOTHIN' Liberty 26939-2
040 IN A BIG WAY Liberty 26939-2
2012 Nashville, TN – Colt Ford and Darius Rucker
041 WAY TOO EARLY Average Joe’s 239 
2012 [sessions for Sandra Boynton's Frog Trouble] unknown – Sandra Boyton and Darius Rucker
042 BEAUTIFUL BABY Rounder 191462
2013 [sessions for All Things New] unknown – Matthew Wrst, Sheryl Crow, Scotty McCreery, Josh Turner, Darius Rucker
2013 Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN / The Pool House, Nashville, TN/ Charleston Sound, Charleston, SC – Darius Rucker (Darius Rucker [vcl], Tom Bukovac [gt], Ilya Toshinsky [ac gt/mandolin],  J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Mike Johnson [dobro], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/ fiddle], ? [bass],  Greg Morrow [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], John Catchings, Kris Wilkinson, David Davidson , David Angell [strings], Gordon Mote [piano/ Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ], Frank Rogers [keyboards], Charles Kelley , Angela Primm, Wes Hightower, Sheryl Crow, Dave Haywood, Russell Terrell, Hillary Scott, Gayle Mayes [bck vcl]. Producer: Frank Rogers)
044 TRUE BELIEVERS  Capitol 02708-2 
045 MISS YOU  Capitol 02708-2
046 WAGON WHEEL  Capitol 02708-2 
047 LOVE WITHOUT YOU  Capitol 02708-2 
048 RADIO  Capitol 02708-2 
049 LOST IN YOU  Capitol 02708-2
050 I WILL LOVE YOU STILL  Capitol 02708-2 
051 TAKE ME HOME  Capitol 02708-2 
052 SHINE  Capitol 02708-2 
053 HEARTBREAK ROAD  Capitol 02708-2 
054 LEAVIN' THE LIGHT ON  Capitol 02708-2 
055 LIE TO ME  Capitol 02708-2 
056 YOUR CHEATIN' HEART deluxe bonus
057 ONE TEQUILA deluxe bonus
058 ONLY WANNA BE WITH YOU deluxe bonus
2013 [sessions for Gamecock Album]  unknown – Patrick Davis with Darius Rucker and Edwin McCain
2014 The Castle Studio, Franklin. TN/The Pool House, Nashville, TN/ Charleston Sound, Charleston, SC – Darius Rucker, *w. Sheryl Crow (Darius Rucker [vcl], Sheryl Crow [duet vcl*], Bryan Sutton [ac gt], J. T. Corenflos/ Brent Mason [el gt], Mike Johnson [steel], Michael Rhodes [bass], Shannon Forrest/ Jerry Roe [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], ubrey Haynie [fiddle], Gordon Mote [piano/B-3], Jim Moose Brown [piano], Jun Hoke [sax/clarinet], Steve Herrman [trumpet], Wes Hihgtower, Russell Terrell, Liana Manis [bck vcl], Ella Rogers, Dari Rucker, Jack Rucker [bck vcl-1]. Producer: Frank Rogers)
060 LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! Capitol B0021359-02
062 WHAT GOD WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS Capitol B0021359-02 
063 YOU'RE A MEAN ONE, MR. GRINCH -1 Capitol B0021359-02 
064 BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE* Capitol B0021359-02
065 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Capitol B0021359-02
066 O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL Capitol B0021359-02 
067 WINTER WONDERLAND Capitol B0021359-02
068 CANDY CANE CHRISTMAS Capitol B0021359-02
070 HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING Capitol B0021359-02
071 WHITE CHRISTMAS Capitol B0021359-02  
2014 Nashville, TN – Darius Rucker, *with Mallary Hope (Dariue Rucker [vcl],  Brent Mason [ac gt/slide gt], Bobby Terry [ac gt], Derek Wells [el gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt],    Danny Radar [gt], Rich Robinson [slide gt-1],  Mike Johnson [dobro/ steel],  Bryan Sutton [banjo/ac gt],  Glenn Worf / Michael Rhodes [bass gt],  Greg Morrow / Shannon Forrest [drums], Eric Darken [percussion],  Aubrey Haynie/  Andy Leftwich [fiddle/ mandolin],   David Davidson, David Angell [violin], Kristin Wilkinson [viola], Anthony LaMarchina [cello], Frank Rogers [piano/ el gt], Gordon Mote [Hammond B-3 organ/ keyboards/ piano/ Wurlitzer],  Russell Terrell, Drew Davis, Blake Bollinger, Wes Hightower [bck vcl]. Producer: Frank Jones, Keith Steagall)
072 HOMEGROWN HONEY Capitol B0032931-02
073 GOOD FOR A GOOD TIME Capitol B0032931-02
074 BABY I’M RIGHT* Capitol B0032931-02
075 SOUTHERN STYLE -1 Capitol B0032931-02
076 HIGH ON LIFE Capitol B0032931-02
077 PERFECT Capitol B0032931-02          
078 YOU AND ME AND MY GUITAR Capitol B0032931-02  
079 LOW COUNTRY Capitol B0032931-02
080 NEED YOU MORE Capitol B0032931-02
081 HALF FULL DIXIE CUP Capitol B0032931-02
082 LIGHTER UP Capitol B0032931-02
083 YOU CAN HAVE CHARLESTON Capitol B0032931-02
084 SO I SANG Capitol B0032931-02
085 DOWN HERE digital bonus
086 IT’S ALL OVER digital bonus
2014 unknown – Darius Rucker
2015 [sessions for Gas Monkey Garage: Let's Ride] unknown – Darius Rucker
2015 unknown – Robert Randolph and The Family Band featuring Darius Rucker
2016 unknown – Darius Rucker
090 IF I TOLD YOU  digital single

Hidden Beach EK 86492 Back To Then:
Wild One; Exodus; Sometime I Wonder (featuring Jill Scott); Back to Then; This Is My World; I'm Glad You're Mine; Butterfly; Hold On; Ten Years; One More Night; Amazing Grace (Interlude); Somewhere; Sleeping in My Bed - (featuring Snoop Dogg) – 30-07-02
Capitol 0946-3-85506-2-4 Learn To Life: Forever Road; All I Want; Don't Think I Don't Think About It; Learn to Live; If I Had Wings; History in the Making; Alright; It Won't Be Like This for Long; Drinkin' and Dailin'; I Hope They Get to Me in Time; While I Still Got the Time; Be Wary of a Woman – 16-09-08
Liberty 0999-6-26939-2-9 Charleston, SC 1966: This; Come Back Song; Might Get Lucky; Whiskey And You; Southern State Of Mind; Love Will Do That; The Craziest Thing; Things I'd Never Do; We All Fall Down; I Don't Care (Featuring Brad Paisley); She's Beautiful; I Got Nothin'; In A Big Way – 12-10-10
Capitol 0999-6-02708-2-5 True Believer: True Believers; Miss You; Wagon Wheel; Love Without You; Radio; Lost in You;I Will Love You Still; Take Me Home; Shine; Heartbreak Road; Leavin' the Light On; Lie to Me - 21-05-13 (deluxe version from 2014 contains bonus tracks: Your Cheatin' Heart;  One Tequila;  Only Wanna Be With You)
Capitol Nashville B0021359-02 Home For The Holiday: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!; Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas;  What God Wants For Christmas; You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch; Baby, It's Cold Outside (w.Sheryl Crow); I'll Be Home For Christmas; O Come, All Ye Faithful; Winter Wonderland;   Candy Cane Christmas; Please Come Home For Christmas; Hark! the Herald Angels Sing; White Christmas – 27-10-14
Capitol Nashville B0032931-02 Southern Style: Homegrown Honey; Good For a Good Time; Baby I’m Right; Southern Style; High on Life; Perfect; You And Me And My Guitar;  Low Country; Need You More; Half Full Dixie Cup; Lighter Up;You Can Have Charleston; So I Sang – 31-03-15 (also digital  deluxe version with bonus tracks: Down Here; It‘ s All Over)

Hiddem Beach [UK] XPR 3575 Back To Then (Album Sampler): Wild One; Sometimes I Wonder; Back To Then / Sleepin In My Bad; I’m Glad You’e Mine – 02 (promo]

Hidden Beach
ESK 56827 Wild One [album version]; Wild One [instr.]; Wild One [a capella] – 02 (promo)

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