Thursday, May 7, 2015

Doug Grey

By Praguefrank

SESSIONS member of Marshall Tucker Band
1981 Creative Arts Studio, Spartanburg, SC – Doug Grey (Doug Gray [vcl], George McCorkle [gt], John Boestlar [gt], Rusty Milner [gt], Toy Caldwell [gt],  Paul Riddle [drums], Terry McMillan [congas], Ronnie Godfrey [keyboards], Michael Blithe/ Mike Lawler [synthesizer], Dennis Solie [sax], Jerry Eubanks [horns], The Cherry Sisters [bck vcl]. Producer: Billy Sherrill)
001 LET ME BE THE FOOL Shout Factory 31235  
002 WHO Shout Factory 31235  
003 SANDMAN Shout Factory 31235  
004 GUILTY Shout Factory 31235  
005 DON'T BLAME IT ON THE RAIN Shout Factory 31235 
006 NEVER ENOUGH Shout Factory 31235 
007 STILL THINKING OF YOU Shout Factory 31235 
008 MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY Shout Factory 31235


Shout! Factory/Ramblin‘ 31235 The Marshall Tucker Band’s Doug Gray - Soul Of The South: Let Me Be the Fool;  Who;  Sandman;  Guilty;  Don't Blame It on the Rain;  Never Enough;  Still Thinking of You;  More Today Than Yesterday – 05-04-11

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