Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lyda Jacob

*18-05-1975 Stevenson, AL
by Praguefrank

there is not enough info for creating sessionography


? My Dreams Just Came True: The Bottle Let Me Down; The Long Black Veil; Spotlight Cuts Include; Honky Tonk Crazy; My Dreams Just Came True; Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down; It Must Have Been Something I Drank; Gone For Good; Long Black Veil; Hall Of Shame – 93
? Three Times The Charm:  That's What I Thought You Wanted Me To Do; Our House Is Just A House; Who Can We Fool Tonight; When We Make Love; Let This One Go; You Sure Know How To Leave In Style; Two Wrongs Just Don't Make It Right; Back To Bakersfield; When Love Gets In The Way; Lost In Love; I've Got A Memor; Our Nights Have Seen Some Better Days - 98
? Here We Go Again:  Here We Go Again;  Dew Drop Inn; There's A Saddle For Everybody's Hide; The First Stone;  Forgive Me Darlin'; Wound Up Tight; There's No Love Left; Walkin' in My Tracks;  They'll Make It Anyway; Any Fool Can Break A Heart - 03
? Back In The Swing: Goodbye Song; Harm's Way; Back In The Swing Of Things; Sedona; We're Gone; Up To You And Me; Up To You And Me; Whiskey'd Over; 8 Seconds From Being A Man; The Hard Way; You'll Get Love; I Know Y Ou Memory By Heart; Tiny Band Of Gold; She Showed Me A Little Bit More; Lonesome Doesn't Live Here Any More Duet W Jackie Harling;The Truth Lies – 10-03
? Another Song I Just Had to Write: (tracks unknown) - 12

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