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Jesse Lee Turner

*1938 Addicks, TX
By Praguefrank, Adam Komorowski with help of RCS site


1957 [demo session] Sun Studio, 706 Union Ave., Memphis, TN – Jesse Lee Turner

00001 PUT ME DOWN Sun unissued/BCD 16210 Turner CD 8011
Fall 1958 unknown, TX – Jesse Lee Turner  (Producer: Dewey Groom) [purchased masters]
001 CRC 588/ Δ26240  THE LITTLE SPACE GIRL Carlton 496/Turner LP 8011 Buffalo Bop BbCD-55166
002 CRC 589/ Δ26241 SHAKE, BABY, SHAKE Carlton 496/Turner LP 8011 Buffalo Bop BbCD-55019 [alt.] Collectables COL-CD-5563
Ca February 1959 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner with Luther Brandon and His All American Boys
003 CRC 648 PLEASE DON'T TEASE  Carlton 509/Turner LP 8011
004 CRC 647 THINKIN' Carlton 509/Turner LP 8011
Ca July 1959 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner  
005 K9OW-9540 THAT'S MY GIRL Fraternity F-855/Turner LP 8011
006 K9OW-9541 TEEN-AGE MISERY Fraternity F-855/Turner LP 8011
3 November 1959 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner      
007 IM-2335 WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW Imperial unissued
008 IM-2336 SLIPPIN' AROUND Imperial X5635
009 IM-2337 EARLY IN THE MORNING Imperial X5635
010 IM-2338 BOY MEETS GIRL unissued
5 January 1960 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner (Jesse Lee Turner [vcl] + unknown banjo-1, bass, drums, chorus-1)
011 IM 2395 I‘¢M THE LITTLE SPACE GIRL‘S FATHER  X5649/Turner CD 8011
Summer 1960 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner 
013 DO I WORRY (YES I DO)  Top Rank RA 2064/LP 8011
014 ALL RIGHT BE THAT WAY Top Rank RA 2064/LP 8011
Summer 1960 unknown - Jesse and The Road Runners
015 JR-11,227 HAPPY GO LUCKY MEDLEY –instr.- Jaro Int. J-77034
016 JR-11,233 SENTIMENTAL –instr.- JESSE AND THE ROAD RUNNERS Jaro Int. J-77034
Ca 1961 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner          
017 1 THE ELOPERS  Sudden S105/LP 8011
018 2 TOGETHER Sudden S105/LP 8011
Ca Mid 1962 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner  
Ca Mid 1962 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner  
020 N-1662 ALL YOU GOTTA DO (IS ASK ME TO) GNP 184X/LP 8011
Ca Summer 1962 unknown – Jesse Lee Turner       
021 N-1704 SHOTGUN BOOGIE  GNP 188X/LP 8011
1971 unknown – Floyd Robinson and Jesse Lee Turner
023 13704  DREAM  Music Man 13704/13705
024 13705  IN THE PINES Music Man 13704/13705
21 August 1975 unknown - Jesse Lee Turner  and Floyd Robinson
025 MC-4407  JUST A LITTLE GIRL MCA-40463
026 MC-4408  LOVE IS BLIND  MCA-40463
Jesse Lee Turner recorded after 1975, some info in albums list

Spring 1959 [American Bandstand AB 479 - aired May18, 1959] unknown – Jesse Lee Turner


Turner  [NED] TCD 8011 Shake Baby Shake: Shake, Baby, Shake; Shotgun Boogie; That's My Girl; Teen-Age Misery; The Elopers; All Right Be That Way; Baby Please Don't Tease; The Little Space Girl; Together; The Voice Changing Song; Thinkin'; Ballad Of Billie Sol Estes; Do I Worry (Yes I Do); All You Gotta Do (Is Ask Me To) – 81
Jesse Lee Turner [NED] 8011 Shake Baby Shake: Shake, Baby, Shake; Baby Please Don't Tease; Shotgun Boogie; That's My Girl; Together; Makin' Love [Floyd Robinson]; Put Me Down; The Man In The Moon [Floyd Robinson]; Boys and Girls [Floyd Robinson]; One More Time [Floyd Robinson]; The Art Of Makin' Love [Floyd Robinson]; Mother Nature; Little Old Love Maker; I'm The Little Space Girl's Father; The Voice Changing Song; All Right Be That Way; Tonight You Belong To Me  [Floyd Robinson]; Teen-Age Misery; The Elopers; Thinkin'; Tattle Tale [Floyd Robinson]; 12 String Boogie [Floyd Robinson] - 94
Jesse Lee Turner ? (UPC634479561979) Jesus Christ For President: Excerpts-Pres. George Washington; Jesus Christ for President;  Excerpts-Blessed Is the Nation; America the Beautiful; Excerpts-Let Us Stand Together Bipartisan; This Land Is Your Land; Excerpts-The American Creed; Have You Forgotten 911; Excerpts-Those Who Forget the Past; Excerpts-Jfk's Inaugural Address; It's An Honor to Serve; Excerpts-Edmund Burke; We'll Not Be Defeated; Excerpts-Patrick Henry;  Battle Hymn/Gettysburg Address; Taps; Amazing Grace; Reveille; Excerpts-Wake Up America; Onward Christian Soldiers; Excerpts-Abraham Lincoln; Sweet Anointing Over America;  Excerpts-John Adams; God Bless the USA; Excerpts-Jefferson/Madison/ Washington; Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb; Stand Up and Be Counted – 26-06-07

Carlton (1958)           
496 Shake, Baby, Shake / The Little Space Girl – 12-58 (rev. Dec. 8)
509 Please Don't Tease /  Thinkin' – 04-59 (rev, Apod. 13)
Fraternity (1959)
F-855 That's My Girl / Teen-Age Misery – 09-59 With Luther Brandon And His All American Boys Orchestra (rev. Sept. 21)
Imperial (1959-60)
X5635 Early In The Morning / Slippin' Around – 01-60
X5649  I'm The Little Space Girl's Father / Valley Of Lost Soldiers – 02-60 (rev. Feb. 29)
Top Rank (1960)
RA-2064 Do I Worry (Yes I Do) / All Right Be That Way – 08-60 (rev. Aug. 22)
Jaro Int. (1960) as Jesse And The Road Runners
J-77034  Sentimental / Happy Go Lucky Medley – 09-60 (rev. Sept. 5)
Sudden (1961)
S 105 The Elopers / Together – 61
GNP Crescendo (1962)
GNP 184X All You Gotta Do (Is Ask Me To) / the Voice Changing Song – 62
1962/Sept. 1
GNP 188X Shotgun Boogie / Ballad Of Billie Sol Estes – 08-62
Music Man  (1971)                            
13704/13705  Dream / In The Pines - 71  w. Floyd Robinson
MCA (1975)
MCA-40463  Love Is Blind / Just A Little Girl - 08-75  w. Floyd Robinson