Tuesday, February 6, 2018


By Praguefrank
2009 poss. Frontier Recirdings Studio, Copemish, MI- Detour
001 THE ROAD THAT LIES AHEAD Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
002 TO MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
003 BIG RED Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
004 GOING NOWHERE FAST Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
005 DEAR BROTHER Bluegrass Ahead 0901
006 SIXTEEN TONS Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
007 SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD Bluegrass Ahead 0901
008 COLD STONES Bluegrass Ahead 0901
009 SHADY GROVE Bluegrass Ahead 0901
010 THE ROAD TO FRENCHBURG Bluegrass Ahead 0901
011 MY LIFS JUST AIN'T A BLUEGRASS SONG Bluegrass Ahead 0901
011 WILENE'S WALTZ Bluegrass Ahead 0901  
2011 Frontier Recordings Studio, Copemish, MI- Detour  (Missy Armstrong [vcl], Scott Zylstra [gt/hny vcl], Jeff Rose [mandolin], Kevin Gaugier [banjo], Jack Grant [bass/hmny vcl], Peter Knupfer [fiddle/viola]. Producer:Detour)
012 QUARTERLINE ROAD Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
013 WIND IN THE WILLOWS Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
014 BANJO WARNING Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
015 I'LL GO STEPPING TOO Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
016 EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO HEAVEN Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
017 EVERYTHING IS NOTHING AS IT SEEMS Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
018 RELLA'S WALTZ Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
019 LOVIN' LIZA JANE Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
020 I'VE JUST SEEN THE ROCK OF AGES Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
021 THE LETTER Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
022 PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
023 BIG SHAKE AND HOWDY Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
024 HOMELESS OF THE BRAVE Bluegrass Ahead 1201
2011 Frontier Recordings Studio, Copemish, MI- Detour  (Missy Armstrong [vcl], Jeff Rose [gt],  Kevin Gaugier [mandolin/banjo], Jack Grant [bass/hmny vcl], Peter Knupfer [fiddle/viola]. Producer:Detour)
025 A BETTER PLACE Bluegrass Ahead 1201  
2013 Frontier Recordings Studio, Copemish, MI- Detour (Missy Armstrong [vcl],  Scott Zylstra [vcl/gt], Jeff Rose [vcl/mandolin],  Lloyd Douglas [banjo], Jeremy Darrow [bass],  Peter Knupfer [fiddle]. Producer:, Jeff Rose, Scott Zylstra)
026 TOO BLUE TO HAVE THE BLUES Mountain fever MFR 140329  
027 GOING NOWEHERE FAST Mountain fever MFR 140329  .
028 JULIET Mountain fever MFR 140329   
029 AIN'T GONNA WAIT Mountain fever MFR 140329   
030 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW Mountain fever MFR 140329
031 I'M NOT HOME YET Mountain fever MFR 140329  
032 TREE TWO ONE Mountain fever MFR 140329  
033 TRAIN TRAIN Mountain fever MFR 140329  
034 L SOLDIERS SORROW Mountain fever MFR 140329
035 LOVE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT Mountain fever MFR 140329  
036 TRAVELING THE HIGHWAY HOME Mountain fever MFR 140329  
037 AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Mountain fever MFR 140329  

Bluegrass Ahead 0901 The Road That Lies Ahead: The Road That Lies Ahead; To My Old Kentucky Home; Big Red; Going Nowhere Fast; Dear Brother; Sixteen Tons; Sittin' On Top Of The World; Cold Stones; Shady Grove; The Road To Frenchburg; My Lifs Just Ain't A Bluegrass Song; Wilene's Waltz – 01-09
Bluegrass Ahead 1201 A Better Place: Quarterline Road; Wind in the Willows; Banjo Warning; A Better Place; I'll Go Stepping Too; Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven; Everything Is Nothing As It Seems; Rella's Waltz; Lovin' Liza Jane; I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages; The Letter; Put a Little Love in Your Heart; Big Shake and Howdy; Homeless of the Brave – 14-04-12
Mountain Fever MFR 140329  Going Nowhere Fast: Too Blue To Have The Blues; Going Nowehere Fast; .Juliet;  Ain't Gonna Wait;  I Can See Clearly Now; I'm Not Home Yet; Tree Two One; Train Train; L Soldiers Sorrow;Love Is What You Make It; Traveling The Highway Home; America The Beautiful – 28-03-14

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