Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lon Harmon

By Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography

Crown CLP 5548/CST 548 Anytime And Other Country And Western Favorites: Anytime;  Only One Step; Clementine; Little Lee; Would You Believe; How Could You Do A Thing Like This; Read Between The Lines; I Don't Feel The Same; You Cheated On Me; Black Is The Color Of Her Heart - 67
Crown CLP 5550/CST 550 Bouquet Of Roses: Bouquet Of Roses; Even If I Win I Lose; Playin Hard To Get; Beautiful Brown Eyes; Looking For A Mountain; Here Comes The Night; Streets Of Laredo; I Don't Need You Anymore; The Veil Of Narra; I Guess I'm Losing My Mind – 67
Crown CLP 5562/CST 562  Just a Little Lovin' Will Go a Long Way: Just a Little Lovin'; Meet Me At Sunrise; I'm Not The First One; I Can't Let Go; I Choose You; In The Shadow of a Heartbreak; Silver Haired Daddy of Mine; Only Her Name Is Familiar; Old Spinning Wheel; Waiting for An Answer – 68
Compose ? Going Home For The Last Time: Going Home For The Last Time;  You Can Bet Your Bird;  Someone Who Needs My Love; Lousiana Lover;  Put The Booze Back On The Shelf;  I Love You Waltz;  I've Been A Long Time Coming Home;  Diamonds In The Rough;  Old Man Muddy;  Two Well Placed Kisses;  Butter And Honey;  Broken Heart Waltz – 06-01-15

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