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Patrick Brothers

Larry Patrick, *Joliett, IL
Rick Patrick, *Joliett, IL
By Praguefrank
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ALBUMS  (probably complete since 2009. Patrick Brothers recorded since mid 1960s. There must be many unknown albums before 2009. Some albums below may have been reissues of vinyl albums)
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC614346058245) Songs of the Great Lakes:The Gales of November; Light At South Manitou; Meet Me Down At Scotty's; The Old Fog Horn Is Silent; Great Lakes Freighters; The Ghostly Light Still Shines; The Storm; Great Lakes Graveyard; The Lighthouse Is Being Automated; The Keepers; Christmas On Mackinaw Island; Lookin' to the Lighthouse – 10-03-09
The Patrick Brothers ? Heaven Is My Goal: Heaven Is My Goal; Let Me Walk in Your Footsteps; When I See Heaven; When He Leads Me Thru; Faithful Servant Welcome Home; The Days Are Swiftly Passing By; The Tears from Mama's Eyes; I'll Have a New Body Someday; Almost Home; What a Wonderful Day That Will Be; There Is a Reason; If It Be They Will; Won't You Sing Me a Song; A Visit from Heaven; Jesus Is My Saviour; My Love Has Gone to Heaven – 21-03-09 Patrick Bros.
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC614346064215) Life Is but a Moment: Upon My Name Just Call; How Were You Created; Two Common Thieves; Daddy's; Help Me Thru Life; Life Is but a Moment; His Precious Blood; I Woke Up With Jesus On My Mind; This First Day in Heaven; What Are the Soldiers Fighting For -  15-05-10
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC614346060934) I See God: God Is Alive; John; Thank Him Every Morning; In My Rear View Mirror; Talk to God in Prayer; I See God; The Farmer's Prayer; Dear Lord, Forgive My Whining; His Hand Is Guiding Me; I'm Looking to the Lighthouse; Safe in the Arms of Jesus; The Son of God – 07-06-10
Studio "B" Productions (614346065526) Just Us: Down On Bourbon Street; Sittin' Here a Dreamin'; The Only Goodyears; You Took My World With You; I'm Goin' Fishin'; Your Love Last Night; When Our Love Was New; Whats a Man to Do?; Learning to Live; My Irish Home – 01-02-11
Studio "B" Productions ?  (UPC614346068091) Fallen Heroes: Another Casulty of War;  Lets Pray for the Troops;  These Brave Men;  My Son Has a Name;  There's No Place Like America;  Thanks to the Veterans;  The American Flag;  They've Won There Greatest Reward;  Fallen Heroes;  The Soldier;  Remember;  We Honor the Soldiers of America;  He's Going to Irac;  Statue of Liberty - 11
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC614346051994) Sowing Gospel Seeds: Listen; He'll Go With Me; When I Awake in Heaven; God's Creation; Jesus Oh Jesus; Too Late to Pray; The Begger and the Church; Sowing Gospel Seeds; The Tree He Died Upon; Jesus My Lord; Trust Me; It Brings Me to My Knees; An American Hero – 21-05-12
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC812616017101) Train to Glory: The Gates of Pearl; At the Foot of Jesus; Lord, I Trust in You; Train to Glory; Remember the Reason; Close to You; God Is Throwing Out a Lifeline; Heaven Only Knows; Beautiful Scars; His Love; I Am the Only Way; Carrying the Cross – 18-06-12
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC029882560655) Keeping It Country: Marriage Go Round; My Best Friend Is Gone; Loving You; Back in Each Others Arms; Lily of the Alley; Together At Home; Goodbye to Hawaii; Let Me Be the One; I'll Take My Last Walk; Let Me Look in Your Eyes; Love Lived Inside Those Doors; Your Not Coming Home – 11-03-13
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC884501913409) I Will Sing the Praises of My Lord: I Will Sing the Praises of My Lord; My Heavenly Father; Watch and Pray Both Day and Night; Meekness and Majesty; The Way of the Master; Father's Table Grace; Trust in the Lord; Another Day; I Saw God's Love Today; I Long to Look Upon His Face; Lord Help Me Care – 10-05-13
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC614346068114) Christmas With the Patrick Brothers: Here Comes the Christmas Train; The King Is Coming; Christmas Shoppin' (Instrumental ); Lonly Christmas; Led By a Star; Christmas; The First Christmas Morn'; Christmas Morning ( Instrumental ); Christmas On Mackinaw Island; Upon the Christmas Sleigh; This Wasn't Just Another Night; The Christmas Ship; The Cowboy's Prayer – 16-07-13
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC884501932141) A Song About Jesus:We're His Sheep; A Song About Jesus; What a Wonderful Saviour Is He; There Is Always Someone; You Were There All the Time; Forsaken and Alone; The Things He's Given Me; Where I Should Be; Down On My Knees; His Only Son; Lord, I Give My Heart to You; One Heartbeat Away – 10-08-13 Patrick Bros.
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC884501981378) Hittin' the Road: Since I've Been Gone; I Haven't Lost Your Memory; Heaven's Greatest Show; She'd Still Be Here; Oh How I Miss You; One More Try; The Love of Her Life; Wher Have My Little Babies Gone; George You Were the Best; My World Ended Today; Go to Sleep My Little Ones; Wayon's Guitar Pick
– 12-09-13 Patrick Bros.
The Patrick BROS. ? (UPC888295024976) Hymns: Just a Closer Walk With Thee (feat. Mark Burman); Whispering Hope (feat. Mark Burman); Heaven Will Surly Be Worth It All (feat. Mark Burman); Near the Cross (feat. Chris Doran); Victory in Jesus (feat. Mark Burman); Amazing Grace (feat. Rick Patrick); Softly and Tenderly (feat. Mark Burman); From God Alone (feat. Mark Burman); Under His Wings (feat. Mark Burman); The Old Rugged Cross (feat. Mark Burman); In the Garden (feat. Stacy Blackburn); The Father's Will (feat. Mark Burman); Beyond the Sunset (feat. Rick Patrick) – 26-12-13 Patrick Bros.
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295063708) The Iron Cross: The Lights of Home; It Wasn't the Nails; It's All About the Love; He Loves Even Me; The Army of the Lord; My Hearts Desire, Lord; The Iron Cross; He Takes Care of Me; Unending Love; That Day At Calvary; Sing Unto Him a New Song; Why Was I Worthy – 08-03-14 Patrick Bros.
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295103282) The Best of the Patrick Brothers: Since You've Been Gone; Together At Home; George, You Were the Best; I'm Headin' Home; Your Love Last Night; Marrage - Go – Round; One More Try; Waylon's Guitar Pick; The First Rose; Daddy's; I Haven't Lost Your Memory; Life Is But a Moment; Great Lakes Graveyard; Darlin' What More Can I Do; I Owe, I Owe – 02-06-14
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295107549) The Best of the Patrick Brothers (Gospel): Listen; Down On My Knees; How Were You Created; I See God; Trust in the Lord; The Farmer's Prayer; Sowing Gospel Seeds; He'll Go With Me; I Thank Him Every Morning; Jesus My Lord; He Loves Even Me; In My Rear View Mirror; He Takes Care of Me; The Iron Cross; John; Life Is But a Moment – 03-06-14
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC888295195980) A Storybook Christmas: There's No Angel On My Tree; The Star; The Happy Little Snowman; The First Christmas Morn'; Christmas Sleigh Ride (Instrumental); Lonely Christmas; Smokey Mountain Christmas; It Wasn't Just Another Night; Santa in a 35' Dodge; Don't Wish Me Season's Greetings; Christmas; Christmas Morning (Instrumental); Little Baby in the Hay; Led By a Star; The King Is Coming; Christmas Eve (Instrumental); Here Comes the Christmas Train; Another Silent Night; The Christmas Ship – 06-12-14
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC888295243780) The Light of His Love: In the Book; Living Today for Tomorrow; Endless Happiness; The Light of His Love; Somewhere in the Great Beyond; Jesus Touched My Soul; I'll See Jesus; He Loves Me Still; He Took My Place At Calvary; I Will Praise His Name; Jesus Walked the Road Alone; My Gentle Shepard – 26-03-15
The Patrick Brothers ?  (UPC888295302586) The Book Behind the Story: Runnin' for the Finish Line; In Days Like These; Make a Joyful Noise; Help Me Help Somebody Today; The Book Behind the Story; They Crucified Jesus; I'll See Him Face to Face; Remember There's a Rainbow; Heaven's Avenue; She's Waiting for Me; Jesus Is the Light; I'll Be Waiting – 23-07-15
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC888295367455) Songs of the Great Lakes II: Down At Scotty's; A Keeper He Will Always Be; Watching Ships Go By; His Spirit Walks the Floor; You Can Hear the Foghorn Blow; Memories of the Freighters; The Old Lighthouse Is Gone; Great Lakes Graveyard; The Keepers Are Gone; Traveling November; Let Me Be Your Anchor; The Christmas Ship; Traveling the Lakes; Closing Scotty's Down Today – 08-12-15
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295401647) The Greatest Miracle:Come into My Heart; Where Is Your Soul; Sweet Sweet Love; The Old Old Story; When I Kneel and Pray; I'm Free; This Is Home to Me; My Jesus Is King of Kings; I've Changed; The Voice of Jesus; America, You're Losing the Battle; The Greatest Miracle; Let Me Be Your Anchor; What a Friend (Bonus Track) [feat. Dusty Nall] – 19-02-16
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295453172) Brotherhood: Brotherhood; Fun While It Lasted; My Sweet Irish Eyes; You Turned and Walked Away; The Great Merle Haggard Is Gone; The Man I Used to Be; A Piecefull Place Upon the Hill; Your Memory; Now and Then; Sittin on the Front Porch; Back in My Arms; I See It in Your Eyes; My Dear Friend – 14-07-16
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295495172) The Blood of the Cross: America, the Time Has Come; A Great Day to Praise the Lord; Wonderful Day; I'm Gonna Live for Jesus; Praise Him (Instrumental); The Gift and the Giver; The Best Is yet to Come; Tomorrow May Not Come; Come Walk Along with Me; The Blood of the Cross; The Wonderful Love of Jesus; My Final Song – 22-09-16
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC888295556637 True Riches:True Riches; I Never Knew You; God Created Everything; Walking the Road to Glory; Jesus,Jesus; I'm so Richly Blessed; Leave It to My Wonderful Lord; I'm Leaving It All Behind; Memories of Home; The Sun Is Always Shining; I Love You Lord; I'm Calling on You Lord; Oh, What a Mercyful Savior; Lift up the Cup – 01-03-17
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295573894) Dreaming of Ole Ireland: My Lucky Day; A Place Like Heaven; Shannon of Ole Ireland; Down at the Pub; Dreaming of Ole Ireland; My Sweet Irish Mother; My Irish Home; The Girl from Anthenry; The Blarney Stone; My Sweet Irish Eyes; Thats My Ireland; Final Thoughts – 04-04-17
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295597265) He Has Risen: Closer to Gloryland; He Has Risen; I'm Going to Heaven; I Want to Be Your Servant; Give the World a Smile; I'll Give You All My Heart; Father, It Is Done; Perfect Grace; I'm Calling Upon Your Name; The Lord Is the Strength of My Life; God's Amazing Grace; Sowing Gospel Seeds; One by One; He's Always in Control – 30-05-17
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295621779) A Reason To Sing: The Sunshine of His Love; Passin Thru; A Joyful Heart; Jesus Is There; Today Is the Day; I Talk to God; A Reason to Sing; Jesus Is Building Me a Mansion; Hes Knocking Gently Knocking; Forgiven; Streets of Glory; Always in His Care – 03-08-17
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295684026) Glorybound Train: The Lord Is Coming Back; His Hand Will Comfort You; The Sun's Gonna Shine; Jesus Is Whispering; This Is Not My World; His Love Brings Me to My Knees; Glorybound Train; The Sinners Prayer; Welcome Home My Jesus Will Say; It's Amazing What God Can Do; Place I Call Heaven; My Lord Is with Me; Jesus My Blessed Savior; So Many Miracles – 05-02-18
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295775557) Joy: Joy; Safely Home; It Is Done; A Hearts True Home; Keep Your Eyes on Jesus; Closer to Thee; I Dreamed of the Cross; Born to Die; Father Forgive Them; I Am Not Alone; The Light of the Lords Wonderful Love; I Love His Amazing Grace – 15-05-18
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295790192) Let's Sing Hallelujah: Let's Sing Hallelujah; I Remember Christmas; No Place in Bethleham; Santa in a 35' Dodge; Being Home for Christmas; Santa Fired Rudolph; Christmas Time Once More; Doin' the Snowman Shuffle; First Snowfall (Instrumental); No Room; Oh What a Christmas; Born to Die – 14-06-18
The Patrick Brothers ? (UPC888295660334) Our Country Roots: Where Did the Goodtimes Go; I'm Gonna Find Me Someone; Play Me Some Dixieland; I'm Kissing Your Picture; A Million Tears; Only in My Dreams; Those Days of Yesterday; A Steal of a Deal; The Great Dustbowl; The Delta Queen; I Just Can't Tell My Heart; So Many Miracles – 14-11-17
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295825368) The Old Steam Engine s Gone: This Is My Last Day; The Old Steam Engine's Gone; She's Not You; The Sky's of Montana; The Day I Said I Do; Two Little Hands; The Great Blue Yodeler; You Are My Song; I Don't Love Her Anymore; Where Were You; Your Pretty Brown Eyes; The Cowboy Life – 05-10-18
Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295841436) Closer to Heaven: Closer to Heaven; Shine Your Light Upon My Face; I'm Listening; The Blood He Shed; I Thank Him for His Love; Where Would I Be; Climbing up to Glory; I'm Travelin' Thru This Sinful Land; High on His Love; He Always Shows the Way; I'll See Gloryland; Come and Follow Me – 20-11-18
Studio "B" Productions ? The Phantom Train: The Phantom Train; Beautiful Waltz; Bright Moon Above; What Happened to Her Heart; Back in Each Others Arms; The Deepening Snow; Where Did the Country Music Go; Hobo Joe; I Woke up from My Dreaming; The Lighthouse Light; The Outlaw; I Know Your at Home – 27-02-19

Studio "B" Productions ? (UPC888295878876) The Cross:  The Spirit of the Lord;  He Keeps Me Singing;  He's Waiting for You;  The Songs I Love to Sing;  His Beauty I Can See;  Let Me Tell You About Jesus;  The Cross;  This Is the Road;  Someday;  Moving Day;  The Road I'm Traveling On;  The Thunder Rolled;  I Call Him Jesus - 19

Studio "B" Productions ? Mama's Old Bible: Another Blessing; The Joy of Serving Jesus; Shine Your Light of Love; I Don't Need a GPS; Open up My Eyes; Homecoming Day Today; Even Before I Knew You; Mama's Old Bible; Never Alone; Satan's Evil Lies; I'll Be Gone; It's Not Just a Portrait; Lord You Know My Heart; Jesus Will Be the Light (Revisited) – 03-06-19
Studio "B" Productions ? Sacred Memories: When I Talk to Jesus; When I Need a Friend; When I'm on the Mountain; Please Remember Me; Don't Let Your Footsteps Wonder; I'll Cast My Anchor in Heaven; Sacred Memories; Jesus Was There All Along; The Way Jesus Loves Me; Face to Face with Jesus; It's Never to Late; I'm Homeless Here Below; This Is My Creation; Jesus Is Walking with Me – 14-08-19
Studio "B" Productions ? Quiet Moments with God: Praise Him (Instrumental); Quiet Moments with God; The Blood of the Cross; Jesus My Lord; Remember the Reason; The Light of His Love; He Loves Me Still; Carrying the Cross; It's All About the Love; My Hearts Desire Lord; Shine Your Light Upon My Face; Son of Man; Let Me Help Somebody Today; They Crucified My Jesus; Lord Help Me Care; Jesus Oh Jesus; Seek Ye the Lord – 10-10-19
Studio "B" Productions ? Seasons: Living for Tomorrow; My Name Was Written on the Cross; Be Thou with Me; The Day I Leave This Old World; My Friend, Where Were You; A Place on a Hilltop; Shout Joyfully to the Lord; Seasons; Jesus Is the Light Eternally; Before You Come Again; Let Your Love Overflow; More Like You – 03-01-20
Studio "B" Productions ? The Old Texaco Station: A Storm Cloud of Love; Those Days Are Gone Forever; Dullas to Dallas; Grandma's Hangin' out at the Cracker Barrel; All I Have Is a Picture; Another Lonly Night; The Trail at Sunset; The Old Texaco Station; It's Friday Night; Make America Great Again; Ridin' the Delta Queen; He Went Home Today – 06-02-20
Studio "B" Productions ? The Road That Leads Home: He'll Protect My Soul; My Troubled Soul; Because He Loves Us So; Pray to Jesus; Heaven Is My Final Goal; Healing Words; Lord, Keep Your Hands on Me; I'm No Longer a Stranger; The Road That Leads Home; I'm Going Home (Instrumental); Before They Call; Jesus Knows All About It – 12-06-20

Studio "B" Productions ? We're Gonna Keep Singin': Let's Pray For America, While We Still Can; I Can Call Heaven My Home; We Need More of God; Take Your Fears to God; Jesus Said He'd Be Returning; What's Happening Today; Keep Your Eyes on Jesus (He'll Keep His Hands on You); We're Not Alone; Jesus Is the Only Way; A Heart of Understanding; We're Gonna Keep Singin'; No Love Could Compare; Give It All to Jesus; The Grace of Jesus – 28-08-20

Studio “B” Production ? Ridin’ The Rails:  Ridin' the Rails W / Intro;  The Phantom Train;  I Hear the Whistle Blow;  Hobo Joe;  Big River Train; The Old Steam Engine's Gone;  Train to Glory;  Here Comes the Christmas Train;  Big Railroad Man;  The Train Don't Stop Here Anymore;  Those Days Are Gone Forever;  The Hobo;  Where Did the Breakmen Go;  Glorybound Train; Ridin the Rails W / Outro – 09-20


Some older albums (details unknown)
Central 80111 He Is Risen  - 80 (MX: 800916A/B)

Deborah Avans (Peek)

Deborah Avans Peek, *Scottsboro, AL
By Praguefrank
2000 Nashville, TN – Deborah Peek
001 THE OLD RUGGED CROSS digital single
2000 Mikron Recording Studio, 104 E. 2nd St., South Pittsburg, TN – Daborah Avans (Deborah Anabs [vcl], Mike Headrick [ac gt/ el gt/ steel/ mandolin/ dobro/ harmonica], Kenny Berry [bass], Bob Courter [drums], Joe Cavarlee [fiddle], Nick Holman/ Tim Atwood [piano/ Keyboards], Jackie Harling [bck vcl])
002 DON'T COME CRYIN' TO ME 2000 Music 16200.01   
003 MAN I DON'T RECALL 2000 Music 16200.01  
004 TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW 2000 Music 16200.01   
005 SMOKEY MOUNTAIN QUEEN 2000 Music 16200.01   
006 YOU'RE THE BIGGEST PAIN I'VE GOT 2000 Music 16200.01  
007 MY LOVER MY FRIEND 2000 Music 16200.01  
008 OUT OF THE BLUE 2000 Music 16200.01   
009 FALLING BETWEEN THE CRACKS 2000 Music 16200.01  
010 MAMA DID RAISE ONE FOOL 2000 Music 16200.01  
011 THANKS TO MOM AND DAD 2000 Music 16200.01
2008 Nashville, TN – Deborah Avans Peek
Tracks above issued on album Living In The Rain
2016 Nashville, TN – Deborah Peek
Tracks above issued on album This Is The Day
2017 Nashville, TN – Deborah Peek
035 BLESSED digital single

2000 Music 16200.01 Don‘t Come Cryin‘ To Me:  Don't Come Cryin' To Me;  Man I Don't Recall;  Tell Me Something I Don't Know;  Smokey Mountain Queen;  You're The Biggest Pain I've Got;  My Lover My Friend;  Out Of The Blue;  Falling Between The Cracks;  Mama Did Raise One Fool;  Thanks To Mom And Dad – 00 Deborah Avans
Cedar Hill no # Living In The Rain: Livin in the Rain;  A Made up Mind;  Life Worth Living For;  A Sacrifice of Love;  I've Got a Lot to Thank the Lord For;  The Promise;  God's Got a Plan;  Come Love Meet Life;  Living in the Middle of an Answered Prayer;  Love Shines – 08 Deborah Avans Peek
Deborah Peek no # This Is The Day:  Heavenly Rain;  Meet Me in the by and By;  This Is the Day;  He Is the Answer;  Had It Not Been;  Heavenly Son Rise;  Who Touched Me;  I Am the Way;  Church Across the Street;  Ain't Gonna Run;  Unseen Hand;  What a Wonderful Life;  What If  - 08-16