Tuesday, December 5, 2017

T. Jae Christian

By Praguefrank
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Silver Dollar SDC 5145 A Feeling Like This:  I Used It All On You; The Note; A Feeling Like This; Stoned And Crazy; Free Born Man; Meanwhile Down At The Honky Tonk; I Go Crazy; Three Ring Circus; Margarite; Those Little Feet - 89
? It’s Been good Cheatin‘  With You:  It's Been Good Cheatin' With You; Kentucky Woman;  I Can't Stay For The End; Ain't We The One; Nothing Has Changed;  I Don't Even Try;  It Sure Feels Like You; Too Hurt To Fight;  All We Can Really Do;  It's Gonna Feel Good When It Stops Hurting – 9-?
Universal Sound [UK] ? Old Porch Swing: I Can't Go Home To Heaven; Meanwhile Down At The Honky Tonk; Old Porch Swing; This Is Where My Heart Gets Off; I'd Be Better Off in a Pine Box; Anytime You Want A Fool Around; Goodbye Walk; He Stopped Loving Her Today; War Between The States feat. Pat Roden; Kentucky Woman; Once Upon You And Me; Jessie Told Becky Goodbye - 02
Universal Sound [UK] ? (UPC634479609930) Put Me Down Easy Lord: I Don't Care Where You Dig That Hole;  This Is Where Jesus Would Go; Fit For A King; Jesus On Your Mind; When I Pray; Put Me Down Easy Lord; Another Angel in Heaven; Hearts That Cheat No More; Phone In Heaven; I've Got My Name in the Big Book; Country, Not the Neon Kind - 07
Universal Sound [UK] 5039 The Vanishing Breed: The Vanishing Breed; I've Been Down Some Roads; The Workin' Mans Way (struggling For Survial); Another Angel in Heaven; Grand Tour; Picture Of Me Without You; Yes, There Is Life After Beth; Yard Sale; Love Me Back Together; I'm Tired Of Being Something; I Won't Be Over You At All – 24-09-07
? Racings Country Roots:   Dedicated Nascar Fans (T. Graham Brown);  Potrait of a Nascar Champion (T. Jae Christian); The Vanishing Breed (T. Jae Christian and T. Graham Brown); Dirt Road Heartache (Kelley Blackwell); The Chase (T. Graham Brown); Red Farmer (T. Jae Christian); Little Davy (T. Jae Christian); A Short Track Saturday Night (T. Graham Brown); Donnie Alison's Here to Stay (T. Jae Christian); Troublemaker (Kelley Blackwell); Visions of a Memory (T. Jae Christian); Reminiscing (T. Jae Christian) - 15-05-12 Kelley Blackwell, T. Graham Brown, T. Jae Christian
Universal Sound [UK] 8889 I Wish I Was Home: Hes Already Made It; Ol' Sad Songs; Marriage on the Rocks; I Wish I Was Home; The Vanishing Breed (w. T. Graham Brown); No One Loves Here; Country Conscience; Loving Her Was Eaiser (Then Anything I'll Ever Do Again); More He Drinks; Time Will Tell; Just Like Mine (w. Rick Sharp); The Way I Never Knew How (w. Roy August); When I Had You; Slow Death; Bag of Bones (w. T.Graham Brown); Bring Back the Arms; When I Sang for the King; Golden Promise Land; Lord Is; Dianne's Song; Record Low; I've Learned to Lie  - 07-09-12
Universal Sound ? [UK] Old Violin: (tracks unknown) – 14
Universal Sound ? [UK] Country Gals - The Absolutely: (tracks unknown) - 23-02-15 (3 CDs)

TK 103AA Someone  To Love You / ? – 92 U 32151

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