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Dianna Corcoran

Dianna Elizabeth Corcoran, *20-06-1979 Parkes, New South Wales, AUS
By Praguefrank

2003 poss. Sydney, AUS – Dianna Corcoran
001 LITTLE BIT CRAZY Compass Brothers 013CDCB
002 LET IT RAIN Compass Brothers 013CDCB
003 WHY DO I CRY Compass Brothers 013CDCB
004 SEPTEMBER’S SWEET CHILD Compass Brothers 013CDCB
005 I’LL FLY AWAY Compass Brothers 013CDCB
006 FIRE AND ICE Compass Brothers 013CDCB
007 KEEP COMING BACK Compass Brothers 013CDCB
008 COUNTRY HEART Compass Brothers 013CDCB
009 ODD ONE OUT Compass Brothers 013CDCB
010 THE MOUNTAIN Compass Brothers 013CDCB
011 HERE SHE STANDS Compass Brothers 013CDCB
012 THE RIVER WILD AND DEEPER Compass Brothers 013CDCB
013 MOCKING BIRD YODEL Compass Brothers 013CDCB
2004 Sydney, AUS – Dianna Corcoranan
014 FUNNY LITTLE FAT GUY  Compass Bros 021CDCB   
2007 Omni Sound Studio, Nashville, TN – Dianna Corcoran (Dianna Corcoran [vcl], Biff Watson [ac gt], J.T. Corenflos [el gt], Scotty Sanders [dobro], Glen Duncan [mandolin/ fiddle], ? [bass], Greg Morrow [drums], Stuart Duncan [fiddle], Rebecca Lynn Howard, Rachel Thibodeau [bck vcl])
015 THEN THERE’S ME Compass Brothers 031CDCB
016 ALL GONE BLUE Compass Brothers 031CDCB
017 I’M NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM Compass Brothers 031CDCB
018 STEPPING STONES Compass Brothers 031CDCB
019 IF YOU HEAR ANGELS Compass Brothers 031CDCB
020 LITTLE CRUSH Compass Brothers 031CDCB
021 DON’T GO TALKIN’ DOWN Compass Brothers 031CDCB
022 LOVE WINS Compass Brothers 031CDCB
023 LOVIN’ RECKLESSLY Compass Brothers 031CDCB
024 SPACKLED UP HEART Compass Brothers 031CDCB
025 THIS WOMAN Compass Brothers 031CDCB
026 WEIGHT OF THE WORLD Compass Brothers 031CDCB
027 YOU WERE NEVER MINE Compass Brothers 031CDCB
2009 unknown – Dianna Corcoran
028 THANK YOU FOR CHEATING ON ME Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  KNMC 1234.2
029 KEEP BREATHING Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
030 WRONG GIRL Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
031 HOMELESS Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
032 NEVER Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
033 TO BE ME Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
034 ROCKY HILL Dianna Corcoran DC 10003
035 I JUST WANT MY HAPPINESS BACK Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
036 HERE'S YOUR DAMN SONG Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
037 YOU'LL ALWAYS LOVE ME MORE Dianna Corcoran DC 10003  
038 COME BACK HOME Dianna Corcoran DC 10003
039 KEEP BREATHING (REPRISE) Dianna Corcoran DC 10003
2012 [sessions for Songs Of Australia]  unknown – Colin Buchanan and  Dianna Corcoran
040 FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE Ambition 112
2013 unknown – Dianna Corcoran, *w. Gary Burr
041 GOD DID GOOD Global GLO 010  KNMC 1234.2
042 THERAPY Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
043 BLAME CAROLINA Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
044 NOT READY TO LOSE* Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
045 HOLD ON LOVER Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
046 FEELS LIKE HOLLYWOOD Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
047 OTHER SIDE OF LETTING GO Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
048 SUGAR Global GLO 010     KNMC 1234.2
049 GHOST IN THE PASSENGER SIDE Global GLO 010     KNMC 1234.2
050 A BETTER ME Global GLO 010    KNMC 1234.2
051 MOUNTAIN BOY Global GLO 010
Ca 2015 poss. Nashville, TN – Diana Corcoran

Compass Brothers [AUS] 013CDCB Little Bit Crazy:  Little Bit Crazy;  Let It Rain; Why Do I Cry;  September’s Sweet Child;  I’ll Fly Away; Fire And Ice;  Keep Coming Back; Country Heart; Odd One Out; The Mountain;  Here She Stands; The River Wild And Deeper;  Bonus Track: Mocking Bird Yodel – 09-01-04
Compass Brothers [AUS] 031CDCB Then There's Me: Then There’s Me; All Gone Blue; I’m Not Who You Think I Am;  Stepping Stones; If You Hear Angels; Little Crush; Don’t Go Talkin’ Down; Love Wins; Lovin’ Recklessly; Spackled Up Heart; This Woman; Weight Of The World; You Were Never Mine; + Then There’s Me (Video) – 15-01-07
Dianna Corcoran [AUS] DC 10003 Keep Breathing: Thank You For Cheating on Me; Keep Breathing;  Wrong Girl;  Homeless;  Never;  To Be Me;  Rocky Hill;  I Just Want My Happiness Back;  Here's Your Damn Song;  You'll Always Love Me More;  Come Back Home;  Keep Breathing (Reprise) – 16-01-10
Global [AUS] GLO 010 Love And Therapy: God Did Good;  Therapy;  Blame Carolina;  Not Ready To Lose (feat Gary Burr);  Hold On Lover;  Feels Like Hollywood;  Other Side Of Letting Go;  Sugar;  Ghost In The Passenger Side;  A Better Me;  Mountain Boy- 09-08-13
Krian Music Group KNMC 1234.2 In America: God Did Good;  Thank You For Cheating On Me;  Blame Carolina; Therapy; When These Wheels Hit Tennessee;  Not Ready To Lose; Hold On Lover;  Feels Like Hollywood; Other Side Of Letting Go;  Ghost In the Passenger Side;  Sugar; A Better Me- 29-01-16 (most tracks from GLO 010)

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