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Geary Hanley

2nd version

By Praguefrank

1984 Nashville, TN – Geary Hanley (Producer: John Rhys)
001 S-8001 PYRAMID FEVER Sapphire S-8001/2
002 S-8002 GUITAR PICKER Sapphire S-8001/2
1985-1986 poss. Nashville, TN – Geary Hanley (Producer: Kit Johnson, Ronny Light)
003 THAT'S A LOT OF LOVIN' FOR $ 1.69 Kansa 619/KA-625 NR-16209
004 U-14952 EVEN WHEN I RIDE IN THE RAIN Kansa 627*/KA-625 NR-16209
005 GO AHEAD AND LOVE HER I DID Kansa 620/KA-625 NR-16209
006 ANY TIME'S THE RIGHT TIME LOVIN' GIRL Kansa 620 622/KA-625 NR-16209
008 SHE'S JUST USIN' YOU Kansa 619/KA-625 NR-16209
009 I COULD DANCE ALL NIGHT Kansa KA-625 NR-16209
010 LATE MOVIES AND MEMORIES Kansa 624/KA-625 NR-16209
011 I'VE GOT THIS FRIEND Kansa 627/KA-625 NR-16209
012 U-12080 I'M LOVIN' YOU ALL OVER AGAIN Kansa 622/KA-625 NR-16209
013 U-14853 BIG CITY WOMAN Kansa 626/KA-625 NR-16209
1987 poss. Nashville, TN – Geary Hanley (Producer: Kit Johnson, Ronny Light)
014 PRIDE OF TEXAS Kansa 629/40
016 DIXIE Kansa KA-640
020 U-18854 MEMORY REMOVER Kansa 634 639/KA-640
022 GOOD OLE NIGHTS Kansa KA-640
023 U-20608 I'M GETTING EVEN WITH YOU 639/Kansa KA-640
Geary Hanley is still active, info in albums list

Kansa KA-625 Geary Hanley:
That's A Lot Of Lovin' For $ 1.69; Even When I Ride In The Rain; Go Ahead And Love Her I Did; Any Time's The Right Time Lovin' Girl; (Last Night) You Could Have Had Her For A Song; She's Just Usin' You; I Could Dance All Night; Late Movies And Memories; I've Got This Friend; I'm Lovin' You All Over Again; Big City Woman - 86
Kansa KA-640 Straight To My Heart: Pride Of Texas; Straight To My Heart; Dixie; One More Reason To Hate California; Where Does Love Go; Monday Morning Monroe, Louisiana Blues; Memory Remover; Somebody Loves; Good Ole Nights; I'm Getting Even With You; You're Holding Too Many Hearts In Your Hand; Middle Class Blues - 87
Geary Hanley/Singer /Songwriter Nancy Bauer no # (UPC 634479030611) In This Lonely Bed: Pour Me Another Glass Of Whiskey; Wings Of An Angel; Hot Night In Dallas; I'll Do Anything For You; Sorry I Missed Your Phone Call Last Night; Nashville Up In Heaven; Looking For A Gun Fight; Caught Red Handed; Sooo Smooth; Tell Me Why; Beer,Tequila,Whiskey And Wine; What's A Lonely Man Supposed To Do; Let The Good Times Roll On; Honkey Tonk Country Girl;. In This Lonely Bed – 22-07-04
PCR no # (UPC634479839061) Nashville: That's A Lot Of Lovin For; Who Do You Think You're Talkin' To; I Want To Be Loved Like That One Time; When The Smoke Had Cleared; Cowgirl Cute And Cowboy Crazy;Go Ahead And Love Her I Did; She's Just Paying The Rent; Anytime's The Right Time Lovin' Girl; Jukebox Time Machine; Kiss Your Past Goodbye; I Had A Dream Last Night; Tryin' To Remember; She's Just Using You; I've Got This Friend; Please Wait; I'm Not One Of The Good Guys Anymore – 14-07-08
PCR no # (UPC884502418637)Tequila Rose: Tequila Rose; I Ain't No Cowboy I Just Found The Hat; He Brings Home The Bacon; It's Not Me, It's My Heart; I Didn't Do One Thing Wrong;You Call Your Lawyer And I'll Call Mine; She's Like A Sad Song; I Think She Took It With Her; She Sang "easy Lovin"; She's An Animal; Dreamin' Again; If Time Ran Backwards; Right On The Money ; Don't Make Me Laugh; Lettin' Go And Movin' On – 08
RGO no # (UPC822371130014) The Comeback Trail: How Much Is Love Worth; I've Never Been Afraid of Nothing; Baby, You Caught Me with My Heart Down; Tell Me What Is Wrong (And I'll Help You Make It Right); Nashville Tennessee; The Comeback Trail; Cindy; I Ain't Perfect; Time; That Texas Tigress; Lovers or Friends; Here I Am; A Faster Train; Tequila Bay; Pieces; Feeling Bad But Getting Better; 41 Dollars; I Don't Wanna Judge You; 2052; Somebody Else - 20-11-08
RGO no # Honky Tonkin With A Taste Of Texas: When In Texas (Do As The Texans Do) - Mitch Snow; Honky Tonk Boots - Ronnie Masters; Feeling Bad But Getting Better - Geary Hanley; Corpus Christi Bay Laid Back Baby - Mitch Snow; Where Can I Go (Where She Won't Be) - Ronnie Masters; How Much Is Love Worth - Geary Hanley; Abilene Abilene - Mitch Snow; Honky Tonks And Steel Guitars - Ronnie Masters; Baby, You Caught Me With My Heart Down - Geary Hanley; She's Ugly - Mitch Snow; Bound To Lose - Ronnie Masters; If Swinging Doors Don't Get Me, Lonesome Will - Mitch Snow; A Faster Train - Geary Hanley; Crazy As A Man Could Be - Ronnie Masters; San Angelo - Mitch Snow; I Ain't Perfect - Geary Hanley; Texarkana Baby - Mitch Snow; Second Chance - Ronnie Masters; Cowgirl Cute And Cowboy Crazy - Mitch Snow; Lonesome Town - Ronnie Masters; Hey Ballerina - Mitch Snow; Love Might Be The Death Of Me - Ronnie Masters; The Comeback Trail - Geary Hanley; George Jones, Will You Sing My Song - Mitch Snow; Time - Geary Hanley – 16-09-09 various artists
RGO 7612797 Many Moods Of Love: More Precious Than Life - Geary Hanley; You Can't Tell My Heart What To Do - Mitch Snow; I Need Lovin' In My Life - Geary Hanley; There You Go Again - Mitch Snow; I better Be A Better Man - Geary Hanley; What Might Have Been - Mitch Snow; To Think, I Thought, You Loved Me - Geary Hanley; We Did The Whole Enchilada - Mitch Snow; I See The Hurt In Your Eyes - Geary Hanley; Hello Blues - Mitch Snow; A New Point Of View - Geary Hanley; A Country Afternoon - Mitch Snow; Could It Be My Eyes Are Lyin' - Geary Hanley; Postcard Memories And Old Photographs - Mitch Snow; I'll Leave You, I Will - Geary Hanley; Love Beats - Mitch Snow; Our Movie Is Over (And Here's Where I came in) - Geary Hanley; Abilene Abilene - Mitch Snow; Down Memory Lane - Geary Hanley; Skeletons - Mitch Snow; Through Your Eyes - Geary Hanley; I Could Climb To The Sky - Mitch Snow; What Love Does - Geary Hanley; Let Me Be Everything To You - Ray Sanders; You're Gonna Break Your Daddy's Heart - Ray Sanders; I'll Be Loving You Tonight - Ray Sanders with Cici Porter – 17-03-10 various artists
RGO no # (UPC884502502787) Geary Hanley, I Need Lovin' In My Life To Stay Alive: To Think, I Thought You Loved Me; I Don't Wanna Judge You (I Just Wanna Love You); Could It Be My Eyes Are Lyin'; I Better Be A Better Man; Corpus Christi Bay Laid- Back Baby; I Need Lovin' In My Life To Stay Alive; I See The Hurt In Your Eyes; Cindy; When In Texas (Do As The Texans Do); Our Movie Is Over (And Here's Where I Came In); How Much Is Love Worth; He Learned From My Mistakes; The Comeback Trail; Down Memory Lane; Tequila Bay; I Can't Fall Out Of Love With You (As Fast As I Fell In); More Precious Than Life; Be Mean To Me; I Didn't Know How To Say Goodbye; Tell Me What Is Wrong (And I'll Help You Make It Right); I'll Leave You, I Will; There's No Love Like Our Love - Ray Sanders; I'll Stay Till The Beer Runs Out - Ray Sanders; Baby Girl (The Wedding Song) - Ray Sanders – 18-05-10
RGO ? (UPC885767651715) When In Texas (Do As The Texans Do): Heaven Country USA;  A Misty Morning Memory;  A New Point of View;  Heart Don't Let Me Down;  Are You Foolin' Me Cowgirl (Are You Foolin' Round);  When In Texas (Do As the Texans Do);  Let Me Be Everything To You;  I Can't Fall Out of Love With You (As Fast As I Fell In);  I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas;  I See the Hurt In Your Eyes;  She's Ugly;  Everybody' s Got Some Skeletons In Their Closet;  Happy Fathers Day;  A Couple of Hours Out of My Mind;  Every Night You Make My Day;  Gone With the Wind;  You Can't Tell My Heart What To Do;  I'm Just Glad To Be Alive and Lovin' You;  It Ain't That Way;  Sometimes Good People Do Bad Things – 11
RGO ? (UPC885767567320) Travelin Toward Heaven: Lord, I'm Glad That You Are God And Not The Man;  A Path That Never Fades;  Traveling Toward Heaven;  I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas;  You And God Can Be A Team;  A Rose Between Two Thorns;  A New Love In My Life;  I've Never Seen An Armored Car Following A Hearse;  The Golden Rule;  Christmas In Heaven;  I Need To Keep Christ Close To Me;  It Ain't That Way;  Pray, Pray, Pray;  What I Saw Today;  My Home Was My Training Ground For Life;  Leave It To Me – 11-11

Sapphire (1984)
S-8001/8002 Pyramid Fever / Guitar Picker – 84
Kansa (1985-7)
KA-619 That's A Lot Of Lovin' For $ 1:69 / She's Just Usin' You – ca. 85
KA-620 Go Ahead And Love Her I Did / Any Time's The Right Time Lovin' Gal - ca. 86
KA-622 I'm Lovin' You All Over Again / Any Time's The Right Time Lovin' Gal - 86
KA-624 Late Movies And Memories / ? - 86
KA-626 Big City Woman / ? - 86
KA-627 Even When I Ride In The Rain / I've Got This Friend – ca. 87
KA-629 Pride Of Texas / Last Night I Could Have Had Her For A Song - 87
KA-634 Memory Remover / ? - 87
KA-639 I'm Getting Even With You / Memory Remover - 87
KA-644 Monday Morning Monroe Louisiana Blues / ? - 88

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  1. Geary Hanley has to be the most under rated singer ever, i have most of his recordings and they are first class