Monday, July 2, 2018

Dan + Shay

Dan Smyers

Shay Mooney
2nd version
By Praguefrank
2013 Blackbird Studios, Nashville, TN/ Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, TN/ Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN; The Mix Tank, Franklin, TN – Dan + Shay (Shay Mooney [vcl/ac gt/bck vcl], Daniel Smyers [vcl/ac gt/el gt/banjo/  percussion/ programming/ bck vcl],  Chris DeStefano [gt/ mandolin/ keyboards/ drums], Bryan Sutton [ac gt/banjo/  mandolin], Adam Shoenfeld [el gt], Craig Nelson [arco bass], Eric Darken [percussion],  Carol Rabinowitz, Anthony LaMarchina [cello], Danny Orton [keyboards/ drums/ programming], Tim Akers [programming]. Producer: Dan Smyers, Scott Hendricks and Danny Orton)
001 SHOW YOU OFF Warner 542028-2
002 STOP DROP + ROLL Warner 542028-219
003 YOU + ME Warner 542028-2
004 WHAT YOU DO TO ME Warner 542028-2
005 CAN'T SAY NO Warner 542028-2
006 FIRST TIME FEELING Warner 542028-2
007 NOTHIN' LIKE YOU Warner 542028-2
008 SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW Warner 542028-2
009 PARKING BRAKE Warner 542028-2
010 I HEARD GOODBYE Warner 542028-2
011 PARTY GIRL Warner 542028-2
012 CLOSE YOUR EYES Warner 542028-2
Ca 2013 unknown – Dan + Shy
Tracks above issued as bonus on digital deluxe versionof WB 542028-2
2013 Nashville, TN – Dan + Shay
2015 Nashville, TN – Dan + Shay (Shay Mooney [vcl], Daniel Smyers [vcl/gt], Danny Rader [ac gt], Bryan Sutton [ac gt], Derek Wells [el gt], Brandon Paddock [banjo/ bass/ mandolin/ slide gt/ bck vcl], Russ Pahl [steel], Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass], Martin Johnson [bass/ ac gt/ el gt/ keyboards/ piano/ bck vcl], Jesse Frasure [bass/ drums/ keyboards], Nir "Z" Zidkyahu [drums/percussion], Jessica Blackwell, Charles Dixon [violin], Elisabeth Lamb [viola], Emily Nelson [cello], Gordon Mote [keyboards/ piano], Roy Agee [trombone], Jim Horn [sax], Doug Moffet [sax], Scott Zucaj [trumpet]. Producer: Daniel Smyers, Scott Hendricks)
017 ALL NIGHTER Warner 555555-2
018 ROAD TRIPPIN’ Warner 555555-2
019 FROM THE GROUND UP Warner 555555-2
020 ALREADY READY Warner 555555-2
021 HOW NOT TO Warner 555555-2
022 LIPSTICK Warner 555555-2
023 ROUND THE CLOCK Warner 555555-2
024 LATELY Warner 555555-2
025 SWAY Warner 555555-2
026 OBSESSED Warner 555555-2
2017 Ocean Way Studio, Nashville, TN/ Skeye Studios, Nashville, TN/  Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN / The Tzudio, Nashville, TN /  The Warner Bros. Studios, Studio, Nashville, TN  – Dan + Shay, *with Kelly Clarkson (Daniel Smyers [vcl/gt/ piano/synthesizer], Shay Mooney [vcl], Keith Urban        Guitar [el gt], Derek Wells [el gt], Matt Dragstrem [gt/piano/ synthesizer/ bck vcl], Bryan Sutton [banjo/ dobr/ ac gt/ mandolin], Ilya Toshinskiy  [banjo/bouzuki/ ac gt/ mandolin], Russ Pahl [steel], Jimmie Lee Sloas [bass], Nir Z  [percussion], Jessica Blackwell, Jimin Lim [viola], Chris Farrell [viola], Nick Gold [cello], Gordon Mote [keuboards/ piano/ synthesizer/ Wurlitzer], Jordan Reynolds [keyboards/ hammered dulcimer/ percussion/ synthesizer], Abby Smyers [bck vcl])
027 ALONE TOGETHER Warner 570796-2   
028 TEQUILA Warner 570796-2   
029 WHAT KEEPS YOU UP AT NIGHT Warner 570796-2   
030 ALL TO MYSELF Warner 570796-2   
031 KEEPING SCORE* Warner 570796-2   
032 MAKE OR BREAK Warner 570796-2   
033 SPEECHLESS Warner 570796-2   
034 STUPID LOVE Warner 570796-2   
035 NO SUCH THING Warner 570796-2   
036 MY SIDE OF THE FENCE Warner 570796-2   
037 ISLAND TIME Warner 570796-2

Warner Music Nashville 542028-2 Where It All Began: Show You Off; Stop Drop + Roll; 19 You + Me; What You Do To Me; Can't Say No; First Time Feeling; Nothin' Like You; Somewhere Only We Know; Parking Brake; I Heard Goodbye; Party Girl; Close Your Eyes – 01-04-14 (also digital deluxe version with bonus tracks: Yoiu and Me (acoustic); Show You Off (acoustic); First Time Feeling (acoustic)
Warner Music Nashville 555555-2 Obsessed: All Nighter;  Road Trippin’;  From the Ground Up; Already Ready;  How Not To;  Lipstick;  Round the Clock;  Lately;  Sway;  Obsessed – 03-06-16
Warner Music Nashville 570796-2 Dan + Shay:  Alone Together;  Tequila;  What Keeps You Up At Night;  All To Myself;  Keeping Score (feat. Kelly Clarkson);  Make or Break;  Speechless;  Stupid Love;  No Such Thing;  My Side of the Fence;  Island Time – 22-06-18


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