Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vern Cheechoo

By Praguefrank

1992 unknown, CAN – Vern Cheechoo (Vern Cheechoo [vcl/gt], Chris Whiteley [steel])
001 LONESOME AND HURTING Dark Light DL 12002   
002 DON'T WORRY SON Dark Light DL 12002  
003 PLAYED A GAME I COULDN'T WIN Dark Light DL 12002  
004 LOVE ME TONIGHT Dark Light DL 12002  
005 MAKE YOUR FEELING RIGHT Dark Light DL 12002  
006 ALL I WANT IS HOME Dark Light DL 12002  
007 WALK AWAY Dark Light DL 12002
008 WEEKEND AFFAIR Dark Light DL 12002  
009 WRITTEN LETTERS Dark Light DL 12002
010 NEVER GONNA DRINK AGAIN Dark Light DL 12002  
1992 unknown, CAN – Vern Cheechoo
011 TOUCH THE EARTH AND SKY Dark Light DL 12007
012 JESSICA, AN ANGEL Dark Light DL 12007
013 STRANGER IN MY OWN LAND Dark Light DL 12007
014 NOW I GIVE TO YOU Dark Light DL 12007
015 CHILDREN OF THE CIRCLE Dark Light DL 12007
016 THE PARTY'S OVER Dark Light DL 12007
017 EAGLE'S CRYIN' TONIGHT Dark Light DL 12007
018 WE USED TO LOVE THEM Dark Light DL 12007
019 RIDE THE WIND Dark Light DL 12007
020 GIVE ME YOUR LOVIN' Dark Light DL 12007
021 IT AIN'T EVERY NIGHT Dark Light DL 12007
022 SOUTH DAKOTA – PEHDAHBUN Dark Light DL 12007
2002 unknown, CAN – Vern Cheechoo and Lawrence Martin
024 I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU Spirit Voice 15092
025 BETTY Spirit Voice 15092
026 BINGO SONG Spirit Voice 15092
027 WITHOUT LOVE I'M WITHOUT YOU Spirit Voice 15092
028 HE LOVED AMAZING GRACE Spirit Voice 15092
030 IN MY HOMETOWN Spirit Voice 15092
031 LOVING YOU BABY Spirit Voice 15092
032 HEAVEN HERE ON EARTH Spirit Voice 15092
033 BABY LIKE YOU DO Spirit Voice 15092
034 THE NEXT STAGE Spirit Voice 15092


Dark Light Music [CAN] DL 12002 Lonesome And Hurting: Lonesome and Hurting;  Don't Worry Son; Played A Game I Couldn't Win;  Love Me Tonight;  Make Your Feeling Right; All I Want Is Home; Walk Away; Weekend Affair; Written Letters; Never Gonna Drink Again – 92
Dark Light Music [CAN] DL 12007 Touch The Earth And Sky: Touch The Earth And Sky; Jessica, An Angel; Stranger In My Own Land; Now I Give To You; Children Of The Circle; The Party's Over; Eagle's Cryin' Tonight; We Used To Love Them; Ride The Wind; Give Me Your Lovin'; It Ain't Every Night; South Dakota – Pehdahbun – 99
A Spirit Voice [CAN] 77521 15092 6 The Right Connection: Somebody's Crying In The Night; I'm In Love With You; Betty; Bingo Song; Without Love I'm Without You; He Loved Amazing Grace; You'll Never Walk This World Alone; In My Hometown; Loving You Baby; Heaven Here On Earth; Baby Like you Do; The Next Stage – 02 w. Lawrence Martin

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