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Guy And Ralna

Guy Hovis

Ralna English
2nd version
by Praguefrank
1970 Radio Recorders Annex Studio, 1032 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English. Producer: George Cates)
001 LET IT BE ME  Ranwood R 8071 
002 BYE BYE LOVE  Ranwood R 8071
003 TAKE ME BACK  Ranwood R 8071
004 IVORY TOWER  Ranwood R 8071
005 IF I WERE A CARPENTER  Ranwood R 8071
006 MY HAPPINESS  Ranwood R 8071
008 EDELWEISS  Ranwood R 8071
009 SOMETHIN' STUPID  Ranwood R 8071 
010 TRUE LOVE  Ranwood R 8071 
1971 Hollywood, CA - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English. Producer: George Cates, Lawrence welk, Randy Wood)
1972 Radio Recorders Annex Studio, 1032 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA  Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English. Producer: Lawrence welk, Randy Wood)
013 WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS  Ranwood R 8094  R2-7011
014 WHISPERING HOPE  Ranwood R 8094  R2-7011
015 HOW GREAT THOU ART  Ranwood R 8094  R2-7011
016 DO LORD  Ranwood R 8094 
017 JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE  Ranwood R 8094 R2-7011
018 THE OLD RUGGED CROSS  Ranwood R 8094 R2-7011
019 THE CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD  Ranwood R 8094 R2-7011 
020 PEACE IN THE VALLEY  Ranwood R 8094 R2-7011
021 IN THE GARDEN  Ranwood R 8094  R2-7011
023 AMAZING GRACE  Ranwood R 8094  R2-7011
024 PUT YOUR HAND IN THE HAND  Ranwood R 8094 R2-7011
early 1973 unknown - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English. Producer: George Cates, Guy Hovis)
025 HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY (THAT I LOVE YOU)  Ranwood R-948/R 8110 R2-7022
026 JAMBALAYA  Ranwood R 8110  
027 TENNESSEE WALTZ  Ranwood R 8110  
028 GENTLE ON MY MIND  Ranwood R 8110  
029 I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU  Ranwood R 8110  
030 HEY GOOD LOOKIN'  Ranwood R 8110  
031 I HAVE LOVED ME A MAN  Ranwood R 8110  
032 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE  Ranwood R 8110    R2-7022
033 MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY  Ranwood R 8110  
034 1373 COWBOY BUCKAROO  Ranwood R-948/R 8110  
035 SAN ANTONIO ROSE  Ranwood R 8110 . R2-7022 
ca Summer 1973 Radio Recorders Annex Studio, 1032 North Sycamore St., Hollywood, CA - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English)
037 GIVE ME THAT OLD TIME RELIGION  Ranwood R 8120  R2-7011
038 SOFTLY AND TENDERLY  Ranwood R 8120  R2-7011
039 HE TOUCHED ME  Ranwood R 8120  R2-7011
040 IN THE SWEET BY AND BY  Ranwood R 8120  R2-7011
041 HE  Ranwood R 8120   R2-7011
042 ROCK OF AGES  Ranwood R 8120  
043 IT IS NO SECRET (WHAT GOD CAN DO)  Ranwood R 8120  R2-7011
044 WHY ME  Ranwood R 8120  
045 I BELIEVE GOD IS REAL  Ranwood R 8120  
046 I SAW THE LIGHT  Ranwood R 8120  
047 ROBE OF CALVARY  Ranwood R 8120  
048 SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER  Ranwood R 8120 R2-7011
1974 Hollywood Sound Recorders, 6367 Selma Ave., Hollywood, CA - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis [vcl], Ralna English [vcl] + Neail Levang [rh gt/dobro], Carl Jackson [rh gt/banjo],  Richard Bennett [rh gt], J. D. Mainess/Richard Bennett [steel], Bill C. Graham/ Ernie McDaniel/ Richard Maloof [drums], Dennis McCarthy/ Bob smale [piano]. Producer: Guy Hovis)
049 1421 LOVING YOU  Ranwood R1000/R 8134  R2-7022
050 1422 YOU'RE THE ONE  Ranwood R1000/R 8134  
051 ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL  Ranwood R 8134  R2-7022
052 THE END OF THE WORLD  Ranwood R 8134  R2-7022
053 TAKE ME HOME COUNTRY ROADS  Ranwood R 8134  R2-7022
054 EASY LOVING  Ranwood R 8134  R2-7022
055 GREAT WHITE HORSE  Ranwood R 8134  R2-7022
056 FOR THE GOOD TIMES  Ranwood R 8134  
057 I'D LIKE TO SHARE YOUR LIFE  Ranwood R1016/R 8134   R2-7022
058 MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU  Ranwood R 8134 R2-7022
059 1459 RED RIVER VALLEY  Ranwood R1016/R 8134 R2-7022  
2 April/21, 22 July 1975 Nashville, TN - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English + Billy Sanford [gt], Glenn Keener [gt], Pete Wade [gt], Steve Gibson [gt], Alfred Newell [gt], Sonny Garrish /Lloyd Green [steel], Joe Zinkan/ Henry Strzelecki [bass], Jerry Carrigan/ Buddy Harman [drums], Johnny Gimble [fiddle], Buddy Skipper [piano]. Producer: Glenn Sutton)
060 MOM AND DAD'S WALTZ  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
061 SINGING MY SONG  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
062 DIGGY LIGGY LO  Ranwood R 8146
063 LITTLE GREEN APPLES  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
064 IT KEEPS RIGHT ON A-HURTIN'  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
065 I'M GONNA WRITE A SONG  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
066 1479 RED RIVER VALLEY  Ranwood R-1029
067 TOGETHER AGAIN  Ranwood R 8146
068 ROSE GARDEN  Ranwood R 8146  R2-7022
069 KING OF THE ROAD  Ranwood R 8146 R2-7022
070 UNTIL THE END OF TIME  Ranwood R-1037/R 8146  R2-7022
071 1484 WE'VE GOT IT ALL TOGETHER NOW  Ranwood R1029/R 8146 R2-7022
072 1485 LOVELIGHT  Ranwood R-1037/R 8146 R2-7022
1975 Nashville, TN - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English, The Jordanaires + unknown musicians)
074 THE LILY OF THE VALLEY  Ranwood R 8148
075 TAKE MY HAND, PRECIOUS LORD  Ranwood R 8148 R2-7011
076 HOW GREAT THOU ART  Ranwood R 8148
077 LOVE LIFTED ME  Ranwood R 8148 R2-7011
078 JACOB'S LADDER  Ranwood R 8148 
079 I'LL FLY AWAY  Ranwood R 8148
080 MY TRIBUTE (TO GOD BE MY GLORY)  Ranwood R 8148 R2-7011
081 THERE IS A MAN UPSTAIRS  Ranwood R 8148 
082 REACH OUT TO JESUS  Ranwood R 8148
083 I BELIEVE  Ranwood R 8148
084 LET'S ALL GO DOWN TO THE RIVER  Ranwood R 8148 R2-7011
1976 Studio Masters, 8312 Beverly Blvd., Hollywood, CA - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English. Producer: Guy Hoves, Steve Dorff)
085 1572 IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU  Ranwood R-1070/R 8167
086 CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE  Ranwood R 8167
087 FEELINGS  Ranwood R 8167
088 YOU'LL NEVER KNOW  Ranwood R 8167
089 OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG  Ranwood R-1074/R 8167
090 UNITED WE STAND  Ranwood R 8167
091 THIS GUY'S IN LOVE WITH YOU  Ranwood R 8167
092 AND I LOVE YOU SO  Ranwood R 8167
093 1580 LISTEN TO MY SMILE  Ranwood R-1074/R 8167
094 SHE KNOWS ME BETTER  Ranwood R-1070/R 8167
095 LOVE ME TENDER  Ranwood R 8167
ca 1979 unknown - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English)
096 ALWAYS  Ranwood R 8186 
097 SOMEWHERE MY LOVE  Ranwood R 8186 
098 MY CUP RUNNETH OVER  Ranwood R 8186 
099 REMEMBER  Ranwood R 8186 
101 WILL YOU REMEMBER  Ranwood R 8186 
102 HAWAIIAN WEDDING SONG  Ranwood R 8186 
103 SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY  Ranwood R 8186 
104 IT HAD TO BE YOU  Ranwood R 8186 
105 TWELFTH OF NEVER  Ranwood R 8186 
106 ANNIVERSARY SONG  Ranwood R 8186
ca 1982 unknown - Guy and Ralna (Guy Hovis, Ralna English)
107 I CALL HIM LORD  Ranwood R 8207 
108 BEYOND THE SUNSET  Ranwood R 8207 
109 HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW  Ranwood R 8207 
110 STEPS  Ranwood R 8207
111 SWEET LITTLE JESUS BOY  Ranwood R 8207 
112 LORD'S PRAYER  Ranwood R 8207 
113 LIVING FOR JESUS  Ranwood R 8207 
114 YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE  Ranwood R 8207 
115 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND  Ranwood R 8207 
116 LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH  Ranwood R 8207 -

Ranwood R-8071 Lawrence Welk Presents Guy and Ralna: Let It Be Me; Bye Bye Love; Take Me Back; Ivory Tower; If I Were A Carpenter; My Happiness; Love Of The Common People; Edelweiss; Somethin' Stupid; True Love – 10-70 (MX: LPS 50,143/4; reissued in 1982 on Ranwood R2011)
Ranwood R-8094  Hymns We Love To Sing:  What A Friend We Have In Jesus;  Whispering Hope;  How Great Thou Art;  Do Lord;  Just A Closer Walk With Thee; The Old Rugged Cross; The Church In The Wildwood;  Peace In The Valley;  In The Garden;  Everything Is Beautiful;  Amazing Grace;  Put Your Hand In The Hand - 72                                            
Ranwood R-8110 Country Songs We Love To Sing:  Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You);  Jambalaya;  Tennessee Waltz;  Gentle On My Mind;  I Can't Stop Loving You;  Hey Good Lookin';  I Have Loved Me A Man;  You Are My Sunshine;  Make The World Go Away;  Cowboy Buckaroo;  San Antonio Rose;.  Love Can Move Mountains – 05-73                                             
Ranwood R-8120  Give Me That Old Time Religion: Give Me That Old Time Religion; Softly And Tenderly; He Touched Me; In The Sweet By And By; He; Rock Of Ages; It Is No Secret (What God Can Do); Why Me; I Believe God Is Real; I Saw The Light; Robe Of Calvary; Sweet Hour Of Prayer - 11-73
Ranwood R-8134 Country: Loving You; Orange Blossom Special; The End Of The World; Take Me Home Country Roads; Easy Loving; Red River Valley; Great White Horse; You're The One; For The Good Times; I'd Like To Share Your Life; My heart Cries For You – 07-74
Ranwood R-8146 Lovelight: Lovelight; Mom And Dad's Waltz; Singing My Song; Diggy Liggy Lo; Little Green Apples; It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'; I'm Gonna Write A Song; Together Again; Rose Garden; King Of The Road; Until The End Of Time; We've Got It All Together Now – 09-75 (Recorded April 1, July 21, 22, 1975, Nashville, TN)
Ranwood R-8148 How Great Thou Art: This Little Light Of Mine; The Lily Of The Valley; Take My Hand, Precious Lord; How Great Thou Art; Love Lifted Me; Jacob's Ladder --I'll Fly Away; My Tribute (To God Be My Glory); There Is A Man Upstairs --Reach Out To Jesus; I Believe; Let's All Go Down To The River – 11-75
Ranwood R-8167 Love Songs: If I Didn't Love You; Can't Help Falling In Love; Listen To My Smile; Feelings; You'll Never Know; Old Fashioned Love Song; United We Stand; This Guy's In Love With You; And I Love You So; She Knows Me Better; Love Me Tender – 12-76
Ranwood RAN-7011 22 Greatest Songs Of Faith: Just a Closer Walk With Thee; In the Sweet By and By; Sweet Hour of Prayer; Give Me That Old Time Religion; What a Friend We Have in Jesus; Softly and Tenderly; Love Lifted Me; My Tribute (To God Be the Glory); Put Your Hand in the Hand; How Great Thou Art; Peace in the Valley; Old Rugged Cross; Church in the Wildwood; He Touched Me; Whispering Hope; In the Garden; It Is No Secret (What God Can Do); Amazing Grace; Let's All Go Down to the River; Take My Hand, Precious Lord; Rock of Ages; He – 01-78 (double, sampler)
Ranwood RAN-8186  You Asked For It: Aleays; Somewhere My Love; My Cup Runneth Over; Remember; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; Will You Remember; Hawaiian Wedding Song; Sentimental Journey; It had To Be You; Twelfth Of Never; Anniversary Song – ca. 79
Ranwood R-8207 The Lord's Prayer:  I Call Him Lord;  Beyond The Sunset;  His Eye Is On The Sparrow;  Steps; Sweet Little Jesus Boy;  Lord's Prayer;  Living For Jesus;  You'll Never Walk Alone;  Footprints In The Sand;  Let There Be Peace On Earth - 82
Hartland Music HL 1002 Old Time Religion: Give Me That Old Time Religion; In The Sweet Bye And Bye; The Old Rugged Cross; Softly And Tenderly; It Is No Secret; He Touched Me; Robe Of Calvary; Peace In The Valley; Jacob's Ladder; How Great Thou Art; This Little Light Of Mine; The Lily Of The Valley; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; Do Lord; In The Garden; Whispering Hope; Amazing Grace;  I'll Fly Away – 82 (sampler)
Ranwood R2-7022 22 Golden Country Classics: Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You);  San Antonio Rose;  End Of The World; Take Me Home Country Roads; Little Green Apples; Orange Blossom Special; Loving You; King Of The Road; Until The End Of Time;  Lovelight; My Heart Cries For You; I'm Gonna Write A Song; Red River Valley; Mom And Dad's Waltz; Singing My Song; You Are My Sunshine; I'd Like To Share Your Life; Rose Garden; It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'; We've Got It All Together Now;  Great White Horse; Easy Loving  – 06-82 (double)
Ranwood 3012 Best Loved Hymns: How Great Thou Art;  Just A Closer Walk With Thee;  Whispering Hope;  His Eye Is On The Sparrow;  Sweet Little Jesus Boy;  In The Sweet Bye And Bye; Softly And Tenderly;Sweet Hour Of Prayer; Amazing Grace -  05-05-98 (sampler)

Here’s To Veterans No. 1447/1448 Ronnie Kole / Guy And Ralna – 72? (MX: 72918-1/2)
Here’s To Veterans No. 1540/1541 Harry James / Guy And Ralna – 74?  (MX: 74469-1/2)
Here’s To Veterans No. 1542/1543  Guy And Ralna / George Sgearing  - 74? (MX: 74541-1/2)
Here’s To Veterans No. 1550/1551 Ray Anthony / Guy And Ralna – 74?  (MX: 74630-1/2)
Here’s To Veterans No. 1556/1557 Guy And Ralna / Ray Anthony – 74?  (MX: 74690-1/2)

Ranwood (1970-82)               
R-897 I've Confessed To Breeze / Where Has My Hubby Gone – 04-71 (rev. Apr. 24)
R-948 Have I Told You Lately (That I Love You) / Cowboy Buckaroo – 29-01-73
R-1000 Loving You / You're The One – 07-74 (rev. Aug. 3)
R-1016 I'd Like To Share Your Life / Red River Valley - 74
R-1029 We've Got It All Together Now / Red River Valley – 07-75  (rev. Aug. 9)
R-1037 Lovelight / Until The End Of Time – 08-75 (rev. Aug. 16)
R-1070 If I Didn't Love You / She Knows Me Better – 11-76 (rev. Nov. 6)
R-1074 Listen To My Smile / Old Fashioned Love Song – 03-77 (rev. March 12)

D.W. Groethe

By Praguefrank
SESSIONS (fragments only)
2000 Makoche Recording Studio, 208 N 4th St, Bismarck, ND – DW Groethe (DW Groethe [vcl/gt], Tom Higbee [gt], David Swenson [gt], Robert Merlin [gt], Mike Dowling [gt/dobro], Terry Ruud [banjo/ gt], Bill Mitchell [bass/ gt], Dale Heib [drums], John Lardinois [violin/ gt], Stan Higbee [keyboards].  Producer: David Swenson)
ONLY COWGIRLS Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
HELL TO PAY Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
SONG OF THE NIGHTHAWK Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
OLD MEM'RIES Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
THERE'S A PLACE Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
HARD, WILD AND FREE Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D
A COWBOY'S PRAYER Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
IN WITHOUT KNOCKIN' Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D
I EAT MEAT Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
A LETTER HOME Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
BLOOD IS BLOOD Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
A WEST RIVER TALE Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
PRAIRIE ANTHEM Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  
LAST DOG Chairmaker’s Rush CRO 173D  

? Notes From The Hinterland: (tracks unknown) – 95 (cassette)
Chairmaker‘s Rush CRO 173D There's a Place: Only Cowgirls; Hell to Pay; Song of the Nighthawk; Old Mem'ries; There's a Place; Hard, Wild and Free; A Cowboy's Prayer; In Without Knockin'; I Eat Meat; A Letter Home; Blood Is Blood; A West River Tale; Prairie Anthem; Last Dog – 24-10-00
? Tales From The West River: (tracks unknown) - 02
? Whatever It Takes: Give Him A Horse And Saddle; Generations; Leavin' It All Behind; Talkin' Windy Blues; There's A Silence; Lately; When We Get Hitched; Ridin' That Trail; Yearlin' Heifers; Summer; The One That Got Away; Heartbroke; Long Train Gone; The Funeral; Mendin' Harness; Some Sunny Day; The Bunny Poem; What Ever It Takes - 04

Carl Bell

*09-01-1970 Kenton, TN
By Praguefrank, Milos Holecek
SESSIONS also member of Fuel
2005 [sessions for Tommyland: The Ride] unknown – Tommy Lee featuring Carl Bell
2017 Nashville, TN – Carl Bell
002 KISS
003 DAD
004 ALL IN
Tracks above isssued on album Tennessee Fuel

Moon Chair Media ? Tennessee Fuel:  Kiss;  Dad;  All In;  Bad Day;  Stoned;  Let It Roll;  Faces in a Photograph; Run Away;  Last of the Country Boys;  Fixing You and Me - 16-06-17

Chris Buck Band

By Praguefrank
2013 poss. Vancouver, BC, CAN – Chris Buck Band
003 THE EX
Tracks above issued on album Buck Wild
2016 poss. Vancouver, BC, CAN – Chris Buck Band, *with Kira Isabella (Chris Buck [vcl/rh gt], Phillip Puxley [vcl/gt/ banjo], Michael Vanderlans [vcl/bass], Taylor Allum [drums])
011 GIDDY UP Royalty 5040599  
012 LEAVE YOUR LIGHT ON Royalty 5040599   
013 THAT’S WHEN YOU KNOW* Royalty 5040599   
014 SIP A LIL’ SUMMERTIME Royalty 5040599   
015 SUN SETS DOWN Royalty 5040599   
016 NO TOMORROW Royalty 5040599  
017 SOMETIME IN THE SUMMERTIME Royalty 5040599  
018 CHANGE IS GOOD  Royalty 5040599  

Chris Buck Band [CAN] ? Buck Wild: Caribbean Dream;Ain’t No Trouble In Paradise; The Ex; Pistol; Moonlight; Love Breaks Down; This Cowboy Rolls; Shine On; Wasted; Old Friend - 23-06-14

Royalty [CAN] 5040599 Chris Buck Band: Giddy Up;  Leave Your Light On;  That’s When You Know (w. Kira Isabella);  Sip a Lil’ Summertime;  Sun Sets Down;  No Tomorrow;  Sometime In the Summertime;  Change Is Good  – 21-04-17