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Johnny McGee

By Jim Loessberg, Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti
1964 Columbia Recording Studio, 804 16th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Ty B. and Johnny (Johnny McGee and Tyrone Bracken + Harold Bradley [gt], Bob Moore [bass], Buddy Harman [drums], Charlie Bragg [piano])
T02 ZTSB 99138 YOU DON'T HAVE TO CRY Red Wing 705
T03 ZTSB 96099 BONY MORONIE Red Wing 706
+ 2 unknown tracks
1967 unknown - Johnny McGee
001 SoN 48851 THE FICKLE FINGER OF FATE Red Wing 7707
002 SoN 48852 I'LL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH  7707
003 SoN 59121 DARKEST OLD CELL 7708
004 SoN 59122 STOP BREAKING MINE 7708

1973 Playground Productions, Valparaiso, FL - Johnny McGee and The Natural Band (Producer: Ray McArthur)
005 PRP 42331 THE BACK OF YOUR HEART Sunshine SS 1017
006 PRP 42332 JUST A LITTLE BIT OF YOU Sunshine SS 1017
Johnny McGee later recorded some albums. Info below

Johnny McGee ? (UPC634479883217) Slipping Into Hard Times Again: Slippin' Into Hard Times Again;  This Could Be My Year;  When Love Is Gone;  Where Gentle Waters Flow;  Hello Birmingham;  Maybe I'll Get It Right This Time;  If I Had It;  It'll Be Too Soon;  Kinda Like Love;  Everything I Wanted;  My Next House;  Before I Go Six Feet Under;  Just Coastin';  Pensacola's Callin';  Highly Allergic to the Blues;  Just a Bama Thang - 08
Johnny McGee ? (UPC634479883231) Just A Florida Thang: Just a Florida Thang;  Everyone Knows but You;  Payback Time;  The B.s. Song;  Mary Mack;  There's Not Much to Me (Without You);  Think About Me (Thinkin' Bout You);  If I Tried;  Drag My Dreams Through Nashville;  A Song for You;  A Cold Day in Hell;  That Boy Ain't Right;  Old Barflies;  The Nashville Tenne See Saw;  She's in the Wind Again;  Can't Make a Livin' (In the Band) - 08
Johnny McGee ? (UPC634479925634) Tonight I’ll Sleep With Annie: Let's Get Down and Dirty; Ashley's Late Again;  Tonight I'll Sleep With Annie; My Worse Night, Mary;  The Wish Song (Jan's Theme);  Take Your Own Sweet Time;  Where's That Song;  A Married Woman; A Permanent One Night Stand;  A Traveling Man Like Me;  Borderline Fine;  I Wake Up a Rich Man;  You're With Me Now;  Did You Forget;  Stuck in Yankee Land;  Tryin' to Maintain;  The Cardboard Box Blues;  Hard Times and Christmas - 08
Johnny McGee ? (UPC884502050073) Mama's Roses (Bloom All Year 'Round): Mama's Roses (Bloom All Year 'Round);  The Last One Left;  Razoo Sue;  Modern Hard Time Blues;  Where Are They Now;  The Only Way Was Up;  Nowadays;  Paradise Bayou;  Topsy Turvy;  Too Many Years;  When Friends Were Free;  Silicone Sylvia;  All My Women;  High On the Hog;  Mad Cow Disease;  Do It All Over Again - 09
Johnny McGee ? (UPC884502050080) Young Soldiers: Young Soldiers;  Souvenirs and Keepsakes;  Call Me Gone;  Lovin' and Leavin';  My Bad, You're Good;  We've Both Got Haggard and Jones;  If You Can Still Dream;  Land of Plenty;  In the Back of Your Heart;  On the Internet;  Dallas to Corvallis;  Lookout, Lookout Mountain;  Main Street;  The Year Two Thousand Nine;  The Great Depression Times;  Papa Ray (A Great Dj) – 09
Johnny McGee ? (UPC884502117073) If Sleep Won’t Come To Me: Sweet Southern Rain;  I Promise You That;  G.R.I.T.S.;  Big Ol' Empty House;  If Sleep Won't Come To Me;  Too Late To Leave Alabama;  Livin' Life Back In The Day;  Tryin' To Get Back (To My Roots);  Well Within Our Means;  My Get Up Got Up (And Told Me Goodbye);  What's Causin' All This;  Stormy Lookout Day;  Heart Of Dixie (In The Sky);  The Right To Be Wrong;  Should Be Hurtin' (But I'm Not);  Life's Parade Of Fools;  A Taste Of Rockabilly - 09
Johnny McGee ? (UPC884502381399) I Can’t Escape From You: I Can't Escape From Me;  I Can't and I Won't (Give Up On You);  The Only Thing I Had Goin' Is Gone;  Hangin' Up My Hangups;  I'm Always For You;  Just the Liquor Talkin';  How I Love That Rain;  Start With Me;  Finally Got Sober (I Think);  What's the World Coming To;  Here Comes Miss Lucy;  Southern Way of Life;  Save One Picture of Me;  Tuscaloosa Avenue;  Common Bond;  It Is What It Is;  Without You - 10
Ty B And Johnny ? (UPC885767513174) Always Stay Young: Hey Little Janice;  Always Stayed Young;  Will I Still Be Enough;  One More Lifetime;  That's A Good Thing;  Just My Lot In Life;  A Song About Us;  Lost Time;  Bittersweet Lovin';  Very Lucky Man;  My Lookout Mountain Home;  At Your Feet;  That One Good Woman;  Like A Hawk;  Bar Room Pickers (Ty And Me);  I'll Be Gone A Long Long Time - 11

Red Wing (1964-67)

705 Meaner Than Alligator / You Don't Have To Cry - 64 Ty B. and Johnny
706 Bony Moronie / Doubtful Baby – 65 Ty B. and Johnny
7707 The Fickle Finger Of Fate / I'll Have The Last Laugh  - 67
7708 Darkest Old Cell / Stop Breaking Mine - 67 
Sunshine (1973)
SS 1017 The Back Of Your Heart / Just A Little Bit Of You - 73

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