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Jason Aldean

Jason Aldine Williams, *28-02-1977 Macon, GA
3rd version

By Praguefrank, Thieu Van De Vorst

Early 2005 Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl], Adam Schoenfeld [ac gt/el gt], Mike Noble [ac gt], Jack Sizemore, Kurt Allison [el gt], Jason Mowery [mandolin/fiddle], Michael Johnson [steel], Smith Curry [lap steel], Tully Kennedy [bass gt], Rich Redmond [drums/percussion], Steve King/Tony Harrell [keyboards]. Producer: Michael Knox)
001 HICKTOWN  Broken Bow V 1011/BB 76572 
002 AMARILLO SKY  Broken Bow BB 76572 
003 WHY  Broken Bow BB 76572 
004 EVEN IF I WANTED TO  Broken Bow BB 76572 
005 LONESOME U.S.A.  Broken Bow BB 76572 
006 ASPHALT COWBOY  Broken Bow BB 76572 
007 I'M JUST A MAN  Broken Bow BB 76572 
008 YOU'RE THE LOVE I WANNA BE IN  Broken Bow BB 76572 
009 GOOD TO GO  Broken Bow BB 76572 
010 I BELIEVE IN GHOSTS  Broken Bow BB 76572 
011 SHE LOVED ME  Broken Bow BB 76572
January 2007 Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl],  Miranda Lambert [vcl], Kurt Allison [el gt], Mike Noble [ac gt], Adam Shoenfeld [el gt], Jack Sizemore [el gt], Michael "Mike Dee" Johnson [steel], Tully Kennedy [bass gt], Rich Redmond [drums/percussion], Tony Harrell [organ/piano/Wurlitzer], Steven King [Hammond organ], Wendell Mobley, Liana Manis, Wes Hightower [bck vcl].  Producer: Michael Knox)
012 JOHNNY CASH  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
013 LAUGHED UNTIL WE CRIED  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
014 DO YOU WISH IT WAS ME  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
015 I USE WHAT I GOT  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
016 WHO'S KISSING YOU TONIGHT  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
017 RELENTLESS  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
018 MY MEMORY AIN'T WHAT IT USED TO BE  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
019 NO  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
020 BACK IN THIS CIGARETTE  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
021 GROWN WOMAN  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
022 I BREAK EVERYTHING I TOUCH  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
023 NOT EVERY MAN LIVES  Broken Bow  BB 70472    
024 RELENTNESS  Broken Bow V 2011
 2008 Treasure Isle Recorders, 2808 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl], Billy Panda [vcl/ac gt], Adam Shoenfeld [el gt], Kurt Allison [el gt], Michael "Mike Dee" Johnson [steel], Tully Kennedy [bass gt], Rich Redmond [drums/percussion],  Tony Harrell [piano/Wurlitzer organ], Mike Rojas [piano], Rodney Clawson, Neil Thrasher, Wes Hightower, Liana Manis [background vcl])
025 WIDE OPEN  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
026 THIS I GOTTA SEE  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
027 FAST  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
028 CRAZY TOWN  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
029 DON'T GIVE UP ON ME  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
030 SHE'S COUNTRY  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
031 ON MY HIGHWAY  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
032 KEEP THE GIRL  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
033 BIG GREEN TRACTOR  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
034 THE TRUTH  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
035 LOVE WAS EASY  Broken Bow  BB 74372 
6 March 2009 [live] The Knoxville Colliseum, Knoxville, TN – Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl], Kurt Alkison [ld gt], Mike Frey [el gt/bck vcl], Tulley Kennedy [bass/bck vcl], Rich Redmund [drums]. Producer: Barry Ehrmann)
03501 WIDE OPEN Eagle Int. 30278   
03502 I BREAK EVERYTHING I TOUCH Eagle Int. 30278  
03503 AMARILLO SKY Eagle Int. 30278 
03504 WHY Eagle Int. 30278  
03505 BIG GREEN TRACTOR Eagle Int. 30278 
03506 ON MY HIGHWAY Eagle Int. 30278 
03507 DRUM SOLO FT. RICH REDMOND Eagle Int. 30278  
03508 JOHNNY CASH Eagle Int. 30278  
06409 RELENTLESS Eagle Int. 30278  
03510 YOU‘RE THE LOVE I WANNA BE IN Eagle Int. 30278
03511 LAUGHED UNTIL WE CRIED Eagle Int. 30278  
03512 I USE WHAT I GOT Eagle Int. 30278  
03513 SHE‘S COUNTRY Eagle Int. 30278 
03514 ASPHALT Eagle Int. 30278 
03515  HICKTOWN Eagle Int. 30278 
Mid 2010 Treasure Isle Recorders, 2808 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN/Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean, *with Kelly Clarkson (Jason Aldean [vcl],  Adam Shoenfeld [gt], Danny Rader [ac gt/banjo], Kurt Allison [el gt], Mike Johnson [lap steel], Rich Redmond [drums/ percussion], Tony Harrell [strings/ piano/ Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ], Shalacy Griffin, Lisa Torres, Neil Thrasher, Wes Hightower, Perry Coleman [bck vcl])
036 TATTOO'S ON THIS TOWN  Broken Bow BB 76972 
037 DIRT ROAD ANTHEM  Broken Bow BB 76972 
038 CHURCH PEW OR A BARSTOOL  Broken Bow BB 76972 
039 JUST PASSING THROUGH  Broken Bow BB 76972 
040 FLY OVER STATES  Broken Bow BB 76972 
041 MY KINDA PARTY  Broken Bow BB 76972 
042 I AIN'T READY TO QUIT  Broken Bow BB 76972 
043 IT AIN'T EASY  Broken Bow BB 76972 
044 COUNTRY BOY'S WORLD  Broken Bow BB 76972 
046 TEXAS WAS YOU  Broken Bow BB 76972 
047 DON'T YOU WANNA STAY*  Broken Bow BB 70065/BB 76972 
048 SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU  Broken Bow BB 73772/BB 76972 
049 IF SHE COULD SEE ME NOW  Broken Bow BB 76972 
050 DAYS LIKE THESE  Broken Bow BB 76972   
2012 Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Nashville, TN/ Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl], Danny Rader [ac gt/12-string gt/banjo/ mandolin], Adam Shoenfeld [el gt/E-bow], Kurt Allison, Rob McNelley [el gt], Mike Johnson [lap steel], Rich Redmond [drums/ percussion], Tony Harrell [strings/ piano/ Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ], Charlie Judge [piano/ Hammond b-3 organ], Shalacy Griffin, Neil Thrasher, Wes Hightower, Perry Coleman [bck vcl]. Producer: Michael Knox)
051 THIS NOTHIN' TOWN Broken Bow 76172
052 WHEN SHE SAYS BABY Broken Bow 76172
053 FEEL THAT AGAIN Broken Bow 76172
054 WHEELS ROLLIN' Broken Bow 76172
055 TALK Broken Bow 76172
056 ONLY WAY I KNOW Broken Bow 76172
057 TAKE A LITTLE RIDE Broken Bow BB 73772/ 76172 Atlantic 537319-2
058 I DON'T DO LONELY WELL Broken Bow 76172
059 NIGHT TRAIN Broken Bow 76172
060 1994 Broken Bow 76172
061 STARING AT THE SUN Broken Bow 76172
062 DRINK ONE FOR ME Broken Bow 76172
063 BLACK TEARS Broken Bow 76172
064 WALKING AWAY Broken Bow 76172
065 WATER TOWER Broken Bow 76172
2012 Nashville, TN – Colt Ford and Jason Aldean
066 DRIVIN' AROUND SONG Average Joe’s 239 
2012 unknown – Lionel Richie and Jason Aldean
067 SAY YOU, SAY ME Mercury B0016001-02
2013 Nashville, TN – Alabama And Jason Aldean
068 TENNESSEE RIVER Show Dog B0018664-02 
November 2013 [live] The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN – Alabama, and Jason Aldean
06801 TENNESSEE RIVER  ER 203772
2014 [live] University of Georgia's Stadium, Sanford, GA – Jason Aldean
06802 CRAZY TOWN Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06803 TAKE A LITTLE RIDE Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06804 TATTOOS ON THIS TOWN Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06805 WHEN SHE SAYS BABY Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06806 THE TRUTH Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06807 FLY OVER STATES Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06808 THIS NOTHIN' TOWN Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06809 JOHNNY CASH Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06810 AMARILLO SKY Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06811 NIGHT TRAIN Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06812 1994 Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06813 DON'T YOU WANNA STAY Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06814 BIG GREEN TRACTOR Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06815 THE ONLY WAY I KNOW Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06816 DIRT ROAD ANTHEM Broken Bow 77333 dvd  
06817 SHE'S COUNTRY Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06818 MY KINDA PARTY Broken Bow 77333 dvd
06819 HICKTOWN Broken Bow 77333 dvd
2014 Treasure Isle Recording Studio, Nashville, TN/ Westwood Studios, Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean [vcl/bck vcl], Adam Shoenfeld [gt/ E-bow], Danny Rader [ac gt/ 12-string gt/banjo/ bouzouki], Kurt Allison [el gt],  Mike Johnson/ Russ Pahl [steel], Rich Redmond [drums/ percussion],  Tony Harrell [strings/ piano/ Hammond b-3 organ/ Wurlitzer organ/ keyboards/ synthesizer], Charlie Judge [Hammond b-3 organ], Chris Stapleton, Neil Thrasher, Wes Hightower, Shelly Fairchild, Perry Coleman [bck vcl]. Producer: Michael Knox)
069 JUST GETTIN' STARTED Broken Bow BB 71057  
070 SHOW YOU OFF Broken Bow BB 71057  
071 BURNIN' IT DOWN Broken Bow BB 71057   [Rick Tedesco's Oh Yes I Did Re-Edit:] digital SP
072 TRYIN' TO LOVE ME Broken Bow BB 71057  
073 SWEET LITTLE SOMETHIN' Broken Bow BB 71057  
074 LAID BACK Broken Bow BB 71057  
075 TONIGHT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU Broken Bow BB 71057  
076 TOO FAST Broken Bow BB 71057  
077 IF MY TRUCK COULD TALK Broken Bow BB 71057  
078 OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT Broken Bow BB 71057  
079 I TOOK IT WITH ME Broken Bow BB 71057  
080 DON'T CHANGE GONE Broken Bow BB 71057  
081 MISS THAT GIRL Broken Bow BB 71057  
082 GONNA KNOW WE WERE HERE Broken Bow BB 71057  
083 TWO NIGHT TOWN Broken Bow BB 71057 
2014 [sessions for Ludaversal] unknown – Ludacris and Jason Aldean
2015 [sessions for Suffer In Peace] unknown – Tyler Farr and Aldean Jackson
2016 Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean, *with Kelsea Ballerini
086 LIGHTS COME ON Broken Bow 72227 
087 LITTLE MORE SUMMERTIME Broken Bow 72227 
088 THIS PLANE DON’T GO THERE Broken Bow 72227
089 COMIN’ IN HOT Broken Bow 72227 
090 FIRST TIME AGAIN* Broken Bow 72227 
091 BAD Broken Bow 72227 
092 THEY DON’T KNOW Broken Bow 72227
093 ONE WE WON’T FORGET Broken Bow 72227
094 WHISKEY’D UP Broken Bow 72227
095 IN CASE YOU DON’T REMEMBER Broken Bow 72227 
096 ALL OUT OF BEER Broken Bow 72227
097 ANY OL’ BARSTOOL Broken Bow 72227
098 WAY A NIGHT SHOULD FEEL Broken Bow 72227 
099 REASON TO LOVE L.A. Broken Bow 72227 
100 WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT Broken Bow 72227  

2017 Nashville, TN – Jason Aldean
101 DIRT TO DUST Broken Bow 37574   
102 SET IT OFF Broken Bow 37574  
103 GIRL LIKE YOU Broken Bow 37574  
104 YOU MAKE IT EASY Broken Bow 37574   
105 GETTIN' WARMED UP Broken Bow 37574  
106 BLACKTOP GONE Broken Bow 37574   
107 DROWNS THE WHISKEY Broken Bow 37574   
108 REARVIEW TOWN Broken Bow 37574  
109 LOVE ME OR DON'T Broken Bow 37574  
110 LIKE YOU WERE MINE Broken Bow 37574
111 BETTER AT BEING WHO I AM Broken Bow 37574  
112 I'LL WAIT FOR YOU Broken Bow 37574   
113 RIDE ALL NIGHT Broken Bow 37574   
114 UP IN SMOKE Broken Bow 37574   
115 HIGH NOON NEON Broken Bow 37574   

Broken Bow BB 76572  Jason Aldean: Hicktown; Amarillo Sky; Why; Even If I Wanted To; Lonesome U.S.A.; Asphalt Cowboy; I'm Just a Man; You're the Love I Wanna Be In; Good to Go; I Believe in Ghosts; She Loved Me – 26-07-05
Broken Bow BB 70472 Relentless: Johnny Cash; Laughed Until We Cried; Do You Wish It Was Me; I Use What I Got; Who's Kissing You Tonight; Relentless; My Memory Ain't What It Used To Be; No; Back In This Cigarette; Grown Woman; I Break Everything I Touch; Not Every Man Lives – 29-05-07
Broken Bow BB 74372 Wide Open: Wide Open; This I Gotta See; Fast; Crazy Town; Don't Give Up On Me; She's Country; On My Highway; Keep The Girl; Big Green Tractor; The Truth; Love Was Easy – 07-04-09
Eagle Rock Int. 30278 Wide Open And Live:  Wide Open;   I Break Everything I Touch;  Amarillo Sky; Why;   Big Green Tractor;  On my Highway; Drum Solo ft. Rich Redmond;  Johnny Cash;  Relentless;  Youre The Love I Wanna Be In; Laughed Until We Cried;  I Use What I Got;  She‘s Country; Asphalt;  Hicktown - 25-08-09
Broken Bow BB 76972 My Kinda Party: Tattoo's On This Town; Dirt Road Anthem; Church Pew or a Barstool; Just Passing Through; Fly Over States; My Kinda Party; I Ain't Ready To Quit; It Ain't Easy; Country Boy's World; Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting;  Texas Was You; Don't You Wanna Stay; See You When I See You; If She Could See Me Now; Days Like These – 02-11-10
Broken Bow BB 76172 Night Train: This Nothin' Town; When She Says Baby; Feel That Again; Wheels Rollin'; Talk; Only Way I Know; Take a Little Ride;  I Don't Do Lonely Well; Night Train; 1994; Staring at the Sun; Drink One for Me; Black Tears; Walking Away; Water Tower – 16-10-12
Broken Bow BB 71057 Old Boots, New Dirt: Just Gettin' Started; Show You Off; Burnin' It Down; Tryin' To Love Me; Sweet Little Somethin'; Laid Back; Tonight Looks Good On You; Too Fast; If My Truck Could Talk; Old Boots, New Dirt; I Took It With Me; Don't Change Gone; Miss That Girl; Gonna Know We Were Here; Two Night Town – 07-10-14
Broken Bow BB 72227  They Don’t Know: Lights Come On;  Little More Summertime;  This Plane Don’t Go There;  Comin’ In Hot;  First Time Again (with Kelsea Ballerini);  Bad;  They Don’t Know;  One We Won’t Forget;  Whiskey’d Up;  In Case You Don’t Remember;  All Out of Beer;  Any Ol’ Barstool;  Way a Night Should Feel;  Reason to Love L.A.;  When the Lights Go Out – 09-09-16

Broken Bow 37574 Rearview Town:  Dirt to Dust;  Set it Off;  Girl Like You;  You Make It Easy;  Gettin' Warmed Up;  Blacktop Gone;  Drowns the Whiskey;  Rearview Town;  Love Me or Don't;  Like You Were Mine;  Better at Being Who I Am;  I'll Wait for You;  Ride All Night;  Up In Smoke;  High Noon Neon – 13-04-18

Eagle Vision EV 30278-9 Wide Open Live And More: Wide Open; I Break Everythign I Touch; Amarillo Sky; Why; Big Great Tractor; On My Highway; Drum Solo; Johnny Cash; Relentness; You’re The Love I Wanna Be In; Layghed Until We Cried; I Use What I Got; She’s Country; Asphalt Cowboy; Hicktown; [bonus:] Up And Close and personal with Jason Aldean – 09
Broken Bow 77333 Night Train To Georgia: Crazy Town; Take A Little Ride; Tattoos On This Town; When She Says Baby; The Truth; Fly Over States; This Nothin' Town; Johnny Cash; Amarillo Sky; Night Train; 1994; Don't You Wanna Stay; Big Green Tractor; The Only Way I Know; Dirt Road Anthem; She's Country; My Kinda Party; Hicktown - 13 (filmed: April 2013 at the University of Georgia's Sanford Stadium)

Broken Bow
V 1011 Hicktown / Relentness – 07
BB-70065 Don’t You Wanna Stay [radio edit]; Don’t You Wanna Stay – 29-11-10 w. Kelly Clarkson (CD)
BB-73722 Take A Little Ride; See You When I See You - 12

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