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Coy McDaniel

By Praguefrank, Michel Ruppli, Mario Manciotti, Murray Kirch
ca Fall 1951 unknown – Shorty Warren and His Western Rangers (Coy McDaniel [vcl/gt])
001 AC-HB-101 GIVE ME MORE  Air Check 78-2001
002 AC-HB-103 SILVER AND GOLD  Air Check 78-2002
003 AC-HB-104 BUNDLE OF SOUTHERN SUNSHINE  Air Check 78-2002
ca  1951 unknown - Coy McDaniel and Shorty Warren with The Western Rangers
005 R 2029 CHRISTMAS CHOO CHOO TRAIN Rainbow 151
006 R 2030 CHRISTMAS JAMBOREE Rainbow 151
early 1950s unknown - Coy McDaniel and his Four In One Guitar [purchased masters]
007 48-S-755  DEVIL‘ S DREAM  MGM K11243
008 48-S-756  OLD JOE CLARK  K11243
009 48-S-808  FORGOTTEN  K11337
010 48-S-809  RIDING THE FLOP-EARED MULE  K11337
January 1953 New York City - Coy McDaniel
011 53-S-27 KING SIZED KISSES K 11451
012 53-S-28 HASTY WEDDING K 11451
December 1953 New York City - Coy McDaniel
013 53-S-648  HOEDOWN  K11808
014 53-S-649  SWEET GUITAR WALTZ  K11808
Fall 1957 unknown – Bobby Potter and Coy McDaniel (Bobby Potter [vcl], Coy Mcaniel [gt], + unknown musicians)
015 H8OW-8163 SUGAREE Bana 524
016 H8OW-8164 KING SIZE KISSES Bana 524
only vocal tracks with Shorty Warren and His Western Rangers listed – for other see Shorty Warren

Air Check (1951) Shorty Warren and His Western Rangers
2001 Wondering (Vocal – Buddy Rion);  Always Late (Vocal – Jean Valli) ; Give Me More (Vocal – Coy McDaniels and Group) / Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way (Vocal – Smoky Warren); Slow Poke (Vocal – Dewey Knight); Mom And Dad Waltz (Vocal – Texas Jean Valli)
2002 It’s No Secret What God Can Do (Vocal – Buddy Rion); Hey Good Lookin’ (Vocal – Texas Jean Valli and Buddy Rion); Silver And Gold  (Vocal – Coy McDaniel)  / Too Old To Cut The Mustard (Vocal – Sunshine Trio); Crying Heart Blues (Vocal – Warren Brothers); Bundle Of Southern Sunshine (Vocal – Coy McDaniel)
2003 Crazy Heart (Vocal – Buddy Rion); Somebody's Been Beatin' My Time (Vocal – Texas Jean Valli); Music Making Mama From Memphis (Vocal – Dewey Knight)  / Baby We're Really In Love (Vocal – Buddy Rion); Alabama Jubilee (Instrumental); May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You (Vocal – Coy McDaniels)
Rainbow (ca 1951)
R 151 Christmas Choo Choo Train / Christmas Jamboree – ca 51?

K11243 Devil's Dream / Old Joe Clark – 05-52
K11337 Riding The Flop-Eared Mule / Forgotten (By The One I Can't Forget)  - 10-52
K11451 Hasty Wedding /  King-Size Kisses – 02-53
K11808 Sweet Guitar Waltz / Hoedown – 09-54
Bana (1957)
524 Sugaree / King Size Kisses – 10-57 w. Bob Potter (rev. Oct. 14)

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