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Rex Dallas

*11-1938 Wallerawang, AUS
By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka, Michael De Looper
There is not enough space for creating sessionography

Hadley [AUS] HLP 1223 The Harry Torrani Yodelling Album: Mountain Echo Yodel; Fireside Yodel; Yodel All Day; The Roaming Yodeller; Dutch Girl Yodel; My Swiss Miss Yodel; My Lancashire Yodelling Lass; Mammy’s Yodel; Yodelling Boy; Cuckoo Yodel; Mocking Bird Yodel -  75 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS; reissued as part of HCD 1314 24 Harry Torrani Yodelling Songs)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1224 The Harry Torrani Yodelling Album, vol. 2: Yodel; Australian Yodel; Prairie Yodel; Mississippi Yodel; Starlight Serenade; Gypsy Yodel; Yodel And Smile;  Happy and Free Yodel; Cuckoo Waltz; Yodelling Erick; Mexican Yodel; Hear The Yodeller – 75 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS;  reissued as part of HCD 1314 24 Harry Torrani Yodelling Songs)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1226 In The Days When I Was Me: 18 Year Old Travellin’ Man; Rose Marie; Help Me Make It Through The Night; Livin’ In A Big Big City; Oh Danny Boy; White Lightning; In The Days When I Was Me; Before The Next Teardrop Falls; Lit Up And Seeing Double; Love In The hot Afternoon; Children; Love Song Of The Waterfall – 76 (rec. 25,26 Feb,, 8,15 March 1976 Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1234 I Love The Old Bush Ballads: I Love The Old Bush Ballads; Forget About The Car; Thank The Bush For The Likes of Them; The Coloured Lad; Snowy Mountain Yodel; Australian Bush Call; The Flea; Gum Trees Are Falling; The Old Briar Pipe; Trumby's Mate; Portrait of a Truckie; I Went Back To Dodd's Hotel; Old Wallerawang; Let Me Sing You A Song of the Country; The Old Retired Showman; Bluey -  77
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1240 Old Wallerawang: Old Wallerawang; On Strike; Mama Take Me Home; Outback Country; Papa's Wagon; Australian Hot Meat Pie; Trumby's Mate; I Thought I Was Sober; Let Me Sing You a Song of the Country; Bicycle Wreck; The Old Retired Showman - 78
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1244 Here’s To The Song Writer: The Legend of Lennie Legg the Shearer; The Biggest Fool This World Has Ever Seen; The Old Rodeo Clown; Greasy George; Ellensborough Falls; I'm off with Old Matilda; Please Daddy, Take Me with You When You Go; Watson; Country Hoedown; The Ballad of Ben Brown; I'll Pay All the Debts That I Owe; Driving into the Sunset at 100 Miles an Hour - 79
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1255 Yodelling Mad: Yodelling Mad; Maybe I'll Cry over You; Sister of Sioux City Sue; Indian Love Call; Freight Train Yodel; Roundup Time; Yodelling Around Australia; Big Rock Candy Mountain; Mocking Bird Hill; It Takes Too Long to Heal a Broken Heart; Swiss Moonlight Lullaby; There's a Love Knot in My Lariat - 79
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1262 Buckjump And Saddle Tales: Mandrake; The Endurance Ride; Rocky ned; Red Morning Sun; Old Boko And Me; That Dappled Grey Bronco Of Mine; Saddle Boy; His Spurs Are Rusty Now; Curio Of Marrabelle; Arstocrat; Strawberry Roan; Chain Lightning The Outlaw – 81? (tracks order may have been uncorrect)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1267 Remembering Those Hillbilly Hits: The Soldier’s Last letter; Parson Joe; Red River Valley; The Newsboy’s Message; Také It Back And Change It For A Boy; Don’t Ever Také Ribbons From Your Hair; He Holds The Lantern; Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along; Over Hilltop And Hollow; Where The W hitefaced Cattle Roam; The Overlander Trail; Music In My Pony’s Feet; Old Shep; One Golden Curl; The Blue Velvet Band – 82 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1275 Mother’s Flower Garden: Mother’s Flower Garden; Sweet Mother’s Love;  Medals For Mother; M.O.T.H.E.R.; I Dreamed About Mom Last Night; Mother, Queen Of My Heart; Mother Was The Strong Side Of My Life;  Mother; A Mother As Lovely As You; Gentle Mother; The Sweetest Gift; Mumma’s Hands – 82 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1280 Easy Lovin': Easy Lovin'; A Stranger in My Place; Begging to You; Yippi Cry I; Bluest Heartache of the Year; Fraulein; (I'd Be) A Legend in My Time; And I Love You So; As Big as a River; Gonna Find Me a Bluebird - 84
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1284 Born To The Saddle: (tracks unknown) - 84
Hadley [AUS] HLP 1288  For Valour - Tribute To Anzacs: They March On Anzac day; Gallipoli;  Stockmen in Uniform; Australia Is His Name; Did You See My Daddy Over There; The Boy Soldier;  for Valour; A Rose Of Red; Three Survivors; White Crosses In The Jungle; She Wasn't There To Meet Me;  Here Come The – 85 (rec. Hadley House Studios, Tamworth, NSW, AUS)
Selection [AUS] PRL 055 Duelling Yodellers: Duelling Yodellers [1,2]; Those Old Tex Morton Blues [2]; Dandenong Yodel [1]; Snowy River Yodel [2]; Blue Mountain Yodel [1]; Yodel Sweet Molly [1,2]; Chicken Yodel [2]; Lullaby Yodel Song [1]; A Yodel Puts Everything Right [2]; Demonstration Yodel [1,2]; Here's to the Aussie Yodellers [1]; Jingle Bell Yodel [1,2] - 85 Rex Dallas [1],  Owen Blundell [2] (MX: 300233/4)
Briar [AUS] ? Rex Dallas And Sons: (tracks unknown) - 86
Checked Label Services [AUS] ? We Dig Coal: The Miners; I'm a Miner's Son; Pitt Ponies Skips and Wheelers; Heroes of the Pitt; I Learnt to Yodel in the Ivanhoe Mine; Marked by Lumps of Coal; We Dig Coal; The Western Main; Old Henry; I Was 12 and He Was 63; Jack the Pegleg; The Miner's Ladies; Coal Trucks Roll; Red Dog – 91
Music World [AUS] MARC 869 Aussie Yodels: I Learnt to Yodel; Scottie the Yodeller; Yodellng Bunkhouse Boy; Yodelling Rag Man; Lonesome Yodeller; Crazy Yodel; Honeymoon Yodel; Dwarf's Yodel Song; The Nursery Rhyme Yodel; Yodelling to You; Mountain Spook Yodel; Gone but Not Forgotten; The Centre; Mountain Girl Yodel; All in the Family; The Mermaid; Three Legged Man; Gotta' Get Rid of the Band – 95 (prob. sampler; reissued on K-Tel in 2013)
Hadley [AUS] HCDM 1310 Heart Land: South Australia; These Old Eyes; This Side of Town; Where Brumby Runs; Shenandoah; Old Steam Trains; Farmer and The Eagle; Letter From A Child; Hooky Bill; Sonny’s Dream; Wild Rose ` Scottish Country Medley: Scotland The Brave; I Love A Lassie Roaming in the Gloaming; Road To The Isles – 95
LBS [AUS] LBS 022CD Songs of my Country: King Of Them All; The Ringers Room; The All Star Western Show; The Letter; Song of My Country; Summertime Yodel; Good Old Days; Moonbi Ranges Crosses by The Road; Rain; Our Buddy; Highway of Song - 95
Bellbird [AUS] ? I Love Old Bush Ballad Songs/ Hadley Masters: I Love the Old Bush Ballad Songs; Thank the Bush for the Likes of Them; Snowy Mountain Yodel; The Coloured Lad; Forget About the Car; Australian Bush Call; The Flea; Gum Trees Are Falling; The Old Briar Pipe; Portrait of a Truckie; Bluey; I Went Back to Dodd's Hotel; Old Wallerawang; Trumby's Mate; Let Me Sing You a Song of the Country; The Old Retired Showman – 01-06-05
Bellbird [AUS] BCD 003 40 Years Down The Road: A Memory or Two; Mustering Again; Yodelling king; Playroom Rodeo ` The Border; Dusty Tree; Mountain Girl Yodel; Yodelling Down Under ` Rusted Love People Call Me Country; I’m a Miner’s Son ` The Western Main; Old Wallerawang – 0-
Bellbird  [AUS] BCD 007 Working Man: Rainbow Over The Rock; Dark Sons; Ballad Of Ben Brown; Scars On The Land; Ireland; Grandad Show How To Yodel; Working Man; The Cattlemens Hut Jailbirds Can’t Fly; Wino’s Sherrie; Australia Day In Heaven; Tribute to Australian C. M.King Bonus Track – 0-
Bellbird [AUS] BCD 008 Big Old Land: Big Old Land; Who Burns the Gidgee; Love The Sound of a Train; Heaven  Dot Com; Raising The Bar; Is There A Yodeller Home; Old Cook Town; Roll On Summertime; Kooriwadjula; Pine Covered Hills Sweet Memory Waltz; Sing Australia – 0-      
Kobalt Music Publishing [AUS] 33003066 The A-Z Of Rex Dallas Volume One: My Swiss Miss Yodel; Ellenborough Falls; Old Wallerawang; Working Man; Yodelling Around Australia; His Spurs Are Rusty Now; Easy Lovin'; Yodel And Smile; Born To The Saddle; Song Of The Country; A Stranger In My Place; Miners Son; Bicycle Wreck; Rusted Love; The Old Briar Pipe; Love Song Of The Waterfall; Cuckoo Yodel; Gum Trees Are Falling; Australian Hot Meat Pie; White Crosses In The Jungle – 27-10-17 (prob. sampler)
William Osland Consulting [AUS] ? Show Boat Kalang: Show Boat Kalang; Kitchen Table; Music Is Life; Leura Cascades; Memory or Two; Rock 'n' Roll Yodel; In a Garden; Lady of the Road; Zig Zag Railway Line – 30-03-18

Festival [AUS] FX 10,341 Bicycle Week: Bicycle Wreck;  I Don't Hurt Anymore;  Tijuana Rose;  That's My Love – 61 (MX: MX 9279/80)
Troubadour [AUS] TEP 710 With The Cross Country Singers: (tracks unknown)  - 70
Hadley [AUS] HEP.541 The Australian Hot Meat Pie: The Australian Hot Meat Pie; Trumby's Mate / I Thought I Was Sober; Let Me Sing You A Song Of The Country – 73 (MX: HR 129/130)
Hadley [AUS] HEP.544 Old Wallerawang (1974) Old Wallerawang;  On Strike / Mama take me home;  Poor Chinee - 74

Rex [AUS]
RS 038 Bicycle Wreck / That's My Love – 10-60
Columbia [AUS]
DO 4477 Just For You / A Picture And Memories Of – 05-64
DO 4478 Australian Bush Crawl / I'm Crying In My Beer – 05-64
DO 4752 Yodel And Smile / I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen – 67
DO 4791 Starlight Serenade / Ellenborough Falls - 67
Hadley [AUS]
HS 22 Lit Up And Seeing Double / Love In The Hot Afternoon – 7-
HS 25 I Went Back To Dodd\s Hotel / The Colored Lad - 78
Briar [AUS]
BS 3 Our Buddy's Gone Home / The Engineers Don't Wave From The Trains Anymore - 87
Selection  [AUS]
PRS 165 Duelling Yodellers / Chicken Yodel – 88 w. Owen Blundell
Enrec [AUS]
ENS 111 I’m A Miner’s Son / We Dig Coal - 90

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