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Trina Love

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst


ca. May 1967 RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Ott Stephens and Trina Love (Producer: Slim Williamson)
001 UXB4-8737 IF YOU CAN'T BRING IT HOME Chart 59-1005 /CHS 1014
002 UXB4-8738 WHY NOT TONIGHT  59-1005
ca. May 1967 RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South,  Nashville, TN –Trina Love, * and Ott Stephens (Producer: Slim Williamson)
003 UXB4-8741 WANDER BOY  59-1040 
004 UXB4-8742 READ IT AND WEEP* 59-1022
ca. January 1968 RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN –Trina Love, * and Ott Stephens (Producer: Slim Williamson)
ca. January 1968 RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN –Trina Love (Producer: Slim Williamson)


59-1005 If You Can't Bring It Home           / Why Not Tonight – 67 w. Ott Stephens               
59-1022 Don't Let Your Big Mouth Take You (Where Your Feet Can't Walk You Out) / Read It And Weep – 68 w. Ott Stephens
59-1040  Cotton Pickin' Chicken Pluckin' Sheep Shearin' Shifty Eyed Mind /  Wander Boy

Deana Carter

*04-01-1966 Nashville, TN
2nd version

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst
1995 poss. Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Deana Carter (musicians similar as below)

001 ANGEL WITHOUT A PRAYER Patriot 8-32533-2 Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
002 RITA VALENTINE Patriot 8-32533-2 7243-5-36231-2-8
003 I'VE LOVED ENOUGH TO KNOW Patriot 8-32533-2 B0018407-02
004 I CAN'T SHAKE YOU Patriot 8-32533-2
005 ARE YOU COMING HOME TODAY? Patriot CDCL-746 8-82149-2/8-32533-2
006 DID I SHAVE MY LEGS FOR THIS? Patriot 8-32533-2 Capitol S7-19510 S7-19646/7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
007 TURN THOSE WHEELS AROUND Patriot 8-32533-2
008 GRAFFITI BRIDGE Patriot 8-32533-2 7243-5-36231-2-8
009 BEFORE WE EVER HEARD GOODBYE Patriot 8-32533-2 Capitol S7-19223/7243-8-37514-2-6
010 WE SHARE A WALL Patriot 8-32533-2
011 DON'T LET GO Patriot 8-32533-2
012 JUST WHAT YOU NEED Patriot  CDCL-746 8-82149-2
013 LEARNING HOW TO CRAWL  [acoustic version] Patriot  8-82149-2
1995/Spring 1996 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Deana Carter (Deana Carter [vcl], Dan Dugmore [gt], Cary Park [gt-steel], Chris Farren [ac gt/bck vcl], Chuck Jones [gt] , Biff Watson [gt], Dann Huff [el gt], Brent Rowan [el gt], Larry Franklin [mandolin/fiddle], Joe Chaney/Glenn Worf [bass gt], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion], Lonnie Wilson [drums], John Hobbs [piano/keyboards], Pete Wasner [piano] + Nashville String Machine + Chris Driscoe [bck vcl]. Producer: Chris Farren; Nancy H. Williams; Jimmy Bowen)
014 WE DANCED ANYWAY Capitol 58626/7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
015 COUNT ME IN Capitol S7-19510/7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
016 IF THIS IS LOVE Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6
017 LOVE AIN'T WORTH MAKING Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6
018 HOW DO I GET THERE Capitol S7-19646/7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
019 STRAWBERRY WINE Capitol S7-19223/7243-8-37514-2-6 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
020 THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW IT'S LOVE Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6
021 TO THE OTHER SIDE Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6
ca Spring 1998 Emerald Sound Studio, 1033 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Deana Carter (Deana Carter [vcl], Brent Rowan [el gt], Biff Watson [ac gt], Darrell Scott [ac gt], Chris Farren/ Deana Carter [dobro],  Dan Dugmore [steel], Joe Chemay [bass], Greg Morrow [drums/percussion], Larry Franklin [fiddle], John Hobbs [piano/organ], Bob Mason, Anthony Lamarchina, John Catchings, Julia Tanner, [strings, arr. and cond. Ron Huff]. Producer: Deana Carter, Chris Farren)
022 YOU STILL SHAKE ME Capitol 58760 /7243-8-21142-2 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
023 RUBY BROWN Capitol 7243-8-21142-2
024 ABSENCE OF THE HEART Capitol 58738/7243-8-21142-2 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
025 BRAND NEW KEY Capitol 7243-8-21142-2
026 MICHELANGELO SKY Capitol 7243-8-21142-2
027 PEOPLE MISS PLANES Capitol 7243-8-21142-2 7243-5-36231-2-8 B0018407-02
028 NEVER COMIN' DOWN Capitol 7243-8-21142-2
029 MAKE UP YOUR MIND Capitol 7243-8-21142-2
030 COLOUR EVERYWHERE Capitol 7243-8-21142-2 550 Music 68971
031 ANGELS WORKING OVERTIME Capitol 58774/7243-8-21142-2 B0018407-02
032 DICKSON COUNTY Capitol 58738/7243-8-21142-2
033 THE TRAIN SONG Capitol 58760 /7243-8-21142-2
034 EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT Capitol 58774/7243-8-21142-2
1998 [live] unknown – Deana Carter
03401 YOU STILL SHAKE ME Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03402 HOW DO I GET THERE Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03403 RUBY BROWN Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03404 COUNT ME IN Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03405 ANGELS OF THE HEART Big Band Concert Series 77400
03406 LOVED ENOUGH Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03407 DICKSON COUNTY Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03408 BRAND NEW KEY Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03409 THE TRAIN SONG Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03410 WE DANCED AWAY Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03411 DID I SHAVE MY LEGS FOR THIS Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03412 STRAWBERRY WINE Big Band Concert Series 77400 
03413 EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT Big Band Concert Series 77400
ca Spring 2000 Nashville, TN – Deana Carter
2000 [Badlands: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska] unknown – Deana Carter
038 STATE TROOPER Sub Pop 525
2000 or early 2001 [soundtrack Songcatcher] Nashville, TN – Deana Carter
039 THE CUCKOO BIRD Vanguard 79586-2
2001 Nashville, TN – Deana Carter (Fred Carter, Jr. [gt])
040 I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Rounder 11661-0496-2
042 MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING Rounder 11661-0496-2
043 BLUE CHRISTMAS Rounder 11661-0496-2
044 JOHNNY'S SNOWMAN Rounder 11661-0496-2
045 LET IT SNOW Rounder 11661-0496-2
046 SILENT NIGHT Rounder 11661-0496-2
047 WINTER WONDERLAND Rounder 11661-0496-2
048 WHITE CHRISTMAS Rounder 11661-0496-2
2002 Nashville, TN – Deana Carter (Deana Carter [vcl], Dwight Yoakam [vcl], Dan Dugmore [gt/steel/dobro], Chuck Jones [ac gt], Matraca Berg [ac gt], John D. Willis [ac gt], Dann Huff [el gt], Billy Mann [el gt], Tom Bukovac [el gt], Jonathan Yudkin [banjo/mandolin/fiddle/cello], Glenn Worf [bass gt], Chris McHugh/Greg Morrow/Ricky Fataar/Steve Brewster [drums], Eric Darken [percussion], Randy Leago [accordion/clarinet/horns/piano/Hammond b-3 organ/keyboards] + John Hobbs/Steve Nathan [organ/keyboards], Crystal Taliefero, Lisa Cochran, Andrew Gold, Bekka Bramlett [bck vcl])
050 I'M JUST A GIRL Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
051 THERE'S NO LIMIT Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
052 YOU AND TEQUILA Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
053 ME AND THE RADIO Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
054 COVER OF A MAGAZINE Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
055 WILDFLOWER Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
056 TWICE AS WORTH IT Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
057 EDDIE Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
058 WAITING Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
059 LIAR Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
060 GOODBYE TRAIN Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
061 GIRLS' NIGHT Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2
2004 Jeff's House, Franklin, TN/Little Big Guy Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA/The Village Recorders, Santa Monica, CA - Deana Carter (Deana Carter [vcl], James Michael [gt/piano/keyboards/synthesizer/drums/programming/bck vcl], Jeff Carter [gt/el gt], Steve Mackie [bass instrument], Kyle Woodrig [drums], Randy Leago [flute/accordion/piano/ keyboards/synthesizer]. Producer: Deana Carter)
062 THE GIRL YOU LEFT ME FOR Vanguard 79765-2
063 ONE DAY AT A TIME Vanguard 79765-2
064 ORDINARY Vanguard 79765-2
065 IN A HEARTBEAT Vanguard 79765-2
066 KATIE Vanguard 79765-2
067 ATLANTA AND BIRMINGHAM Vanguard 79765-2
068 SHE'S GOOD FOR YOU Vanguard 79765-2
069 NOT ANOTHER LOVE SONG Vanguard 79765-2
070 SUNNY DAY Vanguard 79765-2
071 GETTING OVER YOU Vanguard 79765-2
072 THE STORY OF MY LIFE Vanguard 79765-2
2007 Nashville, TN – Deana Carter, and Kris Kristofferson [-1], Dolly Parton [-2], Harper Simon [-3], Jessi Colter [-4], John Anderson [-5], Willie Nelson [-6], Shooter Jennings [-7], George Jones [-8](Deana Carter [vcl/ac gt/programming], Dan Dugmore [ac gt/steel/mandolin], Fred Carter Jr. [el gt], Jeff Carter [gt], Shawn Jones [gt], Glenn Worf [bass],  Kyle Woodring [drums], Andrea Zoon [violin], Randy Leago [piano/organ] Producer: Deana Carter)
073 CRYING Vanguard 79831-2
074 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT -1 Vanguard 79831-2
075 LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY -2 Vanguard 79831-2
076 THE BOXER -3 Vanguard 79831-2
077 LAY LADY LAY Vanguard 79831-2
078 THE WEIGHT Vanguard 79831-2
079 I'M NOT LISA -4 Vanguard 79831-2
080 SWINGING -5 Vanguard 79831-2
081 ON THE ROAD AGAIN -6 Vanguard 79831-2
082 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN - 7 Vanguard 79831-2
083 HE THINKS I STILL CARE -8 Vanguard 79831-2
084 OLD MAN Vanguard 79831-2

2013 Bandhouse Studios, North Hollywood, CA/ Hollywood Sound, Hollywood, CA – Deana Carter (Deana Carter [vcl/ac gt/piano/keyboards/bck vcl], Shawn Jones [gt/bck vcl],  Joel Shearer [gt], Jeff Carter [el gt], Cary Beare [bass], Craig MacIntyre [drums], Matthew Schmitt [piano/ keyboards], Cary Beare, Paxton Malone, Hayes Hicky [bck vcl]. Producer: Deana Carter)

085 YOU CAN'T STAY Little Nugget RRECD 104  
086 BEFORE YOU LEFT Little Nugget RRECD 104
087 I KNOW BETTER Little Nugget RRECD 104
088 I'LL SAVE MY LOVE FOR YOU Little Nugget RRECD 104  
089 I DON'T WANT TO Little Nugget RRECD 104  
090 THAT'S JUST ME Little Nugget RRECD 104
092 I BARELY KNEW Little Nugget RRECD 104
093 DO OR DIE Little Nugget RRECD 104
094 SOUTHERN WAY OF LIFE Little Nugget RRECD 104


Patriot [UK] 7243-8-32533-2 Did I Shave My Legs For This?:  Angel Without A Prayer;  Rita Valentine; I've Loved Enough To Know; I Can't Shake You;  Are You Coming Home Today?; Did I Shave My Legs For This?; Turn Those Wheels Around; Graffiti Bridge; Before We Ever Heard Goodbye; We Share A Wall; Don't Let Go; Just What You Need - 95
Capitol 7243-8-37514-2-6 Did I Shave My Legs For This?: I've Loved Enough To Know; We Danced Anyway; Count Me In; If This Is Love; Love Ain't Worth Making; Before We Ever Heard Goodbye; How Do I Get There; Strawberry Wine; That's How You Know It's Love; Did I Shave My Legs For This?; To The Other Side – 03-09-96
Capitol 7243-8-21142-2 Everything's Gonna Be Alright: You Still Shake Me; Ruby Brown; Absence Of The Heart; Brand New Key; Michelangelo Sky; People Miss Planes; Never Comin' Down; Make Up Your Mind; Colour Everywhere; Angels Working Overtime; Dickson County; The Train Song; Everything's Gonna Be Alright – 20-10-98
Rounder 11661-0496-2 Father Christmas: I'll Be Home For Christmas; The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire); Merry Christmas Darling; Blue Christmas; Johnny's Snowman; Let It Snow; Silent Night; Winter Wonderland; White Christmas; Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – 20-11-01
Capitol 7243-5-36231-2-8 The Deana Carter Collection: Strawberry Wine; We Danced Anyway; Did I Shave My Legs For This?; Count Me In; You Still Shake Me; Absence Of The Heart; How Do I Get There; People Miss Planes; I've Loved Enough To Know; Rita Valentine*; Graffiti Bridge*; Angel Without A Prayer* – 13-08-02 (*previously unissued in  USA)
Arista Nashville 07863-67054-2 I'm Just A Girl: I'm Just A Girl; There's No Limit; You And Tequila; Me And The Radio; Cover Of A Magazine; Wildflower; Twice As Worth It; Eddie; Waiting; Liar; Goodbye Train; Girls' Night –18-03-03
Vanguard 79765-2 The Story Of My Life: The Girl You Left Me For; One Day At A Time; Ordinary; In A Heartbeat; Katie; Atlanta And Birmingham; She's Good For You; Not Another Love Song; Sunny Day; Getting Over You; The Story Of My Life – 11-03-05
Big Band Concert Series 77400 Live In Concert: You Still Shake Me; How Do I Get There; Ruby Brown; Count Me In; Angels of the Heart; Loved Enough; Dickson County; Brand New Key; The Train Song; We Danced Away; Did I Shave My Legs for This; Strawberry Wine; Everything's Gonna Be Alright – 20-02-07
Vanguard 79831-2 The Chain: Crying; Help Me Make It Through The Night (With Kris Kristofferson); Love Is Like A Butterfly (With Dolly Parton); The Boxer (With Harper Simon); Lay Lady Lay; The Weight; I'm Not Lisa (With Jessi Colter); Swinging (With John Anderson); On The Road Again (With Willie Nelson); Good Hearted Woman (With Shooter Jennings); He Thinks I Still Care (With George Jones); Old Man – 09-10-07
Capitol Nashville B0018407-02 Icon: Strawberry Wine; We Danced Anyway; Count Me In; How Do I Get There; Absence of the Heart; Did I Shave My Legs For This?; Angels Working Overtime; You Still Shake Me; People Miss Planes; I've Loved Enough To Know; Angel Without a Prayer – 14-05-13

Little Nugget RRECD 104 Southern Way Of Life: You Can't Stay; Before You Left; I Know Better;I'll Save My Love For You; I Don't Want To; That's Just Me;Waiting For You To Come Home;I Barely Knew; Do or Die;Southern Way of Life - 02-12-13


Capitol (1995-)
CDCL-746 Are You Coming Home Today / Turn Those  Wheels Around – 95 (UK Patriot,  also as 3 tracks single 8-82149-2 with bonus: Learning How To Crawl [ac version])
S7-19223 Strawberry Wine / Before We Ever Heard Goodbye - 29-07-96
58626 We Danced Any Way - 14-01-97 (cassette single)
S7-19510 Count Me In / Did I Shave My Legs For This - 03-97
S7-19646 How Do I Get There / Did I Shave My Legs For This - 07-97
58738 Absence Of Heart / Dickson County - 08-98
58760 You Still Shake Me / Train Song - 12-98
58774 Angels Working Over / Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 04-99
58815 Carol Of Ther Bells / Boogie Woogie Santa - 11-99

Dee Mullins (by Dick Grant)


DEE AND PATTY Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street                      Houston, Tx:      ca. December 1957
Dwight “Dee Mullins” Mullinax (vcl); Lynda “Patty” Timmons (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Harold Westcott “Pappy” Daily

YW-14794           PARKING                                                                                       Mercury 71252, Mercury 71252X45
                          (Dee Mullin) (Starrite BMI)
YW-14795           OUR FIRST DATE                                                                                         71252,               71252X45, Cat CD-1033
                          (Dee Mullin-Patty Timmons) (Starrite BMI)

NB(1): MERCURY 71252/71252X45 released Wednesday 8th January 1958.
NB(2): MERCURY 71252/71252X45 released TWICE with Matrix No. YW-14795 shown as “OUR FIRST DATE”.
NB(3): MERCURY 71252/71252X45 reviewed Billboard C&W Monday 3rd February 1958.
NB(4): On the second release of MERCURY 71252/71252X45 “OUR FIRST DATE” is an alternate master.
NB(5): CAT CD-1033 “CALLIN’ ALL ROCK ‘N’ ROLL COLLECTORS, Vol.1” released Holland 1994.

PAT &DEE-1                    Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street         Houston, Tx:      April 1958
Dee Mullinax (vcl-4); Patty Timmons (vcll-5);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

                          ONE WEEK LATER           »                                    -1-4-5                 Dixie 530 A
                          (Gary Walker)
                          SHE’S NO ANGEL            »                                    -2-5                              530 A
                          (Wanda Ballman)
16330                 OH OH, I’M FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN»                   -3-4                    Dixie 530 B
                          I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU                                   -2                       Starday SLP-117
                         (Don Gibson) (Acuff-Rose BMI)

NB(1): DIXIE 530 released 1958.
NB(2): Recordings marked » on DIXIE 530 were sent to MERCURY for inclusion on the proposed album “HILLBILLY HIT PARADE” Vol.3” which was never released.

PAT and DEE                  Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street         Houston, Tx:      May 1958
Patty Timmons (vcl); Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily  

ST-2789              GEE WHIZ                                                                                     Dixie 45-2006, Ace CH-16, Cascade DROP-1009
                          (D.Mullinax-P.Timmons) (Starrite-BMI)                                                Dixie CD-2222, Ace CH-191, Ace CDCH-191
ST-2790              DON’T TEASE ME                                                                           Dixie 45-2006, Million LP-4, Collector CLCD-4410
                          (p.Timmons-D.Mullinax) (Starrite-BMI)                      

NB(1): DIXIE 45-2006 released
NB(2): DIXIE 45-2006 reviewed Billboard C&W 14th July 1958.
NB(3): ACE CH-16 “SLEEPY LaBEEF AND FRIENDS” released United Kingdom 1979.
NB(4): MILLION LP-4 “THE BEST OF DIXIE, Vol.4.” released Holland 1981.
NB(5): CASCADE DROP-1009 “TWENTY GREAT ROCKABILLY HITS OF THE 50’S, Vol.2.” released United Kingdom 1985.
NB(6): ACE CH-191 “ROCKABILLY SHAKEOUT” released United Kingdom 1986.
NB(7): COLLECTOR CLCD-4410 “DIXIE ROCK AND ROLL” released Holland 1992.
NB(8): DIXIE CD-2222 “GREAT DIXIE ROCK AND ROLL” released Holland 1994.
NB(9): ACE CDCH-191 “ROCKABILLY SHAKEOUT” released United Kingdom
NB(10): BUFFALO BOP BbCD-55191 “PLAY IT COOL” released Germany 2009.

DEE & PATTY     Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street                      Houston, Tx:      Fall 1958
Dee Mullinax (vcl); Patty Timmons (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

1040                   OHH-WOW                                                                                     D 1020, Bear Family BCD-15832
                          (D. Mullinax-Patsy Timmons) (Starrite Pub. Co. BMI)
1041                   SWEET LOVIN’ BABY                                                 1020,                     BCD-15832
                          (D. Mullinax-P. Timmons) (Starrite Pub. Co. BMI)      

NB(1): D 1020 released Tuesday 14th October 1958.
NB(2): D 1020 reviewed Billboard C&W Monday 20th October 1958.

 PATSY TIMMONS           Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street         Houston, Tx:      1958
Patty Timmons (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

1064                   I UNDERSTAND HIM                                             D 1033, Bear Family BCD-15832
                          (Eddie Noack) (Starrite Pub. BMI)
1065                   STEP ASIDE OLD HEART                                           1033,                     BCD-15832
                          (R.L. & Patsy Timmons) (Starrite Pub. BMI)

NB(1): D 1033 released December 1958.
NB(2): BEAR FAMILY BCD-15832 “THE COMPLETE D Singles Collection, Vol.1.-The Sounds of Houston Texas” released Germany 1995.

DEE MULLINS    Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street                      Houston, Tx:      March 1959
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

                          I’VE REALLY GOT A RIGHT TO CRY                                                 D 1066, Bear Family BCD-15833, Omni OMNI-126
                          (Dee Mullins) (Glad Music BMI)
                          THE WORLD’S A LIE                                                  1066,                     BCD-15833,           OMNI-126
                          (Dee Mullins-James Joiner) (Glad Music BMI)

NB(1): D 1066 released Wednesday 22nd April 1959.
NB(2): BEAR FAMILY BCD-15833 “THE COMPLETE D Singles Collection, Vol.2.-The Sounds of Houston Texas” released Germany 1999.

PATSY TIMMONS            Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street         Houston, Tx:      May 1959
Patty Timmons (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

                          ANSWER TO LIFE TO GO                                       D 1079, Bear Family BCD-15833
                          (Jones-Fred-Silvers) (Glad Music BMI)
                          I’VE GOT IT                                                                                        1079,                     BCD-15833
                          (R.L.Timmons-Patsy Timmons) (Glad Music BMI)

NB: D 1079 released Saturday 20th June 1959.

PATSY TIMMONS            Gold Star Studio, 5628 Brock Street         Houston, Tx:      1959
Patty Timmons (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Pappy Daily

                          BRANDED FOR LIFE                                             D 1109, Bear Family BCD-15833
                          (R.L.Timmons-Patsy Timmons) (Glad Music BMI)
                          MY PHILOSOPHY                                                                               1109,                     BCD-15833
                          (R.L.Timmons-Patsy Timmons) (Glad Music BMI)

NB: D 1109 released Friday 23rd October 1959.

DEE MULLIN                                                                                                           San Antonio, Tx:                                                        October 1960
Dee Mullinax (vcl);

                          SIXTEEN HUNDRED MILES                                                             Wildcat W-0059
                          (Dale Pierson-Jack Rhodes) (Central Songs BMI)
                          BALLAD OF A FAST GUN                                                    W-0059

NB: WILDCAT W-0059 released Friday 28th October 1960.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                                         1963
Dee Mullinax (vcl);

3004/                  PRISON GREY                                                      Merri 3004, Bo-Kay K-118
T4KM-5250          (Frankie Miller)
3005                   BACK WHERE I BEGAN                                                   3004
                          (Tillman Franks-Eddie Hallowell)

NB(1): MERRI 3004 released 1963.
NB(2): “PRISON GREY” leased to Bo-Kay Records in 1966.

DEE MULLINS                             Summit Studio                                                     Dallas, Tx:                                                                 ca. July 1964
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Al Klein

                          MONEY GREASES THE WHEEL                                                       Mel-O-dy Melody 117, Hip-O-Select B-00003631-5
                          (Howard Hausey) (Jobete BMI)                                                          Omni OMNI-126
DMKQQ-107202 COME ON BACK (AND BE MY LOVE AGAIN)                                          117,                      B-00003631-5
                          (Howard Hausey) (Cave Music BMI)                                                  Omni OMNI-126 

NB(1): MEL-O-DY Melody 117 released 1964.
NB(2): HIP-O-SELECT B-00003631-5 “THE COMPLETE MOTOWN SINGLES, Vol.5. 1965” released Friday 4th August 2006.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                Ft. Worth, Tx:    1966
Dee Mullinax (vcl);

T4KM-5249          RIVER BOAT SOUTH                                             Bo-Kay K-118

NB: BO-KAY K-117 released 1966.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                                         1966/1967
Dee Mullinax(vcl);

DM-007               LOOK AWAY MAMA                                                                        Deemora DM-007/08
                          (Danny Samson-Ruby Van Noy) (Regent Music Corp BMI)
DM-008               I CAN’T KEEP MY HANDS OFF OF YOU                                                           DM-007/08

NB: DEEMORA DM-007/08 released

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:    ca. October 1967
Dee Mullinax(vcl);
                                                                                                                              Producer: Shelby S. Singleton Jr.

711-54                PARKING FOR CHEATERS                                                              SSS International 707, SSS International 745
                          (Lee Emerson      (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)        Plantation PLP-4, Polydor 584 754, Omni OMNI-126
711-55 ?              THE WORLD I’M LIVING IN                                                             SSS International 728, Reo 9010,              OMNI-126
                          (Ben Peters) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)
711-56                WAR BABY                                                                                     SSS International 707, Plantation PL #61
                          (Donnie Fritts) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)              Plantation PLP-4, Polydor 584 754
                                                                                                                               SSS International 6467 203

NB(1): SSS INTERNATIONAL 707 released 1967.
NB(2): SSS INTERNATIONAL 728 released January 1968.
NB(3): REO 9010 released Canada 1968.
NB(4): SSS INTERNATIONAL 745 released May 1968.                      
NB(6): POLYDOR 574 754 “THE BIG MAN” released United Kingdom
NB(7): SSS INTERNATIONAL 6467 203 “COUNTRY GOLD, Vol.1.” released United Kingdom 1969.
NB(8): PLANTATION PL #61 released July 1970.
NB(9): OMNI OMNI-126 “CONTINUING STORY” released Australia Tuesday 21st April 2009.

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:    ca. February 1968
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Shelby Singleton Jr.

711-162               I AM THE GRASS                                                                            SSS international 728, Plantation PLP-4
                          (Margaret Lewis-Mira Smith)                                                              Omni OMNI-124, Omni OMNI-126
711-163               TEXAS TEA                                                                                     SSS International 745, Omni OMNI-126
                          (Ben Peters) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)

NB(1): OMNI OMNI-124 “PLANTATION GOLD” released Australia Tuesday 21st April 2009.

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:    ca. August 1968
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Shelby Singleton Jr.

711-361               THE CONTINUING STORY OF HARPER VALLEY P.T.A.                     SSS International 749, Plantation PLP-4
                          (Clark Bentley-Jerri Clark-Tom T. Hall)                                                Omni OMNI-126
711-362                      Unknown Title
711-363                      Unknown Title
711-364                      Unknown Title
711-365               SATISFIED OLD MAN                                            SSS International 749, Omni OMNI-126
                          (M.B Martin) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)

NB: SSS INTERNATIONAL 749 released 1968.

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:    ca. January/February 1969
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Shelby Singleton Jr.

711-483               RUN WILLIE RUN                                                                           Plantation PL #17, SSS International PLA 17X
             (Clark Bentley and Don Fowler) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)   Plantation PLP-4, Omni OMNI-126
711-484               GUILT BOX                                                                                     Plantation PL #31, Plantation PLP-4, Omni OMNI-126                                                                (Margaret Lewis-Mira Smith)                                                              Charly Snapper 657X
711-485 ?            BEERS                                                                 Plantation PLP-4, Omni OMNI-126
                          (Tom T. Hall)
711-486               THE BIG MAN                                                       Plantation PL #17, SSS International PLA 17X
                          (Jerry Teifer-Carol Stivers-Gary McFarland) (Sunbury Music ASCAP) Plantation PLP-4, Omni OMNI-126
                                                                                                                               Charly Snapper 657X                                                                      

NB(1): PLANTATION PL #17 released March 1969.
NB(2): SSS INTERNATIONAL PLA 17X released Canada
NB(3): SSS INTERNATIONAL PLA 17 X has a hand written date of 16th May 1969 on label.
NB(4): PLANTATION PL #31 released September 1969.

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:                                            ca. April                                          1969
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Shelby Singleton Jr.

711-525               IN A SMALL TOWN                                                                         Plantation PL #54, Plantation PLP-4, Omni OMNI-126
                          (Y.N. Martin) (Shelby Singleton Music BMI)
711-526               CALIFORNIA, THE PROMISED LAND                                               Plantation PL #31, Plantation PL #68, Plantation PLP-4         
                          (Fred Burch-Don Hill) (Shelby Singleton Music BNI)     Onmi OMNI-126

NB: PLANTATION PL #54 released April 1970.

DEE MULLINS    Singleton Sound Studio, 3106 Belmont Blvd         Nashville, Tn:    ca. March 1970
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Shelby Singleton Jr.

711-1008             IRMA JACKSON                                                    Plantation PL #54, Omni OMNI-126
                          (Merle Haggard)
711-1009             THE NEXT FACE I SEE WILL BE JESUS                                           Plantation PL #61,           OMNI-126
711-1010             REMEMBER BETHLEHEM (THE INTAKE SCHOOL CAROL)                 Plantation PL #68, Plantation PL #119, Omni OMNI-126
                         ()                                                                                                   Charly Snapper 657X

NB(1): PLANTATION PL #68 released October 1970.
NB(2): PLANTATION PL #119 released 1971.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                Hendersonville, Tn:                                                                                    ca. 1971
Dee Mullinax (vcl); The Nashville Edition (vcl grp);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Dee Mullins
                                                                                                                               Arranger: Harold Bradley

ME-150-A            THERE LIES THE DIFFERENCE                                                       Melodee ME-150-A
                          (Jerry McBee) (Millstone Music Co., ASCAP)
ME-150-B            I’M BETTIN’ MY LIFE ON YOU                                                                        ME-150-B

NB(2): MELODEE ME-150 released 1971.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                Hendersonville, Tn:                                                                       ca. January 1973
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Royce G. Clark

T-7205A              CIRCLE ME                                                                                    Triune T-7205A                                                                                                                     (Jerry McBee) (Mamazon Music Co. ASCAP)
T-7205B              FRIDAY S WINE                                                               T-7205B   
                          (Dee Mullins) (Loyd of Nashville Music, Inc., BMI)

NB: TRIUNE T-7205 released February 1973.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                Hendersonville, Tn:                                                                                         1973          
Dee Mullinax (vcl);
                                                                                                                               Producer: Royce G. Clark

T-7209A              REV ENGINES UP                                                                          Triune T-7209A
T-7209B              LITTLE BETTER                                                                 T-7209B
T-7211A              WAKE UP TOWN                                                   Triune T-7211A
                          (Dee Mullins) (Jump Back Music BMI)
T7211B               RUSTY NAILS PUPPY DOG TAILS AND LITTLE…                 T-7211B

NB(1): TRIUNE T-7209 released 1973.
NB(2): TRIUNE T-7211 released 1973.

DEE MULLINS                                                                                                         1977                                                                                             
Dee Mullinax (vcl);

                          REVELATIONS                                                      Creation CR-2
                          Unknown Title                                                                       CR-2

NB: CREATIONS CR-2 released 1977.
DISCOGRAPHY compiled by DICK GRANT & PASI KOSKELA with acknowledgements to Michel Ruppli, Kent Heineman 
And Frantisek Frank.