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Denver Duke (John Eagle Feather)

*Savannah, TN
2nd version
By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti, Al Turner, Thieu Van De Vorst
1954 Balkan Music Recording Studios, Chicago, IL – Denver Duke,* and Jeffery Null and His Ozark Pioneer Boys
001 8000A WHEN WE MEET UP YONDER* Balkan 8000/FV 12023
003 8003A GOD TOOK MY PRECIOUS DARLING* 8003/HSG 201 FV 12023
004 8003B A MILLION TEARS 8003
Balkan singles credited to Denver Duke, A Man With Woman’s Voice
ca October 1955 unknown – Denver Duke and Jeffery Null, The Hardin County Boys
005 RM-118A HANK WILLIAMS, THAT ALABAMA BOY Blue Hen BH-214/ HSG-201 FV-12023 HS 777
006 RM-118B WHEN WE MEET UP YONDER Blue Hen BH-214ML 2003 HSG-201
January 1956 unknown – Denver Duke and Jeffery Null
007 HYMN OF THE REDWOOD TREE Round Up RU 502/ML 2003  HSG-201 HS 777
August 1956 poss. WVOW Radio Station Studio, Logan, WV – Denver Duke and Jeffery Null w. Hardin County Boys
010 YW-12747 HANK WILLIAMS ISN‘T DEAD Mercury 70970x45/ML 2003 FV-12023
011 YW-12748 A MILLION TEARS 71065x45/ML 2003 FV 12023
012 YW-12749/PBE-849 ALL WASHED UP IN YOU 71065x45/ML 2003 MGW 12267 MGW 12299 FV 12023 HS 777
013 YW-12750/PBE-964 ROCK AND ROLL BLUES 70970x45/MGW-12299 ML 2003 FV 12023
1958 unknown – Denver Duke
014 RM-126A/FB 265 HEART MADE OUT OF ROSES  Blue Hen BH 222/ML 2003 HSG-201
015 RM-126B/FB-266 WHEN THE SNOW CAME Blue Hen BH 222/ML 2003  HSG-201 FV-12023
016 RM-127A BABE, A STAR, A MANGER Blue Hen BH-223/ML 2003 FV 12023
017 RM-127B CHRIST WHO CAME TO BETHLEHEM Blue Hen BH-223/ HSG-201 FV 12023
May 1958 unknown – Denver Duke
018 BLUE, BLUE, BLUE Guitar 777
ca December 1958 unknown – Denver Duke and Jeffery Null
020 WRC 123 TEARS IN THE WIND Guitar G-101/ HSG-201
021 WRC 124 I'M JEALOUS Guitar G-101/ HSG-201
ca. May 1959 Nashville, TN - Denver Duke and Jeffery Null
022 ST-2961 TROUBLE NUMBER TWO Starday 45-446/ HSG-201FV-12023 HS 777
023 ST-2962 I‘M GONNA GET YOU 45-479/FV-12023 HS 777
024 ST-2963 I‘LL SAY I DO 45-446
025 ST-2964 DEAR LORD LET ME DIE 45-479/HSG-201 FV 12023 HS 777
July 1967 unknown – Denver Duke and Jeffery Null
Unknown info
1 May 1973 Capitol Recording Studio, 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood,  CA – Dennis Duke (Dennis Duke [vcl/gt], Norm Cass [ld gt], Jay Dee Maness [steel], Larry Booth [bass], Billy Armstrong [violin], Archie Frances [piano], Vicky Nelson [hmny vcl])
THE 3 BLUES Heart and Soul 777
CITY OF STRANGERS Heart and Soul 777
MILLION TEARS Heart and Soul 777
HEART MADE OUT OF ROSES Heart and Soul 777
August 1974 Hollywood, CA – Dennis Duke
Unknown tracks for Heart and Soul
For later  recordings see albums/singles list

Heart and Soul HSG-201 Hank Williams That Alabama Boy
: Hank Williams That Alabama Boy; Dear Lord Let Me Die; I'm Jealous; When The Snow Came; Hymn Of The Redwood Tree; Beautiful Shores Of Heaven; Tears In The Wind; Trouble Number Two; Heart Made Out Of Roses; God Took My Precious Darling; Christ Who Came To Bethlehem; When We Meet Up Yonder  - ca 65 w. Jeffery Null and The Hardin County Boys (Canadian issue in 1965 on Banff Rodeo, CD reissue on Rosedale CD 436)
Mountain [CAN] ML-2003 Country And Bluegrass Sounds: All Washed Up In You; Hymn Of The Redwood Tree; When The Snow Came; Hank Williams Isn’t Dead; Rock And Roll Blues; When We Meet Up Yonder; Heart Made Of Roses; Beautiful Shores Of Heaven; A Babe, A Star, A Menager; A Million Tears – 6- Denver Duke and Jeffery Null (sampler)
Heart and Soul H+S 777 Gangster's Heaven Baloo: Gangster's Heaven Baloo; The 3 Blues; City Of Strangers; Million Tears; Heart Made Out Of Roses; Country Music From Outer Space; [Duke and Null:]  Hank Williams That Alabama Boy; Dear Lord Let Me Die; All Wash Up With You; Trouble Number Two; Hymn Of The Redwood Tree; I'm Gonna Get You – 73  as Dennis Duke
Label Stone [CAN] SX-2710 Country Showtime: All Washed Up With You;A Babe A Star A Manger; When The Snow Came; Heart Made Of Roses; Hank Williams Isn't Dead; A Million Tears; Hymn Of The Redwood Tree; When We Meet Up Yonder; Beautiful Shores Of Heaven; Rock And Roll Blues
Folk Variety [GER] FV-12023 Hank Williams Isn't Dead: Hank Williams Isn’t Dead; Dear Lord Let Me Die; When The Snow Came; Good Took My Precious Darling; When We Meet Up Yonder; A Babe, A Star, A Manger; Christ Who Came To Bethlehem; Hank Williams, The Alabama Boy; A Million Tears; Trouble Number Two; I’m Gonna Get You; All Washed Up With You; Rock’n’Roll Blues – 80 (possibly Mercury and Starday tracks)
Heart And Soul ? Gospel Moments With Johnny Eagle Feather: I'm In Love With Someone;  How About You; Something Got Hold On Me; Broken Heart At Calvary; He Touched Me; Tramp On The Street; Land Were We'll Never Grow Old; Insured Beyond The Grave;Mansions Over There;  Beautifull Shores Of Heaven;  Were The Roses Never Fade;  The Master's Bouquet; Just A Rose Will Do; I'm Not Lonesome Anymore; The Cry From The Cross; The Healer; The Family Who Prays; I saw A Man - 97

Starlite [UK] STEP 33 All Washed Up With You; Hank Williams Isn't Dead / A Million Tears; Rock And Roll Blues - 62

Balkan (1954)
8000 When We Meet Up Yonder (w. Jeffery Null) / Lonesome For Mother – 54
8003 God Took My Precious Darling (w. Jeffery Null) / A Million Tears – 55
Blue Hen (1955-1956)
BH-214 Hank Williams, That Alabama Boy / When We Meet Up Yonder – 11-55 w. Jeffery Null
BH-222 Heart Made Out Of Roses / When The Snow Came (God Called My Wife Away) - 58
BH-223 A Babe A Star A Manger / Christ Who Came To Bethlehem – 11-58 (rev. Dec 1; UK issue on Starlite 45-093 in 1962)
Round Up (1956)
RU 502 Hymn Of The Redwood Tree / Beautiful Shores Of Heaven - 56 w. Jeffery Null
Mercury (1956-57)
70970x45 Hank Williams Isn't Dead / Rock And Roll Blues – 14-09-56
71065x45 A Million Tears / All Washed Up With You - 14-02-57
Guitar (1958-59)
777 Blue, Blue, Blue / Candle Lit Cathedral - 05-58
G-101 I'm Jealous / Tears In The Wind – 01-59 w. Jeffery Null
Starday (1959)
45-446 Trouble Number Two / I'll Say, I Do - 06-59 (rev, June 15)
45-479 Dear Lord, Let Me Die / I'm Gonna Get You - 12-59
Heart And Soul   as Johnny Eagle Feather
J 1 It Takes Six Men to Carry a Man to His Grave / City of Strangers
R-101 Cherokee Trail Of Tears / City Of Strangers –
102 I'm In Love With Someone / The Beautiful Shores Of Heaven - 86
Vokes (1984-) as Johnny Eagle Feather
124 City Of Strangers / Baby We're Really In Love – 84 (MX: 43557/8)
128 Dear Lord Let Me Die / Million Tears - 92


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