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George And Earl

George McCormick, *19-06-1933 Defeated Creek,Smith County, TN, +05-02-2018
Earl Aycock, *01-11-1930, +18-10-2001

By Richard Weize, Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

February 1955 Bradley Studios, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - George And Earl (George McCormick [vcl], Earl Aycock [vcl], Chet Atkins and or Joe Edwards [ld gt], Ray Edenton [rh gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Benny Martin [fiddle], Floyd Cramer [piano]. Producer: Dee Kilkpatrick)
002 YW-7711 SWEET LITTLE MISS BLUE EYES 70632x45/BFX-15173 BCD-17121
003 YW-7712 GOIN‘ STEADY WITH THE BLUES 70632x45/BFX-15173 BCD-17121
004 YW-7713 CAN I 70605x45/BFX-15173 BCD-17121
September 1955 poss. Bradley Studios, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN - George and Earl (George McCormick [vcl], Earl Aycock [vcl], ? [gt], prob. Shot Jackson [steel], ? [bass], Benny Martin [fiddle], Del Wood [piano]. Producer: Dee Kilkpatrick)
005 YW-7753 (ALL YOU’VE GIVEN TO ME IS) HEARTACHES 70683x45/ BCD-17121
006 YW-7754 CRY, BABY, CRY 70773x45/ BCD-17121
007 YW-7755 TAKE A LOOK AT MY BABY 70773x45/ BCD-17121
008 YW-7756-5 DON’T, DON’T, DON’T 70683x45/ BCD-17121 [takes -2-3] BCD-17121
February or March 1956 poss. Music City Recordings, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashvile, TN – George and Earl (George McCormick [vcl], Earl Aycock [vcl], Joe Edwards [gt], Ray Edenton [rh gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums]. Producer: Dee Kilkpatrick)
009 YW-12686 REMEMBER AND REGRET 70935x45/ BCD-17121
010 YW-12687 ELEVEN ROSES 70935x45/ BCD-17121
011 YW-12688 DONE GONE 70852x45/TH 676 BCD-17121
012 YW-12689 BETTER STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN 70852x45//TH 676 BCD-17121


Bear Family [GER] BCD-17121 Better Stop, Look And Listen - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight: Fifty-Fifty Honky Tonkin'; I Guess You Don't Care; Hi There, Sweet Thing; Don't Add An Ex To Your Name; The Sundown Train; You're High Tone Ways; I'm Just Passing Through; Flutter Bug; Gold Wedding Band; I Don't Know Nothing About Nothing; Don't Fix Up The Doghouse; I'll Keep Your Name On File; (If You) Got Anthing Good (You Better Save It); Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes; Going Steady With The Blues; Can I; (All You've Given Me Is) Heartaches; Take A Look At My Darlin'; Cry Baby Cry; Don't, Don't, Don't (take 5); Remember And Regret; Eleven Roses (And The Twelfth Is You); Done Gone; Better Stop, Look And Listen; The Blues Moved In This Morning; After All We've Been Through; Doubt; Don't, Don't, Don't (take 2); Don't, Don't, Don't (take 3) – 28-03-11 also George McCormick solo tracks

Mercury (1955-56)
70605-X45 (If You) Got Anything Good (You Better Save It, Save It) / Can I? – 04-55 (rev. Apr. 30)
70632-X45 Goin' Steady With The Blues / Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes – 06-55 (rev. June 4)
70683-X45 (All You've Given Me Is) Heartaches / Don't, Don't, Don't Don't, Don't, Don't / Heartaches - 09-55
70773x45 Cry, Baby, Cry / Take A Look At My Darlin' – 12-55
70852x45 Done Gone / Better Stop, Look And Listen - 04-56 (rev. May 12)
70935x45 Remember And Regret / Eleven Roses – 08-56 (rev. Sept. 1)

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