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Dude Mowrey

Daniel Richard Mowrey, *10-02-1972 Fort Lauderdale, FL                          
2nd version

By Praguefrank

ca Fall 1990 Nashville, TN – Dude Mowrey (Dude Mowrey [vcl], Larry Byrom [gt], Pat Stevens [steel], Michael Rhodes [bass], Eddie Bayers/ Rick Marotta [drums], Rob Hajacos [fiddle], Matt Rollings [keyboards], Curt Ryle [bck vcl]. Producer: Jimmy Bowen, Dude Mowrey)
001 HONKY TONK SONG Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
002 IT COULD'VE BEEN ME Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
003 COWBOYS DON'T CRY Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
004 HEARTBREAK TRAIN Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
005 FALLING NEVER FELT SO GOOD Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
006 IF I EVER LOVE AGAIN Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
007 GOOD LOOKIN' Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
008 THE REST OF FOREVER Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
009 WE GOT LOVE Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
010 DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING OF IT? Capitol Nashville CDP7-95085-2
ca early 1993 Midtown Tone and Volume, Nashville, TN – Dude Mowrey (Dude Mowrey [vcl], Mike Noble/ Biff Watson/ Danny Parks [ac gt], Brent Mason, John Willis/ Steve Gibson/ Jimmy Olander [el gt], Rusty Young [steel/dobro], Jimmy Lee Sloas/ Gary Lunn [bass], Steve Brewster/ Kip Raines [drums], Terry McMillan [percussion/ harmonica], Larry Franklin [fiddle], Carl Marsh [keyboards/ Jew's harp], Steve Nathan/ Jeff Roach [keyboards], Gary Burr, Dennis Wilson [bck vcl])
011 MAYBE YOU WERE THE ONE Arista 12515/07822-18678-2
012 DR. WURLITZER Arista 07822-18678-2
013 WALK AWAY Arista 07822-18678-2
014 SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN Arista 07822-18678-2
015 HAPPY EVER AFTER (COMES ONE DAY AT A TIME) Arista 07822-18678-2
016 WHAT KIND OF MEMORIES REMAIN Arista 07822-18678-2
017 HOLD ON, ELROY Arista 12579/07822-18678-2
018 VIEW FROM THE BOTTOM Arista 12515/07822-18678-2
019 I'LL NEVER LISTEN TO THAT FOOL AGAIN Arista 12643/07822-18678-2
020 TURN FOR THE WORSE Arista 12579/07822-18678-2
ca late 1993 Nashville, TN – Dude Mowrey
021 AND THIS IS LOVE Arista 12643-2

Capitol Nashville CDP7 95085 2 Honky Tonk:
Honky Tonk Song; It Could've Been Me; Cowboys Don't Cry; Heartbreak Train; Falling Never Felt So Good; If I Ever Love Again; Good Lookin'; The Rest Of Forever; We Got Love; Do You Want To Make Something Of It? – 15-04-91
Arista 07822-18678-2 Dude Mowrey: Maybe You Were The One; Dr. Wurlitzer; Walk Away; Somewhere In Between; Happy Ever After (Comes One Day At A Time); What Kind Of Memories Remain; Hold On, Elroy; View From The Bottom; I'll Never Listen To That Fool Again; Turn For The Worse – 08-06-93

Arista (1993)
12515-7 Maybe You Were The One / View From The Bottom - 12-03-93
12579-7 Hold On Elroy / Turn For The Worse - 21-06-93
12643-7 I'll Never Listen To That Fool Again / And This Is Love - 03-01-94

Dick Miles (by Dick Grant)


DICK MILES-1                                                                                                         January 1961
Richard “Dick” Miles (vcl/         );

4646                   VALHALLA                                                            -1                       Nashville NV-5048
                          (J.Brewer-L.Smith) (Warden Music BMI)
4647                   THE DREAM                                                         -1-2                                    NV-5048, Buckingham P-ST-718
                          (Dick Miles) (Starday BMI)                                       Continental Maple Leaf CML-1014
                                                                                                                               Continental Maple Leaf CMS-1014, Palace M-718
                                                                                                                               Palace S-718, Countryville M-18, Countryville S-18

NB(1): NASHVILLE NV-5048 released Tuesday 20th March 1962.
NB(2): NASHVILLE NV-5048 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 24th March 1962.

DICK MILES                                                                                                                                                                                      ca. February 1967
(vcl/          );

AMP45-13952      LISTEN TO MY SONG                                            ABC 45-10937
                          (Dick Miles) (Stallion Music Co.-BMI)
AMP45-               I’LL TRY TOMORROW                                                     45-10937
                          (Dick Miles-Ed Nix)

NB(1): ABC 45-10937 released Tuesday 2nd May 1967.
NB(2): ABC 45-10937 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 6th May 1967.

Session #14831
DICK MILES                                                                                                                                                                                             January 1968
                                                                                                                              Producer: Kelso Herston

45-59108             CANDLE-LIGHTED WORLD                                                             Capitol 2113
                          (Red Lane) (Tree Publishing Co. Inc. BMI)
45-59109             THE ROPE                                                                                     Capitol (Uniss)
45-59110             THE LAST GOODBYE                                             Capitol 2113, Capitol T-2925, Capitol ST-2925
                          (Kelso Herston-Dick Miles-Bob Prather)                                              Capitol STBB-2969

NB(1): The above purchased masters were registered on Friday 19th January 1968.
NB(2): CAPITOL 2113 released Tuesday 13th February 1968.
NB(3): “THE LAST GOODBYE” entered Billboard C&W chart 30th March 1968-#17, 8 weeks.
NB(4): CAPITOL 2113 released TWICE with A) Thin print label & B) Thick print label.
NB(5): CAPITOL T/ST-2925 “THE LAST GOODBYE” released April 1968.
NB(6): CAPITOL STBB-2969 “BLUE RIBBON COUNTRY” released 1968.

Session #13213
             Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Avenue South         Nashville, Tn:    Thursday 7th March 1968
                                                                                                                               Producer: Kelso Herston

54598                 MY BABY’S GONE                                                                           Capitol T-2925, Capitol ST-2925
54599                 JENNY’S FIRST NIGHT AWAY FROM HOME                        T-2925,             ST-2925
                          (Marion Worth)
45-54600 THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME                                            Capitol P-2225, Capitol 2225, Capitol T-2925                                                                                                     (Kelso Herston-Dick Miles) (Saturday Music BMI)       Capitol ST-2925

Session #13214
             Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Avenue South         Nashville, Tn:    Thursday 7th March 1968
                                                                                                                              Producer: Kelso Herston

54601                 THE TROUBLES MY LITTLE BOY HAD                                              Capitol T-2925, Capitol ST-2925
                          (Gene Guthrie)
54602                 MY LAST TWO TENS                                                           T-2925,             ST-2925
                          (Vic McAlpin)
54603                 LONG BLACK LIMOUSINE                                                                            T-2925,             ST-2925
                          (Bobby George-Vern Stovall)
45-54604 CAP’N                                         Capitol P-2225, Capitol 2225, Capitol T-2925
                          (Kelso Herston-Dick Miles)                                      Capitol ST-2925

NB(1): CAPITOL P-2225 (Promotional) released Tuesday 11th June 1968.
NB(2): CAPITOL 2225 released Tuesday 18th June 1968.

Session #13215
             Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Avenue South         Nashville, Tn:    Friday 8th March 1968
                                                                                                                               Producer: Kelso Herston

54605                 JUST BEYOND THE MOON                                                              Capitol T-2925, Capitol ST-2925
                          (Jeremy Slate) (Central Songs BMI)
54606                 THE RUNT                                                                                                  T-2925,             ST-2925
54607                 THE TOUCH OF HER HAND                                                                         T-2925,             ST-2925
                          (Kelso Herston-Larry Lee)
54608                 THE NIGHT BEFORE                                                          T-2925,             ST-2925

Session #13242
             Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Avenue South         Nashville, Tn:    Friday 16th August 1968
                                                                                                                               Producer: Kelso Herston

45-54694 WAKE UP, SON                           Capitol P-2357, Capitol 2357
                          (Curly Putman) (Green Grass Music BMI)
54695                 TOO LITTLE TOO LONG                                          Capitol (Uniss)
                          (Jack Rhodes) (Central Songs BMI)
45-54696 THIS WAS MY WORLD                 Capitol P-2357,              2357
                          (Glenn Martin)

NB(1): CAPITOL P-2357 (Promotional) released Tuesday 3rd December 1968.
NB(2): CAPITOL P-2357 reviewed Spotlight Singles Saturday 7th December 1968.
NB(3): CAPITOL 2357 released Tuesday 10th December 1968.

Session #13297
             Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Avenue South         Nashville, Tn:    Thursday 20th March 1969
                                                                                                                               Producer: Larry Butler

45-54881 THE DEAL (BAND OF GOLD)                                              Capitol PRO-4760, Capitol 2542
                          (Kelso Herston-Dick Miles-Bob Prather)
54882                 A BIGGER MAN OF ME                                          Capitol (Uniss)
45-54883 HAPPINESS WAS                                                              Capitol PRO-4760,              2542
                          (Jack Barlow-Curly Putman) (Green Grass Music BMI)                        

NB(1): CAPITOL PRO-4760 (Promotional) released
NB(2): CAPITOL 2542 released released Tuesday 24th June 1969.

DISCOGRAPHY compiled by MICHEL RUPPLI & FRANTISEK FRANK with acknowledgements to DICK GRANT.2011-2013.