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Bill and Mary Reid

Bill Reid, *17-06-1926, +10-08-2009

2nd version

By Praguefrank, Al Turner, John Morris, Henk Scholts, Thieu Van De Vorst

1952 Detroit, MI – Bill and Mary Reid and The Shenenadoah Valley Sweethearts Bill Reid [vcl/gt], Mary Reid [vcl/gt], Dayton Crisp [steel], Maynard Dcarce [fiddle], George Altmiller [piano])
001 101A THE BLOOM HAS LEFT THE ROSES Silver Bell 101
002 101B THE HONEYMOON WALTZ Silver Bell 101
003 OR DIDN’T YOU KNOW Silver Bell 102
8 November 1955 Castle Studio, The Tulane Hotel, 206 8th Ave. North, Nashville, TN - Bill Reid and Mary Reid and The Melody Mountaineers (Bill Reid [vcl/gt], Mary Reid [vcl/gt], Sammy Pruett [gt], Johnny Sibert [steel], Curley Lambert [mandolin], Swanson Walker [banjo], George Shuffler [bass], Les Woodie [fiddle]. Producer: Don Law)
005 CO 54297/NASH-1993/JZSP-37441 BLUE RIDGE WALTZ Columbia 4-21497
006 CO 54298/NASH-1994/JZSP-37442 IN MY HEART I LOVE YOU YET 4-21497
007 CO 54299/NASH-1995/JZSP-37443 I’LL NEVER BE LONESOME AGAIN 4-21529
008 CO 54300/NASH-1996/JZSP-37444 GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY 4-21529
17 July 1956 Music City Recording, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Bill Reid and Mary Reid and The Melody Mountaineers (Bill Reid [vcl/gt], Mary Reid [vcl/gt], Ray Edenton [gt], Curley Lambert [mandolin], Swanson Walker [banjo], Waler West [steel],  Lightnin‘ Chance [bass], Les Woodie [fiddle]. Producer: Don Law)
009 CO 56816/OB 1154? I LOVE HIM TOO 4-21557
010 CO 56817/OB 1155?/JZSP-38985 YOU’RE STEPPING OUT OF ME 4-40837
011 CO 56818/OB 1156? YOUR SWEET LOVING MAN 4-21557
012 CO 56819/OB 1157? WHO KNOWS RIGHT FROM WRONG 4-40837
29 August 1957 RCA Victor Studio, Methodist Television, Radio and Film Commission, 1525 McGavock St., Nashville, TN - Bill Reid and Mary Reid (Bill Reid [vcl/gt], Mary Reid [vcl/gt], Robert Garner [gt], Jimmy Self [rh gt], Junior Huskey [bass], Joe Meadows [fiddle])
013 ST-2651 IN THE VALLEY Starday 45-325
014 ST-2652 I WANT TO BE WANTED 45-343
016 ST-2654 BEAUTIE CUTIE 45-343

Old Homestead OHCD-4011 Early Radio Favorites:
Katy Hill; Want To Be Loved; Down In The Valley; In My Heart I Love You Yet; Wildwood Flower; I Want To Be Wanted; She Can't Stand The Light Of Day; Take Up Thy Cross; Beautie Cutie; Blue Ridge Waltz; I'll Never Be Lonesome Again; Love Him Too; Sweet Lovin' Man; You're Steppin' Out On Me; Who Knows Right From Wrong; Or Didn't You Know; Except In Dreams; Bloom Has Left The Roses; Honeymoon Waltz; Get Down On Your Knees And Pray; Foggy Mountain Breakdown – 98 (radio shows, recorded probably in mid 1950s)

Silver Bell (1952)
101 The Bloom Has Left The Roses / The Honeymoon Waltz – 52
102 Or Didn’t You Know / Except In Dreams - 52
Columbia (1956-57)
4-21497 Blue Ridge Waltz / In My Heart I Love You Yet – 10-02-56 (rev. Feb. 16)
4-21529 I'll Never Be Lonesome Again / Get Down On Your Knees And Pray – ca. 04-06-56
4-21557 Your Sweet Loving Man / I Love Him Too - 09-56 (rev. Sept. 29)
4-40837-c You're Stepping Out On Me / Who Knows Right From Wrong - 01-57 (rev. Feb. 16)
Starday (1957-58)
45-325 In The Valley / She Can't Stand The Light Of Day – 10-57 (rev. Oct. 28)
45-343 I Want To Be Wanted / Beautie Cutie – ca. 01-58

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