Thursday, September 29, 2016

Statesboro Revue

By Praguefrank
2009 unknown – The Statesboro Revue
001 DIRTY SUE  digital single/Shalley Z
2010 poss. Austin, TX  - The Statesboro Revue (Stewart Mann [vcl/gt/ harmonica], Garrett Mann [gt], Will Knaak [gt], Rob Alton [bass], Mike Peters [drums], Erik James [keyboards])
003 THE OTHER SIDE  Shalley – Z
004 THE PAINTER  Shalley – Z
005 SHINE ON  Shalley – Z
006 FIND A WAY  Shalley - Z
007 OVER YOU  Shalley - Z
008 COMES BACK TO YOU  Shalley – Z
009 LADY  Shalley - Z
010 THE FALL  Shalley – Z
013 ALONE  Shalley – Z
2012 Flashpoint, Austin, TX/ Mi Casa Studios, New Braunfels/ Paradox Studios, Nashville, TN – The Statesboro Revue (Stewart Mann [vcl/ac gt/ harmonica/ percussion/ bck vcl], Garrett Mann [gt/piano/ percussion/ bck vcl], Steve Ledet [el gt], Preston Wimberly [el gt], Ben Bradshaw [bass gt/ percussion], Scott McConnell [percussion], Rhett Price [fiddle],  Erik James [organ/ keyboards], Sheree Smith, Sonya Moore [bck vcl])
014 FADE MY SHADE OF BLACK Vision Ent. VIS 002
015 HUCK FINN Vision Ent. VIS 002
016 COLD NOVEMBER Vision Ent. VIS 002
017 TIL I LEAVE Vision Ent. VIS 002
018 HALF MILE TO LINCOLN Vision Ent. VIS 002
019 LIVE A LITTLE Vision Ent. VIS 002
020 LIL MARY'S LAST STAND Vision Ent. VIS 002
021 ISABELLA Vision Ent. VIS 002
022 LOVE RUN EASY Vision Ent. VIS 002
023 ANOTHER DAY IN ROME Vision Ent. VIS 002
024 WILDFLOWER  Vision Ent. VIS 002
025 HANDS ON THE SUN Vision Ent. VIS 002
2015 The Finishing School, Austin, TX -  The Statesboro Revue (Scott Davis [vcl/ gt/ lap steel/ banjo/ accordion/ percussion/ bck vcl], Stewart Mann [vcl/gt/ harmonica/ bck vcl],  Gordy Quist [gt/ back vcl], Garrett Mann [gt/bck vcl],  Geoff Queen [slide gt], Ben Hussey [bass], Kris Schoen [drums], Eleanor Whitmore [fiddle], Travis Bishop [keyboards/bck vcl], Scott Wiggins [bck vcl])
026 BEDROOM FLOOR Vision Ent. VIS 006
027 EVERY TOWN Vision Ent. VIS 006
028 UNDONE Vision Ent. VIS 006
029 TALLAHASSEE Vision Ent. VIS 006
030 ROLL ON MAMA Vision Ent. VIS 006
031 COUNT ON ME Vision Ent. VIS 006
032 LIKE THE SOUND Vision Ent. VIS 006
033 HONKYTONKIN Vision Ent. VIS 006
034 SATISFIED Vision Ent. VIS 006
035 GO DOWN SLOW Vision Ent. VIS 006
036 LAST RAMBLE Vision Ent. VIS 006

Shalley – Z ? Different Kind Of Light: Little Girl Like You;  The Other Side; The Painter; Shine On; Find A Way;  Over You;  Comes Back To You;  Lady;  The Fall; Different Kind Of Light;  Brink Of Heartache;  Alone;  Dirty Sue – 25-02-11 (German issue on Blue Rose BLU DP 0526)
Vision Ent. VIS 002 Ramble On Privilege Creek: Fade My Shade Of Black; Huck Finn; Cold November; Til I Leave; Half Mile To Lincoln; Live A Little; Lil Mary's Last Stand; Isabella; Love Run Easy; Another Day In Rome; Wildflower ; Hands On The Sun – 26-04-13 (German issue on Blue Rose  BLU DP 0607)
Vision Ent. VIS 006 Jukehouse Revival: Bedroom Floor;  Every Town;  Undone;  Tallahassee;  Roll On Mama;  Count On Me;  Like The Sound;  Honkytonkin;  Satisfied;  Go Down Slow;  Last Ramble – 07-08-15 (German issue on Blu Rose BLU DP 0660 )

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