Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rick Arnold

*Hazard, KY
By Praguefrank

There is not enough info for creating sessionography

7 unknown albums
Rick Arnold no # Solo Traveler: Fast Train; I Can Feel You Tonight; No Time; Better Off Gone; Farm Song; See My Baby; Electric Guitar; Blue On A Cloudy Day; Beat My Feet; Fly Away; Hog Wild; 1000 Miles Away; Valley Below; God Bless - 00
Rick Arnold ? (UPC884502709285) Kentucky Mojo: Watch This World Go By; How Many Coal Trains; Mojo Wine; Wanna Be Your Man; Honky Tonk Man; Story To Tell; Cryin' Shame; Let Me Tell You 'Bout A Woman; Wild Wild Country Boy; I Keep My Engine Running - 01
Rick Arnold no # A Day At The Park: What's In The Toy Box; The Farm Song; Nature's Music; Imaginary Friend; Captain of the Sea; A Day At The Park; When I Grow Up; Paint a Picture; Aunt Luise; Air Band; God Bless - 04
Rick Arnold no # Electrified: Guitar Man; We Can Fly Away; Rolling Stone; The King; Old Man Rock-n-Roll; When I Woke Up; Lady's Man; Sweet Georgia; Let It Rock;  I've Had Enough – 05 (11th album)
Rick Arnold ? (UPC884502717235) A Little Sunshine: I Still Call You Baby;  Bonne and Clyde;  A Little Sunshine; Just Say So Long;I've Been Talkin'; Someone To Hold; She's Gone Away; See My Baby Tonight; Beautiful Woman;  All Said and Done - 05
Rick Arnold no # Harmonica Highway: West Desert Highway; Back Home; Milk and Honey; Bluz Talk; Two Lazy Harps;  Still Flying; Let Me Play; Along The River – 10-05-06
Rick Arnold ? (UPC884502361971) The Real Duke of Hazard: Never Stop Loving You;  Lake Tequila;  The Real Duke of Hazard;  How Long;  No Good; Some Girls Never Learn;  Cheyenne;  Honky Tonk Band;   Natural Thing; King of the Rodeo; Farmer Hotel Blues; My Kentucky Home – 10

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