Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laura Downing

by Praguefrank

there is not enough info for creating sessionography


? Just Let Me Sing And Yodel:  Just Let Me Sing And Yodel;  Homestead Of Good Will; Little Old Red Shawl;  Lets Sleep On It; I Was Born To Yodel; Stepping Out; Mocking Bird Yodel; Two Less Lonely People; My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby; Blacksoil Plains Of The Outback; Where Did The Yodellers Go; The Least The Last And The Lost - 99
? Yodelling Favourites: Yodelling Fool;  Lovesick Blues; Yodel Your Troubles Away; Chime Bells;Answer To My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby; Yodelling Around Aust; He Taught Me To Yodel; My Daddy Was A Yodelling Cowboy; Arizona Yodel; The Tassie Yodel; Eocking Over River;Just Let Me Sing And Yodel – 06-02 (4th album)
? Yodelling Your Troubles Away:  Wide Rolling Plains;  Harold Clifford Young; The Yodeller's Dream; Could You Walk A Mile; Blues Yodel #6; The Snorer; Rock And Roll Yodelling Song; We're Already There; Yodel Your Troubles Away; Too Many Tears; There's A New Moon; The Tassie Yodel;Shelter For The Brave - 03
no label A Little Good News:  What's Wrong With The Way We're Doing It Now; A Little Good News; Yodelling Blues; Your Own Sweet Time.  Duet M.King; Sweet Rain;  Eagle When She Flies; Tumbleweed Yodel; Circle Of Sawdust; Long Gone Lonesome Blues; When We Get To Heaven; Working Man; Sweet Little Lover – 10-04 (Regency Sound Studio; M. lea [gt/bass], H. Curtis [mandolin/fiddle], L. Minson [steel/dobro/harmonica], A. Kucks [keyboard/piano], J. Colville [accordion])
? A Country Girl At Heart:  Pass The Bottle Round; A Country Girl At Heart; Let The Canefields Burn;Riding High (Yodel); How The Fire Queen Crossed The Swamp; Kelly's Offsider; Little Boy Lost; Snowy River Yodel; The Ringer And The Princess; Where Country Is; The Campdrafter; Where The Golden Wattel Blooms; Searching For Jane - 05
? How Blue:  Tall Timber; How Blue; They Taught Me To Yodel; It Takes A Women; When You Love Me; Grand Ole Opry (Yodel); The Old Tin Box; Another Glass Of Heartache; Tired Of Playing Second Fiddle; I Need You; What If She's An Angle; Happy Yodelling Cowgirl – 09-09

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