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Trace Adkins

Tracy Darrell Adkins, *13-01-1962 Sarepta, LA
4th version
by Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

ca. January 1996 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Brent Mason [gt], Michael Spriggs [gt], Paul Franklin [steel], Glenn Worf [bass], Eddie Bayers [drums], Rob Hajacos [fiddle], Matt Rollings [piano], Barry Beckett [organ], Bill Cuomo [synthesizer], Terry McMillan [harmonica] + Dennis Wilson, Curtis Young [bck vcl]. Producer: Scott Hendricks)
001 THERE'S A GIRL IN TEXAS Capitol S7-19117/CDP-8-37222-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
002 I LEFT SOMETHING TURNED ON AT HOME Capitol S7-19579/CDP-8-37222-2 09463-63721-2 LCT 48837
003 EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE Capitol S7-19224/CDP-8-37222-2 7243-8-81512-2 09463-63721-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
004 (THIS AIN'T) NO THINKIN' THING Capitol S7-19524/CDP-8-37222-2 7243-8-81512-2 09463-63721-2 LCT 48837
005 DREAMIN' OUT LOUD Capitol CDP-8-37222-2
006 IF I FALL (YOU'RE GOIN' WITH ME) Capitol S7-19224/CDP-8-37222-2
007 IT WAS YOU Capitol CDP-8-37222-2
008 I CAN ONLY LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN Capitol S7-19579/CDP-8-37222-2
009 634-5789 Capitol S7-19524/CDP-8-37222-2
010 A BAD WAY OF SAYING GOODBYE Capitol S7-19117/CDP-8-37222-2
ca Mid 1997 Dark Horse, Nashville, TN/Scruggs Sound Studio, Nashville, TN/Sound Shop Studios, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Brent Mason [gt], Michael Spriggs [gt], David Grier [gt], Jonathan Yudkin [mandolin], Scott Neubert [dobro], Paul Franklin/Bruce Bouton [steel], Roy Hiskey/Glenn Worf [bass], Eddie Bayers [drums], Stuart Duncan [fiddle/mandolin], Rob Hajacos [fiddle], Matt Rollings/John B. Jarvis [piano/keyboards] + John Wesley Ryles, Dennis Wilson, Curtis Young [bck vcl]. Producer: Scott Hendricks)
011 BIG TIME Capitol S7-19976/CDP-8-55856-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
012 TOOK HER TO THE MOON Capitol CDP-8-55856-2
013 THE REST OF MINE Capitol S7-19698/CDP-8-55856-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
014 SNOWBALL IN EL PASO Capitol S7-19976/CDP-8-55856-2
015 SEE JANE RUN Capitol CDP-8-55856-2
016 TWENTY FOUR SEVEN Capitol CDP-8-55856-2
017 HOLD YOU NOW Capitol CDP-8-55856-2
018 NOTHIN' BUT THE TAILLIGHTS Capitol S7-19897/CDP-8-55856-2
019 LONELY WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE Capitol S7-19897/CDP-8-55856-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
020 OUT OF MY DREAMS Capitol CDP-8-55856-2
021 THE WAYFARING STRANGER Capitol S7-19698 58744/CDP-8-55856-2
1998 [sessions for Tribute To Tradition] Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adfklins [vcl], Mark Home [ac gt], Scott Neubert [el gt], Stephen bryan [steel/dobro], Joey Click [bass], Bob Mummert [drums], Joe Spivey [fiddle], Thomas Zeleznik [piano], Deryl Dodd, Kenny beard [bck vcl]. Producer: Trace Adkins)
ca. August 1998 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
023 THE CHRISTMAS SONG 58744 58817/
14 September 1997 [live-TV-Austin City Limits] Austin, TX – Trace Adkins
02401 BIG TIME  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02402 IF I FALL  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02403 THERE'S A GIRL IN TEXAS  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02404 I CAN ONLY LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN  RFD 8059(dvd)  Big Band Concert 77403 
02405 LONELY WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02406 THE REST OF MINE  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02407 TOOK HER TO THE MOON  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02408 SEE JANE RUN  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02409 EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02410 SNOWBALL IN EL PASO  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02411 I LEFT SOMETHING TURNED ON AT HOME  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02412 NOTHIN' BUT TAILLIGHTS  RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02413 634-5789 RFD 8059(dvd) Big Band Concert 77403 
02414 (THIS AIN'T) NO THINKIN' THING  RFD 8059(dvd)  Big Band Concert 77403 
02415 IF I COULD HOLD YOU NOW Big Band Concert 77403
ca. May 1999 The Sound Kitchen, Cool Springs, TN/Bismeaux Studios, Austin, TX – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], J.T. Corenflos [gt], Jason Roberts [gt], Ray Benson [gt], Michael Spriggs [gt], Paul Worley [gt], Steve Hinson/Cindy Cashdollar [steel], Joe Chemay/David Earl Miller [bass], Greg Morrow/David Sanger [drums], Johnny Gimble/Larry Franklin [fiddle], John Hobbs/Chris Booher/Floyd Domino [piano/keyboards], Michael Francis [sax] + Wes Hightower, Troy Johnson, Liana Manis, Curtis Wright [bck vcl]. Producer: Trey Bruce and Paul Worley)
025 MORE Capitol 38701/7243-4-96618-2 7243-8-81512-2 09463-63721-2 LCT 48837
026 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU ANYWAY Capitol 58880/7243-4-96618-2
027 SHE'S STILL THERE Capitol 7243-4-96618-2
028 SOMEDAY Capitol 7243-4-96618-2
029 CAN I WANT YOUR LOVE Capitol 7243-4-96618-2 09463-63721-2
030 DON'T LIE Capitol 58812/7243-4-96618-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
031 WORKING MAN'S WAGE Capitol 7243-4-96618-2
032 NIGHT HE CAN'T REMEMBER Capitol 38701/7243-4-96618-2
033 I CAN DIG IT Capitol 58880/7243-4-96618-2
034 EVERYTHING TAKES ME BACK Capitol 7243-4-96618-2
035 ALL HAT NO CATTLE Capitol 58812/7243-4-96618-2
036 EVERY OTHER FRIDAY AT FIVE Capitol 7243-4-96618-2
16 December 2000 [live] Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
03601 WAYFARING STRANGER Sony 720939
ca. April 2001 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN/Soundshop Studio, 1307 Division St., Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Brent Mason [gt], J.T. Corenflos [gt], Dann Huff [gt], Pat Buchanan [gt], Jerry MacPherson [gt], Biff Watson [gt], B.James Lowry [gt], Michael Spriggs [gt], Paul Franklin/Steve Hinson [steel], Alison Prestwood [bass], Lonnie Wilson/Mike Brignardello/Chris McHugh/Greg Morrow [drums], Larry Franklin/ Aubry Hayne [fiddle], Matt Rollings/Steve Nathan/John Hobbs/Tim Akers/Tony Harrell [piano/keyboards], Trey Bruce/Eric Darken [percussion], Brian D. Siewert [synthesizer], Tim Coats [jewharp], Jonathan Yudkin [mandolin /violin/cello] + Thomas Flora, Wes Hightower, Russell Terrell, Curtis Wright [bck vcl]. Producer: Dan Huff)
037 CHROME Capitol 77667/7243-5-30618-2 7243-8-81512-2 09463-8-76927-2 09463-63721-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
038 HELP ME UNDERSTAND Capitol 7243-5-30618-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
039 ONCE UPON A FOOL AGO Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
040 I'M TRYIN' Capitol 77677/7243-5-30618-2 09463-63721-2 7243-8-81512-2 LCT 48837
041 THANKFUL MAN Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
042 I'M PAYIN' FOR IT NOW Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
043 AND THERE WAS YOU Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
044 COME HOME Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
045 SCREAM Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
046 I'M GOIN' BACK Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
047 GIVE ME YOU Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
048 LOVE ME LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW Capitol 7243-5-30618-2
2001 [A Tribute To ZZ Top sessions] poss. Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
049 LEGS RCA Nashville
2002 [The Songs Of Hank Williams, Jr. Sessions] Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
050 ELEVEN ROSES Curb 48233
Spring 2003 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
051 THEN THEY DO 7243-5-81512-2 LCT 48837
052 WELCOME TO HELL 7243-5-81512-2
Summer 2003 Arrowhead Recording, ?/Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN/Big Boy Room, Nashville, TN/Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, TN/Spurtz Works Studio, Nashville, TN/The Ice Box, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Michael Spriggs [ac gt/dobro], Pat Buchanan [el gt/harmonica], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Steve Hinson [steel], Gordon Mote [piano/Wurlitzer piano/Hammond B-3 organ/synthesizer], Mike Brignardello [bass], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion], Trey Bruce [percussion/programming], Wes Hightower, Vicki Hampton, Lisa Cochran (bck vcl])
053 HOT MAMA Capitol 7243-5-40517-2 09463-63721-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
054 COMIN' ON STRONG Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
055 THEN CAME THE NIGHT Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
056 I'D SURE HATE TO BREAKDOWN HERE Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
057 MISSING YOU Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
058 ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
059 UNTAMED Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
060 THEN I WAKE UP Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
061 ONE NIGHTSTAND Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
062 BABY'S GONE Capitol 7243-5-40517-2
063 ROUGH AND READY Capitol 7243-5-40517-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837
ca 2004 [Southern Rock Country Style sessions] Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
064 I KNOW A LITTLE Rhino R2-79006
Fall 2004 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Bryan Sutton [ac gt], Pat Buchanan [el gt], Tom Bukovac [el gt], Paul Franklin [pedal steel], Mike Brignardello [bass instrument], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion],Aubrey Haynie [fiddle], Gordon Mote [Hammond b-3 organ], Mickey Raphael)
065 SONGS ABOUT ME Capitol 7243-8-64512-2 09463-63721-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837
066 ARLINGTON Capitol 7243-8-64512-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837
067 FIND ME A PREACHER Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
068 MY WAY BACK Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
069 I WISH IT WAS YOU Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
070 BRING IT ON Capitol 7243-8-64512-2 .
071 MY HEAVEN Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
072 BABY I'M HOME Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
073 METROPOLIS Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
074 I LEARNED HOW TO LOVE FROM YOU Capitol 7243-8-64512-2
ca late 2004 [A Country Salute to Gospel, vol. 3 sessions] Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
075 VICTORY IN JESUS Sparrow 7243-8-95556-2
2005 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
076 HONKY TONK BADONKADONK Capitol 7243-8-63721-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837 [eurofunk version:] 09463-63721-2 [country club mix:] 09463-63721-2 [70’s groove mix:] 09463-63721-2 [radio version:] 09463-63721-2
Spring 2006 Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN/Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA/East Iris Studios, Nashville, TN/Hillside and Son, Nashville, TN/Masterfonics, Nashville, TN/Ocean Way Nahsville,Nashville, TNThe Castle Recording Studio, Franklin, TN/The Sound Kitchen, Nashville, TN/Tree Studio B, Nashville, TN/Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Pat Buchanan [gt/mandolin], J.T. Corenflos [gt/6-string bass], Dann Huff [gt], Tom Bukovac [gt], B. James Lowry [ac gt/resonator gt], Bryan Sutton [gt/banjo/mandolin], Rex Schnelle [el gt], Troy Lancaster [el gt], Russ Pahl [slide gt/steel], Mike Johnson/Paul Franklin [steel], ], Chris McHugh [drums], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion], Eric Darken [percussion], Jonathan Yudkin [mandolin/fiddle], Aubrey Haynie [fiddle], Tony Harrell [piano/organ], Gordon Mote [piano], Tim Akers [keyboards], Jim Horn [tenor sax/baritone sax], Randy Leago [tenor sax], Quentin Ware [trumpet], Chris Dunn [trombone Chris Stapleton, Mickey Jack Cones, Kenny Beard, Wes Hightower, Bekka Bramlett, Perry Coleman, Casey Beathard [bck vcl])
077 DANGEROUS MAN Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 LCT 48837
078 LADIES LOVE COUNTRY BOYS Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 LCT 48837
079 I CAME HERE TO LIVE Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 09463-8-76927-2
080 SWING Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
081 AINT' NO WOMAN LIKE YOU Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
082 SOUTHERN HALLELUJAH Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
083 I WANNA FEEL SOMETHING Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
084 HIGH Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
085 FIGHTIN' WORDS Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
086 THE STUBBORN ONE Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
087 RIDE Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
088 WORDS GET IN THE WAY Capitol 7243-8-71753-2
089 HONKY TONK BADONKADONK [video mix] Capitol 7243-8-71753-2 LCT 48837
ca 2007 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
090 I GOT MY NAME ON Capitol 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
091 YOU‘RE GONNA MISS THIS Capitol 09463-8-76927-2 LCT 48837
092 AMERICAN MAN Capitol 09463-8-76927-2
2008 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins (Trace Adkins [vcl], Bryan Sutton [ac gt/National gt/banjo], Pat Bergeson [ac gt], B. James Lowry [ac gt], Pat Buchanan [el gt/baritone gt/harp], Kenny Greenberg [el gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Frank Rogers [el gt/banjo], Dann Huff [el gt], Ilya Toshinsky [banjo], Aubrey Haynie [mandolin/fiddle], Michael Johnson [steel/dobro], Paul Franklin [steel], Mike Brignardello [bass instrument], Greg Morrow/Shannon Forrest [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Jim "Moose" Brown [piano/Clavinet] Gordon Mote [piano/Hammond b-3 organ], Wes Hightower [bck vcl])
093 SWEET Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
094 HAPPY TO BE HERE Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
095 ALL I ASK FOR ANYMORE Capitol 09463-8-20281-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
096 LET'S DO THAT AGAIN Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
097 HAULING ONE THING Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
098 BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT'D BE Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
099 MARRY FOR MONEY Capitol 09463-8-20281-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
100 TIL THE LAST SHOT'S FIRED Capitol 09463-8-20281-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
101 I CAN'T OUTRUN YOU Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
102 HILLBILLY RICH Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
103 SOMETIMES A MAN TAKES A DRINK Capitol 09463-8-20281-2
104 MUDDY WATER Capitol 09463-8-20281-2 LCT 48837 B0021424-02
2009 Nashville, TN - Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins
105 HILLBILLY BONE Warner 522642 Show Dog B0014488-02
2010 Ocean Way Studios, Nashville, TN/The Compound, Nashville, TN/The Conderosa, Nashville, TN/Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Nashville, TN/Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN/Willisoundz, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins, *Trailer Choir
106 OWN CHICKEN BROWN COW Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
107 HOLD MY BEER Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
108 COWBOY'S BACK IN TOWN Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
109 THIS AIN'T NO LOVE SONG Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
110 HELL, I CAN DO THAT Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
111 A LITTLE BIT OF MISSIN' YOU Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
112 STILL LOVE YOU Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
113 DON'T MIND I DON'T* Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
114 ALA-FREAKIN-BAMA Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
115 BREAK HER FALL Show Dog B0014268-02 . B0014488-02
116 WHOOP A MAN'S ASS Show Dog B0014268-02 B0014488-02
117 HAPPY MAN B0014488-02
119 PICTURES ON MANTLES  B0014488-02
2011 Loud Studios, Nashville, TN/ Ocean Way Nashville, Nashville, TN/The Conederosa, Nashville, TN/ Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Nashville, TN/ Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins, *w. Blake Shelton (Producer: Kenny beard, Mark Wright)
120 PROUD TO BE HERE B0015694-02  B0015758-02  
121 MILLION DOLLAR VIEW B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
122 DAYS LIKE THIS B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
123 THAT'S WHAT YOU GET B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
124 JUST FISHIN' B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
125 IT'S A WOMAN THANG B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
126 LOVE BUZZ B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
127 IT'S WHO YOU KNOW B0015694-02  B0015758-02  
128 POOR FOLKS* B0015694-02  B0015758-02   
129 ALWAYS GONNA BE THAT WAY B0015694-02  B0015758-02
130 DAMN YOU BUBBA  B0015758-02  
131 MORE OF US  B0015758-02  
132 IF I WAS A WOMAN*  B0015758-02  
133 SEMPER FI  B0015758-02  
2011 [sessions for Hell In A Handbasket]  unknown – Meat Loaf with Lil Jon, Trace Adkins, Mark McGarth
2012 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins
135 THEM LIPS (OR MINE) Show Dog digital  single
136 TOUGH PEOPLE DO Show Dog digital  single
2012 Nashville, TN – Trace Adkins, w. Exile [-1], Colbie Caillat [-2]
137 WHEN I STOP LOVING YOU B0017058-02 
138 SO WHAT IF I DO B0017058-02 
139 COME SEE ME B0017058-02 
140 RIGHT NOW B0017058-02
141 EVERY ONE OF YOU B0017058-02
142 THE ALTAR OF YOUR LOVE B0017058-02 
143 KISS YOU ALL OVER -1 B0017058-02
144 IF THE SUN COMES UP B0017058-02
145 SAY NO TO A WOMAN B0017058-02 
146 WATCH THE WORLD END -2 B0017058-02
147 LOVE WILL B0017058-02
2013 Nashville., TN – Gordon Mote with Trace Adkins and Gaither Vocal Band
148 DOWN BY THE RIVER New Haven 728104
2013 Nashville, TN– Trace Adkins, and The Chieftains and Alyth MacCormack [-1], Kevin Costner and Lilly Costner [-2], Sonya Isaacs [-3], The Isaacs [-4]
150 TANNENBAUM  Calibur CALCD 001
151 O' COME EMMANUEL  Calibur CALCD 001
152 AWAY IN A MANGER  Calibur CALCD 001
153 I SAW THREE SHIPS -1  Calibur CALCD 001
154 SILENT NIGHT -2  Calibur CALCD 001
155 WE THREE KINGS -3  Calibur CALCD 001
157 OH HOLY NIGHT -4  Calibur CALCD 001
158 WHAT CHILD IS THIS   Calibur CALCD 001
2013 Nashville, TN – Neal McCoy and Trace Adkins
159 ROLL ON MISSISSIPPI  Slate Creek 7174-2 
December 2013 [live] Clearwater, FL – Trace Adkins (+Sarepta Symphony: Jon Coleman [vcl/keyboards], Michael Springs [gt], Andrea Zonn [vcl-2/violin], Lily Costner [duet vcl-3/vcl-4], Alyth McCormack [duet vcl-1], Brian Wooten [gt], Mark Gillspie [mandolin/gt], Johnny Richardson [drums/percussion], Steve Mackey [bass], Erin Shave [vcl/violin], Emily Nelson [cello], David Goodman [pennywhistle/pipes])
15901 THE CHRISTMAS SONG  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15902 WEXFORD CAROL  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15903 O’COME EMMANUEL  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15904 AWAY IN A MANGER  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15905 WE THREE KINGS  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15906 WHAT CHILD IS THIS  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15907 I SAW THREE SHIPS -1 Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15908 MIRIAM  -2 Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15909 SILENT NIGHT - 3  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15910 I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS -4 Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15911 OH HOLY NIGHT  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15912 TENNENBAUM  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15913 CAROL OF THE DRUM  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
15914 WHITE CHRISTMAS  Calibur CALDV 001(dvd)
10 January 2014 [live-concert for All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs and Voice of Gregg Allman] Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA – Trace Adkins (Producer: Don Was)
15915 I’M NO ANGEL Rounder 11661-3539302
15916 TROUBLE NO MORE Rounder 11661-3539302
August 2014 [live] Paramount Concert Hall, Huntington, NY – Trace Adklns
15917 (THIS AIN’T) NO THINKIN’ THING Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15918 SONGS ABOUT ME Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15919 BIG TIME Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15920 THIS AIN’T NO LOVE SONG Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15921 CHROME Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15922 YOU’RE GONNA MISS THIS Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15923 THERE’S A GIRL IN TEXAS Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15924  EVERY LIGHT IN THE HOUSE Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15925 MARRY FOR MONEY Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15926 COME TO POPPA Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15927 HOT MAMA Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15928 HEARTBREAK SONG Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15929 MAINTENANCE MAN Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15930 IT ALL ADDS UP TO US Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15931 LADIES LOVE COUNTRY BOYS Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15932 ROCK YOU UP Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15933 I LEFT SOMETHING TURNED ON AT HOME Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15934 HONKY TONK BADONKADONK Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15935 RIDE Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
15936 TAKE IT FROM ME Eagle Rock 306909(dvd)
2015 [sessions for Songs Of Defiance Season 2] unknown – Trace Adkins

2016 unknown – Trace Adkins
167 I'M GONE
169 LIT
172 HANG
Tracks above issued on album Something's Going On


Capitol Nashville 7243-8-37222-2 Dreamin' Out Loud:
There's A Girl In Texas; I Left Something Turned On At Home; Every Light In The House; (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; Dreamin' Out Loud; If I Fall (You're Goin' With Me); It Was You; I Can Only Love You Like A Man; 634-5789; A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye – 25-06-96
Capitol Nashville 7243-8-55856-2 Big Time: Big Time; Took Her To The Moon; Rest Of Mine; Snowball In El Paso; See Jane Run; Twenty Four Seven; Hold You Now; Nothin' But Taillights; Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone; Out Of My Dreams; The Wayfaring Stranger – 21-10-97
Capitol Nashville 7243-4-96618-2 More Trace Adkins: More; I'm Gonna Love You Anyway; She's Still There; Someday; Can I Want Your Love; Don't Lie; Working Man's Wage; Night He Can't Remember; I Can Dig It; Everything Takes Me Back; All Hat No Cattle; Every Other Friday At Five – 02-11-99
Capitol Nashville 7243-5-30618-2-1 Chrome: Chrome; Help Me Understand; Once Upon A Fool Ago; I'm Tryin'; Thankful Man; I'm Payin' For It Now; And There Was You; Come Home; Scream; I'm Goin' Back; Give Me You; Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow – 09-10-01
Capitol Nashville 7243-5-81512-2 Greatest Hits Collection, Volume I: Then They Do*; This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing; Rest of Mine; Chrome; I'm Tryin'; There's A Girl In Texas; Every Light In the House; Don't Lie; I left Something Turned On At Home – 08-07-03 (*previously unissued on album)
Capitol Nashville 7243-5-40517-2 Comin' On Strong: Hot Mama; Comin' On Strong; Then Came The Night; I'd Sure Hate To Breakdown Here; Missing You; One Of Those Nights; Untamed; Then I Wake Up; One Nightstand; Baby's Gone; Rough And Ready – 02-12-03
Capitol Nashville 7243-8-64512-2-4 Songs About Me: Songs About Me; Find Me A Preacher; My Way Back; I Wish It Was You; Arlington; Baby I'm Home; Metropolis; I Learned How To Love From You; My Heaven; Bring It On;. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – 22-03-05
Capitol [EUR] 927878 Honky Tonk Badonkadonk: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk [Eurofunk Mix*]; Hot Mama; Songs About Me; I Left Something Turned On At Home; (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; Every Light in the House; I'm Tryin'; Chrome; More; Rough and Ready; Can I Want Your Love; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk [Country Club Mix*]; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk [70's Groove Mix*]; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk [Single Edit] – 20-06-06 (*previously unissued on album)
Capitol Nashville -7243-8-71753-2 Dangerous Man: Dangerous Man; Ladies Love Country Boys; I Came Here To Live; Swing; Aint' No Woman Like You; Southern Hallelujah; I Wanna Feel Something; High; Fightin' Words; The Stubborn One; Ride; Words Get In The Way; Honky Tonk – 15-08-06
Big Band Concert 77403 Live In Concert: Big Time; If I Fall; There's a Girl In Texas; I Can Only Love You Like A Man; See Jane Run; If I Could Hold You Now; Nothin' But Tail Lights; Rest of Mine;          Took Her to the Moon; I Left Something Turned On; Every Light in the House; Snowball In El Paso; Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone; 634-5789; Ain't No Thinkin' Thing – 20-02-07
Capitol Nashville 09463-8-76927-2 American Man Greatest Hits, vol. II: Ladies Love Country Boys; I Got My Game On*; You're Gonna Miss This*; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk; Hot Mama; Rough And Ready; Arlington; Songs About Me; Chrome; I Wanna Feel Something; Swing; American Man*; I Came Here to Live – 04-12-07 (*previously unissued)
Capitol Nashville 09463-8-20281-2 X (Ten): Sweet; Happy To Be Here; All I Ask For Anymore; Let's Do That Again; Hauling One Thing; Better Than I Thought It'd Be; Marry For Money; Til The Last Shot's Fired; I Can't Outrun You; Hillbilly Rich; Sometimes A Man Takes A Drink;Muddy Water – 24-11-08
Show Dog B0014268-02 Cowboy’s Back In Town: Brown Chicken Brown Cow; Hold My Beer; Cowboy's Back in Town; This Ain't No Love Song; Hell, I Can Do That; A Little Bit of Missin' You; Still Love You; Don't Mind I Don't- (featuring Trailer Choir); Ala-Freakin-Bama; Break Her Fall; .Whoop a Man's Ass – 17-08-10 (also deloxe version on B0014488-02 with bonus tracks: Happy Man; Between The Rainbows And The Rain; Pictures On Mantles;Hillbilly Bone)
Hump Head [UK] HHEAD 012 Definitive Greatest Hits: Til The Last Shot's Fired: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk; Rough and Ready; Chrome; Marry For Money; Then They Do; Swing; I Left Something Turned On At Home; I'm Tryin'; All I Ask For Anymore; Big Time; There's a Girl In Texas; Hot Mama; Arlington; Ladies Love Coountry Boys; Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone; You're Gonna Miss This; Muddy Water; Til the Last Shot's Fired; Songs About Me; I Wanna Feel Something; The Rest of Mine; I Got My Game On; Every Light In the House; Don't Lie; More; Help Me Understand; Dangerous Man – 12-10-10 (double; also as LCT 48837)
Show Dog Nashville B0015694-02 Proud To Be Here: Proud to Be Here;  Million Dollar View;  Days Like This;  That's What You Get;  Just Fishin';  It's a Woman Thang;  Love Buzz;  It's Who You Know;  Poor Folks (w. Blake Shelton);  Always Gonna Be That Way – 02-08-11 (also as deluxe version B0015758-02  with bonus tracks: Damn You Bubba; More Of us; If I Was A Woman (w. Blake Shelton; Semper Fi)
Capitol 0999-644318-2-6 10 Great Songs: Rough and Ready; (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; You're Gonna Miss This; I'm Tryin'; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk; Marry for Money; The Rest of Mine; Ladies Love Country Boys;  Then They Do;  More – 03-04-12 (sampler)
Capitol 0999-9-28407-2-0 Icon: Honky Tonk Badonkadonk;  Rough and Ready;  (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing;  You're Gonna Miss This;  More;  Songs About Me;  Then They Do;  I'm Tryin'; I Left Something Turned on at Home;  Hot Mama;  Ladies Love Country Boys – 19-03-13 (sampler)
Show Dog Nashville B0017058-02 Love Will…: When I Stop Loving You;  So What If I Do;  Come See Me;  Right Now;  Every One of You; The Altar of Your Love;  Kiss You All Over  (featuring Exile);  If the Sun Comes Up;  Say No to a Woman;  Watch The World End (featuring Colbie Caillat);  Love Will – 14-05-13
Caliburn CALCD 001 The King’s Gift: The Wexford Carol; Tannenbaum; O' Come Emmanuel; Away in a Manger; I Saw Three Ships (feat. The Chieftains and Alyth MacCormack); Silent Night (feat. Kevin Costner and Lilly Costner); We Three Kings (feat. Sonya Isaacs); Little Drummer Boy; Oh Holy Night (feat. The Isaacs); What Child Is This - 29-10-13
Capitol Nashville B0021424-02 Icon 2: : Honky Tonk Badonkadonk;  Rough and Ready;  (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing;  You're Gonna Miss This;  More;  Songs About Me;  Then They Do;  I'm Tryin'; I Left Something Turned on at Home;  Hot Mama;  Ladies Love Country Boys; I Got My Game On; Swing; Hot Mama; The Rest of Mine; Every Light in the House; I Wanna Feel Something; Muddy Water; Marry For Money; Chrome; All I Ask For Anymore; Til the Last Shot's Fired – 25-02-14  (double - reissue of Icon + sampler on 2nd CD)

BBR/Wheelhouse ? Something’s Going On: Ain't Just the Whiskey Talkin';  Jesus and Jones;  Watered Down;  Something's Going On;  If Only You Were Lonely;  Gonna Make You Miss Me;  I'm Gone;  Country Boy Problems;  Lit;  Still a Soldier;  Whippoorwills and Freight Trains;  Hang - 31-03-17

EMI Video 7243-5-99273-9-8 Video Hits:  Then They Do;  Not Mama;  I'm Tryin'; Chrome;    (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; Every Light in the House - 10-02-04
Koch Vision 6242 Sound Stage Presents Trace Adkins and Travis Tritt: Live In Concert: Put Some Drive In Your Country; I'm Gonna Be Somebody; Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde; Anymore; Can't Tell Me Nothin'; It's A Great Day To Be Alive; (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing; Every Light In The House; I Left Something Turned On At Home; Chrome; Then They Do; I'm Tryin';  DVD Extras – 09-11-04
EMI Video Hits 7243-5-44557-9-7 Video Hits 2: Songs About Me; Rough and Ready; Help Me Understand; The Rest of Mine; Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone; There's a Girl in Texas – 22-03-05
RFD Distribution 8059 Live From Austin TX:  Big Time;  If I Fall;  There's A Girl In Texas;  I Can Only Love You Like A Man;  Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone;  The Rest Of Mine;  Took Her To The Moon;  See Jane Run;  Every Light In The House;  Snowball In El Paso;  I Left Something Turned On At Home;  Nothin' But Taillights;  634-5789;  (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing - 28-10-08
Caliburn CALDV 001 The Christmas Show: The Christmas Song; Wexford Carol; O’Come Emmanuel; Away In A Manger; We Three Kings; What Child Is This; I Saw Three Ships (w. Alyth McCormack); Miriam (Andrea Zonn); Silent Night (w. Lily Costner); I’ll be Home For Christmas (Lily Costner); Oh Holy Night; Tennenbaum; Carol Of The Drum; White Christmas – 14
Eagle Rock Ent. 306909 Live Country!: (This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing; Songs About Me; Big Time; This Ain’t No Love Song; Chrome; You’re Gonna Miss This; There’s a Girl in Texas;  Every Light in the House; Marry for Money; Come to Poppa; Hot Mama; Heartbreak Song; Maintenance Man; It All Adds Up to Us; Ladies Love Country Boys; Rock You Up;  I Left Something Turned on at Home; Honky Tonk Badonkadonk; Ride; Take It From Me – 13-01-15

Capitol Nashville 0946-3-59421-1-8 Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Country Club Mix); Honky Tonk Badonkadonk ('70s Groove Mix); Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Eurofunk Mix) / Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Single Edit);  Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Edit)(No Intro/Dialogue); Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Single Edit Extended); Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Album Version) – 06 (12“ vinyl, possibly European issue only)

Capitol Nashville (1996-)
S7-19117 There's A Girl In Texas / Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye - 03-96
S7-19224 Every Light In The House / If I Fall - 07-96
S7-19524 No Thinkin' Thing / 634-5789 - 12-96
S7-19579 I Can Only Love You Like A Man / I Left Something Turned On At Home - 04-97
S7-19698 The Rest Of Mine / The Wayfaring Stranger - 08-97
S7-19897 Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone / Nothin' But The Taillights - 24-02-98
S7-19976 Big Time / Snowball In El Paso - 04-98
58744 Christmas Song / The Wayfaring Stranger - 11-98
58812 Don't Lie / All Hat No Cattle - 07-99
58817 The Christmas Song (w. Chris LeDoux) / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - 11-99
38701 More / The Night He Can't Remember - 12-99
58880 I'm Gonna Love You Anyway / I Can Dig It - 06-00
77667 I'm Tryin' / Chrome - 06-01


Danny Walcott

By Praguefrank

1986 Vetco Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH – Danny Walcott (Danny Walcott [vcl], David Pinson [gt], Chubby Howard [steel], Dave Gordon [bass], Brian Rice [drums], Buddy Griffin [fiddle], Dumpy Rice [piano]. Producer: Dan Schellenberger)
001 HOME IN SAN ANTONE United American LP 1001  
002 APARTMENT NO. 9 United American LP 1001  
003 BLUE RIDGE CABIN HOME United American LP 1001
004 I’M DOTTING EACH “I” WITH A TEARDROP United American LP 1001
005 DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS United American LP 1001
006 TENNESSEE GIRL United American LP 1001
008 LITTLE CABIN HOME ON THE HILL United American LP 1001  
009 ARE YOU TEASING ME United American LP 1001
010 CHANGING TIMES United American LP 1001  


United American LP 1001 Real Country: Home In San Antone; Apartment No. 9; Blue Ridge Cabin Home; I’m Dotting each “I” With A Teardrop; Don’t Count Your Chickens; Tennessee Girl; A Good Chance Of Tearfall Tonight; Little Cabin Home On The Hill; Are You Teasing Me; Changing Times - 86