Wednesday, November 25, 2015

South Mountain

By Praguefrank, Vaclav Zpatecka

There is not enough info for creating sessionography. Most of albums probably recorded at Swamp Studio, Stratford, Ontario, CA
Members: Steve Piticco (guitar, banjo, vocals), Don Reed (fiddle), Todd Nolan (lead vocals, bass, 1989-92, 1998-2002), Bill Carruthers (drums, 1989-92, 1998-2000), Sam Henry (drums, 1992-95), Dan Washburn (lead vocals, bass, 1992-98), Laurie Laport-Piticco (guitar, vocals, 1992-2000), Chris Lingard (drums, 1995-98), Al Bragg (steel guitar, 2000-02), Jay Riehl (drums, 2000-present), Kurk Bernard (lead vocals, bass, 2002-present) [according to]


Burco [CAN] BRLP C0189 New Traditions: (tracks unknown) - 89 (cassette)
Burco [CAN] ? Pickin’ Partners: Columbus Stockade Blues; Chew Tobacco Rag; I Don't Think Hank Done It This Way; Texas; You Don't Have Very Far To Go; One Way Rider; Medley: St; Anne's Reel, Snowflake Breakdown; The Mockingbird; Medley: Big John Macneil, Agnus Campbell; Medley: Faded Love, Maidens' Prayer; Orange Blossom Special; – 89 Steve Piticco and Don Reed (cassette)
Burco [CAN] ? South Mountain – Live: (tracks unknown)  - 90
Burco [CAN] BR-101 South Mountain And Friends:  Tears Won't Dry The Rain; I've Got  To Travel On; Not Thye First One; Light Years Away; I've Got The Blues; That's The Truth; Ridin' Free,  Ridin' High; Dream Of Me; Just One Time; Gone Ahead; Dixiefied; Kentucky Grass; Hometown Heroes; Lonely Town – 90
Koch [AUT] 322 545 Dixiefied: Ridin' Free Ridin' High; Dixified; One Way Rider;  The Time Of My Life; Who Took That Smile Away From Me; You Make Me  Feel So High; That Don't Mean I Love You Less; Lost Highway;  Light Years Away; I've Got The Blues; That's The Truth; Dream Of  Me; Just One Time; Gone Ahead; The Devil's Face; Dandy Lying; When She Needed Love; I Stepped Over The Line – 91
Have A Heart: - 93
Stony Plain [CAN] SPCD 1204 Where There's A Will:  Where There's A Will; Truly, Madly; Fear Of Flying; Radioland; Have A Heart; Another Day Like This; Wrong Time "For The Right Kind Of Love";  Who Would've Thought; This Time, Time; Ain't It A Miracle; Gettin' By At Gettin' By; Scared Money; Midnight Delight; Wishing It Was You – 28-03-95
Tod Nolan [CAN] TNCD 0198 Todd Nolan and South Mountain:  Midnight Delight; Light Years Away;  Dixiefied;  I Believe In Angels;  I Let You Go;  Orange Blossom Special;  I've Got The Blues; Mirrors Don't Lie;  Chew Tobacco Rag; Tracks You Leave Behind;  One Way Rider;  Tears Won't Dry In The Rain;  The Last Time; Crying  - 98
Continental Song City [NED] CSCCD 1013 I Believe In Country Music: I Believe In Country Music; Writing On The Wall; I Stood Your Leaving; Too Much To Do; Memories; If These Walls Could Talk; How Did I Let It Come To This; Where Does The Good Times Go; Black Diamond Strings; Please Don't Tell Me How The Story  Ends; Between Your Heart And Mine; Down Home Deluxe; When The Heart Talks; Red Roses, White Satin, Blue Memories – 00
South Mountain [CAN] ? We’re Back: Intro;  Second Fiddle;  Midnight Train;  Ramblin';  Tennessee Waltz;  Crazy Arms;  Draggin' The Bow;  The Kentuckian Song; Whooper Snooper;  Love You A Thousand Ways;  I Wish You Knew;  It Makes No Difference Now; Go Rest High On That Mountain;  Ghost Riders In The Sky - 02
South Mountain [CAN] no # Layin’  Tracks: C.C. Express; I'll Be Alone When I Cry; Mangling The Mandolin; I Won't Be Blue Anymore; Roly Poly; Tearing The Heart Out Of Me; A Mansion On The Hill; I'm Sorry; Grandfather's  Clock; Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache); Kayaking In  Killarney; Two Highways; O Canada; 1-2-10 - 03
South Mountain [CAN] no # Live At The Rattlesnake – Saloon: Love Bug;  Singing Water Fall;  Columbus Stockade Blues;  Chew Tobacco Rag;  High Lonesome Sound;  Say Hello; Saint Anne's Reel;  Mocking Bird;  Midnight Flyer;  Band Intro;  Cowboy's Aren't Supposed To Cry;  Bruno! Was That A Turkey?;  Silver Wings;  Treat Me Like A Fool;  Every Second;  One Way Rider;  Orange Blossom Special;  Black Mountain Rag - 01-04
South Mountain [CAN] no # Just For You: Hot Wired; Another Chance At Love; Hide And Go  Cheat; Pearl Street Breakdown ; Stair Climbing; Waltz Of The Wind; Reach For The Rhythm; Made In Japan; Colder Than Winter; Would You Mind; Black Train; Transylvania Jig; Slow Me Down; Near Mrs.; Country Boy – 06
South Mountain [CAN] ? All Roads Lead To… South Mountain:  Cab Driver;  Atta Way To Go;  Country Boy;  Faded Love;  Stop Right Where We Are;  Come On Home;  One Minute;  She Got The Gold Mine; Mister Sandman;  Natural High;  Sugarfoot Rag; Too Many Pockets On My Shirt; You Take Me For Granted;  Honky Tonk Merry Go Round  - 08
South Mountain [CAN] ? Time Changes Everything: (tracks unknown) - 11
South Mountain [CAN] ? South Mountain Café: Stay All Night;  Crooked Stove Pipe; Honky Tonk Night Time Man; Holding Things Together; Cryin' My Heart out over You; Do Me Wrong (Do Me Right); John Hardy Was a Desprate Little Man; Georgia; What a Way to Live; Satisfied With You; Turkey in the Straw; White Ring; Workin' Man Blues ; Humming Bird – 09-08-13
South Mountain [CAN] ? Kickin’ And Swingin’: A11;  Uncle Pen;  Put a quarter in the jukebox;  Rhinestone cowboy;  Old fashioned love;  Rockin'the square dance;  Beaumont Rag;  Mama tried;  Eh boogie; Fiddlin' around; San Antonio Rose; Waitin' for the sun to shine; Yakety Axe – 09-16

Burco [CAN]
BR-119 Light Years Away / Light Years Away – 89 (promo)
BR-124 That's The Truth /  I Got The Blues – 90
BR-130 Dixiefied / Dixiefied – 90 (promo)
BR-132 Ridin' Free, Ridin' High / Ridin' Free, Ridin' High  91 (promo)

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