Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kathy Louvin

*04-09-1957 Nashville, TN
By Praguefrank
2003 [sessions for Livin', Lovin', Losin' - Songs Of The Louvin Brothers] Nashville, TN – Kathy Louvin and Pamela Brown Hayes
001 I WISH YOU KNEW  Universal South B0000458-02
Ca 2010 Nashville, TN – Kathy Louvin and Charlie Louvin (Producer: Chuck Pearson)
002 FIREPLACE Louvinish 44589
2012 Nashville, TN – Kathy Louvin (Producer: Chuck Pearson)
003 BACK TO THE MASTER Louvinish 44589
004 BOTH SIDES OF THE CROSS Louvinish 44589
005 DON’T LEAVE HIM HANGIN’ Louvinish 44589
006 GRACE IS WATCHING OVER ME Louvinish 44589
007 PROMISED LAND Louvinish 44589
008 CHANGE ME Louvinish 44589
009 SECRETS Louvinish 44589
010 SO HELP ME GOD Louvinish 44589
011 SOLDIER OF THE CROSS Louvinish 44589

Louvinish 44589 Time Served: Free Indeed: Back To The Master; Both Sides Of The Cross; Fireplace; Don’t Leave Him Hangin’; Grace Is Watching Over Me; Promised Land; Change Me; Secrets; So Help Me God; Soldier Of The Cross – 04-13


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