Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cher Hendrix

*Venice, UT
by Praguefrank
There is not enough info for creating sessionography


Cher Hendrix ?  (UPC885767081406) The Long Road: You Lever Actioned Me;  Everything's a Song This Morning;  The Long Road;  As I Turn Away to Go;  If I Had a Destination;  Code of the West;  Business As Usual;  Woodhaven;  I'd Love You Again; . Another Man's Treasure;  Point of the Mountain Blues;  Cowboy Hat and a Cadillac- 29-05-12
Cher Hendrix ? (UPC708234158855) Just A Dream:  Calamity Jane - You Chose a Hard Life;  Just a Dream;  I've Got the Blues;  Down in Vegas;  Until He Calls You Home;  Sentimental Fool;  My Love Song to You;  Jesus Was Humble;  An Autograph and a Photograph;  Nobody Rides Hard;  What's Going On in Your Heart;  Sings Like an Angel;  Goin' Crazy- 29-05-12
Cher Hendrix ? (UPC884501786409) Dance Every Dance:  Code of the West;  Point of the Mountain Blues;  Dance Every Dance;  The Travelin' Man;  Ode to Sam;  Mistake;  Get On With Your Life;  You Lever Actioned Me;  Before It's Too Late;  My Best Friend Hank;  Keep Chucking Along;  Just to Be;  My Rocky Mountain Home;  Nobody Rides Hard- 29-05-12

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