Saturday, December 19, 2015

Frank Hurley

By Praguefrank

1980 poss. Ripcord Studio, 4009 E. 18th St., Vancouver, WA – Frank Hurley (Frank Hurley [vcl/steel], Gene Breeden [gt], Dave Dixo [ac gt], Rony Welch [gt], Jerry Forcir [dobro], Jerry Forcier [steel], Blaine Allen [bass], Danny Breeden [drums], Geno Keyes [strings/piano])
001 HARRY AND HELEN Piccadilly PIC 3347
002 SIX CANDLES Piccadilly PIC 3347
003 DARK RIVER Piccadilly PIC 3347
004 ANDERSON ISLAND Piccadilly PIC 3347
005 CHRISTMAS WAS Piccadilly PIC 3347
006 85 AND SATISFIED Piccadilly PIC 3347
007 DADDY’S SONG Piccadilly PIC 3347
008 CHURCH’S FERRY Piccadilly PIC 3347
009 AIN’T NO USE IN RUNNING Piccadilly PIC 3347
010 THANK YOU, GOD Piccadilly PIC 3347 
1980 poss. Ripcord Studio, 4009 E. 18th St., Vancouver, WA – Frank Hurley
011 I LIKE HONKY TONKS Piccadilly PIC 3431 
012 SHE CHEATS ON ME Piccadilly PIC 3431 
013 TIMES WERE GOOD Piccadilly PIC 343
014 1 LOVE OF A MOTHER Piccadilly PIC 3431
016 HONKY TONKIN' PICKIN' Piccadilly PIC 3431
017 HIS PUPPET Piccadilly PIC 3431
018 HIGH ON SEATTLE Piccadilly PIC 3431
019 JODY'S SONG Piccadilly PIC 3431
020 SOME KID'LL THINK IT'S FUN Piccadilly PIC 3431


Picc-a-dilly PIC-3347  Introducing Frank Hurley: Harry and Helen; Six Candles; Dark River; Anderson Island; Christmas Was; 85 And Satisfied; Daddy’s Song; Church’s Ferry; Ain’t No Use In Running; Thank You, God – 17-11-80
Picc-a-dilly PIC 3431 I Like Honky Tonks: I Like Honky Tonks;  She Cheats On Me;  Times Were Good; Love Of A Mother; No Matter Where I've Wandered;Honky Tonkin' Pickin';  His Puppet; High On Seattle; Jody's Song; Some Kid'll Think It's Fun – ca 12-80

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