Friday, November 18, 2016

Balsam Range

3rd version

by Praguefrank

2007 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC  – Balsam Range (Caleb Smith [gt], Darren Nicholson [tnr vcl/mandolin], Marc Pruett [banjo], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass], Buddy Melton [ld vcl/fiddle], Jerry Salley [hmny vcl]. Producer: Balsam Range)
001 THE TRAIN'S READY  Mountain Home 1142
002 BLUE MOUNTAIN  Mountain Home 1142 
003 CALLOWAY COUNTRY FLOOD  Mountain Home 1142 
004 I HEAR A SWEET VOICE CALLING  Mountain Home 1142
005 BURNING GEORGIA DOWN  Mountain Home 1142
006 COULD'VE FOOLED ME  Mountain Home 1142
007 GOODBYE OLD PAL  Mountain Home 1142
008 CRYIN' HOLY UNTO THE LORD  Mountain Home 1142
009 MARCHING HOME  Mountain Home 1142 
010 COME BACK TO ME IN MY DREAMS  Mountain Home 1142
011 I'M JUST AS WRONG  Mountain Home 1142 
012 BOAT OF LOVE  Mountain Home 1142 
013 TRAVELIN' THIS LONESOME ROAD  Mountain Home 1142 
2010 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC – Balsam Range (Buddy Melton [ld vcl/fiddle/viola], Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Marc Pruett [banjo], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/resophonic gt]. Producer: Balsam Range)
014 JULIE'S TRAIN  Mountain Home 1206
015 PLACE NO WREATH  Mountain Home 1206
016 I'M LONESOME WITHOUT YOU  Mountain Home 1206
017 SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN  Mountain Home 1206
018 LAST TRAIN TO KITTY HAWK  Mountain Home 1206
019 CANEY FORK ROAD  Mountain Home 1206
020 JACK DIAMOND  Mountain Home 1206
021 SPRING WILL BRING FLOWERS  Mountain Home 1206
022 DON'T TAKE ME TONIGHT AS I AM  Mountain Home 1206
023 DOWN IN CAROLINE  Mountain Home 1206
024 THE HOLY HILLS  Mountain Home 1206
025 JAXON POINT  Mountain Home 1206 
2010 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC – Balsam Range  (Buddy Melton [ld vcl/fiddle/viola], Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Marc Pruett [banjo], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/resophonic gt], David Johnson [bass?]. Producer: Balsam Range)
026 TRAINS I MISSED  Mountain Home 1295
027 OTHER SIDE  Mountain Home 1295 
028 CALLIN' CAROLINE  Mountain Home 1295 
029 EAST VIRGINIA BLUES  Mountain Home 1295
030 TOUCH  Mountain Home 1295
031 HARD PRICE TO PAY  Mountain Home 1295
032 GONNA BE MOVIN'  Mountain Home 1295
033 MEANWHILE  Mountain Home 1295
034 ON THE RUN  Mountain Home 1295
035 HEART THAT WON'T STOP LOVIN'  Mountain Home 1295 
036 MEMORY OF YOU  Mountain Home 1295
037 RUNNIN' THROUGH MY MIND  Mountain Home 1295  
2010 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC – Balsam Range
038 MARY’S LITTLE LAMB Mountain Home
Track above issued on EP Mountain Home Christmas
2012 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC – Balsam Range  (Buddy Melton [ld vcl/fiddle/viola], Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Marc Pruett [banjo], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/resophonic gt], David Johnson [bass?]. Producer: Balsam Range)
039 OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Mountain Home MH 1404-2
040 ANY OLD ROAD (WILL TAKE YOU THERE) Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
041 WIDE RIVER TO CROSS Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
042 DAY IN THE LIFE OF A RAILROAD SPIKE Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
043 BETTER DAYS Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
044 BORN RAMBLIN' MAN Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
045 ROW BY ROW Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
046 BUILDING THE FIRE Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
047 ONE WAY OUT Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
048 I AIN'T LEAVIN' Mountain Home MH 1404-2
049 I COULD DO YOU SOME GOOD Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
050 PAPERTOWN Mountain Home MH 1404-2  
051 STREAMLINED CANNONBALL Mountain Home MH 1404-2
2012 Brighter Shade Studios, Atlanta (?), GA/ Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC/ Southern grounds Studio, Nashville, TN/ Southern Ground Studio, Smyra, GA – John Driskell Hopkins and Balsam Range, with Jerry Douglas [-1], Zac Brown [-2], Tony Trischka [-3], Joey + Rory [-4], Levi Lowrey [-5] (John Driskell Hopkins [vcl/gt], Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Marc Pruett [banjo], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/dobro], Buddy Melton [vcl/fidle]. Producer: Balsam Range, John Driscoll Hopkins)
052 RUNAWAY TRAIN -1  Brighter Shade 0855-2
053 I WILL LAY ME DOWN -2 Brighter Shade 0855-2
054 DAYLIGHT -3 Brighter Shade 0855-2
055 BYE BABY GOODBYE -4 Brighter Shade 0855-2
056 SHE DON'T LOVE ME TODAY Brighter Shade 0855-2
057 BE MY GIRL Brighter Shade 0855-2
058 THE DEVIL LIVES IN A MASON JAR Brighter Shade 0855-2
059 HOW COULD I? -5 Brighter Shade 0855-2
060 IT'S NOT OK Brighter Shade 0855-2
061 THE GRASS DON'T GET NO GREENER Brighter Shade 0855-2
062 DJ Brighter Shade 0855-2
063 SHADY BALD BREAKDOWNE Brighter Shade 0855-2
2013 Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC  – Balsam Range (Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Marc Pruett [banjo], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/dobro], Buddy Melton [vcl/fidle])
064 MOON OVER MEMPHIS Mountain Home MH 1533-2
066 FROM A GEORGIA BATTLEFIELD Mountain Home MH 1533-2
067 STACKING UP THE ROCKS Mountain Home MH 1533-2
068 MONDAY BLUES Mountain Home MH 1533-2
069 SONGS I’VE SUNG Mountain Home MH 1533-2
070 TOO HIGH A PRICE TO PAY Mountain Home MH 1533-2
071 THE FUTURE’S NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE Mountain Home MH 1533-2
072 DON’T WATCH THESE TEARS Mountain Home MH 1533-2
073 I SPEND MY DAYS BELOW THE GROUND Mountain Home MH 1533-2
074 BACKDRAFT (YOU LIGHT IT, YOU FIGHT IT) Mountain Home MH 1533-2
075 MATTHEW Mountain Home MH 1533-2
2016 unknown – Balsam Range (Caleb Smith [vcl/gt], Darren Nicholson [mandolin], Marc Pruett [banjo], Tim Surrett [vcl/bass/dobro], Buddy Melton [vcl/fidle])
078 BLUE COLLAR DREAMS Mountain Home MH 16722
079 VOODOO DOLL Mountain Home MH 16722  
080 ELDORADO BLUE Mountain Home MH 16722
081 THE GIRL FROM THE HIGHLANDS Mountain Home MH 16722
082 I HEAR THE MOUNTAINS Mountain Home MH 16722
083 CHAIN GANG BLUES Mountain Home MH 16722
084 RISE AND SHINE Mountain Home MH 16722
085 SPRING HILL Mountain Home MH 16722
086 HELLO HEARTACHE Mountain Home MH 16722  
087 LINES IN THE SAND Mountain Home MH 16722
088 DON'T WALK AWAY Mountain Home MH 16722
089 WISH YOU WERE HERE Mountain Home MH 16722  

Mounain Home MH-1142-2 Marching Home: Train's Ready, The; Blue Mountain; Calloway Country Flood; I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling; Burning Georgia Down; Could've Fooled Me; Goodbye Old Pal; Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord; Marching Home; Come Back to Me in My Dreams; I'm Just as Wrong; Boat of Love; Travelin' This Lonesome Road – 16-10-07
Mountain Home MH-1206-2 Last Train To Kitty Hawk: Julie's Train; Place No Wreath; I'm Lonesome Without You; Somewhere In Between; Last Train To Kitty Hawk;Caney Fork Road;Jack Diamond;Spring Will Bring Flowers; Don't Take Me Tonight As I Am; Down In Caroline; The Holy Hills; Jaxon Point - 09
Mountain Home MH-1295-2 Trains I Missed: Trains I Missed; Other Side; Callin' Caroline; East Virginia Blues; Touch; Hard Price to Pay; Gonna Be Movin';Meanwhile; On the Run; Heart That Won't Stop Lovin'; Memory Of You;Runnin' Through My Mind – 26-10-10 (digital: 21-09-10)
Mountain Home MH-1404-2  Papertown: Other Side Of The Mountain; Any Old Road (Will Take You There); Wide River to Cross; Day In the Life of a Railroad Spike; Better Days; Born Ramblin' Man; Row by Row; Building the Fire; One Way Out; I Ain't Leavin';I Could Do You Some Good; Papertown; Streamlined Cannonball – 07-08-12 (digital: 17-07-12)
Brighter Shade 0855-2 Daylight: Runaway Train (feat. Jerry Douglas); I Will Lay Me Down (feat. Zac Brown); Daylight (feat. Tony Trischka); Bye Baby Goodbye (feat. Joey + Rory); She Don't Love Me Today; Be My Girl;  The Devil Lives in a Mason Jar; How Could I? (feat. Levi Lowrey); It's Not Ok;  The Grass Don't Get No Greener;  Dj;  Shady Bald Breakdowne – 16-10-12 w. John Driskell Hopkins
Mountain Home MH-1533-2 Five: Moon Over Memphis;  Chasing Someone Else’s Dreams;  From A Georgia Battlefield; Stacking Up The Rocks; Monday Blues; Songs I’ve Sung; Too High A Price To Pay; The Future’s Not What It Used To Be; Don’t Watch These Tears; I Spend My Days Below The Ground; Backdraft (You Light It, You Fight It); Matthew; Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) – 17-06-13
Mountain Home MH 16722 Mountain Voodoo:  Something 'Bout That Suitcase;  Blue Collar Dreams;  Voodoo Doll;  Eldorado Blue;  The Girl From the Highlands;  I Hear the Mountains; Chain Gang Blues; Rise and Shine;  Spring Hill; Hello Heartache;  Lines in the Sand;  Don't Walk Away;  Wish You Were Here - 11-11-16


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