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Jill Johnson

Jill Anna Maria Johnson, *24-05-1973 Ängelholm, Sweden
By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography


EMI-Medley [SWE] 8355172 Sugartree: Shake The Sugartree;  As Dreams Go By; The Street Where You Live;  It’s My House;  Can’t Get You Out Of My Head; Killing Time; All Kinds Of People; In My Own Way; Unbreakable Heart; Less Of The Same; Jag Skulle Så Gerna Vilja Gifte Meg- 96 (recorded at J+M Studio, Copenhagen, DEN)
Lionheart [SWE] LHCD-109 När hela världen ser på: När Hela Världen Ser På; Kärleken Är; Jag Har Havet Ett Stenkast Från Mig; Det Här Är Mitt Hem; Vart Jag Än Går; Vi Brinner; Hennes Ögon; Låt Mig Få Vila I Dag; För Att; Halvvägs Till Himlen; Som En Båt På Öppet Hav; Eternal Love- 10-05-98  
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0003 Daughter of Eve: Mother's Jewel; Secrets In My Life; My Love For You; Live For Today; It's Only You; Everybody's Confidante; When I Look At You; No One Else But You; Only In Your Dreams; Lonely, Lonely; It's Too Late - 30-11-00 
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0006 Good Girl: Jump In a Car; What's Wrong With You; Fakin' Lovin' Me; Luckiest People; Good Girl; Too Much of You (Ain't Enough For Me); Just Like You Do; Astroturf; Moonlight and Roses; Simply Because of Me; I Didn't Know My Heart Could Break; Final Call - 02 (recorded in Nashville, TN)  
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0012 Discography, 1996-2003: Crazy In Love; Desperado; What's Wrong With You; Good Girl; Moonlight And Roses; Jump In A Car; Just Like You Do; Luckiest People; Mother's Jewel; My Love For You; Secrets In My Life; It's Too Late; Everybody's Confidante; I'll Be There; Kärleken Är; Tell Me Why; Jag Har Havet Ett Stenkast Från Mig; Kommer Tid, Kommer Vår; All Kinds Of People; Shake The Sugartree - 27-03-03
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0014 Roots and Wings:Can't Get Enough of You; God's Gift; Breakfast In New York; Nathalie; A Woman Knows; You Can't Love Me Too Much; Good For You; You're Still Here; Hopelessly Devoted; Roots and Wings; It Ain't the End of the World; When I Found You; Time Will Fly; Desperado- 26-11-03            
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0021 Being Who You Are: God Bless A Girl In Love; So Much Love To Make; A Little Bit More; Baby You're Mine; Ringing Bells; When Being Who You Are; The Heartache Won't Be Mine; I Don't Wanna Be That Girl; You Can Have It All; Some People Are Just Not Cool; (I'm Not) In Love With You; Without Your Love; Redneck Woman- 23-03-05
M+L [SWE] MLCD 0008 Jill Johnson: Crazy In Love; Secrets In My Life; Desperado; När Hela Världen Ser På; Kärleken Är; Jag Har Havet Ett Stenkast Från Mig; Det Här Är Mitt Hem; Vart Jag Än Går; Vi Brinner; Hennes Ögon; Låt Mig Få Vila I Dig; För Att; Halvvägs Till Himlen; Som En Båt På Öppet Hav; Eternal Love (Kärleken Är) – 05 (sampler)     
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0027 The Christmas in You: The Christmas In You; The Angels Cried; What Child Is This; Blue December; Merry Christmas To You; Blame It On Christmas; Winter In July; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas; First Christmas Without You; The Christmas Song; O Come All Ye Faithful; I Bring Christmas Back To You; I Want You For Christmas; I Wanna Wish You All A Merry Christmas; Down To The River To Pray; Notes - 16-11-05 (recorded in Nashville, TN)         
Lionheart Int.  [SWE] LHICD 0038 The Woman I've Become: Till The Cowboys Come Home; When Love Doesn't Love You; Blessed Are the Broken Hearted; Baby Don't Go; Same Everything; Cowboy Up; I'm Sorry; Something I Can't Do; Love Ain't Nothin'; Too Late to Be Drinkin'; Everybody Smile; Red Corvette; The Woman I've Become- 25-10-06 (recorded in Nashville, TN, producer: Nathan Chapman)
Lionheart Int.  [SWE] LHICD 0054 Music Row: Rhythm Guitar; Jolene; Why´d You Come In Here Looking Like That; Angel Of The Morning; Papa Come Quick; Mama He´s Crazy; Tumblin Dice; You´re No Good; Why Not Me; Life In The Fast Lane; You Don´t Have To Say You Love Me; Need Your Love So Bad; To Know Him Is To Love Him; Angel From Montgomery; Yhe Making Of Music Row - 28-11-07 (recorded in Nashville, TN)    
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0068 Baby Blue Paper: Say Something; You're Looking For Me; Love Lessons; Where The Rainbow Ends; You Think You're The Man; I Should've Left Sooner; You Better Think Again; Top Of The World; Better Than Me; What Happened To Us; Don't Feel Like Me; Little Girl Of Mine; Baby Blue Paper - 10-08  (recorded in Nashville, TN)                   
Lionheart Int. [SWE] LHICD 0094 Music Row II: Love Is A Rose; Thing Called Love; It's A Heartache; What Good Am I; Lost Without Your Love; No Surrender; Here You Come Again; Too Far Gone; Love Me Like A Man; Two Doors Down; Together Again; I Can't Make You Love Me- 28-10-09  (recorded in Nashville, TN)                      
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD ? The Well-Known And Some Other Favourite Stories: [The Well-Known:] No Surrender;  Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That;  Stumble and Fade Away (2010);  Angel of the Morning;  Say Something;  Jolene;  Can't Get Enough of You;  Hopelessly Devoted;  Someone to flatter (2010);  Cowboy Up;  Forever's Going Underground (2010);  It's a Heartache;  Desperado;  Song to Heaven;  The Heat is On;   Mother's Jewel;  Crazy in Love;  Top of the World;  Lost Without Yor Love;  Oh, vilken härlig da';  Kärleken är; [Some Other Favourite Stories:]  Roots and Wings;  Love Ain't Nothin';  Don't Feel Like Me;  Love Lessons;  When Love Doesn't Love You;  Nathalie; Too Late to be Drinkin';  Breakfast in New York;  Something I Can't Do;  Better than Me;  What Happened to us;  A Woman Knows;  Baby Blue Paper;  When Being Who You Are;  You're Still Here;  Just Where the Rainbow Ends;  Just Like You Do;  Little Girl of Mine;  It is too Late; [Baby Blue Paper (live):]  Baby Blue Paper;  Where the Rainbow Ends;  You're Looking for Me;  Roots and Wings;  I Should Have Left Sooner;  You Think You're the Man;   Say Something; Don't Feel Like Me;  What Happened to us;  When Being Who You Are;  A Woman Knows;  You Better Think Again;  Angel of the Morning;  Love Lessons;  Better than Me;  Papa Come Quick;  Jolene- 27-10-10 (3 CDs; rec. 1998-2010)   
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD 0135 Flirting with Disaster: Flirting With Disaster; What's A Little Rain; In One Piece; While You're Sleeping; I'm Awake Now; Didn't Wanna Let You Go; I'm Never Far; When We Had It So Good; Roll My Way; The Sound Of Leaving; Used To Think He Was Everything; Dreaming Me Away; Song To Heaven - 28-09-11        
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD 0136 Välkommen jul: Amazing Grace; I'll Be Home For Christmas; I Väntan På Julen Greensleeves; Det Är En Ros Utsprungen; Cradle In Bethlehem; Christmas With You; En Julsaga (Fairytale Of New York); First Noel; Angel; Away In A Manger; Stilla Natt; Silver Bells- 11-11 with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra           
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD 0150 A Woman Can Change Her Mind: A Woman Can Change Her Mind; The Chill;  Fast Trip Up; Jacked Up Heart; Are You Feeling It Now; Over A Man; Scene Of The Crime; The Whiskey’s Working; Hurting Out Loud; That Boy Is A Long Story; Nobody’s Getting Out Of This Love; Looking For Home; White Lightning; Come Wake Me Up (With Rascal Flatts)- 07-11-12      
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD 0158 Duetterna:  Längre neråt vägen (Mauro Scocco); Thing Called Love (Björn Skifs); Sail On (Lionel Richie); Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That (Nina Persson); Enough (Helena Paparizou); Lycklig att du lever (Sanne Salomonsen); Come Wake Me Up (Rascal Flatts); Tumblin’ Dice (Kim Carnes); Nobody’s Gettin’ Out Of This Love Alive (Nathan Chapman);  To Know Him Is To Love Him (Lisa Miskovsky);  Forever’s Going Underground (Chip Taylor);  Last Thing On My Mind (Ronan Keating); I’ll Be There (Michael Ruff); Too Far Gone (Titiyo); Always On My Mind (Tommy Körberg)- 25-10-13 (duets)
Lionheart [SWE] ? Livemusiken från Jills veranda: Going Down To The River – Doug Seegers; Color Him Father – Jill Johnson and Titiyo; Orphan Girl – Jill Johnson and Titiyo;  Red Dirt Girl – Jill Johnson and Kakan Hermansson; Not Ready To Make Nice – Jill Johnson and Kakan Hermansson; Du – Jill Johnson; Jolene – Jill Johnson and Rikard "Skizz" Bizzi; Crazy Girl – Jill Johnson and Rikard "Skizz" Bizzi; Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Jill Johnson and Marit Bergman; Never You – Pam Rose and Lisa Carver; Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain – Jill Johnson and Kristian Gidlund; Follow The Lights - Jill Johnson and Kristian Gidlund; Always On My Mind - Jill Johnson amd Magnus Carlson; Sleepless Nights - Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson; Night Flyer – Jill Johnson and Kristian Gidlund; Legacy – Jill Johnson; Going Down To The River – Doug Seegers, Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson; Crying Time - Jill Johnson and Magnus Carlson (Bonus); Gotta Catch That Train - Doug Seegers (Bonus) - 03-14
Lionheart [SWE] LHICD 0259 Country Jam: Queen Of Hearts; If I Needed You; Jukebox Is Coming; Not Cause I Wanted; Orphan Girl; Night Fever; Going Down To The River; Aint Got A Prayer; Love Hurts; Love Is A Rose – 14 (with book)           
Lionheart/Universal [SWE] 7320470190999 Songs for Daddy: Crazy In Love; Hallelujah I Love Him So; Fly Me To The Moon; Moon River; Something's Gotta Give; That's Life; Love Is Here To Stay; The Very Thought Of You; No Other Daddy But You; After You've Gone; Everybody Loves Somebody; I Can't Give You Anything But Love - 22-10-14        
Universal Music [SWE] 0602547270405 In Tandem: Boulder To Birmingham; Dancing; Ever Cross Your Mind; Do Right Woman; Here We Go Again; Lord I'm Trying; Noise Without A Sound; Precious Wedding; So Sad To Watch; True Love; We'll Sweep Out The Ashes  - 03-15 with Doug Seegers

Lionheart [SWE] 060255723433 For You I’ll Wait: I Will Never Let You Know;  It Don't Change a Thing;  Again; When It Pours It Rains;  Gotta Love Me More;  Love Is Good At Breaking Hearts;  Could You Stay the Night;  Till You're Gone;  For You I'll Wait;  Given Up;  The Night I Cry – 16

Capitol [SWE] ? Rodeo:  We Can Sleep It Off;  Love Is The Devil;  Rodeo;  It's All Just In Your Mind;  I Want My Happy Back;  This Is Your Last Song - 17


EMI Medley [DEN]
8680892 Shake The Sugartree; One Of These Tears – 94 (CD)
8681212 All Kinds Of People; Unbreakable Heart – 95 (CD)
Lionheart [SWE]
LHSCD 0019 Kommer Tid, Kommer Vår [Jan Johansen with Jill Johnson]; Kommer Tid, Kommer Vår [Jan Johansen] – 01-04-96 (CD)
LHSCD 0028 Eternal Love; Kärleken Är – 98 (CD)
LHSCD 0029 När Hela Världen Ser På; Halvvägs Till Himlen – 98 (CD)
LHSCD 0031 Tell me Why [with Annika]; Tell me Why [track] – 98 (CD)
LHICDS 0002 Mother's Jewel; Mother's Jewel (Clubmix 125 BPM); Mother's Jewel (Housemix 120 BPM) – 99 (CD)
LHICDS 0004 Secrets Of My Life; Only In Your Dreams – 00 (CD)
LHICDS 0013 Luckiest People; Moonlight And Roses - 02 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0018 Christmas On My Own - 02 (CD, promo)
LHICDS 0020 Can't Get Enough Of You (original; Rodeo radio mix; Cowgirl club mix; Soundfactory club mix‎)- 03 (CD)
LHICDS 0021 Hopelessly Devoted To You (original + 4 mixes) – 03 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0024 Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag; Oh, Vilken Härlig Dag (instr.) - 04 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0031           God Bless A Girl In Love; The Heartache Won't Be Mine - 05 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0035 A Little Bit More; You Can Have It All - 05 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0052 Heartbreak Hotel; Love Hurts; Red Neck Woman; Love Hurts [clip] - 06 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0064 Cowboy Up [original; Eurotwang mix; Confederate club mix]- 06 ‎(CD)
LHICDS 0084           Angel Of The Morning; Jolene – 07 ‎(CD)

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