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Bud Hobbs (by Dick Grant)


DUDE MARTIN and his Round-Up Gang-2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    San Francisco, Ca:                                                                           ca. Early February 1946
John Stephen “Dude Martin” McSwain (vcl-6/rhy gtr); Henry Roland “Bud” Hobbs (vcl-3/gtr); Arvada Miller (vcl-4/yodel-7); Jimmy McDonald (vcl-5); Peggy Martin (vcl-9); Andy Parker (vcl-10), Eugene Richard “Dick” Lammi (stg bs); Trio (vcl-8).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Producer:

701A                           RODEO ROSE                                                                                          -1-3                              Eagle No. 701A, ABC-Eagle 114, ABC-Eagle EP-
                                     (Terrell-Robinson)                                                                               Cattle CCD-288, No Label Name No.#
701B                           BRONCO BUSTER                                                                                  -1                                  Eagle No. 701B, ABC-Eagle 114, ABC-Eagle EP-         
                                     (Terrell-Robinson)                                                                               Cattle CCD-288        
702A                           OLEMARGARENE                                                                                   -1-4                              Eagle No. 702 A, ABC-Eagle EP-
702B                           I WONDER IF YOU BURN ALL MY LETTERS                                       -1-5                                       No. 702 B,                 EP-
703A/APS-400         OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART                                                                  -1-2-6                          Eagle No. 703A,                  EP-     Roundup Recordings 1003
                                     (Dude Martin) (Hill & Range Songs, Inc. BMI)
703B/APS-401         DUTCH WARBLER      -1-2-7                                                                         No. 703B,                EP-      Roundup Recordings 1004
704A/APS-399         I JUST HAVEN’T CHANGED                                                                  -1-2-6                          Eagle No. 704A, Roundup Recordings 1002
                                     (Dude Martin)
704B/APS-398         GIRL FROM MINNESOTA                                                                     (Inst)-1-2                             No. 704B, Roundup Recordings 1001
705A/APS-768         COOL WATER                                                                                         -1-2-6-8                      Eagle No. 705A, ABC Eagle 115, Roundup 1003
                                     (Bob Nolan) (American Music, Inc. BMI)                                                                             
705B/APS-767         IF IT’S WRONG TO LOVE YOU                                                              -1-2-6                                   No. 705B,                 115, Roundup 1004
706A/APS-770         SALT WATER COWBOY                                                                         -1-2-6                          Eagle No. 706A, Cattle CCD-288
706B/APS-769         HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME                                                            -1-2-9-10                             No. 706B,           CCD-288

NOTE: KYA SAN FRANCISCO advert Billboard Saturday 4th May 1946-DUDE MARTIN and His “Round-Up Gang”-Dinnertime Favorites Nightly from 5:05PM to 6:00PM.

NB(1): EAGLE RECORDS was based at 1069 Market Street, San Francisco 3, Ca.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 11th May 1946-EAGLE No. 701. 
NB(3): EAGLE No. 701 released Tuesday 14th May 1946.
NB(4):BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 11th May 1946-EAGLE No. 702.
NB(5): EAGLE No. 702 released Tuesday 14th May 1946.
NB(6): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 4th May 1946-EAGLE No. 702.
NB(7): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 18th May 1946-EAGLE No. 701.
NB(8): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 18th May 1946-EAGLE No. 702.
NB(9): EAGLE RECORDS advert BiIlboard Saturday 1st June 1946-EAGLE No. 703.
NB(10): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 8th June 1946-EAGLE No. 703.
NB(11): EAGLE No. 703 released Tuesday 11th June 1946.
NB(12): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 1st June 1946-EAGLE No. 704.
NB(13): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 8th June 1946-EAGLE No. 704.
NB(14): EAGLE No. 704 released Tuesday 11th June 1946.
NB(15): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 1st June 1946-EAGLE No. 705.
NB(16): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 8th June 1946-EAGLE No. 705.
NB(17): EAGLE No. 705 released Tuesday 11th June 1946.
NB(18): EAGLE RECORDS advert Billboard Saturday 1st June 1946-EAGLE No. 706. 
NB(19): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 8th June 1946-EAGLE No. 706.
NB(20): EAGLE No. 706 released Tuesday 11th June 1946.
NB(21): ROUNDUP RECORDINGS RECORDS released by Dude Martin’s Western Radio Features, 512 Hearst Bldg, San Francisco, Ca.
NB(22): ROUNDUP RECORDINGS 1001/1002 released
NB(23): ROUNDUP RECORDINGS 1003 released
NB(24): ROUNDUP RECORDINGS 1003/1004 released
NB(25): ABC-EAGLE EP     “DUDE MARTIN and his Roundup Gang-RADIO ROUNDUP” released 1949.
NB(26): ABC-EAGLE Records advert Billboard Saturday 30th July 1949.
NB(27): ABC-EAGLE 114 released Tuesday 27th September 1949.
NB(28): ABC-EAGLE 115 released Tuesday 27th September 1949.
NB(29): CATTLE CCD-288 “DUDE MARTIN and his Roundup Gang” released Germany

NOTE: BILLBOARD Saturday 10th August 1946-Dude Martin is really “a’straddle his saddle again” with a 55-minute daily broadcast over KYA, San Francisco, and a Pacific Coast network sustainer coming up for ABC. Dude surprised Herb Caen, San Francisco nitelife columnist and western music critic, by extending his Persian Room contract at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel for 22 weeks.
NOTE: BILLBOARD Saturday 12th October 1946-Dude Martin, with a 4.8 Hooperating tucked glowingly in his belt, is moving his Radio Roundup show from Monday to Sunday nights at 8:30 (PDT) over the ABC Coast network. Martin’s success in this spot is a tribute to KGO, San Francisco, executives who recognize the popularity of Western and folk music. Move forces Dude to discontinue his Sunday night barn dance at the Persian Room, of the Hotel Sir Francis Drake, where he has played for 18 weeks.

DUDE MARTIN and His Roundup Gang
                                                                                                                                                                                            Hollywood, Ca:                                                                                                        Late 1946
Dude Martin (); Bud Hobbs (vcl/gtr); plus Unk Musicians

                                     RODEO ROSE                                                                                                                                U.S .Air Force Radio Transcription
                                     SOMEBODY’S ROSE                                                                               U.S. Air Force Radio Transcription
                                     (Jimmy Wakely-Billie Weber)
                                     HOME IN SAN ANTOINE                                                                                                             U.S. Air Force Radio Transcription
                                     HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY THAT I LOVE YOU                                                                          U.S. Air Force Radio Transcription
                                     (Scotty Wiseman)
                                     REMEMBER ME WHEN THE CANDLELIGHTS ARE GLEAMING      U.S. Air Force Radio Transcription
                                     (Scotty Wiseman)

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:          Wednesday 10th December 1947
(vcl/gtr); Gene Coles (ld gtr); Curly Cochran (stl gtr); poss. Glenn Tarver (fdl); Jimmy Pruitt (pno); Unk (stg bs).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Producer:

47-S-3112-3/           YOU’RE MINE TONIGHT (BUT WILL YOU BE MINE TOMORROW)                                     MGM 10206-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10206B                      (Dilbeck)                                                                                                 No Label Name No.#
47-S-3113-2/           LAZY MAZY                                                                                                                                    MGM 10206-A,                                 HBRCD-049
10206A/1/a             (Wooley)                                                                                                No Label Name No.#, Proper Properbox 75, Cactus MGMCD-3
47-S-3314-2/           OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART                                                                                                        MGM 10305-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10305A/1/D            (Dude Martin) (Hill & Range Songs, Inc. BMI)                                                                     No Label Name No.# 
47-S-3315-2/           I HEARD ABOUT YOU                                                                                                                  MGM 10305-B,                                 HBRCD-049
10305B/2/C             (Sheb Wooley)                                                                                                                            No Label Name No.#

NB(1): MGM 10206 released Monday 7th June 1948.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 5th June 1948-MGM 10206.
NB(3): MGM Records advert Billboard Saturday 5th June 1948-MGM 10206.
NB(4): MGM 10305 released Monday 15th November 1948.
NB(5): “LAZY MAZY” entered Billboard C&W chart-Saturday 25th September 1948-Juke Box #13, 1 week.
NB(6): “I HEARD ABOUT YOU” entered Billboard C&W chart Saturday 29th January 1949-Juke Box #12/Best Seller #13,  4 weeks.
NB(8): CACTUS MGMCD-3 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.3.” released

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:          Thursday 18th December 1947
(vcl/gtr); poss. Gene Coles (ld gtr); Curly Cochran (stl gtr); poss. Glenn Tarver (fdl); Unk (stg bs).

47-S-3355/               FOR THE SAKE OF AN OLD MEMORY                                                                                      MGM 10571-B, MGM K10571-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10571B/1/B             (Ganun)                                                                                                                                        No Label Name No.#
47-S-3356-2/           HONEY THERE AIN’T NO PLEASIN’ YOU                                                                                   MGM 10163-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10163A/1A               (Martin-Johnson)                                                                                                                       Proper Properbox 83, No Label Name No.#                                                                                       
47-S-3357-2/           ENOUGH IS ENOUGH                                                                                                                 MGM 10163-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10163B/2/B             (Denney-Nelson)                                                                                                                       No Label Name No.#
47-S-3358-2/           TRY BEING TRUE                                                                                                                          MGM10848-B, MGM K10848-B,                                 HBRCD-049                                
10848B/B                 (Martin-Johnson)                                                                                                                       No Label Name No.#
NB(1): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 20th March 1948-MGM 10163.
NB(2): MGM 10163 released Monday 22nd March 1948.
NB(3): MGM Records advert Billboard Saturday 27th March 1948-MGM 10163. 
NB(4): MGM 10163 reviewed Bilboard C&W Saturday 27th March 1948.
NB(5): MGM 10571/MGM K10571 released Monday 28th November 1949.
NB(6): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 3rd December 1949-MGM 10571/MGM K10571.
NB(7): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 25th November 1950-MGM 10848/MGM K10848.
NB(8): MGM 10848/MGM K10848 released Monday 27th November 1950.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:          Monday 24th January 1949
(vcl/gtr); Gene Coles (ld gtr); Wayne Powers (stl gtr); Louis Tierney (fdl); Dino              (accdn); Unk (stg bs).

49-S-3028-1/           RIGHT ON DOWN THE LINE                                                                                                      MGM 10484-B, MGM K10848-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10484B/1/C             (Ganun)                                                                                                                                        No Label Name No.#
49-S-3029-1/           TOO PROUD TO CRY                                                                             MGM 10428-B, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10428B/2/B             (Joe Grieshop)                                                                                                                            No Label Name No.#
49-S-3030-2/           CANDY KISSES                                                                                                                              MGM 10366-B,                                 HBRCD-049
10366B                      (George Morgan)                                                                                                                       No Label Name No.#
49-S-3031-3/           TENNESSEE BORDER                                                                             MGM 10366-A,                                 HBRCD-049
10366A/1/A             (Jimmy Work)                                                                                                                              No Label Name No.#
49-S-3032-1/           HEADIN’ DOWN THE WRONG HIGHWAY                                                                              MGM 10656-B, MGM K10656-B,                                 HBRCD-049
10656B/C                 (Daffan)                                                                                                                                        No Label Name No.#
49-S-3033-3/           I NEVER KNEW I LOVED YOU, TILL THE DAY YOU SAID GOODBYE                                     MGM 10656-A,           K10656-A,                                 HBRCD-049
10656A/B                 (Arnold-Ganun)                                                                                                                          No Label Name No.#
49-S-3034-1/           MATRIMONY MAMA                                                                                                                  MGM 10484-A, MGM K10484-A,                                  HBRCD-049
10484A/1/A             (Whiston)                                                                                                                                     No Label Name No.#
49-S-3035-1/           BROKEN FENCES AND BROKEN DREAMS                                                                               MGM 10428-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
10428A/1/B             (Mason-Roos)                                                                                                                             No Label Name No.#
49-S-3036-1/           TEARS FROM A SILVER-HAIRED LADY                                                                                      MGM 10848-A, MGM K10848,          HBRCD-049
10848A/C                 (Grieshop)                                                                                                                                   No Label Name No.#
49-S-3037-1/           ALABAMA MOON                                                                                 MGM 10571-A, MGM K10571,                                      HBRCD-049
10571A/1/A             (Denney-Woodham)                                                                                                                 No Label Name No.#                                                                                                                

NB(1): MGM 10366 released Monday 7th March 1949.
NB(2): “CANDY KISSES” entered Billboard C&W chart Saturday 21st May 1949-Juke Box #12/Best Seller #15, 1 week.
NB(3): MGM 10428 released Monday 30th May 1949.
NB(4): MGM Records advert Saturday 4th June 1949-MGM 10428.
NB(5): MGM 10428 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 4th June 1949.
NB(6): MGM 10484/MGM K10484 released Monday 8th August 1949.
NB(7): MGM 10484/MGM K10484 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 13th August 1949.
NB(8): MGM 10656/MGM K10656 released Monday 6th March March 1950.
NB(9): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 11th March 1950-MGM 10656/MGM K10656.

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:             Wednesday  2nd May 1951
(vcl/gtr); Al        (ld gtr); poss. Unk (stl gtr); poss. J.B. “Tommy” Estes (fdl); Jack Trent (pno); Unk (stg bs); Unk (dms); Bill Shoates ().
                                                                                                                                                                                            Producer: Jesse Kaye

51-S-3062-3             PICK UP TRUCK                                                                                                                           MGM 11391-A, MGM K11391-A, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
                                     (Jimmy Work)                                                                                                                              No Label Name No.#, Cactus MGMCD-2
51-S-3063/               BRIMSTONE BEAUTY                                                                             MGM 11032-A, MGM K11032-A,                               HBRCD-049
11032A/A                 (Hughes) (Tim Spencer Music Co. BMI)                                                                               No Label Name No.#, Cactus MGMCD-1
51-S-3064-1             I BELIEVE I’M ENTITLED TO YOU                                                                                                MGM 11391-B, MGM K11391-B,                                HBRCD-049
                                     (Cliff Carlisle-Mel Foree-Chester Rice)                                                                                No Label Name No.#
51-S-3065/               FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS                                                                                                          MGM 11032-B, MGM K11032-B,                                HBRCD-049
11032B/A                 (Parker-Aleshire) (Aleshire Pub. Hill and Range Songs, Inc. BMI)                                  No Label Name No.#

NB(1): MGM 11032/MGM K11032 released Monday 13th August 1951.
NB(2): BILLBOARD advance releases Saturday 18th August 1951-MGM 11032/MGM K11032.
NB(3): MGM 11032/MGM K11032 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 18th August 1951.
NB(4): MGM 11391/MGM K11391 released Monday 15th December 1952.
NB(5): MGM 11391/MGM K11391 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 20th December 1952.
NB(6): CACTUS MGMCD-1 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.1.” released
NB(7): CACTUS MGMCD-2 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.2.” released

BUD HOBBS With His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:          Tuesday 23rd June 1953
(vcl/gtr); Alvis Edgar “Buck” Owens Jr. (ld gtr); Leonard Raymond “Tommy Collins” Sipes (gtr); Oscar Whittington (fdl); William Lee “Bill” Woods (stl gtr); Jack Trent (pno); Ferlin Huskey (stg bs); Ray Heath (dms); Trail Herders (chrs-1).                                                                    Producer: Jesse Kaye

53-S-3076/               I FOUND OUT                                                                                                                               MGM 11851, MGM K11851 ,Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
53-XY-3073              (Jimmie O’Neal) (Red River Songs BMI)                                                                                Bear Family BCD-16850, No Label Name No. #
53-S-3077/               YOU’RE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED                                  -1                                  MGM 11851, MGM K11851,                                HBRCD-049
53-S-3074                 (Dinning) (Hill & Range Songs, BMI)                                                                                      Bear Family BCD-16850, Jasmine JASMCD-3595/6
                                                                                                                                                                                            Cactus MGMCD-4, No Label Name No.#
53-S-3078/               RIGHTFULLY MINE                                                                                MGM 11579, MGM K11579,                                HBRCD-049
53S3078/4/A           (Raleigh)                                                                                                 Bear Family BCD-16850, No Label Name No. #
53-S-3079/               GOOSE ROCK                                                                                                                               MGM 11579, MGM K11579, Cactus MGMCD-4
53S30793/B             (King-Carlson) (Alamo Music, Inc. ASCAP)                                                                            Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049, Jasmine JASMCD-3562/3
53-XY-3076                                                                                                                                                                      Bear Family BCD-16850, No Label Name No.#
                                                                                                                                                                                            Cactus MGMCD-4                                                                                                                    

NB(1): MGM 11579/MGM K11579 released Monday 14th September 1953.
NB(2): MGM 11851/MGM K11851 released Monday 25th October 1954.
NB(3): MGM 11851/MGM K11851 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 30th October 1954.
NB(4): JASMINE JASMCD-3562/3 “HILLBILLY BOP, BOOGIE & THE HONKY TONK BLUES1951-53” released United Kingdom 2004.
NB(5): BEAR FAMILY BCD-16850 “BUCK OWENS-ACT NATURALLY” released Germany 2008.
NB(6): JASMINE JASMCD-3595/6 “HILLBILLY BOP, Vol.4.” released United Kingdom 2010.                    
NB(7): CACTUS MGMCD-4 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.4.” released

BUD HOBBS And His Trail Herders
                                                        Radio Recorders Studio, 7000 Santa Monica Blvd    Hollywood, Ca:          Tuesday 14th December 1954
(vcl/gtr); Buck Owens (ld gtr); Leonard “Dusty” Rhodes (stl gtr);  Jelly Sanders (fdl); Oscar Whittington (fdl); Bill Woods (pno); Roy Lee (stg bs); Johnny Cuviello (dms).                                                                                                                                                                                     Producer: Jesse Kaye

54-S-3142/               LOUISIANA SWING                                                                                MGM 11964, MGM K11964, Proper Properbox 100
54-XY-3084              (Sheb Wooley)                                                                                                                            Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049, Bear Family BCD-16850                                                                                                                                                                                                    No Label Name No.#, Cactus MGMCD-6                                                                                                                  
54-S-3142-2             LOUISIANA SWING                                                                                MGM (uniss), No Label Name No.#
54-XY-3042-2          (Sheb Wooley)         
54-S-3143/               I’M GONNA SET YOU FREE                                                                                                         MGM 11964, MGM K11964,                                 HBRCD-049
54-XY-3085              (Bud Hobbs-Leonard Rhodes) (Cordial Music Co. BMI)            Bear Family BCD-16850, No Label Name No.#
54-S-3144/               MEAN, MEAN, MEAN                                                                                                                 MGM 12285, MGM K12285,                                 HBRCD-049
54-XY-3086              () (Trend BMI)                                                                                                                             Bear Family BCD-16850, Great Voices of The Century GVC-2016
                                                                                                                                                                                            Jasmine JASMCD-3595/6, No Label Name No.#
54-S-3145/               LAST DANCE TONIGHT                                                                                                               MGM 12285, MGM K12285, Hillbilly Researcher HBRCD-049
54-XY-3087              (Bob Wesley-Bill Woods) (Central Songs Inc, BMI                       )                                     Bear Family BCD-16850, No Label Name No.#, Cactus MGMCD-5

NB(1): MGM 11964/MGM K11964 released Monday 28th March 1955.
NB(2): MGM 11964/MGM K11964 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 9th April 1955.
NB(3): MGM 12285/MGM K12285 released Monday 18th June 1956.
NB(4): MGM 12285/MGM K12285 reviewed Billboard C&W Saturday 30th June 1956.
NB(5): PROPER PROPEBOX 100 “WE’RE GONNA ROCK WE’RE GONNA ROLL” released United Kingdom 2005.
NB(6): HILLBILLY RESEARCHER HBRCD-049 “BUD HOBBS” released United Kingdom ca. 2008.
NB(8):CACTUS MGMCD-5 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.5.” released
NB(9): CACTUS MGMCD-6 “MGM HILLBILLY, Vol.6.” released 
NB(10): NO LABEL NAME No.# “BUD HOBBS 1947-1954” released 2012 by Henk Netten.

DISCOGRAPHY compiled by RICHARD WEIZE with additional information supplied by Steve Hathaway, Phil Tricker, Al Turner, Dick Grant, Brenda Wittenbarger with acknowledgements to Michel Ruppli, Carl LaFong, Mario Manciotti, Thieu Van De Vorst & Frantisek Frank.



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