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John Fogerty

John Cameron Fogerty, *28-05-1945 Berkeley, CA
2nd version
By Praguefrank,

1972 unknown, CA – Blue Ridge Rangers (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments])
001 BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BLUES Fantasy F-683/9415 
002 SOMEWHERE LISTENING Fantasy F-700/9415 
003 YOU'RE THE REASON Fantasy 9415
004 JAMBALAYA Fantasy F-689/9415 
005 SHE THINKS I STILL CARE Fantasy 9415 
006 CALIFORNIA BLUES Fantasy 9415 
007 WORKIN' ON A BUILDING Fantasy F-689/9415
009 HAVE THINE OWN WAY, LORD Fantasy F-683/9415 
010 I AIN'T NEVER Fantasy 9415 
011 HEARTS OF STONE Fantasy F-700/9415 
1973 unknown, CA – Blue Ridge Rangers (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments])
013 F3089 YOU DON’T OWE ME Fantasy F-710
014 F3090? BACK IN THE HILLS  Fantasy F-710
1973 unknown, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments])
015 COMIN‘ DOWN THE ROAD Fatntasy 717
016 RICOCHET  Fatntasy 717
1974 unknown, CA –John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments])
017 ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD  Asylum E-45274/7E-1046 
018 YOU RASCAL YOU  Asylum 7E-1046
019 THE WALL  Asylum E-45274/7E-1046 
020 TRAVELIN' HIGH  Asylum 7E-1046
021 LONELY TEARDROPS  Asylum 7E-1046 
022 ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT  Asylum E 45291/7E-1046 
023 WHERE THE RIVER FLOWS  Asylum 7E-1046 
024 SEA CRUISE  Asylum E 45291/7E-1046 
025 DREAM/SONG  Asylum 7E-1046 
026 FLYIN' AWAY  Asylum 7E-1046
Ca May/June 1976 unknown, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments])
027 YOU GOT THE MAGIC Asylum E 45309
028 BETWEEN THE LINES Asylum unussued
029 LEAVE MY WOMAN ALONE Asylum unussued
030 MARCHIN' TO BLARNEY Asylum unussued
031 HOODOO MAN Asylum unussued
032 TELEPHONE Asylum unussued
033 EVIL THING Asylum E 45309
034 HENRIETTA Asylum unussued
035 ON THE RUN Asylum unussued
1985 The Plant Studiod, Sausalito, CA – John Fogerty  (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments]. Producer: John Fogerty)
036 CCA3235 THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD   WB 7-29100/1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
037 CCA3236 ROCK AND ROLL GIRLS   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
038 CCA3237 BIG TRAIN (FROM MEMPHIS)   WB 7-29100/1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
039 CCA3238? I SAW IT ON T.V.   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
040 CCA3239? MR. GREED   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
041 CCA3240? SEARCHLIGHT   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
042 CCA3241 CENTERFIELD   WB 7-29053/1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
043 CCA3242? I CAN'T HELP MYSELF   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02 
044 CCA3243? ZANZ KANT DANZ   WB 1-25203 Geffen B0014441-02  [edit:] PRO-S-2363
1986 The Lighthouse, North Hollywood, CA - John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/keyboards],    Neil Stubenhaus [bass], John Robinson [drums/ percussion], Alan Pasqua [keyboards], Bobby King, Willie Greene Jr., Terry Evans [bck vcl])
045 GOIN' BACK HOME   WB 1-25449 
046 Δ13832 EYE OF THE ZOMBIE   WB 7-28657/1-25449 
047 HEADLINES   WB 1-25449 
048 KNOCKIN' ON YOUR DOOR   WB 1-25449 
049 Δ14672 CHANGE IN THE WEATHER  WB 7-28535 /1-25449 
050 VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN   WB 1-25449 
051 WASN'T THAT A WOMAN   WB 1-25449 
052 SODA POP   WB 1-25449 
053 SAIL AWAY   WB 1-25449
1986 The Lighthouse, North Hollywood, CA - John Fogerty and Bobby King (John Fogerty [ld vcl/ld gt/ piano], Bobby King [vcl],Neil Stubenhaus [bass gt], JR Robinson [drums], Steve Douglas [sax],Terry Evans, Willie Greene Jr. [bck vcl])
054 Δ13832X I CONFESS 7-28657/ Geffen B0014441-02  
1986 The Lighthouse, North Hollywood, CA - John Fogerty (John Fogerty [lld vcl/ld gt],        Kip Basque [rh gt], Mark Miller [bass gt],Warren Storm [drums], Rockin' Sidney [accordion], Willy T [sax])
055 Δ14672X MY TOOT TOOT 7-28535/Geffen B0014441-02
1997 The Lighthouse, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/lap steel/ dobro/ bouzouki/ mandolin/ sitar/ organ/ tambourine], Donald "Duck" Dunn/ Howie Epstein/ John Clayton/ Michael Rhodes/ Phil Chen Bob Glaub [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums/percussion], Chester Thompson/ Vinnie Colaiuta/ Eddie Bayers/ Jeff Donavan/ Chad Smith [drums], Luis Conte [claves/ maracas/ tambourine/ percussion], The Lonesome River Band [bck-1],The Waters [bck vcl-2],The Fairfield Four [bck vcl-3])
056 SOUTHERN STREAMLINE -1  WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
057 RAMBUNCTIOUS BOY -1   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
058 HOT ROD HEART   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
059 BLUEBOY -2   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
060 A HUNDRED AND TEN IN THE SHADE -3   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
061 RATTLESNAKE HIGHWAY   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
062 BRING IT DOWN TO JELLY ROLL   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
063 WALKING IN A HURRICANE   WB 9362438892/45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
064 SWAMP RIVER DAYS   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
065 JOY OF MY LIFE   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
066 BLUE MOON NIGHTS   WB 45426-2  Geffen B 0003278-02
067 BAD, BAD BOY   WB 45426-2 Geffen B 0003278-02
068 JUST PICKIN‘ Warner Music 9362438892/ Geffen B 0003278-02
069 ENDLESS SLEEP Warner Music 9362438892/ Geffen B 0003278-02
12-13 December 1997 [live] Warner Brothers Studio, Burbank, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Johnny Lee Schell [gt/bck vcl],Michael Canipe [gt/bck vcl],Bob Glaub [bass], George Hawkins Jr. [bass-1], Kenny Aronoff [drums], Julia Waters, Maxine Waters and Oren Waters [bck vcl-2])
06901 BORN ON THE BAYOU   WB 46908-2 38496 (dvd)
06902 GREEN RIVER   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06903 SUSIE Q   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06904 I PUT A SPELL ON YOU   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06905 BRING IT DOWN TO JELLY ROLL   WB 38496 (dvd)
06906 WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06907 PREMONITION -2  WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06908 A HUNDRED AND TEN IN THE SHADE   WB 38496 (dvd)
06909 ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT -2  WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06910 ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06911 JOY OF MY LIFE   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06912 DOWN ON THE CORNER -2  WB  46908-2 38496 (dvd)
06913 CENTERFIELD   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06914 SWAMP RIVER DAYS   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06915 HOT ROD HEART   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06916 THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06917 BLUEBOY   WB 38496 (dvd)
06918 WALKING IN A HURRICANE   WB 38496 (dvd)
06919 BAD MOON RISING   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06920 FORTUNATE SON -1  WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06921 PROUD MARY   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
06922 TRAVELIN' BAND   WB 46908-2  38496 (dvd)
ca. May 2000 Skaggs Place Studios, Hendersonville, TN – John Fogerty
070 BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY Skaggs Family 1002 Lyric Street 2061-65030-2
2004 [live-Austin City Limts] Austin, TX – John  Fogerty
07001 BORN ON THE BAYOU   Falcon 0339(dvd) 
07002 GREEN RIVER   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07003 COTTON FIELDS   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07004 SUGAR-SUGAR (IN MY LIFE)   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07005 I WILL WALK WITH YOU   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07006 RHUBARB PIE   Falcon 0339(dvd) 
07007 DOWN ON THE CORNER   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07008 DEJA VU (ALL OVER AGAIN)   Falcon 0339(dvd) 
07009 A HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES IN THE SHADE   Falcon 0339(dvd) 
07010 HOT ROD HEART   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07011 THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07012 TRAVELLIN' BAND   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07013 BAD MOON RISING   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07014 FORTUNATE SON   Falcon 0339(dvd)
07015 PROUD MARY   Falcon 0339(dvd) 
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Bob Britt [el slide gt], Paul Bushnell [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums], Alex Acuña [percussion],Benmont Tench [organ])
071 DEJA VU (ALL OVER AGAIN) Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Merk Knopfler [gt], Paul Bushnell [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums])
072 NOBODY'S HERE ANYMORE Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/dudes], Paul Bushnell [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums])
073 SHE'S GOT BAGGAGE Geffen B0003257-02
074 WICKED OLD WITCH Geffen B0003257-02
075 IN THE GARDEN Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/organ/percussion], David Santos [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums], George Hawkins Jr, Billy Burnette [bck vcl], Kelsy Fogerty [child voice at the end])
076 RADAR Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/organ],        Viktor Krauss [bass], John O'Brian [drums/programming])
077 SUGAR-SUGAR, IN MY LIFE Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Dean Parks [gt], Viktor Krauss [bass], Kenny Arnoff [drums], Aaron Plunkett [percussion])
078 HONEY I DO Geffen B0003257-02
079 RHUBARB PIE Geffen B0003257-02
2004 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Bob Applebaum [mandolin], Michael DeTemple [mandolin], Viktor Krauss [bass]),
080 I WILL WALK WITH YOU Geffen B0003257-02
13 November 2004 [live] Tower Theatre, 19 S 69th St, Upper Darby, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, PA
08001 SUSI Q Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08002 IT CAME OUT OF THE SKY Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08003 NOBODY'S HERE ANYMORE Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08004 HONEY DO Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08005 JOY OF MY LIFE Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08006 ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
21 November 2004 [live] Chicago Theater, 175 N State St, Chicago, IL – John Fogerty
08007 INTRO Crystal Cat  CC 745-46       
08008 TAPED INTRO GREEN RIVER –instr.- Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08009 TRAVELIN' BAND Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08010 GREEN RIVER Crystal Cat  CC 745-46    
08011 BLUE BOY Crystal Cat  CC 745-46           
08012 WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN Crystal Cat  CC 745-46         
08013 SHE'S GOT BAGGAGE Crystal Cat  CC 745-46  
08014 LODI Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08015 SWEET HITCH-HIKER Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08016 SUGAR-SUGAR (IN MY LIFE) Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08017 RAMBUNCTIOUS BOY Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08018 BLUE MOON NIGHTS Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08019 I WILL WALK WITH YOU Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08020 BORN ON THE BAYOU Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08021 RADAR Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08022 RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08023 HOT ROD HEART Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08024 BOOTLEG Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08025 DOWN ON THE CORNER Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08026 WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08027 DEJA VU (ALL OVER AGAIN) Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08029 THE NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08030 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN? Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08031 TOMBSTONE SHADOW Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08032 CENTERFIELD Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08033 UP AROUND THE BEND Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08034 KEEP ON CHOOGLIN'  Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08035 THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08036 FORTUNATE SON  Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08037 BAD MOON RISING Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
08038 PROUD MARY Crystal Cat  CC 745-46
15 September 2005 [live] Wiltern Theatre, 3790 Wilshire Blv., Los Angeles, CA - John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt/harmonica], Bob Britt [gt], Billy Burnette [gt], George Hawkins, Jr. [bass gt], John Molo [drums], Matt Nolen [keyboards/gt])
08039 INTRO   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08040 TRAVELIN' BAND   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08041 GREEN RIVER   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08042 WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08043 BLUE MOON NIGHTS   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08044 LODI   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08045 LOOKIN' OUT MY BACK DOOR   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08046 HOT ROD HEART   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08047 RAMBUNCTIOUS BOY   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08048 SHE'S GOT BAGGAGE   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08049 BORN ON THE BAYOU   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08050 BOOTLEG   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08051 RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08052 DEJA VU (ALL OVER AGAIN)   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08053  HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN?   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08054 TOMBSTONE SHADOW   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08055 KEEP ON CHOOGLIN'   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08056 SWEET HITCH-HIKER   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08057 HEY TONIGHT   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08058 DOWN ON THE CORNER   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08059 CENTERFIELD   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08060 UP AROUND THE BEND   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08061 OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08062 FORTUNATE SON   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08063 BAD MOON RISING   Fantasy FCD 30084-2  
08064 ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD   Fantasy FCD 30084-2
08065 PROUD MARY   Fantasy FCD 30084-2 
2006 unknown – Jerry Lee Lewis and John Fogerty
081 TRAVELIN‘ BAND Artists First AFT 20001-2
2007 NRG Recording, North Hollywood, CA/G Studio Digital, Studio City, CA/Soundstudio Löwengasse, Frankfurt, GER – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Hunter Perrin [gt], Kenny Aronoff [drums/ percussion], Benmont Tench [Wurlitzer organ], Julia Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Oren Waters [bck vcl])
082 DON'T YOU WISH IT WAS TRUE   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
083 GUNSLINGER   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
084 CREEDENCE SONG   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
085 BROKEN DOWN COWBOY   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
086 RIVER IS WAITING   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
087 LONG DARK NIGHT   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
088 SUMMER OF LOVE   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
089 NATURAL THING   Fantasy FCD 30001-2
090 IT AIN'T RIGHT   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
091 I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE   Fantasy FCD 30001-2 
092 SOMEBODY HELP ME   Fantasy FCD 30001-2
093 LONGSHOT   Fantasy FCD 30001-2
29 November 2007 [live] WTTW Soundstage Studios, Chicago, IL – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Hunter Pervin [gt], Dorsey Burnette III [gt], Kenny Aronoff [drums], Matt Nolen [keyboards])
09301 GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY   Tipica 72684 
09302 BAD MOON RISING   Tipica 72684
09303 LONGSHOT   Tipica 72684 
09304 BORN ON THE BAYOU   Tipica 72684
09305 RAMBLE TAMBLE   Tipica 72684
09306 COMMOTION   Tipica 72684 
09307 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL   Tipica 72684
09308 SUMMER OF LOVE   Tipica 72684
09309 DEJA VU (ALL OVER AGAIN)   Tipica 72684 
09310 DON'T YOU WISH IT WAS TRUE   Tipica 72684
09311 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN   Tipica 72684
09312 LONG DARK NIGHT   Tipica 72684 
09313 I CAN'T TAKE IT NO MORE   Tipica 72684
09314 TRAVELIN' BAND   Tipica 72684
09315 PROUD MARY   Tipica 72684 
09316 LOOKIN' OUT MY BACK DOOR   Tipica 72684 
09317 GUNSLINGER   Tipica 72684 
09318 GREEN RIVER   Tipica 72684
09319 RIVER IS WAITING   Tipica 72684
09320 BOOTLEG   Tipica 72684
09321 WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN   Tipica 72684
09322 CREEDENCE SONG   Tipica 72684
09323 KEEP ON CHOOGLIN   Tipica 72684
09324 BROKEN DOWN COWBOY   Tipica 72684 
09325 DOWN ON THE CORNER   Tipica 72684
09326 CENTERFIELD   Tipica 72684
09327 UP AROUND THE BEND   Tipica 72684
09328 OLD MAN ON THE ROAD   Tipica 72684
09329 FORTUNATE SON   Tipica 72684
24 June 2008 [live] Royal Albert Hall, Knsington Gore, South Kensington, London, UK – John Fogerty (John Fogerty [vcl/gt], Billy Burnette [gt], Hunter Perrin [gt],Shane and Tyler Fogerty [gt-1], David Santos [bass], Kenny Aronoff [drums], Jason Mowery [fiddle/ mandolin], Matt Nolen [keyboards/gt],Oren Waters, Jodie Kennedy, Gloria Johnson [bck vcl)
09330 COMIN' DOWN THE ROAD   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09331 BORN ON THE BAYOU   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09332 LOOKIN' OUT MY BACK DOOR   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09333 RAMBUNCTIOUS BOY   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09334 DON'T YOU WISH IT WAS TRUE   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd) 
09335 MY TOOT TOOT   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09336 COMMOTION   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09337 CREEDENCE SONG   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09338 RAMBLE TAMBLE   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09339 GUNSLINGER   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09340 I WILL WALK WITH YOU   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09341 SOMEBODY HELP ME   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09342 BROKEN DOWN COWBOY   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09343 KEEP ON CHOOGLIN'   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09344 SOUTHERN STREAMLINE   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09345 BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAIN BLUES   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09346 ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09346 ROCK AND ROLL GIRLS   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09347 DOWN ON THE CORNER   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09348 HEY TONIGHT   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09349 UP AROUND THE BEND  -1 Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09350 THE OLD MAN DOWN THE ROAD   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09351 FORTUNATE SON   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09352 TRAVELIN' BAND   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09353 ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd)
09354 PROUD MARY   Verve Forecast B0013496-09(dvd) 
2009 unknown – The Blue Ridge Rangers (John Fogerty [vcl/all instruments], Don Henley and Timothy B. Smith [vcl-1], Bruce Sprigsteen [vcl-2])
094 PARADISE   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
095 NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
096 GARDEN PARTY -1  Verve Forecast B0013286-02
097 I DON'T CARE (JUST AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME)   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
098 BACK HOME AGAIN   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
099 I'LL BE THERE (IF YOU EVER WANT ME)   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
100 CHANGE IN THE WEATHER   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
101 MOODY RIVER   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
102 HEAVEN'S JUST A SIN AWAY   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
103 FALLIN FALLIN' FALLIN'   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
104 HAUNTED HOUSE   Verve Forecast B0013286-02
105 WHEN WILL I BE LOVED  -2 Verve Forecast B0013286-02
2011-2012 unknown – John Fogerty, with Foo Fighters [1], Keith Urban [-2], Shane and Tyler Fogerty [-3], Miranda Lambert featuring Tom Morello [-4], Zac Brown Band [-5], Moring Jacket [-6], Kid Rock [-7], Dawes [-8], Bob Seger [-9], Brad Paisley [-10], Alan Jackson [-11], Jennifer Hudson featuring Allen Toussaint and Rebirth Brass Band [-12])
106 FORTUNATE SON -1  Vanguard 78240-2 
107 ALMOST SATURDAY NIGHT -2 Vanguard 78240-2 
108 LODI -3  Vanguard 78240-2 
109 MYSTIC HIGHWAY   Vanguard 78240-2 
110 WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE -4  Vanguard 78240-2
111 BAD MOON RISING -5 Vanguard 78240-2 
112 LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT -6   Vanguard 78240-2  
113 BORN ON THE BAYOU -7   Vanguard 78240-2
114 TRAIN OF FOOLS   Vanguard 78240-2 
115 SOMEDAY NEVER COMES -8  Vanguard 78240-2 
116 WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN -9 Vanguard 78240-2 
117 HOT ROD HEART -10 Vanguard 78240-2 
118 HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE RAIN -11   Vanguard 78240-2  
119 PROUD MARY-12  Vanguard 78240-2


Fantasy F-9415 The Blue Ridge Rangers: Blue Ridge Mountain Blues; Somewhere Listening; You're The Reason; Jambalaya; She Thinks I Still Care; California Blues; Workin' On A Building; Please Help Me I'm Falling; Have Thine Own Way, Lord; I Ain't Never; Hearts Of Stone; Today I Started Loving Again – 04-73 (reissued on CD as FCD 4502-2 in 1991)
Asylum  7E-1046 John Fogerty: Rockin' All Over the World; You Rascal You; The Wall; Travelin' High; Lonely Teardrops; Almost Saturday Night; Where the River Flows; Sea Cruise; Dream/Song; Flyin' Away – 09-09-75
Asylum no # Hoodoo: You Got the Magic; Between the Lines; Leave My Woman Alone; Marchin' to Blarney; Hoodoo Man; Telephone; Evil Thing; Henrietta;  On the Run - 76 (unissued)
Warner Brothers 1-25203 Centerfield: The Old Man Down The Road; Rock And Roll Girls; Big Train (From Memphis); I Saw It On T.V.; Mr. Greed; Searchlight; Centerfield; I Can't Help Myself; Zanz Kant Danz – 07-01-85 (reissued as Annivarsary Edition in 2010 as Geffen B0014441-02 with bonus tracks: My Toot Toot; I Confess)
Warner Brothers 1-25449 Eye of the Zombie: Goin' Back Home; Eye Of The Zombie; Headlines; Knockin' On Your Door; Change In The Weather; Violence Is Golden; Wasn't That A Woman; Soda Pop; Sail Away – 01-10-86 (reissued in 2001)
Warner Brothers 9 45426-2 Blue Moon Swamp: Southern Streamline; Hot Rod Heart; Blueboy; A Hundred And Ten In The Shade; Rattlesnake Highway; Bring It Down To Jelly Roll; Walking In A Hurricane; Swamp River Days; Rambunctious Boy; Joy Of My Life; Blue Moon Nights; Bad, Bad Boy – 20-05-97 (reissued in 2004 as Geffen B 0003278-02 with bonus tracks: Just Pickin‘; Endless Sleep)
Warner Brothers 9 46908-2 Premonition: Born On The Bayou; Green River; Susie Q.; I Put A Spell On You; Who'll Stop The Rain; Premonition; Almost Saturday Night; Rockin' All Over The World; Joy Of My Life; Down On The Corner; Centerfield; Swamp River Days; Hot Rod Heart; The Old Man Down The Road; Bad Moon Rising; Fortunate Son; Proud Mary; Travelin' Band – 09-06-98
Geffen B0003257-02 Deja Vu (All Over Again): Deja Vu (All Over Again); Sugar-Sugar (In My Life); She's Got Baggage; Radar; Honey Do; Nobody's Here Anymore; I Will Walk With You; Rhubarb Pie; Wicked Old Witch; In The Garden – 21-09-04
Crystal Cat [EUR, bootleg] CC 745-46 At The Chicago Theater: Intro; Taped Intro Green River (Instrumental); Travelin' Band; Green River; Blue Boy; Who'll Stop The Rain; She's Got Baggage; Lodi; Sweet Hitch-Hiker; Sugar-Sugar (In My Life); Rambunctious Boy; Blue Moon Nights; I Will Walk With You; Born On The Bayou; Radar;Run Through The Jungle; Hot Rod Heart; Bootleg; Down On The Corner; Wrote A Song For Everyone; Deja Vu (All Over Again); I Heard It Through The Grapevine; The Night Time Is The Right Time; Have You Ever Seen The Rain?; Tombstone Shadow; Centerfield;Up Around The Bend; Keep On Chooglin'; The Old Man Down The Road; Fortunate Son; Bad Moon Rising; Proud Mary; Susi Q; It Came Out Of The Sky; Nobody's Here Anymore; Honey Do; Joy Of My Life; Almost Saturday Night – 04 (double)
Geffen FCD-9689-2 The Long Road Home: Born On The Bayou; Bad Moon Rising; Centerfield; Who'll Stop The Rain?; Rambunctious Boy; Fortunate Son; Lookin' Out My Back Door; Up Around The Bend; Almost Saturday Night (Live); Down On The Corner; Bootleg (Live); Have You Ever Seen The Rain?; Sweet Hitch-Hiker; Hey Tonight (Live); The Old Man Down The Road; Rockin' All Over The World (Live); Lodi; Keep On Chooglin' (Live); Green River; Deja Vu (All Over Again); Run Through The Jungle; Hot Rod Heart; Travelin' Band; Proud Mary; Fortunate Son (Live) – 01-11-05 (sampler, also with Creedence Clearwater Revival, rec. 1969-2005)
Fantasy FCD-30084-2 The Long Road Home, In Concert: Intro; Travelin' Band; Green River; Who'll Stop The Rain; Blue Moon Nights; Lodi; Lookin' Out My Back Door; Hot Rod Heart; Rambunctious Boy; She's Got Baggage; Born On The Bayou; Bootleg; Run Through The Jungle; Deja Vu (All Over Again); Have You Ever Seen The Rain?; Tombstone Shadow; Keep On Chooglin'; Sweet Hitch-Hiker; Hey Tonight; Down On The Corner; Centerfield; Up Around The Bend; Old Man Down The Road; Fortunate Son; Bad Moon Rising; Rockin' All Over The World; Proud Mary  – 06 (Double)
Fantasy/Concord Music FCD-30001 Revival: Don't You Wish It Was True; Gunslinger; Creedence Song; Broken Down Cowboy; River Is Waiting; Long Dark Night; Summer Of Love; Natural Thing; It Ain't Right; I Can't Take It No More; Somebody Help Me; Longshot -02-10-07
Hip-O B0007021-02 20th Century Masters – The Millenium Collection/The Best of The Songs of  John Fogerty: [Creedence Clearwater Revival:] Have You Ever Seen the Rain?;  Travelin' Band;  Down On the Corner;  Born On The Bayou;  Lodi; [John Fogerty:] Centerfield; Hot Rod Heart; Southern Streamline; Déjà vu; Premonition; Almost Saturday Night  - 01-05-07
Verve Forecast/Fortunate Son B0013286-02 The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again: Paradise; Never Ending Song Of Love; Garden Party (Feat. Don Henley And Timothy B. Schmit); I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me); Back Home Again; I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me); Change In The Weather; Moody River; Heaven's Just A Sin Away; Fallin Fallin' Fallin'; Haunted House; When Will I Be Loved (Feat. Bruce Springsteen) – 09 Blue Ridge Rangers (also as deluxe version with DVD)
Tipica 72684 In Chicago: Good Golly Miss Molly; Bad Moon Rising; Longshot; Born On The Bayou; Ramble Tamble; Commotion; Midnight Special; Summer Of Love; Deja Vu (All Over Again); Don't You Wish It Was True; Have You Ever Seen The Rain; Long Dark Night; I Can't Take It No More; Travelin' Band; Proud Mary; Lookin' Out My Back Door; Gunslinger; Green River; River Is Waiting;Bootleg; Who'll Stop The Rain; Creedence Song; Keep on Chooglin; Broken Down Cowboy; Down On the Corner; Centerfield; Up Around The Bend; Old Man on the Road; Fortunate Son – 01-06-10 (also DVD)
Vanguard 78240-2 Wrote a Song For Everyone: Fortunate Son (with Foo Fighters); Almost Saturday Night (with Keith Urban); Lodi (with Shane Fogerty and Tyler Fogerty); Mystic Highway; Wrote a Song for Everyone (with Miranda Lambert featuring Tom Morello); Bad Moon Rising (with Zac Brown Band); Long As I Can See the Light (with My Morning Jacket);  Born on the Bayou (with Kid Rock); Train of Fools; Someday Never Comes (with Dawes); Who'll Stop the Rain (with Bob Seger); Hot Rod Heart (with Brad Paisley); Have You Ever Seen the Rain (with Alan Jackson);  Proud Mary (with Jennifer Hudson featuring Allen Toussaint and Rebirth Brass Band) – 28-05-13 (also on vinyl)
Lost Diamond 90005-2 Hoodoo – The Lost Album: You Got the Magic; Between the Lines; Leave My Woman Alone; Marchin' to Blarney; Hoodoo Man; Telephone; Evil Thing; Henrietta;  On the Run; You Got Magic; Evil Things; You Don’t Owe Me; Back In The Hills; Comin‘ Down The Road; Ricochet; My Toot Toot; I Confess)


Warner Brothers 38496-2 Premonition: Born on the Bayou; Green River; Susie Q; I Put a Spell on You; Bring it Down to Jelly Roll;Who'll Stop the Rain; Premonition; A Hundred and Ten in the Shade; Almost Saturday Night; Rockin' All Over the World; Joy of My Life; Down on the Corner; Centerfield; Swamp River Days; Hot Rod Heart; The Old Man Down the Road; Blueboy; Walking in a Hurricane; Bad Moon Rising; Fortunate Son; Proud Mary; Travelin' Band – 22-09-98
Falcon Neue Medien [GER] 0339 Austin City Limits: Born On The Bayou;  Green River; Cotton Fields; Sugar-Sugar (In My Life); I Will Walk With You; Rhubarb Pie;  Down On The Corner; Deja Vu (All Over Again);  A Hundred And Ten Degrees In The Shade;  Hot Rod Heart; The Old Man Down The Road; Travellin' Band; Bad Moon Rising; Fortunate Son; Proud Mary - 05
Verve Forecast B0013496-09 Comin' Down the Road: The Concert at Royal Albert Hall: Comin' Down the Road; Born On the Bayou; Lookin' Out My Back Door; Rambunctious Boy;Don't You Wish It Was True;  My Toot Toot; Commotion; Creedence Song; Ramble Tamble; Gunslinger;I Will Walk with You; Somebody Help Me; Broken Down Cowboy; Keep on Chooglin';Southern Streamline; Blue Ridge Mountain Blues; Almost Saturday Night; Rock and Roll Girls; Down on the Corner; Hey Tonight; Up Around the Bend; The Old Man Down the Road; Fortunate Son; Travelin' Band; Rockin' All Over the World;  Proud Mary – 03-11-09

683 Blue Ridge Mountain Blues / Have Thine Own Way, Lord – 08-72 Blue Ridge Rangers
689 Jambalaya (On The Bayou) / Working On The Building – 11-72 Blue Ridge Rangers
700 Hearts Of Stone / Somewhere Listening (For My Name) – 03-73 Blue Ridge Rangers
710 You Don’t Owe Me / Back In The Hills – 09-73  Blue Ridge Rangers (rev. Sept. 15)
717 Comin‘ Down The Road / Ricochet – 11-73
E 45274 Rockin' All Over The World / The Wall – 08-75
E 45291 Almost Saturday Night / Sea Cruise – 11-75
E 45309 You Got The Magic / Evil Things – 04-76
Warner Brothers
7-29100 The Old Man Down The Road / Big Train – 07-12-84
7-29053 Rock And Roll Girls / Centerfield - 85
PRO-A-2337 I Can’t Help Myself / I Can’t Help Myself – 85 (promo)
PRO-S-2363 Vanz Kant Danz (Edit) / Vanz Kant Danz (Edit) – 85 (promo)
GWB 0530 The Old Man Down The Road / Rock And Roll Girls -  ca 85
7-28657 Eye of the Zombie /  I Confess (with Bobby King) – 18-08-86
7-28535 Change In The Weather / My Toot Toot – 86
9362438892 Walking in a Hurricane; Endless Sleep; Just Pickin' – 06-97 (CD single, released in Australia).
7-17283 Blueboy / Bad Bad Boy - 97
7-17192 Almost Saturday Night (Live Album Version) / Who'll Stop The Rain (Live Album Version) – 98 (live)
7-17191 Premonition (Live Album Version) /  Born On The Bayou (Live Album Version) –09-06-98 (live)
Universal Music
UMUSIC 01269 Don’t You Wish It Was true – 07 (promo)

David John (David Liska)

David John Liska
By Praguefrank

SESSIONS fragments only; Most of later albums  by David John with The Comstock Cowboys recorded at Ranch House Studios, Fredricksburg, CA
Early 1962 unknown, CA – Davy Jones And The Dolphins
ZTSP 81518 THE BULLFIGHT Audicon 116
1967 [soundtrack Hellcats, no 15251]  Hollywood, CA -  Davy Jones and The Dolphins-1,The Arrows-2,The Sunrays-3,Somebody's Children-4.
62016 HELL CATS -1  Tower ST 5124
62017 THE ONLY WAY TO FLY -1  ST 5124
62041 THE ANGRY MOB -2 ST 5124
62042 HELL CATS -2  ST 5124
62043 THE MARIONETTES -2 ST 5124
62044 HELL CATS -3 ST 5124
62045 MASS CONFUSION -1  ST 5124
62046 I'M UP -4  ST 5124
62047 LET'S LIVE A LITTLE -1  ST 5124
62048 I CAN'T TAKE A CHANCE -1  ST 5124
1969 East Coast Studios, ?, CT – Davy And the Dolphins
I’M A POOR BOY  Subtown ST 301
1976 The Gallery, East Hartford, CT – Kentucky Wind with Dave Liska (Dave Liska [vl/gt/mandolin], Gary Pierce [vcl/gt], John Monthei [vcl/banjo], Bill Reveley [mandolin/fiddle/steel], Rich Liska [vcl/dobro], Joe Monthei [bass], Paul Silva [drums], Marty Sulliva [percussion])
APPALOOSA Subtown AL 101
ROLLIN SAM Subtown AL 101
HICKORY SUN Subtown AL 101
1977 The Gallery, East Hartford, CT – Kentucky Wind with Dave Liska (Dave Liska [vl/gt/mandolin], Gary Pierce [vcl/gt], John Monthei [vcl/banjo], Bill Reveley [mandolin/fiddle/steel], Rich Liska [vcl/dobro], Joe Monthei [bass], Paul Silva [drums], Marty Sulliva [percussion])
I'LL BE A STONE Aztec 1077
WINTER WINE Aztec 1077
OH LORDY OH Aztec 1077
1978 The Gallery, East Hartford, CT – Dave Liska with Kentucky Wind  (Dave Liska [vl/gt/mandolin], Gary Pierce [vcl/gt], John Monthei [vcl/banjo], Rich Liska [vcl/dobro], Joe Monthei [bass], Marty Sulliva [percussion], Steve Wnuk [fiddle])
EL CONDOR PASA Laughing Cat CSS 155
CEDAR GROVE Laughing Cat CSS 155
TOO LATE NOW Laughing Cat CSS 155
YUKON JACK Laughing Cat CSS 155
KATY DALEY Laughing Cat CSS 155
WILLY ROY Laughing Cat CSS 155
KENTUCKY WIND Laughing Cat CSS 155
ARAB BOUNCE Laughing Cat CSS 155


Tower  T/ST 5124 Hellcats: Hellcats [2]; The Angry Mob [2]; The Only Way To Fly [1]; The Marionettes [4]; Hellcats [1]; Hellcats [3]; Mass Confusion [1]; I'm Up [4]; Let's Live A Little [1]; I Can't Take A Chance [1] – 04-68 (O.S.) Davy Jones and The Dolphins-1,The Arrows-2,The Sunrays-3,Somebody's Children-4
Subtown AL 101  Startin' All Over Again: Let The Ocean Be My Cradle; Tender Breeze; Kentucky Wind; Appaloosa; Studebaker; Startin All Over Again; Long Way To New York City; Rollin Sam; Gold Watch and Chain; Hickory Sun – 09-76 David Liska (also on Pharoah PHA 101)
Aztec 1077 Indian Summer:  Natural High; Village Burial Ground;  I'll Be A Stone; Hallelujah Train;  Indian Summer; Cow Pie Boogie; Rocking Chair; Winter Wine; Lonesome Road Blues; Carolina On My Mind; Where The Dogwood's Blooming; Oh Lordy Oh – 77 Dave Liska with Kentucky Wind
Laughing Cat CSS 155 Stranger Lost In Time: Stranger Lost In Time; Love Please Come Home; El Condor Pasa; Cedar Grove; Too Late Now; Yukon Jack; Katy Daley; My Soul Will Be Free; You Don't Know My Mind; Willy Roy; Kentucky Wind; Arab Bounce Inst. – 78 Dave Liska and Kentucky Wind
Aztec ? Those Old Songs: (tracks unknown) - 79
Aztec ? (UPC820320008223) Runaway Train: Runaway Train;  Stranger Lost In Time;  It's Been A Blue Blue Day;  Village Burial Ground;  Blue Moon;  Roseville Faire;  The Man On Calvary;  The Traveling Medicine Show;  A Light On the Mountain;  Running Gun;  Blue Kentucky Rain - 98 David John and The Comstock Cowboys
Aztec ? (UPC820320008322) Songs Of The Old West: The Trail of the Bandit;  Shenandoah;  Calico;  Comanche (Of the 7th Cavalry);  Cowboy Bill;  The Sun's Going Down On The Old Chisholm Trail;  I Got Spurs That Jingle, Jangle, Jingle;  Take Me Back To My Boots and Saddle;  Riders In the Sky;  Goodbye Sierra Madre (The Trail of the Bandit, part 2) – 98 (or 96?)
Aztec ? (UPC820320008421) Legends Of The West: Aces And Eights; Cool Water; Rose Of Sonora; Cattle Call; Guns Of Arizona; Streets Of Laredo; High Noon; Tombstone; San Luis Obispo; The Wayward Wind; Trail Of No Return; The Cowboy Was The Hero – 99 (or 01?)
Aztec ? (UPC625989115028) Calico: On a Night Like This;  That's When I Miss Her Most of All;  What am I Doing in This Cowtown;  Calico;  Texas Rag;  Sun's Goin' Down on the Old Chisholm Trail;  Red River;  El Dorado;  Shotgun Wedding Song;  Take the Money and Run;  The Man from Yuma;  They'll Never Take the Cowboy Out of Me;  Sure Was a Helluva Town;  Where you Going Cowboy – 99 (O.S.)
Aztec ? (UPC733792309722) Christmas in the Sierra: Silent Night;  Christmas in my Home Town;  Christmas in the Sierra;  Jingle Bells;  Christmas on the Trail;  Winter Wonderland/Carol of the Bells;  Down Bethlam Way;  Fiddletown;  The Beautifull Christmas Waltz;  Christmas the Cowboy Way/Beer Barrel Polka;  When Winter Comes to Tahoe;  A Rancher's Christmas Prayer - 99
Aztec ? (UPC 820320003624) Cowboys, Old Fiddles and Wine: You Can't Keep an Old Cowboy Down;  Tomb of the Unknown Cowboy;  River of No Return;  Bury Me Not on the Lone Prarie;  Waltz of Nevada; Tying Knots in the Devils Tail;  My Rifle, My Pony and Me;  The Days of '49;  Julia Bulette;  Tumbling Tumbleweeds;  Return to the Red River Valley;  A Little Bit of Texas in My Bow - 02
Aztec ? The Boys of the 50's: Those Old Songs;  Mr. Blue;  Lawdy Miss Clawdy;  Love Is For Heros;  You Belong to Me;  Sea Cruise;  I Should Be Over You By Now;  Come And Go With Me;  Tragedy;  The Boys From the 50's - 03 (w. The Jordanaires)
Aztec ? (UPC820320000487) The Nashville Sessions: Southern Lady; I'm Not That Good At Saying Goodbye;  Music City Dream;  All I Really Need; Good To the Last Tear Drop;  I Don't Want To Play Anymore;  The Band Played A Cheatin' Song;  I'm Gonna Wash Her Memory;  A Woman Possessed;  Eight Mile River;  Let the Lovin' In;  You Made A Believer Out of Me;  She's Getting Over Me;  You Don't Have To Be From Dixie - 03
Aztec GRC 2005 Gather Round Cowboys: It's The Cowboy Life For Me; Gather Round Cowboys; Freight Train Blues; A Song Of A Rebel Soldier; Outlaw; Tropical Cowboy; Morgan's Last Ride; Cadillac Moon; The Cowboy In His Heart; The Ghost Of Laredo; Swing Me Back To Texas; Wyoming; Stardust On The Trail; Cowboys And Aliens – 05
Aztec ? (UPC820320012220) Break It To The Cowboy: Break It to the Cowboy;  Big Iron;  Montana out in the Cold;  The Duke;  Saturday Night in a Cowboy Town;  My Ol' Guitar;  Rolling Down Route 66;  Rollin' Like a Tumbleweed Through Texas;  Santa Anna Wind;  Rocky Mountain Railroad Blues;  Sixteen Tons;  Mississippi River Queen;  Once in a Bluegrass Moon; Orange Blossom Special - 07
Aztec ? (UPC 820320013128) I Was Never Alone: I Was Never Alone;  Seven Spanish Angels;  My Stained Glass Window;  Summerland;  Great Speckled Bird;  Let's Go Down To the River;  Desert Rosie;  Little Wooden Church In the Pines;  God Must Be A Cowboy;  There's Got To Be Something More;  Wafaring Stranger;  Master's Train;  Give Mother A Rose;  Amazing Grace - 09
Aztec ? (UPC820320017027) Songslinger: Songslinger;  This Old Coyote Town;  Lone Star Nights, Nashville Days;  Some Old Hank Williams Song;  El Paso;  Smoke that Cigarette;  Winter Wine;  Ponch and Lefty;  The Bottoom of the Cold, Cold Mine;  The Last Cowboy Waltz;  A Hopless Rollin Stone;  Let the Ocean Be My Cradle;  Statue of a Fool;  Slot Machine Junkie – 09
Aztec ? (UPC885767704008) Patriot Addition No.4: The Wall;  Ragged Old Flag;  Goodbye America;  Meet Mr. and Mrs. America;  Ode To the Confederate Flag;  The Cowboy Was the Hero;  What Happened To America;  No Country Boys Left In Nashville;  The Duke - 11
Aztec ? (UPC820320018925) One Last Train:  V + T Railroad Line;  Dark Hollow;  Fireball Mail;  Freight Train Blues;  The Man from Yuma;  One Last Train;  New River Train;  Heartbreak Flyer;  Run Away Train;  Different Train Same Ol' Blues;  I'm Your Train;  Wabash Cannonball;  Blue Kentucky Rain;  Master's Train;  Southern Lady;  Rock Mountain Railroad Blues;  Back to Shady Grove;  Midnight Train;  Orange Blossom Special;  I Know You Rider – 14

Aztec ? (UPC820320019168) Last Man Standing: Last Man Standing; Pay Check Blues; Desierto Paradise; I'd Go Crazy; The Loneliest Road in America; Dog Days of Summer;
Rollin' in His Grave; It Seems Like Such a Lonesome Town; Last Man Standing; Keeper of the Flame; Addison; Down Along "C" Street; Father Time; When the Sun Goes Down;
The Only Grass They Ever Smoked – 08-08-16
Aztec ? Blues, Ballads, and Barstools:  It's Hard to Be a Cowboy;  Fool on the Highway; . A Hard Place to Fall;  It Ain't Rocket Science;  Blue Moon Saloon;  Yosemite Wind;  The Legend of the Seagull;  It Don't Get Better Than That;  Maybe Tomorrow      ; Ain't That Just Like the Rain;  The Wall;  Gypsy Wind;  Warm Wind;  Can't Take Another Lonely Night; . Tin Can - 18

Aztec ? David John And The Comstock Cowboys: The Cowboy Was The Hero; What Happened To America; Ain't No Country Boys Left In Nashville; Goodbye America;
Ode To The Confederate Flag  - 00

SINGLES (incomplete)
Audicon (1962) Davy Jones and The Dolphins
116 Strictly Polynesian / The Bullfight – 03-62
117 Love Is Strange / Velvet Waters – 04-62 (rev. May 5)
Subtown  (1969-1970)
ST 301 The Legend Of The Seagull / I’m A Poor Boy - 69
SUBST 1001 Shannon / Cherry Berry Bay – 70 Crossroads featuring David Liska  (also on Columbia 4-45193 on June 23, 1970)
151 Heather / Who’ll Buy The Woman – 7- David Liska Music By Crossroads
20th century Davey and The Dolphins
Can’t Get A Date
529 She Likes Older Boys / The Spider
1005 Dance, Dance, Little Girl, Dance
T-100 Long Ride Home
AZ 1002 She’s Getting Over Me / ? – 7- (promo)
You Don't have to be From Dixie  / I'm Not That Good at Saying Goodbye 
The Boys From 50’s / Tragedy