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Alecia Nugent

*1972 Hickory Grove, LA
3rd version
By Praguefrank, Mario Wildner, Thieu Van De Vorst

2000 Station West, 616 W Iris Dr., Nashville, TN - Alecia Nugent, w. Carl Jackson [-1] (Alecia Nugent [vcl], Carl Jackson [duet vcl-1/gt/banjo/hmny vcl-2], Randy Kohrs [dobro], Ronnie McCoury [mandolin], Ben Issacs [bass], Aubrie Haynie [fiddle] + Rebecca Lynn Howard [-3], Rhonda Vincent [-4], Sonya Issacs [-5], Larry Cordle [-6], Roy Nugent [-7], Jimmy Nugent [-8], Jerry Salley [-9] [hmny vcl]. Producer: Carl Jackson)
001 I'LL STAY AROUND -2-4 AMCD-1001 Rounder 11661-0506-2 11661-0518-2
002 RED WHITE AND BLUE -7-8 AMCD-1001 Rounder 11661-0518-2
003 IF YOUR HEART COULD TALK -2-3 AMCD-1001 Rounder 11661-0518-2
004 MY FIRST MISTAKE -2-6 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
005 JEALOUS HEART -3-4 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
006 THINK OF WHAT YOU'VE DONE -2-6 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
007 PAPER AND PEN -2-9 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
008 BUT I DO -7-8 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
009 FOR LOVE'S SAKE -1 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
010 YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO HOME -4-5 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2 Rounder 11661-0523-2
011 BLAME IT ON THE TRAIN -2-6 AMCD-1001 11661-0518-2
ROUNDER 11661-0518 issued as by Alecia Nugent
ca 2001 unknown – Alecia McRight
012 YOU WANNA WHAT Spectrum Music 544430-2
2002 [sessions for O Christmas Tree!: A Bluegrass Collection For The Holidays] Station West, Nashville, TN - Alecia Nugent (Alecia Nugent [ld vcl], Carl Jackson [low tnr vcl/gt], Carol Jones [baritone vcl], Randy Kohrs [dobro], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Ben isaacs [bass], Jim Van Cleve [fiddle]. Producer: Carl Jackson)
013 BEAUTIFUL STAR OF BETHLEHEM Rounder 11661-0513-2
2005 [live - The Musicians Agains Childhood Cancer Festival] Columbia, SC - Alecia Nugent
2005 Station West, 616 W Iris Dr., Nashville, TN - Alecia Nugent, * and Bradley Walker (Alecia Nugent [vcl], Bradley Walker [duet vcl*/bck vcl], Carl Jackson [gt/ banjo/ bck vcl], Rob Ickes [dobro/ Weissenborn], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Kevin Grantt [bass], Tony Creasman [drums], Jim VanCleve [fiddle], Jamie Dailey, Cia Leigh Cherryholmes, Shelton Feazell, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Alison Krauss, Doyle Lawson, Darren Nicholson, Jennifer Strickland [bck vcl]. Producer: Carl Jackson)
014 TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Rounder 11661-0566-2
015 MUDDY RIVER Rounder 11661-0566-2
016 GOD KNOWS WHAT Rounder 11661-0566-2
017 A DOZEN WHITE ROSES Rounder 11661-0566-2
018 WHERE HIS WHEELS LEFT THE ROAD Rounder 11661-0566-2
019 I CRIED ALL THE WAY TO KENTUCKY Rounder 11661-0566-2
020 WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO US (IT'S ALL UP TO YOU)* Rounder 11661-0566-2
021 YOU'VE STILL GOT IT Rounder 11661-0566-2
022 BREAKING NEW GROUND Rounder 11661-0566-2
023 IT WON'T BE ME Rounder 11661-0566-2
024 LETTER FROM HOME Rounder 11661-0566-2
025 SOMEWHERE ELSE TO FALL Rounder 11661-0566-2
026 MEET ME IN HEAVEN SOMEDAY Rounder 11661-0566-2
2006 Tom T. and Dixie Halls Dog House, Franklin, TN – Darren Nicholson and Alecia Nugent
027 LOVE MAKES A FOOL OF ALL OF US  Bearded Baby 3918  
028 I FLEW OVER OUR HOUSE  Bearded Baby 3918  
2008 Station West, 616 W Iris Dr., Nashville, TN  - Alecia Nugent, and J.D.Crowe [-1],  Bradley Walker [-2] (Alecia Nugent [vcl], Bradley Walker [duet vcl-2/tenor vcl], Andy Falco [ac gt], Tim Stafford [ac gt], Thomas Wywrot [banjo], J.D. Crowe  [duet vcl-1/banjo], Rob Ickes [dobro/gt], Adam Steffey [mandolin], Kevin Grantt [bass], Tony Creasman [drums], Andy Leftwich [fiddle], Catherine Marx [piano], Sonya Isaacs [tenmor vcl], Carl Jackson [bariton vcl], Valerie Storey [tenor vcl], Jennifer Strickland [tenor vcl]. Producer: Carl Jackson)
029 WRECKIN' THE TRAIN Rounder 11661-0612-2
030 DON'T TELL ME Rounder 11661-0612-2
031 HILLBILLY GODDESS -1 Rounder 11661-0612-2
032 JUST ANOTHER ALICE Rounder 11661-0612-2
033 THE LAST GREYHOUND Rounder 11661-0612-2
034 CRYIN' ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK Rounder 11661-0612-2
035 DYIN' TO HOLD HER AGAIN Rounder 11661-0612-2
036 NUGENT FAMILY BAND Rounder 11661-0612-2
037 WISHIN' HARD Rounder 11661-0612-2
038 THE WRITING'S ALL OVER THE WALL -2 Rounder 11661-0612-2
039 ALREADY HOME Rounder 11661-0612-2

No label AMCD-1001 For Love’s Sake
: I'll Stay Around; Red White And Blue ; If Your Heart Could Talk; My First Mistake; Jealous Heart; Think Of What You've Done; Paper And Pen; But I Do; For Love's Sake (w. Carl Jackson); You Don't Have To Go Home; Blame It On The Train – 00 (reissued in 2004 as Rounder 11661-0518-2 Alecia Nugent)
Rounder 11661-0566-2 A Little Girl...A Big Four-Lane: Too Good To Be True; Muddy River; God Knows What; A Dozen White Roses; Where His Wheels Left The Road; I Cried All The Way To Kentucky; When It Comes Down To Us (It's All Up To You) (With Bradley Walker); You've Still Got It; Breaking New Ground; It Won't Be Me; Letter From Home; Somewhere Else To Fall; Meet Me In Heaven Someday - 28-02-06
Rounder 11661-0612-2 Hillbilly Goddess: Wreckin' The Train; Don't Tell Me; Hillbilly Goddess (With J.D. Crowe); Just Another Alice; The Last Greyhound; Cryin' All The Way To The Bank; Dyin' To Hold Her Again; Nugent Family Band; Wishin' Hard; The Writing's All Over The Wall (With Bradley Walker); Already Home - 12-05-09

Darren Nicholson

By Praguefrank

SESSIONS also member of Balsam Range
2006 Crossroads Studios, Asheville, NC/ Tom T. and Dixie Halls Dog House, Franklin, TN/ Bumpin' Heads Studios, Madison, TN – Darren Nicholson (Darren Nicholson [vcl/gt/mandolin], Alecia Nugent [vcl-1], Marc Pruett [banjo] + more unknown musicians)
001 AMANDA JEWEL Bearded Baby 3918   
002 LOVE MAKES A FOOL OF ALL OF US -1 Bearded Baby 3918   
003 I'LL BE READY Bearded Baby 3918   
004 FOOTSTEPS SO NEAR Bearded Baby 3918   
005 GOODBYE LIZA JANE Bearded Baby 3918   
006 MILWAUKEE HERE I COME Bearded Baby 3918   
007 I FLEW OVER OUR HOUSE -1 Bearded Baby 3918   
008 I'M GOING BACK TO OLD KENTUCKY Bearded Baby 3918   
009 OLD MEMORIES Bearded Baby 3918   
010 ARAB BOUNCE Bearded Baby 3918   
011 STRENGTH IN THE LORD Bearded Baby 3918   
012 UNFAITHFUL ONE Bearded Baby 3918  
Ca 2013 Crossroads Studios, Asheville, NC – Darren Nicholson Band (Griff Martin [gt], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Steve Sutton [banjo], Kevin Sluter [bass],
013 AWAY I'VE ALWAYS BEEN Bearded Baby 9633
014 CAN'T YOU SEE Bearded Baby 9633 - 13
2013 Crossroads Studios, Asheville, NC – Darren Nicholson (+Rhonda Vincent, Carl Jackson, Steve Sutton, Tim Surrett, John Driskell Hopkins, Bobby Hicks, Milan Miller, Jennifer Nicholson, Audie Blaylock, Eddie Rose, Mike Ramsey, Aaron Ramsey, David Johnson, Steve Thomas, Tony Creasman, Jeff Collins, Griff Martin, Kevin Sluder. Producer: Darren Nicholson)
015 THINGS LEFT UNDONE Bearded Baby 9633
016 DURANGO Bearded Baby 9633
017 I'M NOT GOING THERE TODAY Bearded Baby 9633
018 DANCIN' IN THE KITCHEN Bearded Baby 9633
019 BLUEGRASS STOMP Bearded Baby 9633
020 LIKE MY DOG Bearded Baby 9633
021 GIVE MOTHER MY CROWN Bearded Baby 9633
022 SUGAR CREEK GAP Bearded Baby 9633
023 IN A PERFECT WORLD Bearded Baby 9633


Bearded Baby 3918 Darren Nicholson: Amanda Jewel;  Love Makes A Fool Of All Of Us;  I'll Be Ready;  Footsteps So Near;  Goodbye Liza Jane;  Milwaukee Here I Come;  I Flew Over Our House;  I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky;  Old Memories;  Arab Bounce;  Strength In The Lord;  Unfaithful One- 30-01-07
Bearded Baby 9633 Things Left Undone: Things Left Undone; Durango; I'm Not Going There Today; Dancin' In The Kitchen; Bluegrass Stomp; Like My Dog; Give Mother My Crown; Sugar Creek Gap; In A Perfect World; Traveling Teardrop Blues; Away I've Always Been; Can't You See – 01-14