Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Tammy Jones Robinette

By Praguefrank, Michal Gololobov
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? Secret Place:  God Walks The Dark Hills;  Help Is On The Way;  I Just Want To Thank You Lord;  My Brand New Home;  I Know What Lies Ahead;  I Won't Have To Worry Anymore;  Secret Place;  He Lives In Me;  Beyond The Grave;  Thank You Lord –
Zion ? Angels Unaware: I'm Not Turning Around;  I Can't Go Back There;  What Happened to Your Hands; Don't Look Back;  The God of the Living;  God Will;  I Found Jesus; Someone Should Be Talking; Angels Unaware;  It's Just Another Valley
Zion ? Good News: I'm Ready To Leave;  Good News From The Graveyard;  Colors That Never Ran;  Giants Will Fall;  Come In Out Of The Pain;  Son Came Up;  Until I Hear From Heaven;  Steps Of The Righteous;  They Cried Holy – 96
Some Dawning SDMC 1901D Told Me So: He Told Me So ;  If I Could Only Touch Him;  I'll Live Again;  There Has Never Been; I'm Gonna Leave; Old Time Feeling;  The Altar;  Behold His Coming;  I Wasn't There;  I've Got My Eye On Canaanland – 00 (recorded At Acorn Studio, Nashville, TN, vocals at J+L Studio, South Amherst, OJ)
Some Dawning SDMC 1902D As For Me And My House: As For Me and My House; Step Into The Water; God’s On Our Side; They Coud Nor; Everywhere I Go; I Know What Lies Ahead; I Bowed On My Knees and cried Holy; Wher A Meeting;  I Know A Man Who Can - ?
Zion ? Hymns And Favorites: Jesus Is Coming Soon;  Peace In The Valley;  This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me;  Heaven's Jubilee;  What A Day That Will Be;  Eye Of The Storm;  Unclouded Day;  Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All; Wings Of A Dove;  I'd Rather Have Jesus - 01
Little Creek ? (UPC888174459004) I’m Blessed: I'm Blessed (Jacob's Song);  I Know That He Loves Me;  Rise Up My Children; That's the Kind of God He Is;  Love Got in the Way;  There Is a Blood Line;  We Are Proud to Be Christians;  Mom and Dad Song;  In the Midnight;  Lord Please Take My Valley;  It's Worth It All;  Ravens Still Fly;  I Am the One; What I've Seen, What I've Heard;  We Are Proud to Be Christians (Reprise) – 03-01-11
Little Creek ? (UPC888174418667) Beautiful Day:  Beautiful Day;  I'm Gonna Move;  I'm so Glad He Does;  I've Got It All; You Don't Know Him Like I Do;  He Came Walking;  I Like Life;  I'm Headed Home;  I Just Got to Thinking;  I'll Live Again;  The Altar Is the Answer- 01-02-13
Tammy Jones Robinette  no # New Shoes: God Is Good;  I Love Jesus;  Over and Over;  Fight On;  New Shoes;  Not the Great I Was;  Middle Man;  Through It All;  Ride Out Your Storm;  Walking Through the Fire - 13
Tammy Jones Robinette ?  (UPC705105840413) Sing A New Song: Right Now;  Testify;  Sail On In;  Coming Out Singing;  Love Flowed from Calvary;  Now I Have Everything;  Second Chances;  Sing a New Song;  I Want to Walk On the Water;  When You Need the Lord;  I Think I'll Go On Anyway – 01-12-13
Zion ? (UPC798397727425) Resurrection Day: God Will Do A Good Thing;  Sweet and Wonderful Peace;  I'll Watch the Sky;  Forever Springtime;  I've Been to Heaven;  If I Could Take My Family;  Looks Like He's Coming Again;  I Know That Man; The Little Boy Song;  Truer Words Were Never Spoken;  Resurrection Day – 01-12-13
Little Creek no # Let It Shine: Steal Away and Pray;  All of This and Heaven Too;  If I Could Take My Family to Heaven;  God's Been Good;  Only God;  I Can't Go Back There;  Let It Shine; Master's Hand;  Stroll Over Heaven; My Daddy's Mountains;  Best Friend;  Burden Bearer – 14
Butler Music Group ? My Amazing Life: My Amazing Life;  I'll Make It;  Same Hands; He Is God Alone;  I Found Grace;  Heaven (I'm So Glad It's Real);  I'm Gonna Pray; He Can Do It Again;  Christian Woman Needs To Cry;  I Turned The Radio On;  You're Not A Sinner Anymore;  I've Got The Key - 14
Rural Rhythm RUR 1133 Tammy Jones Robinette and The Drive: To Be A Kid Again; I Think I'll Let You Drive; I've Got To Work On The Ark; The Letters; There's A Record Book; Mama's In The Sweet By and By; Pages Of Time; The Man In Those Shoes; My Rock; Love God; The Colors That Never Ran; Oh I Want To See Him  - 30-10-15

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