Thursday, June 4, 2015

Curtis Day

2nd version

By Praguefrank

Fall 1995 Loud Recording, 50 Music Square West, Nashville TN – Curtis Day (Curtis Day [vcl], Larry Byrom [ac gt], Brent Rowan [el gt], Dann Huff [el gt], Dan Dugmore [el gt/steel], Sonny Garrish [steel], Glenn Worf/ Mike Brignardello [bass gt], Paul Leim [drums], Hank Singer/ Rob Hajacos [fiddle], Steve Nathan [piano/organ], Curtis Wright, Curtis Young, Harry Stinson [bck vcl]. Producer: Kevin Beamish, Kyle Lehning)
001 MY BABY'S COOKIN' Asylum 64343-7/61879-2
002 I SEE FOREVER IN YOUR EYES Asylum 64343-7 7-64322
003 TRUTH IS HARD TO SWALLOW Asylum 64322-7/61879-2
005 HOLD THAT THOUGHT Asylum 61879-2
006 I CAN DO IT IN MY SLEEP Asylum 61879-2
007 COWBOY STOMP Asylum 61879-2
008 PULL THE WOOL OVER MY HEART Asylum 61879-2
009 ATHENS GREASE Asylum 61879-2
010 INSTEAD OF LOSING YOU Asylum 61879-2
011 ROCK THE BOAT Asylum 61879-2
2001 unknown – Curtis Day
012 PAINT THE WHOLE TOWN BLUE United Alliance 8882
013 I SEE FOREVER IN YOUR EYES United Alliance 8882
014 I FOUGHT THE TEARS United Alliance 8882 
015 I FALL IN LOVE EVERYDAY United Alliance 8882 
016 MY LAST CRAYOLA United Alliance 8882
017 ONES WHO GIVE IT ALL United Alliance 8882
018 FROM HER TO HERE United Alliance 8882 
019 SHE'S TURNING UP THE COLD United Alliance 8882
020 MAN WITHOUT A HEART United Alliance 8882
021 TOP DOWN United Alliance 8882  

Asylum 61879-2 Curtis Day
: My Baby's Cookin'; The Truth Is Hard To Swallow; Living Well Beyond My Means; Hold That Thought; I Can Do It In My Sleep; The Cowboy Stomp; Pull The Wool Over My Heart; Athens Grease; Instead Of Losing You; Rock The Boat – 30-01-96
United Alliance 8882 Tears: Paint The Whole Town Blue; I See Forever In Your Eyes; I Fought The Tears; I Fall in Love Everyday; My Last Crayola; Ones Who Give It All; From Her To Here; She's Turning Up The Cold; Man Without a Heart;Top Down - 02-03-02

Asylum (1995)
7-64343 My Baby's Cookin' / I See Forever In Your Eyes - 30-11-95
7-64322 I See Forever In Your Eyes / Truth Is Hard To Swallow - 30-01-96

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