Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Debi Bass

2nd version

By Praguefrank

ca 1975-1977 unknown – Debi Bass
001 LIFE IS COMING DOWN Atteiram 1095
002 TILL I'M STRONG ENOUGH Atteiram 1095
003 YOU'RE A PART OF ME Atteiram 1096
005 IF I WAS A THIEF Atteiram 1130
006 HE NEXT TIME YOU GET DOWN Atteiram 1130
Early 1983 Demo House, Atlanta, GA/ Great Moments, Atlanta, GA/ Master Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA  – Debi Bass (Debi Bass [vcl], Mike Stewart, Danny Jones, Larry Lafferty, Joe Nelson, Steve Clark, Mike Clark + Barbara South, Richard Law, Danny jones, Diane Pfeifer [bck vcl]. Producer: Steve Clark, Joe Nelson)
007 A MARRIED MAN Southern Tracks ST-1022/STL-003
009 MORE AND MORE OF ME Southern Tracks ST-1020/STL-003
010 ALL NIGHT KISS Southern Tracks STL-003
011 I BELIEVE IN BETTER DAYS Southern Tracks STL-003
012 I NEED A HERO Southern Tracks ST-1020/STL-003
013 BACK IN LOVE AGAIN Southern Tracks ST-1022/STL-003
014 U 10806 MY STAND IN LOVE Southern Tracks ST-1027/STL-003
015 I'M GONNA LOVE YOU Southern Tracks ST-1052/STL-003
016 U 10806 ANGELENE Southern Tracks ST-1027/STL-003
1985 Atlanta, GA – Debi Bass
017 BORN AGAIN ST-1052
Debi Bass recorded after 1985, some info in albums list

Southern Tracks STL-003 A Married Man:
A Married Man; My Heart Keeps Changing My Mind; More And More Of Me; All Night Kiss; I Believe In Better Days; I Need A Hero; Back In Love Again; My Stand In Love; I'm Gonna Love You; Angelene – 21-10-83
Debi Bass ? (UPC 884501575751) Through Your Eyes: Through Your Eyes;  Jesus Help Me; Mary Be Thy Name;  Stand;  What The Wind Takes Away;  Amazing Grace; Heavenly Conversation;  One Step At A Time;  Chrystals – 11
Coda Masters ?  (UPC885767460225) Debi Bass: That Was Tomorrow, This Is Yesterday;  I Love You More Than That;  If I Could Do That;  Sweet Loving Baby;  The Mockingbird Sang Dixie to Me;  Tell Me a Lie;  If He Comes Tonight;  Sunshine On a Rainey Day;  Do Who's Best for You;  Atlanta Misses You Tonight;  Later On;  She Don't Love You Like I Do – 04-04-12

API Atteiram
1095 Life Is Coming Down / Till I'm Strong Enough – 75
1096 You're A Part Of Me / Everyone Loves Friday - 75
API 1130 If I Was A Thief / He Next Time You Get Down – ca 77
Southern Tracks (1983-85)
ST-1020 I Need A Hero / More And More Of Me – 08-04-83
ST-1022 A Married Man / Back In Love Again – 10-83
ST-1027 Angelene / My Stand In Love - 84
ST-1052 Born Again / I'm Gonna Love You – 31-01-86

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