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Rusty Gabbard

Arthur Gabbard, *1918, +1990
2nd version

By Michel Ruppli, Steve Hathaway, Thieu Van De Vorst, Mario Manciotti, Praguefrank
also member of Texas Troubadours and Drifting Cowboys
14 June 1950 [12:00-15:30] Castle Studio at The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Rusty Gabbard and Drifting Cowboys (Rusty Gabbard, [vcl/gt], Sammy Pruett [el gt], prob Rusty Gabbard [rhy gt], Don Helms [steel], Ernie Newton [bass], Jerry Rivers [fiddle])
001 50-S-6062 EULALIA MGM K10759
002 50-S-6063 WHAT CAN I LOSE K10759

30 October 1951 [19:00-22:00] Castle Studio at The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Rusty Gabbard
003 51-S-6124 I'M GOING THAT WAY K11376
004 51-S-6125 YOU CAN'T DO WRONG (AND GET BY) K11376/JASMCD 3578
005 51-S-6126 THE HIGH COST OF LIVING K11110
006 51-S-6127 I CAN'T ESCAPE FROM YOU K11110
17 May 1952 [19:15-22:15] Castle Studio at The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Rusty Gabbard
007 52-S-6047-A/52-XY-244 I GOTTA GET MY SUGAR K11254
008 52-S-6048-A/52-XY-245 MY NEXT GAL K11254
009 52-S-6049-A/52-XY-246 A PRETTY PENNY unissued
010 52-S-6050-A/52-XY-247 OH, SO MUCH LOVE unissued
April 1953 Castle Studio at The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN – Rusty Gabbard
011 53-S-6056/53-XY-231 IT HURTS TOO MUCH TO CRY K11731
012 53-S-6057/53-XY-232 I'M LOOKING FOR SOMEBODY K11731
31 January 1957 [14:00-17:00] RCA Victor Studio, Methodist Television, Radio and Film Commission, 1525 McGavock St., Nashville, TN – Rusty Gabbard
013 57-XY-108/57-S-108 IS IT WRONG K12566
014 57-XY-109/57-S-109 SO SORRY, JOE K12457
016 57-XY-111/57-S-111 PRETTY LITTLE BIRD K12457
around 10 May 1964 Houston, TX – Rusty Gabbard
017 M 4415 I'VE GOT IT IN MY BONES Allstar 7303
018 M 4416 WOE IS ME Allstar 7303
1964 unknown – Rusty Gabbard
019 MY BABY’ SWEETER Bragg B-214

MGM (1950-57)
K 10759 What Can I Lose / Eulalia – 08-50 (rev, Aug. 19)
K 10917 You Can’t Pick All The Roses / Missin‘ My Kissin‘ – 02-51
K 11110 The High Cost Of Living / I Can’t Escape From You – 11-51
K 11254 I Gotta Get My Sugar / My Next Gal - 52
K 11376 You Can’t Do Wrong (And Get By) / I’m Going That Way – 11-52
K 11731 I’m Looking For Somebody / It Hurts Too Much To Cry – 05-54
K 12457 So Sorry, Joe / Pretty Little Bird - 57
K 12566 Is It Wrong / Little More Loving – 11-57
Allstar (1964)
A-7303 Woe Is Me / I've Got It In My Bones – 05-64 (rev. May 23)
Bragg (1964}
B-214 My Baby’ Sweeter / Heartbreak Waltz - 64

Jill Williams

*Hartford, CT
By Praguefrank

Early 1970 poss. RCA Victor Studio, 1133 6th Ave., New York City – Jill Williams ((arr. By Charles Calello. Producer: Steve Schwarz)
001 ZPA1-4702? NOT COMIN’ HOME RCA Victor LSP 4314  
002 ZPA1-4703 WHERE'D YOU GO LAST TUESDAY? RCA Victor 47-9879/LSP 4314  
004 ZPA1-4705? SINCE MY SMILE WAS YOUNG RCA Victor LSP 4314  
005 ZPA1-4706 OLD MEMRIES RCA Victor 47-9879/LSP 4314   
006 ZPA1-4707? BROTHER LOVE RCA Victor LSP 4314  
007 ZPA1-4708? DON'T COUNT TOMORROW RCA Victor LSP 4314  
008 ZPA1-4709? THE ONLY MAN IN MY LIFE RCA Victor LSP 4314  
009 ZPA1-4710? WALKIN’ IN THE SHADOW OF LOVE RCA Victor LSP 4314  
010 ZPA1-4711? LOVE THIS TIME RCA Victor LSP 4314  
011 ZPA1-4712? HELLO AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY RCA Victor LSP 4314   


RCA Victor LSP 4314 Jill Williams: Not Comin’ Home; Where'd You Go Last Tuesday?; Tell Me The Name Of The Story Again; Since My Smile Was Young; Old Memries;  Brother Love; Don't Count Tomorrow; The Only Man In My Life; Walkin In The Shadow Of Love; Love This Time; Hello And Happy Birthday – 70

RCA Victor
47-9879  Old Memories  /  Where’d You Go Last Tuesday? – 07-70

Shane Worley

*Gruetli-Laager, TN
by Praguefrank, Michal Gololobov, Thieu Van De Vorst


1997 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley (Producer: Mike Hendricks)
001 YOU LIED  Bob Grady BGR 9506 
002 ANGEL'S WINGS  Bob Grady BGR 9506 
003 MIRRORS DON'T LIE  Bob Grady BGR 9506
005 WHITE LIES  Bob Grady BGR 9506 
006 THE HARDEST PART  Bob Grady BGR 9506
007 HOW MANY MEMORIES  Bob Grady BGR 9506
008 HONKY TONK ANGELS  Bob Grady BGR 9506
009 THE EYES OF A FOOL  Bob Grady BGR 9506 
010 PAINTIN' RAINBOWS  Bob Grady BGR 9506
012 HOW GOOD LOVE WENT BAD  Bob Grady BGR 9506  
1999 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley (Producer: Mike Hendricks)
013 WALTZING MARGARITA Country Discovery CD 1007 [alt.*] WALTZING WITH SANTA
014 BOURBON AND TEARS Country Discovery CD 1007
015 BOTTLE STILL LOVES ME Country Discovery CD 1007 
016 SHOTGUN HOUSE Country Discovery CD 1007 
017 LEAVE A MESSAGE Country Discovery CD 1007
018 I'LL FORGET YOU Country Discovery CD 1007
019 JONES CLONES Country Discovery CD 1007
020 SAME OLD SONG Country Discovery CD 1007 
021 THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN Country Discovery CD 1007
022 NIGHT THAT RUBY FELL Country Discovery CD 1007  
023 IF I EVER WANTED TO CHEAT Country Discovery CD 1007
024 THINGS THAT I DO WELL Country Discovery CD 1007
*vocal overdub with different words
2001 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley, * w. Wade Sims (Producer: Mike Hendricks)
025 THE FINAL TOUCH Country Discovery CD 1033
026 THE EASY PART OF HEARTACHE Country Discovery CD 1033
027 BLUES SINGER WITH A RED GUITAR Country Discovery CD 1033
028 OVER THE HILL Country Discovery CD 1033
029 SHE'S GOT IT AND GONE Country Discovery CD 1033
030 REFLECTION IN A BOTTLE Country Discovery CD 1033
031 LORD LET ME SETTLE DOWN Country Discovery CD 1033
032 YESTERDAY'S HERO Country Discovery CD 1033
033 ROSIE'S ON A ROLL Country Discovery CD 1033
034 ALL FALL DOWN Country Discovery CD 1033
035 UP IN COKE Country Discovery CD 1033
036 WINE, WOMEN AND SONG* Country Discovery CD 1033
2003 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley (Shane Worley [vcl/gt/bck vcl], Jeff King [el gt], Mike Hendricks [gt/steel], Dirk Weaver [el gt], Brad Creighton [el gt], John Hughey [steel], Kenny Berry [bass/bck vcl],  Bob Courter [drums], Joe Caverlee [fiddle/mandolin/bck vcl], Tim Starner [harmonica], Tim Atwood [piano], Bobby Atkins, Jackie Harling. Producer: Mike Hendricks)
037 WHAT'S GOIN' ON Country Discovery CD 1052
038 IT TOOK BOTH OF US Country Discovery CD 1052
039 SOFT PLACE TO FALL Country Discovery CD 1052
040 MY TEMPERATURE RISES Country Discovery CD 1052
041 OPERATOR!, OPERATOR! Country Discovery CD 1052
042 WHEN THE HAMMER FALLS Country Discovery CD 1052
043 BARCODE Country Discovery CD 1052
044 NUMBER ONE AMERICAN COWBOY Country Discovery CD 1052
045 I WON'T EVEN MISS YOU Country Discovery CD 1052
046 MARY HOLD ME Country Discovery CD 1052
047 SOUPED UP PURPLE TRUCK Country Discovery CD 1052
048 NOT FOR FROM THE TREE Country Discovery CD 1052
049 DON'T SAY I NEVER GAVE YOU NOTHIN' Country Discovery CD 1052
050 ME AND THE WHISKEY WILL ABICLE Country Discovery CD 1052
051 NATURAL BORN GUITAR MAN Country Discovery CD 1052
2004 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley (Producer: Mike Hendricks)
052 BIG CITY Country Discovery CD 1065
053 SOMEDAY WHEN THINGS ARE GOOD Country Discovery CD 1065
054 LONLINESS IS EATING ME ALIVE Country Discovery CD 1065
055 HONKY TONK NIGHT TIME MAN Country Discovery CD 1065
056 YOU TAKE ME FOR GRANTED Country Discovery CD 1065
057 I THREW AWAY THE ROSE Country Discovery CD 1065
058 I THINK I'LL JUST STAY HERE AND DRINK Country Discovery CD 1065
059 SOMEWHERE BETWEEN Country Discovery CD 1065
060 MY HOUSE OF MEMORIES Country Discovery CD 1065
062 HIGH ON A HILLTOP Country Discovery CD 1065
063 IF WE'RE NOT BACK IN LOVE BY MONDAY Country Discovery CD 1065
2009 Mikron Recording, Jasper, TN – Shane Worley (Shane Worley [vcl], Mike Headrick [steel/ dobro/ gt/ harmonica/ bass], Kenny Berry [bass], Bob Courter [drums], Joe Caverlee [fiddle], Tim Atwood [piano], Gene Sisk [piano/keyboards], Jimmy Layne, Jennifer Layne, Jackie Harling [bck vcl]. Producer: Mike Hendricks)
064 TWO BEERS AGO Country Discovery CD 1084
065 SWEET REVENGE Country Discovery CD 1084
066 IS THERE ANY LOVE Country Discovery CD 1084
067 TALK IS CHEAP Country Discovery CD 1084
068 MISTER PURIFIED COUNTRY Country Discovery CD 1084
069 THEM OLD HANK WILLIAMS SONGS Country Discovery CD 1084
070 SINGLE AGAIN Country Discovery CD 1084
071 SOUL OF A LONELY MAN Country Discovery CD 1084
072 RIGHT TO BE WRONG Country Discovery CD 1084
073 OUT OF THE BLUE Country Discovery CD 1084
075 LONESOME, ON'RY AND MEAN Country Discovery CD 1084 
2010 Nashville, TN – Shane Worley (Shane Worley [vcl], Ralph Mooney/Mike Hendrick [steel], Jim Unger/ Joe Caverlee [fiddle] + unknown musicians. Producer: Mike Hendricks)
076 RAINY DAY WOMAN Country Discovery CD 1092
077 IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END Country Discovery CD 1092
078 HEART DON'T START STOPPING ON ME NOW Country Discovery CD 1092
079 PANCHO AND LEFTY Country Discovery CD 1092
080 THE BLUES MAN Country Discovery CD 1092
081 YOU ASKED ME TO Country Discovery CD 1092
082 I LOVE YOU A THOUSAND WAYS Country Discovery CD 1092
083 HOUSE WITH NO CURTAINS Country Discovery CD 1092
084 DON'T LET YOUR SWEET LOVE DIE Country Discovery CD 1092
085 EVERY WAYLON NEEDS A JESSI Country Discovery CD 1092
086 OLD CHUNK OF COAL Country Discovery CD 1092
087 MOONEY HAD HIS BACK Country Discovery CD 1092


Bob Grady BGR 9506 Heartaches And Lies: You Lied; Angel's Wings; Mirrors Don't Lie; Thanks for the Memories; White Lies; The Hardest Part; How Many Memories; Honky Tonk Angels; The Eyes of a Fool; Paintin' Rainbows; I Laid Your Memory to Rest; How Good Love Went Bad  - 97
Country Discovery CD-1007/248799.6 Shotgun House: Waltzing Margarita; Bourbon And Tears; Bottle Still Loves Me; Shotgun House; Leave a Message; I'll Forget You; Jones Clones; Same Old Song; This Side of Heaven; Night That Ruby Fell;  If I Ever Wanted To Cheat; Things That I Do Well – 99
Country Discovery CD 1033CD Rosie’s On A Roll: The Final Touch; The Easy Part Of Heartache; Blues Singer With A Red Guitar; Over The Hill; She's Got It And Gone; Reflection In A Bottle; Lord Let Me Settle Down; Yesterday's Hero; Rosie's On A Roll; All Fall Down; Up In Coke; Wine, Women and Song w/ Wade Sims – 01
Country Discovery CDI 1052CD What's Goin' On: What's Goin' On; It Took Both Of Us; Soft Place To Fall; My Temperature Rises; Operator!, Operator!; When The Hammer Falls; Barcode; Number One American Cowboy; I Won't Even Miss You; Mary Hold Me; Souped Up Purple Truck; Not For From The Tree; Don't Say I Never Gave You Nothin'; Me And The Whiskey Will Abicle; Natural Born Guitar Man – 11-03
Country Discovery CDI 1065CD Feelin‘ Haggard: Big City; Someday When Things Are Good; Lonliness Is Eating Me Alive; Honky Tonk Night Time Man; You Take Me For Granted; I Threw Away the Rose; I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink; Somewhere Between; My House Of Memories; Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room; High On A Hilltop; If We're Not Back In Love By Monday – 04
Country Discovery CDI 1084CD Mister Purified Country: Two Beers Ago; Sweet Revenge; Is There Any Love; Talk Is Cheap; Mister Purified Country; Them Old Hank Williams Songs; Single Again; Soul Of A Lonely Man; Right To Be Wrong; Out of the Blue; What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana; Lonesome, On'ry And Mean – 06-09
Country Discovery CDI 1092CD Honky Tonk History: Rainy Day Woman; Is This the Beginning of the End; Heart Don't Start Stopping On Me Now; Pancho And Lefty; The Blues Man; You Asked Me To; I Love You a Thousand Ways; House With No Curtains; Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die; Every Waylon Needs a Jessi; Old Chunk of Coal; Mooney Had His Back - 10