Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mary Ford

Iris Collen Summer, *07-07-1924 El Monte, CA, +30-09-1977
By Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli

SESSIONS  see also Les Paul
Ca October 1963 unknown, CA – Mary Ford, *and The Summers
001 100A/50356  DOMINIQUE Calendar 619
002 100B/50356-X  WHERE CAN I GO* Calendar 619
Ca 1964 unknown, CA – Mary Ford with Bobby Summers guitar
003 VAYA CON DIOS Vogue Int. 6402
004 SOMEDAY Vogue Int. 6402
Ca March 1965 Hollywood, CA – Mary Ford (arr. Bob Summers. Producer: Mary Ford Ent.)
005 1206 THE WORLD STANDS STILL Challenge 59289
006 1207 THIS IS IT Challenge 59289
1965 Hollywood, CA – Mary Ford
007 HOW HIGH THE MOON Challenge CHS 2523
008 I'M A FOOL TO CARE Challenge CHS 2523
009 I'M SITTIN' ON TOP OF THE WORLD Challenge CHS 2523
010 SMOKE RINGS Challenge CHS 2523
011 I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW Challenge CHS 2523
012 VAYA CON DIOS Challenge CHS 2523
014 JUST ONE MORE CHANCE Challenge CHS 2523
015 TENNESSEE WALTZ Challenge CHS 2523
016 JEALOUS Challenge CHS 2523
Ca early 1966 [no 12825] Hollywood, CA – Mary Ford (arr. Bob Summers. Producer: Bob Summers, Mike Curb)
017 60537 ONE IN A MILLION Tower 279
018 60538 WHY CAN’T HE BE YOU  Tower 279
Ca October 1967 Hollywood, CA – Mary Ford (Producer: Bob Summers)
019 N-3464 GRINGO’S GUITAR Carole CAR-1003
020 N-3465 SWEET DREAMS CAR-1003


Challenge CHL 623/CHS 2523 A Brand New Ford From Marv Tonkin Ford (Mary Ford Sings Her Million Record Sellers): How High The Moon; I'm A Fool To Care; I'm Sittin' On Top Of The World; Smoke Rings; I Really Don't Want To Know; Vaya Con Dios; The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise;  Just One More Chance; Tennessee Waltz; Jealous – 66
? A Brand New Ford (The Complete Solo Recordings): How High the Moon; I'm a Fool to Care; I'm Sittin on Top of the World; Smoke Rings; I Really Don't Want to Know; Vaya con Dios; The World is Waiting for the Sunrise; Just One More Chance; Tennessee Waltz; Jealous; Dominique; Where Can I Go; This is It; The world Stands Still; One in a Million; Why Can't He Be You; Sweet Dreams; Gringo's Guitar - ? (possibly private issue)

Calendar (1963)
619 Dominique / Where Can I Go – 11-63
Vogue Int. (1964?)
6402 Vaya Con Dios /  Someday – ca 64
Challenge (1965)
59289 This Is It /  The World Stands Still – 04-65 (rev. Apr. 10)
279 One In A Million /  Why Can't He Be You – 03-66 (rev. Apr. 2)
Carole (1967)
CAR-1003 Gringo's Guitar / Sweet Dreams – 11-67 (rev. Nov. 25)

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