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David Marshall

2nd version

By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti
see also Marshall Family
1976 Lemco Sound Studio, Lexington, KY – David Marshall and The Gospel Road (David Marshall [vcl/gt], Garry Marshall [mandolin], Rick Mullins [banjo], John Thompson [bass]. Producer: Robert Trout)
001 IN THE COUNTRY King Bluegrass KB-555                    
002 OLD HOME PLACE King Bluegrass KB-555                    
005 TIMES RUNNING OUT King Bluegrass KB-555                 
006 DECIDED TO LIVE RIGHT King Bluegrass KB-555             
007 FAMILY GRAVE YARD King Bluegrass KB-555                 
008 ALTHOUGH I'M YOUNG King Bluegrass KB-555                
009 ONLY THROUGH THE GRACE King Bluegrass KB-555            
010 COME THAT DAY King Bluegrass KB-555                     
011 CONFUSION King Bluegrass KB-555                         
012 I BID YOU ALL ADIEU King Bluegrass KB-555               
1977 Lemco Sound Studio, Lexington, KY – David Marshall (David Marshall [vcl/gt], Garry Marshall [vcl/mandolin], Danny Marshall [vcl], Rick Mullins [banjo], John Thompson [bass]. Producer: Robert Trout)
013 OPEN HEART SURGERY King Bluegrass KB-562 
014 WRECK ON THE HIGHWAY King Bluegrass KB-562 
015 REVELATION BANJO King Bluegrass KB-562 
016 NASHVILLE'S BRIGHT LIGHTS King Bluegrass KB-562 
017 RALPH STANLEY King Bluegrass KB-562 
018 DON'T POKE FUN AT POVERTY King Bluegrass KB-562 
019 MOTHERS LOVE King Bluegrass KB-562 
020 HEAVENLY DREAM King Bluegrass KB-562 
021 SPIRITUAL MANDOLIN King Bluegrass KB-562 
022 KEEP PRAYING ON King Bluegrass KB-562 
023 GOSPEL BAND King Bluegrass KB-562 
024 ME AND MY BUDDY King Bluegrass KB-562
1980 unknown – David Marshall
025 KEEP A LIGHT BURNING  Crystal 201
026 IVE BEEN TOLD, NOW I BELIVE  Crystal 201
027 ARE YOU WAITING ON LORD  Crystal 201
029 TEACH ME  Crystal 201 
030 WALK AROUND ME JESUS  Crystal 201
032 IT'S A LONESOME ROAD  Crystal 201
033 THERE CAME A MAN  Crystal 201
034 I'LL FLY AWAY  Crystal 201  
1985 unknown – Joe Isaacs and The Sacred Bluegrass with David Marshall
035 LITTLE COMMUNITY CHURCH HOUSE Sacred Sounds SS-5835  Old Homestead OHS-70051  
036 DEVIL DON'T STOP AT MY HOUSE Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051 
037 SOMETHING GOT A HOLD ON ME Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
038 NOT AFRAID Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
039 EVERY DAY MY LORD TOUCHES ME Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
040 MEETING IN THE AIR Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051 
041 SEA OF GALILEE Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
042 REUNION IN HEAVEN Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
043 JESUS GUIDES ME Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
044 REASON HE DIED Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
045 LORD PROTECT MY SOUL Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051  
046 HE LOVED US SO Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Old Homestead OHS-70051
1986 unknown – Forbes Family and David Marshall (David Marshall [vcl/gt/ mandolin/ banjo], Jay Forbes [vcl/gt/ mandolin],  Homer Forbes [vcl/banjo], Lori Forbes Slate [vcl/bass])
047 LORD STAY NEAR TO ME Rebel REB-1648              
048 TWO ROADS Rebel REB-1648                         
049 GOD IS GOD Rebel REB-1648                        
050 OUTSIDE THE GATE Rebel REB-1648                  
051 JESUS REDEEMS US FROM SIN Rebel REB-1648         
052 I NEVER WILL GIVE UP Rebel REB-1648              
053 WHALE SWALLOWED OLD JONAH Rebel REB-1648         
054 SOFTLY AND TENDERLY Rebel REB-1648               
055 FILL MY WAY WITH LOVE Rebel REB-1648             
1994 unknown  – David Marshall (David Marshall [vcl/guitar/banjo], Judy Marshall [vcl], Donna Marshall, [vcl], Danny Marshall [vcl/harmonica], Sonya Isaacs [vcl], Becky Isaacs [vcl], Joe Isaacs [vcl/banjo], Ben Isaacs [bass], David Johnson [guitar/dobro/fiddle/mandolin], Jeff Parker [mandolin],Tim Surrett [mandolin], Ramona Church [banjo], Christy Teague [banjo], Bryan Sutton [guitar], Steve Gulley [vcl], Dale Ann Bradley [vcl])
057 HAMMER AND NAIL Mountain Home MHD 0104 
058 HOLD ON ME TIGHT Mountain Home MHD 0104
059 THE MAKINGS Mountain Home MHD 0104
060 HE HAD ME ON HIS MIND Mountain Home MHD 0104 
061 RESTORE THY BROTHER Mountain Home MHD 0104 
062 THE LAST TIME Mountain Home MHD 0104 
063 DYING BED Mountain Home MHD 0104
064 MR. JESUS Mountain Home MHD 0104 
065 HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS Mountain Home MHD 0104 
066 CLEARWATERS Mountain Home MHD 0104
067 A SONG TO SING Mountain Home MHD 0104
068 I'VE GOT FRIENDS Mountain Home MHD 0104
069 DADDY'S DARLIN' DREAM Mountain Home MHD 0104

King Bluegrass KB-555 The Gospel Road:
In The Country; Old Home Place; God Came Through Bellville Georgia; Don't Ever Turn Your Light Out On Me; Times Running Out; Decided To Live Right; Family Grave Yard; Although I'm Young; Only Through The Grace; Come That Day; Confusion; I Bid You All Adieu – 76 w. Gospel Road   
King Bluegrass KB-562 Song Of Poverty: Open Heart Surgery; Wreck On The Highway; Revelation Banjo; Nashville's Bright Lights; Ralph Stanley; Don't Poke Fun At Poverty; Mothers Love; Heavenly Dream; Spiritual Mandolin; Keep Praying On; Gospel Band; Me And My Buddy - 77
Crystal 201 Volume 1/features Keep A Light Burning: Keep A Light Burning; Ive Been Told, Now I Belive; Are You Waiting On Lord; Hard Times Come Again More; Teach Me;  Walk Around Me Jesus; I've Just Seen The Rock of Ages; It's A Lonesome Road; There Came A Man; I'll Fly Away - 80
Sacred Sounds SS-5835 Joe Isaacs And The Sacred Bluegrass:  Little Community Church House;  Devil Don't Stop At My House; Something Got A Hold On Me;  Not Afraid;  Every Day My Lord Touches Me;  Meeting In The Air; Sea Of Galilee;  Reunion In Heaven;  Jesus Guides Me;  Reason He Died;  Lord Protect My Soul;  He Loved Us So – 85 w. Joe Isaacs (also on Old Homestead OHS-70051)
Rebel REB-1648 Outside The Gate:  Lord Stay Near To Me; Two Roads; God Is God; Outside The Gate; Jesus Redeems Us From Sin; I Never Will Give Up; Whale Swallowed Old Jonah; Softly And Tenderly; Fill My Way With Love; Blessed Assurance – 86 w. Forbes Family
Mountain Home MHD-0104 Clearwaters: Hammer And Nail; Hold On Me Tight; The Makings; He Had Me On His Mind; Restore Thy Brother; The Last Time; Dying Bed; Mr. Jesus; Hold On To Your Dreams; Clearwaters;A Song To Sing; I've Got Friends; Daddy's Darlin' Dream - 94                                                      

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