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Dan Fogelberg

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg. *13-08-1951Peoria, IL, +16-12-2007
2nd version
By Praguefrank, Mario Manciotti
1972 Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville, TN– Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/ piano/ organ/ synthesizer], Weldon Myrick [steel/dobro], Norbert Putnam [bass/ cello],  Kenny Buttrey [dums/ cello], Buddy Spicher [fiddle/viola],  David Briggs [organ-1/piano-2],   Farrell Morris [vibraphone/ percussion].  Producer:Norbert Putnam)
 001 TO THE MORNING Columbia KC-31751
002 STARS Columbia KC-31751
003 MORE THAN EVER -2 Columbia KC-31751
004 BE ON YOUR WAY Columbia KC-31751
005 HICKORY GROVE Columbia KC-31751
007 LOOKING FOR A LADY Columbia 4-45764/KC-31751
008 ANYWAY I LOVE YOU -2 Columbia 4-45764/KC-31751
009 WYSTERIA Columbia KC-31751
010 RIVER Columbia KC-31751
Summer 1974 Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA/Elektra Sound Recorders, Los Angeles, CA – Dan Fogelberg
011 PART OF THE PLAN Epic 8-50055/PE-33137
012 ILLINOIS Epic PE-33137
013 CHANGING HORSES Epic 8-50108/PE-33137
014 BETTER CHANGE Epic PE-33137
015 SOUVENIRS Epic PE-33137
016 LONG WAY Epic PE-33137
017 AS THE RAVEN FLIES Epic PE-33137
018 SONG FROM HALF MOUNTAIN Epic 8-50055/PE-33137
019 MORNING SKY Epic 8-50108/PE-33137
Spring 1975 Golden Voice Studios, ?, CA/ Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA/Carinou Ranch, Nederland, CO/Record Plant, Sausalito, CA – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/ bass/ percussion/ keyboards/ banjo/ synthesizer], Al Perkins [steel], Norbert putnam [bass],  Russ Kunkel [drums/ percussion], David Lindley [fiddle]. Producer: Dan Fogelberg)
022 ASPEN Epic PE-33499
023 THESE DAYS Epic PE-33499
024 COMES AND GOES Epic 8-50189/PE-33499
025 CAPTURED ANGEL Epic 8-50165/PE-33499
026 OLD TENNESSEE Epic 8-50234/PE-33499
027 NEXT TIME Epic 8-50165/PE-33499
028 MAN IN THE MIRROR Epic PE-33499
029 BELOW THE SURFACE Epic 8-50189/PE-33499
030 CROW Epic 8-50234/PE-33499
031 LAST NAIL Epic PE-33499
1976 Caribou Ranch, Nederland, CO/The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA/North Star Studios, Boulder, CO – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/ gt/ piano/ synthesizer], Norbert Putnam [bass],  Kenneth Buttrey [drums],  Don henley [hmny vcl]. Producer: Norbert Putnam)
032 NETHER LANDS Epic 8-50462/PE-34185
033 ONCE UPON A TIME Epic PE-34185
034 DANCING SHOES Epic PE-34185
036 LOOSE ENDS Epic PE-34185
037 LOVE GONE BY Epic 8-50412/PE-34185
038 PROMISES MADE Epic 8-50536/PE-34185
039 GIVE ME SOME TIME Epic PE-34185
040 SCARECROW'S DREAM Epic 8-50412/PE-34185
041 SKETCHES Epic 8-50536/PE-34185
042 FALSE FACES Epic 8-50462/PE-34185
Spring 1978 poss. Hollywood, CA – Dan Fogelberg
043 SOUVENIRS 8-50577
Spring 1978 Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA/ The Village Recorder, Hollywood, CA/  Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, CA/ United Western Studios, Hollywood, CA/  A+M Studios, Hollywood, CA – Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl-1/gt/ percussion/ piano], Tim Weisberg [flute], Willie Weeks [bass], Andy Newmark [drums] + additional musicians. Producer: Dan Fogelberg, Tim Weisberg)
045 TWINS THEME Epic JE-35339
046 IMTIMIDATION Epic JE-35339
047 LAZY SUSAN Epic JE-35339
048 GUITAR ETUDE NO.3 Epic JE-35339
049 TELL ME TO MY FACE -1 Epic 8-50605/JE-35339
050 HURTWOOD ALLEY Epic 8-50605/JE-35339
051 LAHAINA LUNA Epic 8-50606/JE-35339
052 SINCE YOU'VE ASKED Epic JE-35339
053 PARIS NOCTURNE -1 Epic JE-35339
054 POWER OF GOLD -1 Epic 8-50606/JE-35339
November 1978/October 1979 unknown – Dan Fogelberg
055 LONGER Epic 18-50824/JE-35634
056 LAST TO KNOW Epic JE-35634
057 HEART HOTELS Epic 18-50682/JE-35634
058 ALONG THE ROAD Epic 18-50824/JE-35634
059 FACE IN THE FIRE Epic JE-35634
060 TULLAMORE DEW Epic JE-35634
061 PHOENIX Epic JE-35634
062 GYPSY WIND Epic JE-35634
064 BEGGAR'S GAME Epic 18-50862/JE-35634
1980 Northstar Studios, Boulder, CO/ Rudy Records, ?/ Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, CA/ Sunset Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA/ The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA/ Caribou  Ranch, Nederland, CO – Dan Fogelberg
065 TIMES LIKE THESE Epic 14-02674/KE2-37393
066 NEXUS Epic KE2-37393
067 INNOCENT AGE Epic 14-02488/KE2-37393
068 LOST IN THE SUN Epic KE2-37393
069 IN THE PASSAGE Epic KE2-37393
070 SAND AND THE FOAM Epic 14-02821/KE2-37393
071 EMPTY CAGES Epic KE2-37393
074 REACH Epic KE2-37393
075 LION'S SHARE Epic KE2-37393
077 STOLEN MOMENTS Epic KE2-37393
078 RUN FOR THE ROSES Epic 14-02821/KE2-37393
079 SAME OLD LANG SYNE Epic 19-50961/KE2-37393
080 HARD TO SAY Epic 14-02488/KE2-37393
081 GHOSTS Epic KE2-37393
082 HEARTS AND CRAFTS 19-50961 34-03289 34-03525
Summer 1982 unknown – Dan Fogelberg
083 MAKE LOVE STAY Epic 14-03525/FE-38808
084 MISSING YOU Epic 34-03289/FR-38808
Fall 1983 Caribou Ranch, Nederland, CO/Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA – Dan Fogelberg (Producer: Marty Lewis)
085 LANGUAGE OF LOVE Epic 34-04314/QE-39004
086 WINDOWS AND WALLS Epic 34-04314/QE-39004
087 LOVING CUP Epic 34-04660/QE-39004
089 LET HER GO Epic QE-39004
090 BELIEVE IN ME Epic 34-04447/QE-39004
092 GONE TOO FAR Epic QE-39004
ca late 1984 Bennett House, Franklin, TN – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt], Herb Pedersen [vcl-1/banjo/bck vcl], David Grisman [mandolin], Jerry Douglas [dobro], Al Perkins [steel-3], Emory Gordy J. [bass], Russ Kunkel [drums], Jim Buchanan [fiddle], Barry Barton [synthesizer-5], Ricky Skaggs [vcl-1/bck vcl], Charlie McCoy [harmonica-2], Chris Hillman [hmny vcl-4], Tracy Nelson [hmny vcl-5], Diane Davidson [hmny vcl-5], Anita Ball [hmny vcl-5]. Producer: Dan Fogelberg)
093 Medley: DOWN THE ROAD-1/MOUNTAIN PASS Epic 34-05448/FE-39616
094 SUTTER'S MILL -2 Epic FE-39616
095 WOLF CREEK -instr.- Epic FE-39616
096 HIGH COUNTRY SNOWS -3-4 Epic 34-04835/FE-39616
097 OUTLAW Epic FE-39616
098 SHALLOW RIVERS -2 Epic FE-39616
099 GO DOWN EASY -5 Epic 34-04835/FE-39616
102 THE HIGHER YOU CLIMB -3 Epic FE-39616
1986/1987 Lahaina Sound, Lahaina, Maui, HI/One On One, Los Angeles, CA/Record One, Los Angeles, CA/Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/piano/keyboards/synthesizer/vibraphone/drum machine/drum programming/bck vcl], Michael Landau [el gt], Russ Kunkel [drums/percussion/drum programming], Andy Newmark/Rick Marotta [drums],Joe Lala [percussion],Niko Bolas [drum programming], Michael Hanna [keyboards], Michael Brecker [sax],Julia Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Oren Waters, Timothy B. Schmit [bck vcl])
103 EXILES Epic EK-40271
104 WHAT YOU'RE DOING Epic 34-07756/EK-40271
105 LONELY IN LOVE Epic 34-07275/EK-40271
106 SEEING YOU AGAIN Epic 34-07640/EK-40271
107 SHE DON'T LOOK BACK Epic 34-07044/EK-40271
108 WAY IT MUST BE Epic 34-07756/EK-40271
109 HEARTS IN DECLINE Epic 34-07640/EK-40271
110 IT DOESN'T MATTER Epic 34-07044/EK-40271
112 BEYOND THE EDGE Epic 34-07275/EK-40271
1990 unknown – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vc;/ piano/ synthesizey/ percussion], Bob Glaub [bass], Russ Kunkel [drums/ percussion] + additional musicians. Producer: Dan Fogelberg)
113 AURORA NOVA Epic EK-45059
114 WILD PLACES Epic EK-45059
115 FOREFATHERS Epic EK-45059
116 SONG OF THE SEA Epic EK-45059
117 ANASTASIA'S EYES Epic EK-45059
118 BLIND TO THE TRUTH Epic EK-45059
120 RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Epic 34-76513/EK-45059
121 BONES IN THE SKY Epic EK-45059
122 SAPIRIT TRAIL Epic EK-45059
123 EVER ON Epic 34-73513/EK-45059
25 June 1991 [live] The Fox Theater, Saint Louis, MO – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [ac/el gt/keyboards/vcl], Robert McEntee [ac/el/slide gt/keyboards], Jim Photoglo [bass/vcl], Michael Botts [drums/percussion], Vince Melamed [keyboards/vcl], Tim Weisberg [flute], Louis Cortelezzi [sax/flute/woodwinds/keyboards/percussion])
12301 AURORA NOVA / THE WILD PLACES Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12302 HEART HOTELS Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12303 OVER AND OVER Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12304 RHYTHM OF THE RAIN Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12305 THE SPIRIT TRAIL Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12306 MAKE LOVE STAY Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12307 OLD TENNESSEE Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12308 ROAD BENEATH MY WHEELS Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12309 A CRY IN THE FOREST Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12310 RUN FOR THE ROSES Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12311 BELIEVE IN ME Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12312 LEADER OF THE BAND Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12313 TWINS THEME Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12314 INTIMIDATION Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12315 THE POWER OF GOLD Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12316 LONELY IN LOVE Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12317 MISSING YOU Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12318 LANGUAGE OF LOVE Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12319 PART OF THE PLAN Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12320 SAME OLD LANG SYNE Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
12321 THERE'S A PLACE IN THE WORLD FOR A GAMBLER Epic E2K-48625 Friday Music 2147
1993 Mountain Bird Studios, ?, CO/Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/ mandolin/flutes/piano/ keyboards/ synthesizer/bass/ percussion/ programming], Robert McEntee [gt], Mike Porcaro/Larry Klein/Bob Glaub [bass], Carlos Vega, [drums], Russ Kunkel/Mike Botts [drums/percussion]; Lenny Castro/Alx Acuna [percussion], Billy Payne [piano], Mike Hanna/Mike Finnegan [keyboards], Vince Melamed [synthesizer], Gene Elders [fiddle], Pam Boulding [hammer dulcimer], Philip Boulding [penny whistle/Celtic harp], Bill Bergman, Stephen Kupka, Daniel Fornero, Dennis Farias [horns], Oren Waters, Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Lebohang Morake, Ronald Kunene, Abner Mariri, Josef Powell, Maxine Anderson [bck vcl])
125 ALL THERE IS Epic EK-46934
126 MINSTREL Epic EK-46934
127 FACES OF AMERICA Epic EK-46934
128 HOLY ROAD Epic EK-46934
129 SERENGETI MOON Epic EK-46934
130 HIGHER GROUND Epic EK-46934
131 LOVE LIKE THIS Epic EK-46934
132 RIVER OF SOULS Epic EK-46934
133 VOICE OF PEACE Epic EK-46934
1992-1995 [live] various places – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt], Robert McEntee [gt], Jim Photoglo/  Mark Andes / Timothy B. Schmit [bass], Joe Vitale/  Mike Botts [drums], Mike Hanna [piano], Vince Melamed [organ], Louis Cortelezzi/ Marc Russo [sax], Mark Andes, Robert McEntee [bck vcl]. Producer: Dan Fogelberg)
13301 MAGIC EVERY MOMENT Morning Sky 8002
13302 SONGBIRD Morning Sky 8002
13303 THE INNOCENT AGE Morning Sky 8002
13304 AS THE RAVEN FLIES Morning Sky 8002
13305 HARD TO SAY Morning Sky 8002
13306 MAKE LOVE STAY Morning Sky 8002
13307 CHANGING HORSES Morning Sky 8002
13308 LOOKING FOR A LADY Morning Sky 8002
13309 YOU BETTER THINK TWICE Morning Sky 8002
13310 DON'T LET THAT SUN GO DOWN Morning Sky 8002
13311 STATESBORO BLUES Morning Sky 8002
13312 BLOW WIND BLOW Morning Sky 8002
13313 SHE DON'T LOOK BACK Morning Sky 8002
13314 HERE COMES THE SUN Morning Sky 8002
Btw 1972-1995 uknown – Dan Fogelberg
134 DON'T LOSE HEART E4K-67949
1995 Mountain Bird Studio, ?, CO/A&M Studios. Los Angeles, CA/Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA – Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/piano/keyboards, bck vcl], Tim Weisberg [flute/piccolo]; Michael Landau [el gt], Vinnie Colaiuta [drums], Alex Acuńa [percussion], Larry Cohn [piano/keyboards], Dick Hyde, Gary Grant, Joel Peskin, Pete Christlieb, Tom Scott [horns]; Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Oren Waters [bck vcl]. Producer: Tim Weisberg)
135 COUNTY CLARE Giant 24626-2
136 FOREVER JUNG Giant 24626-2
137 TODOS SANTOS Giant 24626-2
138 SUNLIGHT Giant 24626-2
139 ISLE AU HAUT Giant 24626-2
140 THE FACE OF LOVE Giant 24626-2
141 SONGBIRD Giant 24626-2
142 IS THIS MAGIC Giant 24626-2
143 STASIA Giant 24626-2
144 WINDWARD Giant 24626-2
March 1998/ April 1999 Mountain Birsd Studio, CO – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogelberg [vcl/gt/ mandolin/ autoharp/piano/keyboards/percussion]; Jack Manno [conductor], Mark Clark [drums], Hugh Marsh [violin], Pam Boulding [hammer dulcimer], Philip Boulding [harp/penny whistle], Jan McDonald [trumpet], Santa Fe Desert Chorale)
146 AT CHRISTMASTIME Morning Sky 8001
147 WINTERSKOLL Morning Sky 8001
149 THIS ENDRIS NIGHT Morning Sky 8001
150 FEAST OF FOOLS Morning Sky 8001
151 I SAW THREE SHIPS Morning Sky 8001
152 SNOWFALL Morning Sky 8001
153 IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER Morning Sky 8001
154 YULE DANCE Morning Sky 8001
155 WHAT CHILD IS THIS Morning Sky 8001
156 O'TANNENBAUM Morning Sky 8001
157 WE THREE KINGS Morning Sky 8001
158 CHRIST THE KING Morning Sky 8001
2003 Mountain Bird Studios, ?, CO – Dan Fogelberg (Dan Fogleberg [vcl/gt /mandolin/piano/ keyboards /bass/percussion], Donny Traunt [bass], Roland Laboite [drums/percussion], Lee Mealone [congas/percussion], Sven Birkebeiner [keyboards], Kenny Passarelli, Jean Fogelberg [bck vcl])
159 HALF MOON BAY Morning Sky 8005
160 WHEN YOU'RE NOT NEAR ME Morning Sky 8005
161 FULL CIRCLE Morning Sky 8005
162 REASON TO RUN Morning Sky 8005
163 ONCE IN LOVE Morning Sky 8005
164 WHISPER IN THE WIND Morning Sky 8005
165 THIS HEART Morning Sky 8005
166 REACH HEAVEN POSTCARD Morning Sky 8005
167 DRAWNING PICTURES Morning Sky 8005
168 ICARUS ASCENDING Morning Sky 8005
169 EARTH ANTHEM Morning Sky 8005
May 2004-2006 unknown - Dan Fogelberg
170 LOVE IN TIME Full Moon B0013368-02
171 SOFT VOICE Full Moon B0013368-02
172 SO MANY CHANGES Full Moon B0013368-02
173 COME TO THE HARBOR Full Moon B0013368-02
174 A GROWING TIME Full Moon B0013368-02
175 THE COLORS OF EVE Full Moon B0013368-02
176 DIAMONDS TO DUST Full Moon B0013368-02
177 THE NATURE OF THE GAME Full Moon B0013368-02
178 SOMETIMES A SONG Full Moon B0013368-02
179 DAYS TO COME Full Moon B0013368-02
180 BIRDS Full Moon B0013368-02

Columbia KC-31751 Home Free: To The Morning; Stars; More Than Ever; Be On Your Way; Hickory Grove; Long Way Home (Live In The Country); Looking For A Lady; Anyway I Love You; Wysteria; The River - 72
Full Moon/Epic JE-33137 Souvenirs: Part Of The Plan; Illinois; Changing Horses; Better Change; Souvenirs; The Long Way; As The Raven Flies; Song From Half Mountain; Morning Sky; (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories; There's A Place In The World For A Gambler – 10-74
Full Moon/Epic JE/PEQ*-33499 Captured Angel: Aspen - These Days; Comes And Goes; Captured Angel; Old Tennessee; Next Time; Man In The Mirror- Below The Surface; Crow; The Last Nail – 09-75 (*quadro)
Full Moon/Epic JE-34185 Nether Lands: Nether Lands; Once Upon A Time; Dancing Shoes; Lessons Learned; Loose Ends; Love Gone By; Promises Made; Give Me Some Time; Scarecrow's Dream; Sketches; False Faces – 05-77 (reissued in Japan on Sony EICP-812 in 2007)
Full Moon/Epic JE 35339 Twin Sons Of Different Mothers: Twins Theme; Intimidation; Lazy Susan; Guitar Étude No. 3; Tell Me To My Face; Hurtwood Alley; Lahaina Luna; Paris Nocturne; Since You've Asked; The Power Of Gold – 08-78 w. Tim Weissberg
Full Moon/Epic JE-35634 Phoenix: Tullamore Dew; Phoenix; Gypsy Wind; The Last To Know; Face The Fire; Wishing On The Moon; Heart Hotels; Longer; Beggar's Game; Along The Road – 11-79 (reissued in Japan on Sony EICP-813 in 2007)
Full Moon/Epic KE2-37393The Innocent Age: Nexus; The Innocent Age; The Sand And The Foam; In The Passage; Lost In The Sun; Run For The Roses; Leader Of The Band; Same Old Lang Syne; Stolen Moments; The Lion's Share; Only The Heart May Know [With Emmylou Harris]; The Reach; Aireshire Lament; Times Like These; Hard To Say; Empty Cages; Ghosts – 09-81 (double)
Full Moon/ Epic A2S-1335 Interchords: Conversation; Same Old Lang Syne; Conversation; Run For The Roses; Conversation; Lost In The Sun; Conversation; Conversation; Be On Your Own Way; Conversation; Nexus; Conversation; Leader Of The Band; Conversation; Phoenix; Conversation;          Nether Lands; Conversation; Part Of The Plan; Conversation; Since You Asked; Longer; Conversation; Hard To Say – 82 (double, promo, sampler; MX: XSM 168923/6)
Full Moon/Epic FE 38308 Greatest Hits: Part Of The Plan; Heart Hotels; Hard To Say; Longer; Missing You; The Power Of Gold; Make Love Stay; Leader Of The Band; Run For The Roses; Same Old Lang Syne 10-82 (sampler)
Full Moon/Epic QE/EK-39004 Windows And Walls: The Language Of Love; Windows And Walls; The Loving Cup; Tucson Arizona (Gazette); Let Her Go; Sweet Magnolia (And The Travelling Salesman); Believe In Me; Gone Too Far – 01-84
Full Moon/Epic FE-39616 High Country Snows: Down The Road; Go Down Easy; High Country Snows; The Higher You Climb; Mountain Pass; The Outlaw; Shallow Rivers; Sutter's Mill; Think Of What You've Done; Wandering Shepherd; Wolf Creek – 04-85
Full Moon/Epic FE/EK-40271 Exiles: Exiles; What You're Doing; Lonely In Love; Seeing You Again; She Don't Look Back; The Way It Must Be; Hearts In Decline; It Doesn't Matter; Our Last Farewell – 02-06-87
Full Moon/Epic FE/EK-45059 The Wild Places: Anastasia's Eyes; Blind To The Truth; Bones In The Sky; Ever On; Lovers In A Dangerous Time; Rhythm Of The Rain; Song Of The Sea; Spirit Trail; Wild Places – 28-08-90
Full Moon/Epic E2K-48625 Dan Fogelberg Live - Greetings From The West: Aurora Nova - Wild Places; Heart Hotels; Over & Over; Rhythm Of The Rain - Rain; Spirit Trail; Make Love Stay; Old Tennessee; Road Beneath My Wheels; Cry In The Forest; Run For The Roses; Believe In Me; Leader Of The Band; Twins Theme; Intimidation; Power Of Gold; Lonely In Love; Missing You; Language Of Love; Part Of The Plan; Same Old Lang Syne; There's A Place In The World For A Gambler – 09-03 (double, reissued on Friday Music 2147 in 2009)
Full Moon/Epic EK-46934 River Of Souls: Magic Every Moment; All There Is; The Minstrel; Faces Of America; Holy Road; Serengeti Moon; Higher Ground; A Love Like This; River Of Souls; A Voice For Peace – 28-09-93
Giant 24626-2 No Resemblance Whatsover: County Clare; Forever Jung; Todos Santos; Sunlight; Isle Au Haut; The Face Of Love; Songbird; Is This Magic; Stasia; Windwar – 02-09-95 w. Tim Weisberg
Epic EK-67374 Love Songs: Heart Hotels; Hard To Say; Longer; Make Love Stay; Leader Of The Band; Run For The Roses; Same Old Lang Syne; Lonely In Love; A Love Like This; Seeing You Again – 10-95 (sampler, reissued on Sony Music Sp. P. A 37374)
Sony Music Special Products A-28450 Promises: To The Morning; Part Of The Plan; Souvenirs; Looking For A Lady; Song From Half Mountain; Leader Of The Band; More Than Ever; Comes And Goes; Old Tennessee; Promises Made – 24-05-97 (sampler)
Epic E4K-67949 Portrait - The Music Of Dan Fogelberg From 1972-1997: Part Of The Plan; The Power Of Gold; Heart Hotels; Longer; Hard To Say; Leader Of The Band; Same Old Lang Syne; Run For The Roses; Make Love Stay; Missing You; The Language Of Love; Believe In Me; Lonely In Love; Rhythm Of The Rain; Magic Every Moment; Don't Lose Heart; To The Morning; Stars; Wysteria; Song From Half Mountain; Old Tennessee; Nether Lands; Scarcrow's Dream; Since You've Asked; Hearts And Crafts; Only The Heart May Know; Sweet Magnolia (And The Travelling Salesman); Windows And Walls; Seeing You Again; Bones In The Sky; The Minstrel; Mountains To The Sea; A Love Like This; Tullamore Dew; Phoenix; As The Raven Flies; The River; Once Upon A Time; Tell Me To My Face; Wishing On The Moon; Empty Cages; The Inocent Age; What You're Doing; She Don't Look Back; Aurora Nova; The Wild Places; Democracy; A Voice For Peace; Nexus; Illinois; The Last Nail; Dancing Shoes; Paris Nocturne; Beggars's Game; The Reach; Tucson, Arizona (Gazette); Go Down Easy; Sutter's Mill; Song For A Carpenter; Forefathers; River Of Souls; Ever On – 06-97 (4CD, sampler)
Epic EK-65444 Super Hits: The Power Of Gold; Tullamore Dew; Pheonix; As The Raven Flies; The Language Of Love; Nexus; Beggar's Game; Tucson, Arizona (Gazette); She Don't Look Back; Longer – 01-98
Morning Sky MSPCD 8001 The First Christmas Morning: Bell Fantasy - Hark The Herald Angels Sing; At Christmas Time; Winterskol; The First Christmas Morning; The Endris Night; Feast Of Fools; I Saw Three Ships; Snowfall; In The Bleak Midwinter; Yule Dance; What Child Is This?; O, Tannenbaum; We Three Kings; Christ, The King – 26-10-99
Morning Sky MSPCD 8002 Live: Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Some Blues: Magic Every Moment; Songbird; The Innocent Age; As The Raven Flies; Hard To Say; Make Love Stay; Changing Horses; Looking For A Lady; You Better Think Twice; Don't Let That Sun Go Down; Statesboro Blues; Blow Wind Blow; She Don't Look Back; Here Comes The Sun – 30-05-00
Legacy EK-85280 The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg: Nether Lands; Part Of The Plan; Heart Hotels; Longer; Hard To Say; Leader Of The Band; Same Old Lang Syne; Run For The Roses; Make Love Stay; Missing You; Language Of Love; Believe In Me; Lonely In Love; She Don't Look Back; Rhythm Of The Rain; Magic Every Moment; A Love Like This – 03-07-01 (sampler)
Morning Sky MSPCD 8003 Full Circle: Half Moon Bay; When You're Not Near Me; Full Circle; Reason To Run; Once In Love; Whisper In The Wind; This Heart; Reach Heaven Postcard; Drawning Pictures; Icarus Ascending; Earth Anthem – 27-05-03 (also as MSPCD 8005)
Epic EK-89066 The Essential: Longer; Make Love Stay; Heart Hotels; Same Old Lang Syne; The Power Of Gold; Hard To Stay; Phoenix; Part Of The Plan; Run For The Roses; Missing You; Rhythm Of The Rain - 11a. Rain; The Language Of Love; There's A Place In The World For A Gambler; A. Leader Of The Band - B. Washington Post March – 06-03 (sampler)
Sony EK-93746 Wishing On The Moon: Longer; Phoenix; Hard To Say; Wishing On The Moon; Illinois; Nether Lands; As The Raven Flies; Stars; Once Upon A Time; Rhythm Of The Rain - Rain [Live] – 05-04-05 (sampler)
Legacy 82876-76847-2 Collections: The Power Of Gold; Tullamore Dew; Phoenix; As The Raven Flies; The Language Of Love; Nexus; Begger's Game; Tuscon, Arizona (Gazette); She Don't Look Back; Longer – 05-06 (sampler)
Epic/Legacy 8869-7-27287-2 Playlist: The Very Best Of Dan Fogelberg: Longer; Make Love Stay; Heart Hotels; Same Old Lange Syne; The Power of Gold; Hard To Say; Phoenix; Part of the Plan; Run For the Roses; Missing You; Rhythm of the Rain; The Language of Love; There's a Place In the World For a Gambler; Medley" Leader of the Band/Washington Post March – 13-01-09 (sampler)
Full Moon B0013368-02 Love in Time: Love in Time; Soft Voice; So Many Changes; Come to the Harbor; A Growing Time; The Colors of Eve; Diamonds to Dust; The Nature of the Game; Sometimes a Song; Days to Come; Birds – 22-09-09
Sony 7-77871-2 Music Of Dan Fogelberg: Part of the Plan; Power of Gold; Longer; Heart Hotels; Same Old Lang Syne; Hard to Say; Leader of the Band/Washington Post March; Run for the Roses; Missing You; Make Love Stay; Language of Love; Believe in Me; Go Down Easy; She Don't Look Back; As the Raven Flies; Looking for a Lady; Stars; Wysteria; There's a Place in the World for a Gambler; Song from Half Mountain; Illinois; Crow; Last Nail; Old Tennessee; Captured Angel; Nether Lands; Once Upon a Time; Promises Made; Twins Theme; Intimidation; It Doesn't Matter; Phoenix; Beggar's Game; Innocent Age; Hearts and Crafts; Windows and Walls; Sutter's Mill; Wolf Creek; High Country Snows; Lonely in Love; Our Last Farewell; Wild Places; Spirit Trail; Rhythm of the Rain; Serengeti Moon; Voice for Peace; Along the Road - 05-10-10 (3 CD sampler)

AS 703 Face The Fire: Face The Fire; Phoenix / Longer – 79 (promo)

Columbia (1972)
4-45764 Any Way I Love You / Looking For A Lady - 12-72
Full Moon-Epic (1974-)
8-50055 Part Of The Plan / Song From Half Mountain -10-74
8-50108 Changing Horses / Morning Sky - 05-75
8-50165 Captured Angel / Next Time - 11-75
8-50189 Below The Surface / Comes And Goes - 01-76
8-50234 Old Tennessee / Crow - 04-76
8-50412 Love Gone By / Scarecrow's Dream - 04-77
8-50462 Nether Lands / False Faces - 09-77
8-50536 Promises Made / Sketches - 03-78
8-50577 Souvenirs / There's A Place In The World For A Gambler - 06-78
8-50605 Tell To My Face / Hurtwood Alley - 09-78
8-50606 *The Power Of Gold / Lahaina Luna - 09-78 w. Tim Weissberg
15-2378 Love Gone By / Part Of The Plan – ca 79 (reissue)
18-50824 Longer / Along The Road - 12-79
18-50862 Heart Hotels / Beggar's Game - 03-80
19-50961 Same Old Lang Syne / Hearts And Crafts - 12-80
15-02155 Longer / Heart Hotels - 81 (reissue)
14-02488 Hard To Say / Innocent Age - 09-81
14-02647 Leader Of The Band / Times Like These - 12-81
14-02821 Run For The Roses / Sand And The Foam - 05-82
15-03087 Same Old Lang Syne / Hard To Say - 82 (reissue)
34-03289 Missing You / Hearts And Crafts - 09-82
34-03525 Make Love Stay / Hearts And Crafts - 01-83
15-03570 Make Love Stay / ? - 83 (reissue)
15-03843 Leader Of The Band / Run For The Roses - 83 (reissue)
34-04314 Windows And Walls / Language Of Love - 01-84
34-04447 Believe In Me / Windows And Walls - 04-84
34-04660 Sweet Magnolia And Traveling Salesman / Loving Cup - 10-84
34-04835 High Country Snows / Go Down Easy - 03-85
34-05446 Down The Road / Mountain Pass - 07-85
15-05498 Missing You / Make Love Stay - 85 (reissue)
34-07044 She Don't Look Back / It Doesn't Matter - 04-87
34-07275 Lonely In Love / Beyond The Edge - 07-87
34-07640 Seeing You Again / Hearts In Decline - 11-87
34-07756 Way It Must Be / What You're Doing - 04-88
34-73513 Ever On / Rhythm Of The Rain - 22-08-90

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