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Bob Cheevers

*Memphis, TN
By Praguefrank

Ca March 1968 unknown – Bob Cheevers (Producer: Dan Dalton)
001 MB-23024 PATTERNS Dot 45-17103
002 MB-23025 DON’T BLAME IT ON ME 45-17103
Ca February 1969 unknown – Bobby Cheevers
003 MB-24350 UP AND DOWN 45-17273
004 MB-24351 unknown title
005 MB-24352 LEAVIN‘ CLEVELAND 45-17273
Bob Cheevers is still active. Info in albums list


Back Nine BN 0201-2 Gettysburg To Graceland: Forty Acres and a Mule; Annalee Saint Pierre; River Gonna Rise; Shoulda Picked Our Own Cotton; Coleen; Its All About Time; My Young Dixie Rose; River of Jordan; Large Marge; I Saw the King; The Ballad of Caleb Leedy – 06-97
Hayden’s Ferry 9905-2 The Stories I Write: Delta Gold; Watermelon Jim; Stories I Write, The; Le le Bleu Lapearle; Thats What I'll Do Tomorrow; Blue Moon Cafe; Harp Intro; Bottom Line, The; Violin Intro; Put on My Love; Rose Hips; Heros; Hold Me; Old Soul – 14-12-99
Inbred CHEEVERS ? (UPC642973715125) We Are All Naked: Once in a Lifetime Ride; Help Me With My Heart; We Are All Naked; Memories I'll Keep; Living Proof, The; All I Want From Memphis; My Beautiful Suzannah; Blue Delta Dawn; Before You; When the Leaves Turn Gold; That Was Eli; Every Moment Is a Miracle; Thats What I Do; That Evening and Forever – 02
Inbred ? (UPC642973898927) Snapshots: Once In A Lifetime Ride; Annalee Saint Pierre; River Gonna Rise; Living Proof; We Are All Naked; The Bottom Line; Thats What I'll Do Tomorrow; Me And Dan And The Spoonman; Small Town; The Promise And The Promised Land; Old Soul; Ballad Of Caleb Leedy; Under the Bayou Moon; Popsicle Man – 03 (sampler)
Inbred CHEEVERS 4 People, Places and Things: This Kind of Life; Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The; I Need to Slow Down; Soul of Savannah, The; Test of Fire; Under the Bayou Moon; Old Habits Die Hard; Me and Dan and the Spoonman; Memphis till Monday; Promis and the Promised Land – 03
Inbred ? (UPC642973734928) One Man One Martin: Horseshoe Man; Drowning Moon; Common Ground; Rag and Bone Man; Ruby Scarlet and the Sacred Rose; Don't Be Afraid; What You Already Know; Heads or Tails; Vincent and Elaine; Quick and the Dead, The; Free Now; Hell Is Rollin' Down – 08-06-04
Back Nine BN 0202 Texas To Tennessee: Drivin' That Mercury; Rag and Bone Man; Me and Dan and The Spoonman; Pearls of Ivy Road; Soul of Savannah, The; Texas to Tennessee; Jesse Lee Kincade; I Need to Slow Down; Free Now; Downhome Backwoods Hillbilly Fool; Under the Bayou Moon; Memphis 'til Monday; Girl In Amarillo – 18-10-05
Bob Cheevers no # Fiona’s World: What I've Done For Love;  Fiona's World;  Clouds (Interlude);  Pictures Of Strangers;  New Forest Rain;  Plans To Meet In Paris;  Rendezvous (Interlude);  Only Roses;  New Forest Girl; Every Beauty;  Midnight (Interlude); Fiona's Moon; Your Whole Life - 07
Inbred INBRED 005 Tall Texas Tales: Grown Up People; Luckenbach; Texas Is an Only Child; Budget Motel; Turquoise Heart with a West Texas Smile; Give This Heart; Mushroom Cloud Lil; Is It Ever Gonna Rain; One Good Rib; Falling – 09 (also on Berkalin 105)
Back Nine BN 0211 Smoke And Mirrors: Turn Around; North of Baton Rouge; Is It Ever Gonna Rain; Cardinal Lane; Flesh and Blood; Every Doubt Has a Shadow; Texas Woman and Their Diamonds; I'm Still Here; Girl on the Early News; Hope; Vaya Con Dios;  Days in Death Valley; While the World Falls Away; Paintings of the Masters; She Cries Each Time She Hears a Train; Widow's Walk; Home; Popsicle Man; Man Named Jesus; Father McKenzie and Eleanor Rigby; Lime on the Rim; Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle; The Promise and the Promised Land  – 19-02-13 (double)                                 
Private Angel 0212 On Earth As It Is In Austin: The Sound of a Door; One More Nail; My Guitar Man in the Moon and My Heart; My First Rodeo; Made in Mississippi; You Sound Just Like Willie; Snake Oil Man; On Earth as It Is in Austin; Falling Hard On Easy Street;Creaky Old Bones; Hey Hey Billy; West Texas Sundown; Blue Eyes Always On My Mind; I Don't Need a Thing; Paradise Lost – 14

Unknown release info (Cheevers Songs Archive Series CD-Rs)
My Southern Heart: The Unknown Soldier;  Massa John;  Civil Liberties; The Ballad of Caleb Leedy;  Shoulda Picked Our Own Cotton; Annalee Saint Pierre; River Gonna Rise;  My Southern Heart;  40 Acres and a Mule;  Delta Gold;  Children of Freedom; I Saw the King; Large Marge;  Simple Man’s Dream;  My Young Dixie Rose;  Farm Life;  High Cotton; Popsicle Man;  Drivin’ That Mercury;  Under the Bayou Moon;  Rock of Ages – (double)
Cast Of Characters: The Ghost of Don Quixote; The Legend of Sleepy Hollow;  Jesse Lee Kincade; Bone Yard Bill; Crossbones;  Wandering Rose;  Strayheart and Morning Dove;   Holly Would;  Me and Dan and The Spoonman;  Bojoilais;  Big Man In Key Largo
Making Up True Stories:  The Glamourous Life;  Island In Paradise;  Pearls Of Ivy Road; Lime On The Rim;  Rocky Mountain Express;  In My Wildest Dreams;  Miss Taken; Pink and Black;  Progress;  Destiny Rides Again;  When the Music Ends
Harvest Time:  The Promise and the Promised Land; I Need To Slow Down;  Church on the Hill; A Closer Look;  Blanket of Love;  Those Two Hands;  Harvest Time;  If I Had My Wish;  The Ones You Love;  The Voice of Abraham;  One Of These Days
12 Songs You’ll Never hear On The Radio:  My Baby’s In Heat;  If I Fell Back In Love With Your Sister;  I Like Sheep; Underpants;  Poor Man’s Hope;  Old Blind Man In El Paso;  We Are All Naked;  You Were Always A Housewife;  My Next Ex-Wife;  This Kind of Life;  Welcome to the Heartland
Regards To Nashville: Downhome Backwoods Hillbilly Fool;  Small Town;  Somebody Loves Me Back in Nashville;  Blue Lights;  Jukebox Romeo;  Not Tonight I Have a Heartache;  The Girl In Every Song;  Keep Your Rubber Side Down;  You Wound Up With Me;  If This Old House Could Talk;  Water Under the Bridge
The Real Thing: Love’s A Perfect Circle;  Springtime On Broadway;  Two Can Play the Same Game;  In the Early Stages;  You Were Always the One;  Relentless;  One Lonely Night; These Thngs I Will Do For You;  Back In My Life Again;  Not Just Another Sad Love Song;  My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own
When The Music Ends: Old Habits Die Hard;  Foregone Conclusions;  When Amber Turns Blue;  Vaya Con Dios;  All I Do Is Dream;  Falling In Love With Julia;  Don’t Be Cruel; That’s All I Need To Know;  Just Part Of The Truth;  Lets Not Talk About Tomorrow Night;  When The Music Ends

Dot (as Bobby Cheevers)
45-17103  1968  Bobby Cheevers  Patterns / Don’t Blame It On Me – 06-68
45-17273  1969  Bobby Cheevers  Leavin‘ Cleveland / Up And Down – 07-69


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